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REVIEW 1.02 - "Ah, But Underneath" Episode Discussion

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    MoHasanie wrote:

    No1Slayerette wrote:

    Does anyone else think we should add Edie as a housewife in our listings? I assume later on it would make sense to add in Katherine and Renee when we get to them...

    Um, Edie doesn't get important until halfway through this season when she gets her own story, but in the beginning of this season she just has stories with Susan, so I don't see why she should be in the list and also, she's not in every episode. But, when she does get her own story, then I agree that we should add her, or anyone other housewife who gets a regular story.

    Edie doesn't become more major until after she gets accepted and in poker, which was episode 16 correct, so why not just add katherine and renne once they attend there first pokers.
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