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REVIEW 1.03 - "Pretty Little Picture" Episode Discussion

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    On Sunday October 17, 2004, "Desperate Housewives" aired its third episode, "Pretty Little Picture" (always liked that title). The episode was written by creator Oliver Goldstick (lol) and directed by Arlene Sanford.

    Susan has an ugly encounter with her ex-husband in front of Mike, as Bree snoops around in Dr. Goldfine's office. Gabrielle is being blackmailed by a little girl and Lynette is annoyed by Tom's unwillingness to join her for dinner.

    P.S.: Rex cries after he ejaculates.

    Guest stars include Doug Savant as Tom Scavo, Richard Burgi as Karl Mayer (1st appearance), Sam Lloyd as Dr. Goldfine, Anne Dudek as Brandi, Brent and Shane Kinsman as the Scavo twins and Zane Huett as Parker Scavo.

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    P.S, Rex cries when he ejaculates. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Nice touch
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    ^ Yes, I love that quote ^ Some of the things Bree did in this episode were absolutely horrible, but she's still my favourite housewife! So complex, and flawed, plus if she didn't go after Rex's therapy tape, she would have never found Mary Alice's...

    I'm glad Susan's storyline had a bit more substance to it in this episode, with Karl and all, but of course she needed to lock herself out of the house for a good measure of humour.

    Gaby's constantly trying to cover up her affair, SERIOUSLY! Get somecurtains, or a proper door that doesn'thave a hundred small glass windows it in... That girl was mega-creepy, btw.

    And thus commences my gathering of substantial evidence against the horrible Lynette. What sort of sadistic person makes their children intentionally hyper to teach their partner a lesson? If Tom didn't want to go to the dinner he didn't have to, he has been working after all Lynette, and sometimes a guy just wants to relax. Even after Lynette returns home and he surprises her with music and drinks she still complains, despite the fact she was the one that just did something horrible to Tom.

    Disappointed there was no Edie or Mrs. Huber, plus I always love dinner scenes in shows, there full of so much dramatic potential, and while this one was good, I would have loved the dinner party to have taken up more of the episode.

    1.1: Pilot, 1.3: Pretty Little Picture, 1.2: Ah But Underneath (I listed my fav housewives in order of my discussion of them, I think I'll do this from now on, it's just easier).

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    Still have to write my reviews, but I just wanted to offer a little commentary on the Tom/Lynette issue.

    First: Tom's "Do you remember what it's like to work a 60 hour week?" comment was HORRIBLY insensitive. A mother of four kids who are incredibly hyper and demanding 99% of the time...yeah I'm pretty sure she knows. Stay at home moms work INCREDIBLY hard taking care of the house and kids, it's a job that can be difficult with 1 or 2 kids let alone 4. He acts like what she does all day is easy, "They're just kids for God's sake" he says, as if all she does is eat bonbons and watch them play. Did he need to be taught a lesson to have more respect for what she does? Absolutely.

    Also- Yes, he works. He's away all the time, BUT he does act like all he does is work, work, work, when there was photographic evidence to the contrary. Should Tom have tried to make it up to her the way he did? Meh, maybe not but I do agree that he WAS trying (and to me, was super adorable) so she should have appreciated the gesture. I see both sides of the story....it's in later years that Lynette starts to drive me nuts, when the writers went out of their way to make her blatantly overbearing.

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    Fair points, my problem with Lynette's character was that she never just tries to talk things out. Yes, she tells Tom that raising the kids is hard and he brushed her off, but rather than using the kids to teach him a lesson, how about starting a conversation like, 'Hey Tom, at one of my best friends wake the other day our children jumped into the pool.' I'd respond much better as someone's partner if theycame to me and said this. It would make me think, wow, I would hate to be in that situation, poor Lynette, I should try and appreciate what she goes through more. But instead Lynette tries to prove her point... sigh. I guess it wouldn't make for interesting television though right?

    And yes, Tom's comment was insensitive, but he didn't mean it in a spiteful way like Lynette wouldif she had said the same tthing, but more coming from a place of naivety.

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    That's just it, I think if Lynette were a "real person" and not a TV character, she would have either changed her ways and how she communicated with Tom or their marriage would have ended FAR earlier. It makes for good television when we have situations like theirs. Though to me, Lynette in the last 2 seasons was not what I'd call "good television".

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    Ok, guys, I'm a little sleepy, so I'll just get this episode out of the way right now so we can move on to other stuff. What I'm really looking forward to is watching and reviewing the second half of the season. I can't remember the last time I saw episodes like the 12th or the 17th, but it must've been more than 2 years ago. Damn...

    Anyway, on to the review.

    MARY ALICE: It's creepy seeing Mary Alice's smiling corpse. I feel like I'm watching "Six Feet Under", even though I never really watched that show. I know Frances Conroy was in it. I loved Virginia, wish she had been a recurring guest star. Anyway, I'm confused, Mary Alice had a tomb, but she was cremated... is that a thing? Can someone please explain to me how this stuff works?

    Mary Alice 103

    I dunno... worry instead about the fact that this is the 2nd of only 17 physical appearances I make on this darn show. Screw Ana Solis, I'm the most wasted character.

    I like nostalgic vo's by Mary Alice. When she gets personal. This narrator is so devoid of emotion all of the time it's actually quite sad. She tells us people let go of anger and resentment and crap when they die. Isn't that practically a brainwash? I love when Paul tells Zach "Assuming you outlive me." So awesome. So dark and twisted and fricking awesome. I miss stuff like this. Although I do have to admit we got some stuff kinda like that in s7 with Paul and Beth. Only much more poorly acted by Mark Moses. They must've raped away his talent in jail. That was terrible and I'm sorely apologetic about it. But I'm not deleting it from my review. Mary Alice yaps so much in season 1, what a shame. How hard can it be for the writers to come up with something for her to say during the later seasons, mid-episode? When you think about, Mary Alice does very little actual NARRATING. Narrators tell us what the characters are doing and going through. Mary Alice shares with us life lessons straight out of a Facebook inspirational pic. The usage of a narrator in a TV show where we can actually see what the people are doing might seem redundant, but at least give us some personal insight, you lazy bitch! By which I mean Marc Cherry, not Mary Alice.

    BREE: Ah, how well I remember... I had to stop reviewing to pay attention to the opening credits. It's such a pretty, detailed montage. Anyway, as I was saying, I remember the dialogues and monologues so well. I have found myself paying very little attention to Bree's story. I've mostly been busy recapping other stuff while her scenes ran. Weird. Oh, well... I wonder how much fun Marcia had uttering that ejaculation line. Cos that must've been a lot of fun.

    Bree 103

    Rex cries after I ejaculate. Wait, that's not how the line goes.

    GABRIELLE: Gaby starts the episode slutting it up, as per usual in early season 1. Even asking John to keep his gym clothes on. Nothing turns her on more than the smell of sweaty clothes. How creepy is Ashley Bukowski? Shame she didn't appear more, only a silent cameo later on. Don't you just hate it when neighbors randomly disappear? Or do you even care? Anyway, yeah, Ash is creepy. It sucks that TV land seems to have this rule where kids are only good for co-star billing. Explain to me why Emily Christine gets co-star credit and Anne Dudek is a guest star. I know it's too dorky of me to notice this stuff. And to actually be bothered. So, forget I said anything. CANDID PICS!!! (not really)

    Ashley 103

    (thinking) Redrum, redrum, redrum, REDRUM!!

    Gabrielle 103

    Not a big talker, are you? Ya know, a few years from now, I'm gonna pop out a silent chubby little moron just like you. Only... ethnic.

    LYNETTE: It's interesting how charming and relatable I actually found Tom and Lynette to be in this episode and for most of the first season. I never dug deep into their problems. It wasn't till recent years that I found them to be so grating and aggravating. They have the same basic story for the whole of the series, after all. They fight every two episodes, when they're not fighting for 10 episodes straight (hello, end of season 7). Bree and Gabrielle changed drastically over the course of the series. Susan and Lynette, not so much. Susan, of course, stayed the same character all throughout, the frail, romantically hopeless and over-the-top dramatic damsel in distress who got the crappiest stories for the first 19 episodes of a season and was chased by a psycho in the last 4 eps. Which kinda makes up for the rest. Kinda. And Lynette, well, I guess all the child-bearing and cancer and failed businesses and money problems and psycho stepdaughters and their psycho moms and a strangling midwife and a black BFF made her a total nagging bitch. Wow. That actually kinda makes sense. Still, I always thought it was cute how Lynette pulled one over on Tom by secretly giving her kids sugary treats. Harmless misbehavin'.

    Lynette 103

    Ain't I a stinker?

    SUSAN: Anyone else ever notice how Richard Burgi keeps scratching and/or caressing himself under his shirt? I think it's funny. Is that a natural tique of his? Also, when Julie was recapped for the wiki, I was dawned in on a realization regarding her character: she may have her best ratio of appearances ever in this season, but all she ever did was go to or plan to go to weekend at daddy's. Lulz. I can't remember if I'd ever really noticed the music during the can scene. Bongo's in this episode. Check. I forgot to check for Penny. Damn. Imma need to go back and see that first Tom/Lynette scene. Sometimes that little bugger is just laying low in the background. I miss those... scene-switching devices with the speeding fence posts. The last time I remember seeing those was in 7.07, before Lynette and Renee's interior design scene, during the credits. Y'all noticed how "The Fairview Herald", Fairview's #1 and maybe only newspaper - who knows, that town could be small but Wisteria Lane alone could feed two newspapers worth of news (Headline: Black man locked up in prison because this is the yesteryear. Sub-headline: Geriatric woman is offered popsicle for woo-woo.") made it to episode 8.22. Nice touch. I like callbacks. That don't screw up the continuity. A little heads-up, guy, I'm ranking Susan first in this episode too. And most likely in the next one. Martha helps there. Prolly not in the 5th, though. Officer Thompson can suck it. Bree might win that one. Just so you don't think I'm a cheat when I rank the ladies. But, come on, Susan kinda steals season 1. Maybe the only season. Well, then again, there's season 7. Bree and Lynette did squat all season long that year. And Gabrielle was great, but Susan, I think, was ultimately better, being involved in Paul and Felicia's story (an honor she earned, I was worried when Lynette started rallying against Paul) and doing sexy dances for the internet. That was fun. Teri is actually prolly the 2nd 'wife to show the most skin on this show, no? Starting with this episode (1.03... with all the talk of later seasons, you may have forgotten). How classic and epic is this scene pictured below?

    Susan 103

    OH MY GOD SUSAN THERE'S A HUGE TARANTULA IN THAT BUSH!!!! Oh. Oh, wait, no, no, that's, um... tha-that's you.

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    When will the review of 1x04 be out? I watched that episode a few days ago and was planning to post my review now, but the topic hasn't been created yet. I also wanted to post my review of 1x03, but now I can't remember the episode.

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