Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 17

Free (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2008 on ABC

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  • Brilliant 2-hour season finale of a brilliant 4th season.

    This was just must see! In the first episode Lynette is arrested for child abuse, but turned out that Kayla made it all up (of course). Then Tom sent her to her grandparents which was good move and strong scene. Bree and Reverend Green was not exciting story for me at all. Susan and Mike didn´t know how to pick a name for their baby. Mike picked "Maynard" after his dead grandpa :) Gaby & Ellie story was funny, especially part in second episode where they had a big fight. I also loved the whole Katherine story. Dana Delany and Gary Cole did great job. I was thrilled. Definitely the best season finale since the 1st season. And the last 3 minutes took place in 2013, so this season will be definitely amazing.
  • Everyone has a secret and we are only as sick as our secrets.

    Dave is putting his plan into play to get even with Mike Delfino for his role in the death of his First Wife an Daughter. Lynnette Scavo wants to sell their pizzaria due to the bad economy and Tom doesn't want to and fires his staff and decides to use his children as labor. When he roughs up one of his sons for not wanting to be embarrassed in front of classmates, Tom comes to this senses and decides that selling the Pizzaria is in their best interest.

    Gabrielle Solis catches Carlos's boss making out out with another woman after his company say's their will be no bonuses this year. When Gabrielle gets home Carlos's boss is there to give Carlos a large bonus. Carlos's boss's wife ends up pregnant and they want the Solis's to be the Godparents.

    Bree gives her son Andrew a very large raise to the disdain of Orson. This could be the undoing of Orson Hodge. Orson is very envious of Andrew and will stop at nothing to find out how much money he makes. He pries information from Bree and get the information from the the company accountants and is furious when he finds out that Andrew makes twice as much and he does.

    Susan is having problems with the way her so M.J. is taking Katherine. Susan started a new job at the school M.J. is going to and M.J. is suppose to go to mikes after school, but sometime goes to Katherine's when Mike is still working. This is infuriating Susan. Susan tells Katherine that M.J. is only allowed at Susan's house or Mike's house and Katherine tells her that is going to be hard with Mike moves in with her. Susan has a hurt look on her face with given this information.
  • An amazing season finale that finally delivered what I was expecting.

    I remember how excited I was about watching the season three finale of "Desperate Housewives", and how disappointed I was with it after I finally saw it: it wasn't really that juicy. The seasons one and two finales were fantastic, funny, dramatic and exciting, and the season three finale suffered a bit because no one died and the mysteries had already been solved. But it was still a great episode, though, like every episode of the show.

    But the two hour season four finale was just fantastic, and "Free", part two, is a very exciting chapter in the characters' lives. There's just too many remarkable things going on at the same time: Julie is going to college, Bob and Lee are getting married in a commitment ceremony, Wayne is torturing Adam, Bree is preparing the biggest party in her career thus far, Tom is adjusting to what happened with Kayla, Gabrielle is having problems with Ellie and Katherine's secrets are all finally revealed. The death of Ellie Leonard was the most shocking moment to me, I really didn't see that one coming. I expected Wayne to die, because he was a bad guy. I was unfortunately already aware of the time jump because that information had been leaked on the Internet. Too bad, I could had not been prepared for what would probably be the most shocking surprise in the DH history. I already saw it coming. It was disappointing, truly, I hate that sort of spoilers. Come on, shows are much more entertaining when they shock us. Quit with the huge spoilers already!

    A great show. Truly. :)
  • Brilliant, until we jump 5 years in the future

    Katherine at police station years before reporting her husband. Police woman tells her to run. Back to present day and Katherine goes to police again and they tell her to fill in some paperwork, after she tell them that he may kill her. Katherine tells Dylan the truth (not us), and runs out. Julie going to college and she has to leave next week. Susan says no. Carlos tells Gabby that they are broke and may end up on the streets. Bree's car breaks down with the ice sculpture inside and so she has to push it to the reception. Katherine goes to Susan to see if Dylan is there. She isn't. She goes home and he is there waiting for her. He attacks her and pulls her own gun on her. Susan changes her mind. She and Julie have a lovely mother daughter scene. Bob and Lee's wedding seems to be called off until Tom and Lynette try to make things right. Adam comes round and steals a car and drives off. Carlos hears Ellie breathing upstairs and Gabby goes upstairs to protect the money in true Gabby style. Mean while Katherine is still being held hostage by her ex. Ellie enters Katherine's house and sees the ex. He shoots and kills her with the help of a pillow. Bree learns that Katherine has not left yet. So she goes off to see her. He opens the door and pulls Bree inside. Wayne. He puts the gun to Bree and threatens to pull the trigger so Katherine agrees to tell the truth. We have a flashback. As they prepare to leave again as he has found them, he turns up again. Wayne and her argue about Dylan and he goes to attack her and she swings an ornament at him. He gets up bleeding and leaves hit with candlestick. She has a drink and hears a cream, Dylan is found under the bookcase, she was trying to get the doll off of the top. We then see that her body was buried in the woods. Katherine found a girl in a Romanian orphanage and basically replaced Dylan with her. Adam turn up, Wayne goes after Adam. Bree undoes the tie ups on Katherine. They hear s hoot and then Adam comes upstairs with the gun in his hand. Wayne tells her that his cop buddy's will take care of him; she holds the gun and pulls the trigger. Bree pulls Lynnette and Susan to one side and says that they have to talk. Gabby turns up and Susan tells her to listen. They all co-operate her story about him being abusive. The cop says it was self-defence and take the cuffs off of her and take her to the hospital. Dylan turns up Five years later. Poker game, all clothes look dated not like in 5 years time, Gabby has 2 kids. Bree is now like a Martha Stewart type. She and Orson are back together. Police at Lynette's a son has broken into a car and joyride, this time its Preston, who is in trouble. Dylan has been asked to marry her bf. Susan goes home to a man and they kiss, but it isn't Mike.
  • The final moments of the mystery and an added bonus at the end. However, something just isn't right.

    Okay, so this episode was the conclusion to the season with the mystery being centered around Katharine Mayfair and her family. When the secret unfolds out in front of us, it feels like not much of a secret at all, considering during many episodes it was revealed that Dylan was not the "Real" Dylan. It wasn't hard to guess that she died, and Katharine swapped her with another baby. That whole build up was just too predictable.

    This episode had great moments from Tom, who is so incredibly cool all the time. Except when he's running off to New Jersey to check up on what's her name and his evil bastard daughter. No, but the mystery regarding Katharine wasn't very satisfying, nor the hold up in her house. It ended very anti-climatically. However, the best moment was the jump five years into the future, where you see the housewives and their new lives. And no Mike in the picture? Figures, nice going Susan Mayer. This was not the best season finale at all. It seemed like it wanted to go for the greatness they had at the end of season 1, but they couldn't repeat.

    But the addition of the jump 5 years into the future was interesting. Very interesting indeed.
  • A whole lot of events....

    As Bree takes over the catering for Lee and Bob's commitment ceremony, after Kathryn's announcement that she is once more leaving Wysteria Lane, she finds herself welcoming Orson back, and being at gunpoint again. Wayne and Elle return to Wysteria Lane for revenge, and Gaby and Carlos find themselves a whole lot richer. Kathryn confesses her secret to Wayne after he shoots Elle dead for his alibi, and it's not a good one. She explains that Dylan died in a tragic accident in the spare room shortly after Wayne threatened her years before, and she buried her child in the forest, later adopting a look-a-like from a Romanian Orphanage, lying to her throughout. Kathryn is finally accepted into the circle of friends, as a scene five years later changes the women's lives....
  • Season 4, Episode 17.

    This episode was perfect. There was so much going on, at least in the last five minutes. Katherine's storyline was exactly like Jennifer Lopez's in "Enough," but since I never saw that movie, it doesn't really phase me that much. I already knew that the original Dylan died, so it wasn't really that shocking. I just loved how everything played out, especially the five year jump. GABRIELLE HAS KIDS! That was foreshadowed earlier in the two-part finale after Gabby found the bear. Lynette's kids are trouble-makers... Not shocking at all. Bree has a cookbook coming out! Didn't really see that coming, but I like it. =] Katherine learns that Dylan is engaged. Most importantly, Susan comes home and kisses a man who isn't Mike. Great episode that definitely made me want to tune in for season five. =]
  • Desperate Housewives at its most brilliant

    This is a most brilliant episode of DH - there are several fantastic moments:

    Julie leaving Susan (and susan's hilarious claims to stop her, as well as their heart2heart); Gabby her usual selfishness; Carlos' brail porn; Bree running down the road with the ice scuplture (and Orson's subsequent rescue); Bob and Lee's ceremony; Tom and Lynette's attempts to reunite them; Tom's agonizing speech about the hell he's been through; the jump to five years is well done and intriguing; seeing Mary Alice again after so long (though brief).

    But the best person is Dana Delany. Her mystery was brilliant and mysterious and Wayne is a bastard. She has evolved from a cold woman to a real housewife and her daughter dying - how dark was that?

    Brilliant finale - can't wait for Season Five
  • I hated the adverts!! Almost flawless...

    This was without doubt a season finale that delivered 99%. I know it wasnt 100% and here is why! I felt the bit where Dylan and Katherine hug wasnt long enough and it wasnt explained why she came back - but apart from that, "Free" was a brilliant end to season four and a brilliant start to season five. Katherine's secret was revealed in spectacular fashion and poor Dylan was crushed - literally. I cant wait for the next ep - which is on next wek in England straight after season four. I even saw a preview for "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow" and I'm a little shocked at Mike being in a car crash and Susan in bed with another man! Why did they split up Susan and Mike??
  • It wowed me! I LOVE 'EM!!!!!

    OMG! OMG! OMG! This is a shocking episode! The credit for it goes to the ending. "Five years later". That was so confusing but I loved it! Lol! Seems like Gabby has two fat daughters and Gabby herself have gotten ugly :P I read somewhere on the forums that the plot will continue at that point. But I really want to know how will they do that. I hope the characters don't lose their energy because they're all older now. Funny, heh... And what about Edie? I think she moved out of Fairview when her so called friends walked out on her (which they totally should do). So, I think she'll be back to the same neighborhood again, after five years have passed, bringing a new mystery which will be solved by our housewives. :) That would be great! Edie with a mystery.. wow! :)
    And what about Mike? I think they will not kill him off as said by someone on the forum. I think Susan and Mike split out for xy reason and something will happen so their lives will join them together again! :)
    Julie, Daniele and Dylan will probably not be back but if they do that'll be great and if they don't, it'll be great too! Lol! I trust Marc Cherry! :)
    And as if for Andrew, we saw he'll be back. He's working for his mom! Lol! And Scavo kids have grown. I can't wait to see them! But I'll miss the young Scavo's. :)
    I can't wait for another season!!!!!
  • WOW!.

    WOW. That's all I have to say. This season's mystery was starting to get boring, I thought I knew exactly what was going to happen, but then when have to reveal it, they make it really shocking. I didn't really know where it was going. It was kind of like a i know what's going to happen, but yet I still have no idea what is going to happen.

    Then, right when I thought that this season's finale is going to end with no cliffhanger, they move to five years later. And Susan is with a new man? SHOCKING!

    Hopefully this time jump doesn't ruin the series. I think that it will be great and will open the series to a ton more storylines.
  • It was an excelent ending...but the last two minutes? what the hell was that about?

    The finale was excelent...Katherine's drama, that wedding...
    The "five years later" thing was absolutely out of context. I don't know if they're making another season, but if they are going to, it will be horrid, since the "storyline" (or whatever it is they tried to do) that could follow the final sequence seems odd and not like the series at all.
    It is a shame really, since the entire episode was brilliant, well written and played. Season 1 finale was great, season 2 finale was excelent, season 3 finale was funny and good, but season 4 finale... I thought it was the best...but when they showed that nonsense five years later sequence...they were "doomed" to me. It's dissapointing even, because there was no use in writing that garbage... I don't know, is like the Pink Panther, when it closes the front door of the beautiful house the other guy did, and it falls apart.

    There's also something I'd like to say about Gaby. I don't know if anybody noticed, but what she did is called "robbery". I know that she's a simbolysm of the high clases and all...but to some others, it may be a model to follow, which is extremely dangerous. I never liked her, and her last appearences made the last part of this season fall apart.
  • Amazing

    A lot happened in this two hour season finale of Desperate Housewives. Story lines that seemed they could have gone on for much longer wrapped themselves up and I was overall very satisfied with the outcome.

    Bree and Orson are still encountering problems, but the way things are turning out, I don't think it's going to last long. I'd hate it if Bree were to find someone else to run to, Orson and her were just so perfect for each other.

    Gabrielle still makes me laugh no matter what. I mean, fine, it may get corny at times, but overall Gabby is still doing her job in making me laugh.

    Susan is still obsessing over the fact that she just named her son Maynerd. It's typical Susan to do so, but after the last few bits if the episode, I think I'm going to miss the old Susan.

    The mystery came to a very entertaining close. I had some of my own predictions and some of them were actually true to the facts, but of course, I was still surprised with the outcome.
  • Brilliant!

    Although I did see the Dylan story line coming it still shocked me. All of the storylines in this episode were excellent! I myself think that Maynard's a lovely name :D It was nice to see Bob and Lee, we haven't seen them for a while. I liked the talk Tom gave. The whole 5 years later was weird. It's nice to see Katherine there, now her and Bree are friends she's started to grow on me. Gabby's situation was hilarious and Lynettes was quite funny too. I was shocked by Susans! Where's Mike got too ? This episode was a great season finale, can't wait for summer to end :D
  • absolutely wonderful.

    It was wonderful. I loved how you finally found out about Dylan and her not being the real Dylan. It was awesome...But what was with the 5 years later. Was that the Series finale? i hope not...Gale Harold, who was the guy susan kissed at the end..Was totally cute. I'm glad Gabby has a daughter. It was a wonderful episode. if it wasnt' the series finale i can't wait until next season. It'll be kind of confusing but hopefully the can make it as least confusing as possible. All around good episode..One of hte best i've ever seen. it was definely not what i expected.
  • Five Years Later Written by Jeff Greenstein Directed by David Grossman

    Wayne: "Is that the best you can do, Kathy?"
    Katherine: "I know it sounds convenient but what if it's true".

    Ah, after a shorter than usual season, it's time for the fourth season to come to an end and this is a season finale that is nothing if not ambitious. However ambition doesn't necessarily equal original mind.

    Getting snatched at the end of the previous episode by Wayne wasn't the best of things that could've happened to Adam. To put all those fans of Nathan Fillion out of their misery, you'll be pleased to know that Adam actually survives the episode but that doesn't mean he has the best of times.

    With Wayne holding him hostage, Adam spends the first half of this episode getting the living daylights beaten out of him. I know cops are supposed to be pretty tough but Wayne really does leave Adam for dead at one point.

    Kidnapping Adam was supposed to help him get some answers about what really happened to Dylan but Adam's staunch refusal to help him means the only other person he can terrorise is Katherine.

    Katherine's already more than aware that Wayne has Adam and while she does the right thing by trying to get help from the police, Katherine is still the kind of person more content with running away from her problems rather than actually facing them head on.

    It doesn't help that the detective she speaks to is more sympathetic to Wayne rather than her but it wouldn't killed Katherine to try a little harder to save Adam, especially seeing as he stuck his neck out for her. Unfortunately Katherine doesn't think that far and instead tries to get out of Fairview.

    First she pulls out of Bob and Lee's wedding ceremony, leaving Bree to hire the other women to help and then as an extreme resort she tells Dylan the truth to try and get the ball rolling. Naturally this truth does the opposite and an upset Dylan runs in the other direction rather than help her mother flee. Things also then get worse for Katherine when Wayne actually does manage to catch up with her. Predictably you knew he would anyway. After all, he needed to find out what really happened to Dylan and as an audience so did we. The writers have been tip-toeing along this plot for all the season so now it was time for some answers.

    Katherine doesn't exactly get the pasting that Wayne might have given her in the past but Wayne is clever in thwarting any attempt that Katherine makes to get away from him. Even the gun she had to protect herself is used to her own disadvantage when Wayne threatens to kill her.

    Violence is pretty much the only way Wayne can get Katherine to give him answers. Although threatening to kill her doesn't make Katherine, having Bree also as a hostage is a good incentive for Katherine to open up. After all, Katherine and Bree are friends now and Wayne already killed someone in this episode before snaring Bree.

    All season we've been told that Dylan isn't the same girl and needless to say that's exactly what the reveal is. In flashbacks Mary Alice finishes babysitting the girl but tells both Katherine and Aunt Lillian that Wayne stopped by and left some gifts for Dylan much to Katherine's chagrin.

    Later we also see the full violent exchange between Katherine and Wayne that Time told Susan about in "Sunday". Basically Katherine got her groove on and smacked Wayne out of the house in a bid to get rid of him but the main disaster is that while this happened, Dylan knocked a wardrobe on her and was killed.

    Instead alerting authorities like anyone else would, Aunt Lillian got Katherine to bury the girl in the woods. Then Katherine goes to a Romanian orphanage and adopts a girl who looks exactly like her dead daughter and that's basically what seventeen episodes have been leading up.

    As a reveal, it's too hard to criticise it. It makes sense given the clues we've had throughout the season and to be fair while it isn't as strong as Orson's mystery last season, it's easily better than the Applewhites and possibly on a par with the way Mary Alice's mystery turned out.

    However conveying all this information made Wayne even worse than before and had Adam not actually managed to take him on, both Katherine and Bree could've been goners. Of course, it's also rather fitting that it's Katherine who ends up shooting Wayne in cold blood as Bree gets Susan, Lynette and Gabrielle to lie in order to prevent Katherine from going to jail.

    Given that Bree pulled a similar stunt with the fake pregnancy, it would make sense that she's not so quick to judge Katherine for the extreme measures she took to protect her own family secrets. That being said it's funny how a few episodes ago, Bree couldn't bring herself to befriend Katherine and now the two of them are practically joined at the hip.

    When she isn't lying to cops, Bree is also trying to make sure that Bob and Lee's big day isn't a disaster on her part. Seeing Bree in crazy organiser mode works fairly well even when she's insulting Lynette but really it's her scenes with Orson that provide the better stuff.

    After weeks of callous behaviour, Bree finally admits that she does want Orson back but won't take him back because she feels it would condone what he did to Mike. There's actually some degree of logic in that but apart from her jail suggestion, what other way can Orson prove to Bree that he's genuinely sorry for what he did?

    If Bree has trouble of letting go of the past then Susan has a bit of a hard time trying to embrace the future. One minute she's thrilled that Julie has gotten into college and then the next minute she's coming up with ridiculous ways to stop Julie from taking an early internship. Even Mike is baffled by her behaviour on this one.

    However it's not Susan being malicious but more silly than usual. She does end letting Julie take the internship but not before admitting that she might not cope as well without having her independent daughter around. Julie offering some sage words of encouragement was sweet. One thing I do love about Susan's character is the dynamic between her and Julie.

    Lynette on the other hand is suffering the fall out with Kayla leaving. Given how hard a decision that must have been for Tom to have made, perhaps Lynette should've just let him actually visit Kayla instead of berating into helping out with Bob and Lee's wedding.

    Tom of course does help but also gives Lee advice on how to deal with marriage. Needless to say the advice somewhat backfires but there's a totally beautiful moment where Tom and Lynette both give Bob and Lee the marital advice they could benefit from.

    That being said Bob and Lee's wedding isn't all that interesting. As characters they've been something of a letdown. Tuc Watkins and Kevin Rahm are great actors but the writing for their characters has been disappointing at best. Even at their own wedding they barely even factor. If we get them back next season, then perhaps more care should be taken with them as characters.

    As for Gabby and Carlos, well their plot is the weakest of the episode. Basically whatever friendship Gabby and Ellie might have had sours as soon as Gabby tries to keep her money and the two of them fight. Of course it's also bad for Ellie when she meets a sticky end courtesy of Wayne. Then again she wasn't a major character but I did hope she would've been given a better exit than this.

    With murders, weddings and departures all playing their role in this episode the biggest twist is the show's decision to jump five years in the future. It had been rumoured for weeks but I didn't think the writers would actually go ahead with it. The future for these ladies is a mixed bag. To get the dull ones out of the way first, Katherine's future seems to a life long friendship with the ladies and a better relationship with Dylan. Not terrifically exciting but a bit better than Lynette's, who has to look forward to Porter and Preston becoming jailbirds.

    Slightly more interesting is Bree's. In five years she's become a minor celebrity with Andrew as her manager but better still her and Orson have gotten back together and can I just hope that the writers never split the two of them up even again?

    Gabby might have had the least interesting plot in the episode but it's nice to know she winds up as a stressed out Mommy with two boisterous girls. If there was ever a need to use the word 'karma', now would be it. Carlos on the other hand must be in his element.

    Susan meanwhile has the biggest change of them all. Mike's no longer in the picture and she's married to a mystery bloke named Ken. Played by Queer As Folk's resident man-eater Gale Harold, it'll be interesting to see exactly how this came to fruition. Also it seems pretty fair to assume that Ken will be next year's main mystery.

    Also in "Free"

    It's nice that we got to see Mary Alice in another flashback this season. "Getting Married Today" is the only finale she hasn't appeared onscreen.

    Detective (re Wayne): "He was a hell of a golfer".
    Katherine: "Well believe me when I say he wasn't a hell of a husband".

    The unhelpful detective in this episode was the same guy who interviewed Mike and Susan about Zach in "Next".

    Julie: "This totally sucks".
    Susan: "Well yes but don't forget this is a huge honour".

    Tom: "I hear some wives ask their husbands for favours and say please".
    Lynette: "Oh Tom, don't you know an urban myth when you hear one?"

    I have to admit that it does come across as rather convenient that both the finales to Brothers And Sisters and Desperate Housewives had gay weddings. The former show naturally tackled it better.

    Gabrielle: "Teddy bear. What's that, a code for 'blow'?"
    Ellie: "It's an actual bear".

    Lee: "I want my castle. It's the only thing I've asked for and I'm entitled to it".
    Bob: "Fine".

    It was interesting to see Lee and Tom actually interact. Maybe they could have a friendship next season. Plus Bob and Lynette can find out which one of them is bossier than the other.

    Detective (re Katherine): "Apparently you kidnapped her husband".
    Wayne: Really, did I ask for a ransom?"

    Carlos: "We might have kids".
    Gabrielle: "Carlos, we're never gonna have kids. Shoes are my kids. Let me be the mother that I was meant to be".

    Did Carlos actually get his sight back in this episode? That scuffle with him, Gabby, Ellie and Roxy happened so fast for me to take it in.

    Wayne: "What happened to my daughter?"
    Katherine: "I'm not telling you anything".

    Bree: "Well I suppose I should say thank you".
    Orson: "It was lucky that I was there".

    Karen made a pointed comment when asked about their being a maniac in the street. Wayne snatching Bree was pure slapstick as well.

    Julie: "I think you're stronger than you give yourself credit for".
    Susan: "Well, I spend more time with me than you do, and I'm a mess".

    Carlos: "Wait you can't go up there, it's too dangerous".
    Gabrielle: "Not as dangerous as poverty".

    I noticed that Gabby's daughters are a little over weight too. That's probably something that will play a role next season.

    Wayne: "You let my daughter die like a dog".
    Katherine: "It was an accident".
    Wayne: "And then you buried her like one".

    In the finale we don't see Danielle, Julie, Mike, Lynette's kids, Maynard, Benjamin or Edie, though Nicolette Sheridan is coming back next season.

    Wayne: "I'll get out and I'll find you and I'll make you pay".
    Katherine: "I know you will".

    Susan: "Did you miss me?"
    Ken: "You know I did".

    Chronology: Exactly after "The Gun Song" and May 2013 by the end of the episode.

    "Free" is certainly the most ambitious of episodes that the series has done so far. Jumping this ahead in the future could either way for the series next season and it'll be interesting to see how some of the gaps are actually filled too.
  • Great episode !!!

    In this episode we see a lot of things happen but what we see the most in Katherine and her ex-husband and we finally learn the truth about what happened in the past.
    I must say that i was expecting more, so i was a little disappointed, but was ok.
    One of my favorite parts was when Tom was trying to convince the gay couple that they should break up if they didnt really loved each other, was a very precious moment and i almost cried :)
    And of course the finally, so Gaby gets 2 girls ??? And Susan leaves Mike ??? What the hell ????
  • Bree has to do the wedding all by herself, Gaby finds money, and Katherine gets in a sticky situation...

    I loved this episode. The way Bree takes control of the wedding all by herself, with one day's notice, is pure Bree. I also love how Orson comes to her rescue. While it is a little creepy that he's following her, it's also kind of sweet. I particularly loved the part where Bree says "You just think I'm being stubborn, don't you? Making you jump through hoops when it's so clear we belong together." She obviously wants to be with Orson, but can't forgive him for what he did to Mike. I was a little shocked at how ruthless Ellie turned out to be, and I was sad at the way they ended her character. I was happy that we finally got closure on the Katherine plot line, but it wasn't as crazy or wicked as I thought it would be. I am really glad that someone finally shot Wayne! I don't understand though, how Adam could have been beat so badly, but then still be okay enough to drive a car. I really did not like the jumping ahead five years. I am not happy with the story lines they set up. And what happened to MIKE? Who is that guy Susan is hugging? And why did all of Lynette's kids turn out so bad? First Kayla, then Porter, then Preston? Lynette doesn't deserve that. And I was really suprised to see Gaby with daughters, particularly, no offense, but kind of overweight daughters. I would've thought that as a mother, Gaby would make sure her kids were gorgeous, and make them go to fat camp or something. Gaby looked a mess. Apparently Bree is some successful party planner, so that's good, and she got back together with Orson, which I like. The only plot lines I was really happy with was Bree's and Katherine's. I was glad that Katherine was living a happy life and that Dylan is doing well, too. All in all though, I wasn't happy at all with the five year flash-forward. I think they should've just kept the show in the time period it was in, and not have jumped ahead, I really don't like what the characters are doing, and as a devoted Desperate Housewives fan, I am very disappointed and disatisfied.
  • unexpected

    that 5 years later flashforward was so unexpected. for this particular show, i think it was unnecessary, the only valid reason i can think of is cast clean up. seeing orson with bree in the future was really a disappointment, i have never liked the guy. although, i have to admit i would be mad if eddie and carlos are sacked, even delfino. they are the ones juicing things up all the time! the way the wives turned against eddie sucked. i don't know where this show it's going, maybe they'll name it retirement village housewives. anyways...we have 'til september to make our guesses!

    btw, who else thought kayla would make the scavos split? i did!

    take care people.
  • All the mysteries solved... a new story can begin.

    Season 4 has really been superbe. Probably the best one so far. Every episode added a piece to the puzzle, the emotions were there as well as the fun...

    The finale has it all too!

    We finally find out what Katherine had been hiding for years. Kayla nearly managed to destroy the Scavo family. Their couple is so strong. How many crises will they be able to overcome?

    The story about Maynard name was really nice. and it was really moving to see Susan saying goodbye to Julie. Orson is amazing. He knows what he wants and he does everything in his power to get it. I really like the couple he forms with Bree.

    Carlos and Gaby keep entertaining us. Finally, the housewives welcome another desperate one in their group. Since Mary-Alice was gone, the hole had never been filled. Eddie was too different to fit in.
    She's a warrior and couldn't cope with settled women who are done with chasing the males.
    With Katherine it looks like the group is full. The closing scene has just been stunning. I didn't see that one coming. I didn't think the forwarding would come so early in season 4. I'm not sure yet if I'm keen on the concept...

    Sure it will allow to deal with other stories but there was still so much to do...
    I'm happy to see that Bree and Orson will be back together.
    I'm also happy to see that Andrew will probably become a regular.
    I really love him.

    I hope the older Scavo twins will be just as brilliant as the young ones. Older Lynette should also have a haircut...

    We didn't see Carlos. Only Gaby and the two girls. Looks like she's really going to turn into a Desperate Housewife! Her daughters are just very different to what I could have imagined.
    So I wonder, is Carlos the father since he is out the picture, at least in the end of the episode?

    The most surprising was of course Susan coming home to a different husband... What's the hell happened to Mike?
    It took them 3 years to get together and finally be happy. They've just had a kid... Is Mike gone for good?
    I really don't like where this is going...
  • disappointing...

    I don't know what happened but it really disappointed me...
    I was expecting something big, something that desperate housewives deserves, something like in the other seasons made me watch the next one... I really thought Katherine was going to leave Wisteria Lane, in fact, I really wanted her to go because now she had resolved her problems with Bree which was the really good thing with this character. Her story was resolved in the previous episode so... she could have gone... But it's ok.
    Since before this fourth season began, there had been rumours about some new neighbours coming to Wisteria Lane, in fact, tose rumours were only about the gay couple. I was very disappointed when the season began and this couple only appears in 3 or 4 episodes... I hope that on the next season Lee and Bob get some more attention from the writers of the scripts, but I think this is not going to happen (unfortunately).
    The final flashforward wasn't really good. It was obvious what was going to happen. Something like this could make the audience think that there's going to be 5 more seasons of the show and I'm not so sure this will happen (I wish it really happen but I doubt it).
    What was really strange was to see the new husband of Susan... He played the role of Brian on Queer As Folk and it's quite strange to see him doing something like this now. Beside, it could be very interesting. To sum up, the final episode was very weak. The 'commitment' of Lee and Bob was a strange excuse to not have a very good history to tell. And the final wasn't very surprising or exciting.
  • The perfect cliffhanger

    Desperate Housewives' fourth season was maybe the best one in the series' history, even better that the third, which had a brilliant first part followed by a weak storyline and poor revelations.
    The fourth has been always consistant, introduced good characters and got rid of useless one (I'm talking about Edie, she never had a definite role, they made a good choice eliminating her and Kayla, a really annoying character that deserved a treatment like the one she received).
    In this final episode authors made the brave choice to flash forward 5 years, creating new scenarios for our heroines: I'm glad to see that Bree and Orson are still together, Gabrielle with two daughters (but where's Carlos), Lynette dealing with his two sons troubles (even it I see that coming considering how they were as children) and Susan...she's not with Mike and kisses another man! What happened to Mr. Delfino?
    They did a really good job, creating suspence and curiosity towards the fifth season...see you in september ladies!
  • Surprisingly bad. And the flash forward doesnt quite work for this kinda show.

    The writers are desperatly tring to keep the housewives interesting .. and the flash forward, brilliant, how did they come up with that?
    the flash forward is also kinda boring.. i would be better to leave this ending and let the viewers fill in the details... i really think that this concept doesnt work for this show.. it works for lost to keep it interesting. but here, when u allready know some big changes in their lifes, whats left?
    I like the series but this episode just surprised me with all its predictability .. And what s up with the adoption, does this make any sence at all? or was i just too much asleep at that point to get it ..
  • this episode reveals all of Kathrine Mayfair's secrets, and leaves me with unanswered questions. with Lynette & Susan's problems dealt with in the previous episode (1st hr), Bree & Gabby's problems were dealt with somewhat humorously in this last hour.

    i was getting tired of Kathrine Mayfair's secrets all season. we eventually saw a little of the burned note that Kathrine's aunt wrote right before she died. we heard almost none of the conversations between her and her husband Adam, and quite frankly, the little clues that alluded to this whole story we've been waiting for were just getting annoying. this is why i DON'T watch daytime soaps. once we found out that Dylan wasn't Wayne Davis' real daughter, after he noticed the missing scar in the video, i think we ALL suspected that the real Dylan was dead, and that this was a replacement Dylan, not an illegitimate Dylan, as Kathrine contended. if Katherine was planning on leaving to keep her husband from coming back to beat her after he gets out of the hospital, why did she think that it was a good idea for both of them to break out the scotch and pass out on the couch in the first place? this episode DID have one "oh, crap!" moment that i liked when Ellie broke in and provided Wayne with an opportunity to get away with killing Katherine, but nothing ever came of that. we had no explanation of why Dylan doesn't remember being in the orphanage, nor being adopted. we never found out WHY Adam left Kathrine. certainly her almost-truthful version of events would have evoked sympathy from any sane man, not anger, and even if she had told him the WHOLE truth, it would have been only slightly less. another scene was unrealistic: why would Wayne Davis taunt any woman with a gun pointed at him? he couldn't possibly be oblivious to the fact that she hated him enough to kill him. why did Bree suddenly change her entire morality? She was so slow to forgive her husband Orson for attempting to kill a man who had already forgiven him, and yet she was willing to lie to police to protect a woman who shot a man in cold blood. and what was the deal with the 5-year flash-forward? now there are no surprises, except whether Mike Delfino dies or is simply divorced from Susan. and if the show only lasts another 4 seasons or less, they get to blow this whole thing off. this is what they do at the end of a movie, and it is inappropriate for TV unless it is the SERIES finale, and not just the SEASON finale, and i doubt that they are ending this show. and most importantly, there is no "cliff-hanger", except for the one for which we might have to wait 5 years. what a rip-off! this was disappointing to watch. the writers did not live up to the usual quality of their famous season finales. i suspect that the writers painted themselves into a corner before the writer's strike, and didn't really have the end planned out the way they should have before they introduced Kathrine at the beginning of the season.
  • This episode was brilliant! Desperate Housewives knows how to keep us thrilled. I love mystery, drama and comedy, and this episode has it all!

    Oh My Gosh!!! I'm thrill, this Season Finale was outstanding, just like the others. Episodes like this is that make Desperate Housewives my favorite serie. Excellent work Marc Cherry! This show sure has me excepting for what's gonna happen next, and undoubtedly more than satisficed. The whole Dylan thing, was just intense, i've never have thought that they could come out with something like this. The drug girl death was quite cool too, wrong place at the wrong time, don't call me psycho, I really was expecting Katherine to kill Wayne Davis, and the other houseviwes helping her with the police was just the cherry on the top. Now, what's gonna happen know that five years has pass, and where's Mike Delfino, the sure let us something to think about!
  • Wow! This episode just blew my mind away.

    I couldn't believe everything that happened in this two hour finale. The biggest part was when all of Katherine's secrets finally came out. It was something we had been waiting for all season long. Besides that fact that Katherine becomes accepted into the ladies group, which I never thought would happen, the writers jumped ahead 5 years. 5 YEARS!!!! I guess we know what the next season, or season, will be about. Finding out what happened between this season and the five year mark. I can't believe that Mike wasn't on the show in five years. And Gabby has kids!!! That was hilarious :) I'm excited for next season.
  • Oh boy! This year's mystery is just the best ever. I can't believe they are going to kill Mike!!!! Oh, this is just too sad.

    Okay, this was the perfect ending for this season. A very good episode, with lots of humor, drama, and mystery. Very good indeed. Solving the mystery at the very end of it all was very clever and made us very nervous. It really would have been the most perfect episode ever if it weren't for the last 2 minutes. Those were the worst ever. The time jump was not called for at all. At least not how they did it.

    Now if they had ended it at Lynette's problems then it would all even be acceptable. But what is up with Susan? I don't like that idea at all! I don't get it why they would go through all that trouble with Mike and Susan being on and off and on and off if they are not gonna end up together?? I am afraid this might be the kiss of death for this show. Not a very nice move at all. Ridiculous. Now for the reason why I rated this at 9.8. Bob and Lee's wedding was awesome. I absolutely loved everything with them in this episode. I never realized how funny Lee is. All his scenes had me laughing til I cried. Tom going to him and giving him bad advice about marriage was just awesome. I loved it.

    Tom and Lynette's moment was very cute. We needed to see Tom's side of this whole thing. Loved that. Very well written.

    Now for the mystery. Okay, apart from season 1 this was the best mystery ever! I loved every minute of it. I always knew Dylan wasn't the real daughter and that something might have happened to her and Katherine might have kidnapped another girl to pass as Dylan. But I always thought that Wayne would have been the one who had hurt the real Dylan. But this was awesome. I loved the hostage situation at the end. I can't believe he actually killed Ellie. And poor Adam, he looked pretty bad. I thought it was great that Katherine killed Wayne. She really needed to or he would never leave her alone. I missed Edie. I really hope she will be back next season. It won't be the same without her.

    This was indeed a great ending to this season. I only wished it would have ended in the way it has always ended before. Because why mess with something if it's working? I liked how successful the new Bree is, and that she is back with Orson. I always thought she should take him back. I loved the new Gaby. Too funny with the chubby kids, but I can't see Gaby as a mother though. Katherine looks just the same, I wonder if Adam and her are back together. I think they should bring them back. Adam should be understanding now that he knows the truth. Lynette and Tom with their kids are just too funny. I don't know how they can handle all that. It totally sounds like how those kids would turn out. Now, why did they have to go and give Susan and new husband? Oh, I just hate that! I say they need to fix this ASAP. We can't just not have those two crazy kids go through hell to be together and then not end up together.... That's just unacceptable. Fix it. I can't believe it's that time of year again to go all summer without our girls. Waiting on the dvd now!
  • Five years later? This is a dramatic ending and at last, Catherine's secrets are revealed.

    Remeber Bang? Well it looks like the writers have been looking in the recycling bin. In this episode the gun is being pointed at Katherine as she is forced to reveal her big secret. Well, we already figured Dillan wasn't Dillan but rather some strange girl who didnt't remember anyting. We didn't know that the real Dillan died young and that Katherine adopted a girl from an orphanage to replace her. Evidently, neither did Dillan or Wayne and neither are pleased. But does he kill Katherine? No

    She gets the gun and kills him in a moment of madness and is left wondering what to say to the police. This is where the housewives step in and make it look like self defense by describing the fear she had towards him (even though they only found out the story five minutes ago.)

    The episode leaves on a cliffhanger five years later - i. Bree and Orson back together.
    ii. Gaby with two kids; one of which is on the large side.
    iii. The scavo kids turned criminals
    iv. Dillan is ingaged and her and Katherine have once again a good relationship.
    v. Susan kissing her "honey" but it isn't mike...
  • We should be pretty convinced by now that "Desperate Housewives" delivers some of the best cliffhangers on TV. Season 4 finale is no exception.

    We had Rex's death in Season 1, Mike's accident in Season 2, Eddie's suicide in Season 3 and now all this "five years later" jazz. It is shocking, funny and another reason why we can hardly wait for Season 5 to arrive.

    The second part of the 2-hour finale kicks in with Katherine's flashbacks and evolves mainly around her as finally we got to know what the big secret was. Yes, we had seen it coming but still, it was exciting to watch. The season then comes to a hault with a flashforward in time, where we witness several changes going on with our lovely housewives, the most shocking being with Susan's part. It might not be that shocking as season 3 finale but still it works, no doubt there. The whole flashforward thing can be a joke or not but I sure want to see more of how Gabby went through the dramatic and at the same time hilarious alteration of hers. Overall, Season 4 was a good addition to the series chronology considering much of the distraction caused by the writers strike. It was funny, sometimes far-fetched but still not too dramatic like Season 2 or not too exciting like Season 1. Again, there are some things I appreciate (Like Katherine being the series regular from now on, she fits well with the main cast) and some things I do not. For instance, I have hard time to comprehend why writers chose to write Edie off that easily, she had the crappiest story lines this season. At least, we got rid of Kayla. Anyways, time to wait for season 5.
  • I'm SPEECHLESS love that finale defently the best and shocking ending

    just let me say WOW that ending about "Five Years Later" didn't say that coming but loved it I so can't wait for the next season.

    But what shocked me the most was Vanished actor in DH and he is with Susan??? What the hell happened to Mike? I'm not sure I want to know at this point. And Caby having kids??? WTF!

    Anyway that episode was fantastic I loved that Katherine's secret came out. I feelt sorry for Lynette about the thing with Kayla. And when Mike and Susan named the baby (can't even spell that name) poor kid they should have sticked with Connor.
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