Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 14

Get Out of My Life

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on ABC

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  • Get Out Of My Life

    I am glad Julie is coming back for a little bit, but this pregnancy arc is not what I was hoping for. It is good to give Susan a little bit of comedy, but this is not going to go down as a memorable plot.
  • 8.14 "Get Out of My Love"

    Written by: Cindy Appel

    Directed by: James Hayman


    This is the first time since season two when the 2nd half of the season is a lot better! Did not expect that ever again on DH lol. Julie still wants to get the baby up for adoption, but Susan overhears her conversation on the phone with the baby-daddy and she spies on them. It's Porter Scavo! Yes, he cannot keep his friend in his pants. But there is a twist - he wants to keep the baby and Susan is siding with him now. Only Lynette refuses to help raising the little girl. Gaby takes in Roy who was kicked out of the house by Karen. And she is selfish again because he seems to be good at yelling at her bitchy daughters, so she wants to keep him around for 2 weeks until Carlos returns from the rehab. She is keeping him from Karen who is diagnosed with a methastatic lung cancer, poor lady :( and she does not want Roy to know because he had to watch his first wife die. Bree & Orson together. Such a sweet little picture from earlier seasons. But he was up to something. He is actually the one behind killing Chuck Vance and sending threat notes to Bree. Ouch! 8,5/10

  • The "Orson" plot

    Bree really does have all the luck with men (*deadpans*), but for some reason I was convinced that Orson was "the one". At first, I was really happy that he was back in the plot- but now I wish the writers had never written him back in. And how could Orson have written the letters? That would have meant that he wrote the letter to Mary Alice, too- but he wasn't even around in the first season.
  • Beyond doubt the best episode of the season thus far!

    All I can say about this one is WOW!

    First of all, discovering the identity of Julie's baby's father was unbelievable! I could never have seen int coming! This will certainly make things very, very interesting for both Susan and Lynette in the coming episodes!

    But oddly enough, that was only the second most exciting storyline of the day! I suspected this ever since Orson returned at the end of last week, but for it to actually happen, it is astounding! This is huge! And it will have huge ramifications in the pepisodes to come! I can't believe it! No doubt he's the one to run over Chuck Vance as well! It furthered his agenda in two waysQ!

    In other news, Gabby's storyline with Mr McClusky was a filler really. Or so it seeme.d It was extremely funny, easpecially the look of Juanita's and Celia's faces when Gaby told them to make the tart disappear!!! LOL!!!

    But the storyline proved not to be a filler, as a huge shocker is revealed for Mrs McCluisky at the end.

    This is amazing! Best episode isn a long, long time! I loved every minute ofit, and I can't wait for more! Keep it up, guiys, and I hope wha'ts left of this show will be as amazing as ever!!! <333
  • Great!

    Great twist, wasn't expecting the revelation at the end. The only thing that bugged me was Gabby. Keeping Roy and Karen apart for her own selfish reasons when Karen's not well.
  • Get Out of My Life

    Get Out of My Life was a superb episode of Desperate Housewives and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of awesome character and plot development. It was slowly revealed who had sent Bree the note like Mary Alice's and who knew the girl's secret. I also enjoyed finding out who the father of Julie's baby is and it was interesting! Renee and Ben sort of make up, and the loan shark continues to be shady. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens!!!!!!!
  • Twists and Turns


    Really enjoyed this episode, it definitely shows that there are no holds barred this season. Things are really beginning to come to a boil on the lane at the minute. Only weakness was the filler Gaby storyline this week, although it was really more of a plot point to introduce Karen's recurring Cancer, which was done fantastically. I hope Mrs Mc.Cluskey isn't finished!

    Turns out that Porter is the father of Julie's baby, which provided a fair bit of entertainment and it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. Was great to see some specific Lynette and Susan interaction, as I don't think it's been done with a while.

    Ben's ventures are taking him into ever more dangerous territory. Due to his mounting debt with the loan-shark, he tries to blow up some equipment at the construction site to commit insurance fraud and pay the shark off. Mike caught him, confronted him and now Ben's got stress-induced heart problems. Thankfully for him, Renee paid the shark off, but now he "Know(s) where [she] lives". I can see this being taken into dangerous territory for Renee, which will be interesting especially since I've really warmed to the character. I'm also thinking that Ben is still part of something greater this season, and I think he's still a mystery.

    What REALLY shocked and intrigued me this episode was Bree and Orson. Last time we saw him, most viewers had now perceived Orson as a bit of a bad guy. Really, I'd always sat on the fence, and thought that him and Bree have just been awful to each other but they're still the perfect match, so I was thrilled to see his return at the end of the last episode. But in this one we see just exactly why, it turns out that the Girls never contacted him at all, HE'S the one who'se been watching Bree, he witnessed them all burying Alejandro and he also delivered ONE (possibly both) of the notes to Bree. Now he's trying to alienate her from everyone and take her off to Maine. I'm not sure what's going to happen and I'm not sure I like this direction they're taking with Orson, I've always thought him semi-decent. Still, it's great to see Kyle MacLachlan acting out the Creepiness. It's reminiscent of Season 3 when we all thought him a bad guy, which is fun.

    So now we know that Orson is behind some of the stuff that's been happening, but why? What does he want with Bree? And we still don't know who ran over Chuck. Housewives hasn't been this juicy for a long time!
  • A very strong installment

    Some may find the revelations about Orson's scheme to be forced but I for one believe this is a very strong turn for the writers to take. Orson swore he wouldnt give up on Bree and his love for her could easily turn to obsession. Its great he is back and trying to manipulate her this way as he was always on the cusp of being a villain and we finally get to move away from Bree's slut storyline.

    Meanwhile the connection between Susan and Lynette is fantastic and loved seeing the drama unravel in regards to Julie's baby. Probably the best storyline Susan has been given in a long time.

    Meanwhile Mike and Renee are in on the action and we all know both the mystery of Alejandro and Ben's condos is somehow going to collide in the last half of the season which should be really exciting to see.

    Only short coming of this episode is I dislike how Gabby manipulated Roy and Karen. It was unnecessary and while funny went on to long without resolution. The cancer story line with Karen however is extremely intriguing.

    Another great installment. Cant wait for more. :-)
  • I have but one question.

    Doesn't Bree actually have a cell phone? Oh God this Orson the Saviour storyline is so utterly hilarious and forced and unbelievable, jeezaballoo.