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Read before posting: RULES

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    • Please keep all threads on topic. Any off topic posts will be deleted.
    • Do not post spoilers in thread titles, and when there are spoilers put a warning in the title. Unfortunately for users abroad, this only applies to US airdates, so once the episode airs in the States it isn't considered a spoiler anymore.
    • Do not make double topics. Please search the forum for what you want to ask or discuss before making a new topic.
    • Do not discuss downloading TV shows illegally. Please do not post any links to webpages that provide illegal download of TV shows. Any such posts will be removed, and the user will be warned.
    • No fighting and arguing. Please respect the opinion of another person even when you don't agree with them.
    • All show-related news goes to the pinned "News" thread. Any news posted outside this thread will be deleted. For example, if a new guest star is joining the show or a castmember gives an interview.
    • All cast related news should go to a thread for each castmember. This will make the forum a lot less messy. For example, if Marcia Cross decides to have triplets or Teri Hatcher publishes another book.
    • If you wish to discuss a certain moment, storyline or guest star from a single episode, do it in the designated episode thread. If there is no thread for that parcticular episode, feel free to make one.
    • Do not post in other languages. This includes "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1".
    • And finally, do not spam. This includes 8 page long topics about how hot Jesse Metcalfe is.
    Thank you, and enjoy the forum.
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    There is a designated Q&A thread in the forum, so please direct your questions there. This does not include questions that can't be given an exact answer, per se. For example, if the question is "who do you think the switched child is?", than it's okay to create a thread about that. You know, threads where people voice their opinions, instead of just telling others what happened in case they missed it.This means that questions such as "what episode did this take place in?" or "what was the character's name...?" that are asked outside of the pinned question thread will have their respective threads deleted, and consequently unanswered. This is all so that the forum is less crowded and messy.
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