Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 17

Free (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Katherine going to the police station to report that her husband (Adam) has been kidnapped. She remembers the last time she went to the police 14 years ago to ask for help but the policewoman told her that since Wayne has lots of friends, she'd be better off just running away from him. This time doesn't go much different. She tries to explain that Wayne has kidnapped Adam, but the policeman doesn't believe her and calls Wayne to tip him off that 'his crazy wife is telling stories about him again'.
Katherine decides to run again and is packing back at the house with Dylan, but she refuses to go unless Katherine tells her the truth. She does (but the story is not revealed to us) and Dylan runs out of the house.
Gabby, Susan, Bree and Lynette are playing their weekly cards game and they are all talking how secretive Katherine is and Bree is the only one defending her. At this moment Katherine walks in and tells Bree that she has to leave town immediately, which leave Bree to deal with the commitment ceremony all on her own. Katherine leaves and Bree tells the others that they all have to help.
Susan gets home and Julie tells her she got accepted in Princeton and has to go next week because she is chosen to do summer internship. Susan is not happy and tells her she can't go.
Tom and Lynnette are having some tension at home. Tom is very angry and Lynette tells him that he still needs to help her no matter how angry he is.
Gabby comes home and Carlos confronts her about her excessive shopping saying that they are broke and can't afford it, when Ellie calls and asks Gabby for her teddy bear that she forgot in the closet. Gabbry goes to get it and finds out that it's full of money.
Bree, Lynette, Tom, Lee and Bob are at the Scavo's restaurant discussing the ceremony when Orson walks in and offers Bree to help her. She rejects.
Gabby is counting the money and tells Carlos about it.
Wayne is beating Adam up and thinking he is dead leaves,but Adam opens his eyes.
Bree is picking up the ice sculpture when she has a flat tire and all seems to be lost when Orson shows up and 'saves' her.
Carlos and Gabby are talking about what they should do with the money, when Ellie calls again and realizing that Gabby found the money, starts threatening her.
Katherine shows up at Susan's asking for Dylan and tells her that she'd been lying to her daughter her whole life.She then goes home to find Wayne is already there. She tries to get the gun but Wayne is faster and hits her.
Back at the ceremony Bree and Orson are talking and she says she can't forgive him, unless he turns himself in, but he says he can't do that.
Lee notices the sculpture and goes off to argue with Bob about it.
Meanwhile Susan gives Julie a phone for a present and tells her she decided to let her go to Princeton.
Bob and Lee are arguing and it seems like the ceremony is gonna be off but Tom and Lynette manage to 'sort them out' after a very emotional speech from Tom.
Adam escapes and steals a car.
Gabby is on the phone to the police telling them that Ellie is dangerous. She and Carlos are on their way out when Carlos tells her that Ellie is upstairs and Gabby goes to confront her. They have a fight and Ellie manages to escape.(after Gabby saving the money of course!)
Ellie breaks into Katherine's house and Wayne shoots her.
At the ceremony Karen McCluskey tells Bree that she just saw Katherine an hour ago. Wayne is working out an alibi including Ellie when Bree shows up. Wayne kidnaps her too and makes Katherine tell him the truth using Bree to 'break' her.
Katherine reveals that the real Dylan died in an accident and her and her aunt buried her while she adopted another little girl, because she knew that Wayne will never leave her alone.
Adam drives in and manage to defeat Wayne and while he goes to call the police, Katherine is left alone with him and, knowing that he will never leave her alone, she shoots him.
Bree goes and warns the girls so when the police comes their stories are 'straight'. The policeman is the same guy that Katherine tried to ask for help and he says it was clearly a self-deffence and they take off the handcuffs. They are taking her to the ambulance when Dylan runs towards her and they embrace and cry.
We are fast forwarded to five years later.
The five are playing cards again and they are all very changed.
Gabby(looking a bit more 'round' than usual and without any make-up on) comes home to a little girl who is revealed to be her daughter and is wearing loads of make-up on. At the same time another little girl passes running out of the room wearing her dress...
Bree gets home and Andrew tells her that her publisher called and also that 'New York Times' wants to interview her. At the same time we hear Orson's voice from upstairs and Bree cancels everything and goes to have a 'nice bubble bath with her husband'...
Lynette comes home to find the police there.They arrested one of the boys for stealing a car and joyriding...
Katherine listens to a message from Dylan on the answering machine. She says that she is back from Paris and that somebody finally asked her to marry him...
Susan walks in and says 'Honey, I'm home. Did you miss me?' when a guy walks towards her and it's revealed that it's not Mike. He says 'Of course I did' and they kiss...
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