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    The following is list of important things to remember and rules to follow when submitting edits to the "Desperate Housewives" guide here on

    Provide a valid source when submitting info (such as episode titles, summaries or cast and crew members) related to episodes that are yet to air. Wikipedia, spoiler websites citing themselves, and someone's blog (unless they provide justification) are not considered valid sources. The official ABC webpages for the series provide the most detailed info, which is present in their press releases, videos and promotional pictures. Casting calls aren't valid sources for characters' names, as the names are often changed. Please wait for an official press release to submit a summary, and after the episode airs feel free to change it accordingly (as some press releases are written before the episodes go through some creative changes and a character's story changes).

    When submitting quotes, remember that this is the right way to do it:

    Bree: (to the girls) Every one of you has just become my employee.

    Submit only the most notable quotes, either the most hilarious or the most shocking or the ones with the most depth to them. Mary Alice voice-overs are always welcome, regarded you put the (narrating) after her name. Never space out between the lines of the characters and never, ever credit "Gabrielle" as "Gaby" (only in the actual quote, when the characters refer to her as "Gaby").

    When adding castmembers to a particular episode, keep in mind that I do not care for cameos or special guest starring credits. If theactors have appeared as guests in at least five episodes, they go in the recurring section, if not, they're normal guests. This is because some actors have been given both the "guest starring" and "special guest star" credits, like series regulars Shawn Pyfrom and Jesse Metcalfe.

    When submitting allusions, remembers that this is the right way to do it:

    Gypsy: A Musical Fable

    In this episode, Bree learns that Orson has stolen a coffee mug from Bob and Lee, which contains a promotional image of Bernadette Peters in the theater musical Gypsy: A Musical Fable, a production with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim , a Marc Cherry favorite. The musical premiered on May 21, 1959 at The Broadway Theatre, and has been referred to as the greatest American musical by numerous critics and writers. Peters played the role of main character Gypsy Rose Lee in the 2003 revival, a role originated by Ethel Merman .

    On-set goofs and continuity errors (for example, regarding a character's age) should be added in the trivia section; the origin of the episode titles (usually from a Stephen Sondheim-composed song) or references to popular culture go in the allusions section; and notable info such as which credited castmembers do not appear in a certain episode or wether the opening credits were cut for time (during seasons 1-3) or when some regular actors left the cast go in the notes section. In the notes section, do not provide info regarding the story of the episode. For example, for episode 5x24, don't submit a blurb saying "In this episode, Mike marries a yet unidentified bride", as this provides possibly unwanted spoilers. Of course, here on, once an episode airs in the U.S., what happened in it is not considered a spoiler anymore, but let's save that rule mostly for the forum, and keep the stories in the episode recaps.

    International airdates will from now on only be accepted for season premieres, as way too many people have been providing international airdates for every single episode of the last two seasons mostly so that they can rank higher here on this website and this guide.

    Pay attention to the grammar and the spelling. There is a spell-checker available for use each time you try to submit something.

    Check the "Trivia/Quotes" section of the guide of the episode you want to make a submission to, so you can check if the info you want to submit hasn't been posted already. Often after one new episode airs several people try to submit the same quotes over and over again.

    Do not delete any castmember from any guide just because they didn't appear in one particular episode. Report it in the notes section, as previously said.

    Explain in your submission commentary what you did in the edit. Sometimes people change things but don't say what those things were, and it's hard for me to find out what exactly in an episode guide was edited, particularly in a recap.

    If everyone follows these rules we can make this a better guide for our favorite show. I'm counting on you all. Thank you.

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