Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 19

God, That's Good

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

It was late on a Tuesday night when the power went out all over Fairview. (Wee see Wisteria Lane and all of the lights turn off) For most of the residents it was a minor inconvenience. But for those with secrets the darkness proved quite useful indeed. Millie Russell was able to indulge in another night of midnight binging. (A fat lady goes to the bad with a piece of cake) Timmy Cooper was able to sneak another peek at his father's adult magazines. (A little boy takes a look at his father's playboy and he is amazed to see the naked chick) Marilyn Quinn was able to steal a few more puffs of her forbidden tobacco. (A blond lady smoked the cigarette and sprays the air refresher all over) But these secrets paled compared to the one a certain old woman was hiding in her basement. " Karen is holding the lamp while talking with Ida on the phone telling her that she will be right over. She opens the freezer and takes the batteries. She asks Ida if she has any extra ice because she has something in her freezer that she doesn't want to thaw out anytime soon. (Her husband Gilbert is meant by that) "Yes as a rule darkness helps us keep our secrets safely hidden." Lamp went out and Karen falls down the stairs. Ida asks on the phone what has happened but Karen is unconscious. "But every rule has its exceptions."

"When the lights went out on Wisteria Lane Karen McClusky wasn't the only resident left in the dark. Everyone else felt the pain of going without power as well." Susan is trying to find a battery but she can't find it and she stabs on her finger while looking through the kitchen. She finds matches and she says that it will help her while looking and Ian points out that it is not a long term solution. He tells her to go over to Mike because he is a plumber and he probably has a spare one. Susan tells Ian that they have been asking a lot from Mike these past few days and she will go to Gaby's place. Ian tells her that he would like to talk with Mike and he wants to invite him over for a dinner. Susan is surprised by that and match goes all the way to the bottom and burns Susan's finger a little bit. She tells him that her cooking isn't a thank you dinner it's revenge. He tells her that he will cook and she told him to leave his jealousy behind and breaking bread would be a great start. She tells him that they won't bother him tonight. Susan tells him that she doesn't need a flashlight because her eyes totally adjusted to the dark and as she moves her hand she breaks something. When Ian asks her what was that she just tells him not to walk in the kitchen. She asks him where his sense for romance is. She kisses him and Ian tells her that it is funny now because he used to think that Mike would stand between them.

Mike asks Carlos if he needs a flashlight and knocks on his bedroom door and he hears a noise in there and when he opens the door Carlos is alone in bed. Mike asks him if everything is OK because he heard a noise and Carlos tells him that he bumped into a chair. Carlos tells him that he thought that Mike won't be home till tomorrow and Mike tells him that fish weren't biting. Mike asks him if he has a girl in here (Edie is behind the door) because he heard a sex noise. Carlos tells him that that was just him. Mike leaves the room and Edie then tells Carlos that all this sneaking is ridiculous. Edie tells Carlos that she and Mike dated for five minutes and he won't care. Carlos doesn't want Travers to find out because then he is going to be confused and he doesn't know where this is going. Edie doesn't like this whole sneaking thing because she feels like teenager and hiding from their parents so they don't catch them doing it. Carlos tells him that he doesn't want whole world to know about them. Edie starts to go but Carlos points out that she has to go through the window and she feels pissed of then.

The power is out in the pizzeria too and Lynette just lit the candle and the customer asks her if she can make pizza now with the power out and she says of course. She asks Rick if they can still make pizza and he tells her that the ovens are on the electric power but he can make using the stovetop's gas he will make a spaghetti carbonara as a tonight's special. Lynette feels so relieved and he tells her that since the spaghetti are not on the menu she can charge whatever she wants, about 20 $. She tells him that that is too much and she doesn't want to scare the customers away. She brings the wine to the customers and she tells them that the spaghetti carbonara is about to be made and it will cost them 12$. They say that it is fine. She then tells them that it is the appetizer portion and the entrée is 20$. They say again that it is fine and Lynette finishes the sentence using another 2 so that is 22 $. They say that it is fine and Lynette is extremely happy and just looks and smiles at Rick.

Gabrielle and Victor are stuck in the elevator. There is an emergency light box and phone inside and Victor wants to call a security and Gabrielle tells him that this is the first time tonight that she had him all for herself. She starts undressing him and he tells her that they are in the elevator and she says that she knows and she goes down but he tells her that the power could come on any moment and she tells him that that is what makes it even more exciting…the risk. He is still having doubts and she tells him that the elevator has an emergency stop button but she doesn't. He closes the box and they start kissing and almost having sex and she tells him in the dark that he is amazing and he tells her that his phone is vibrating. The power comes on and they all start dressing. The elevator opens and the two guys from the security ask them if they are all right. They tell them that they are and Gabrielle notices that her bra is sticking out of Victor's pocket. She stuffs it in and when they ask if it was hot in there Gabrielle tells them that they have no idea. (As Gabrielle and Victor walk away we notice that there is a surveillance camera in the elevator)

Karen is in about to go to the hospital and Ida tells her that she will look after her house. Karen asks her for how long will this blackout last Ida tells her that it may last for days. Karen freaks out and asks one of the paramedics if she can just put some ice in her freezer and come back he tells her that she can't because she has a fractured rib and she may have a concussion and she can replace groceries. She tells him that something in the freezer has a sentimental value for her but he doesn't allow her to get up. She tells him that she doesn't need his permission and starts getting out of her stretcher but then they start to put restraints on her…and then the power is back on. Karen calms down completely and tells them to get her to the hospital. When Ida asks one of the paramedics what was that all about he tells her that Karen was freaking out that some of her groceries may spoil. Ida tells to him that now the power is back on and Karen doesn't have to worry. (Camera goes to Karen's basement and freezer just shuts down as the little smoke cloud rises from it)

Gabrielle brings breakfast to Victor. She made waffles and tells him to eat them while they are hot. Victor looks at her and asks her if she will marry him. She tells him that those are just waffles and he tells her that this was just a pre-proposal actually and the real one will be much more romantic with a ring with a big diamond as size of doorknob. He tells her that she needs to prepare because he does want to merry her. She tells him that he may consider this her pre-refusal. He tells her that she is in his house every day making him breakfast and she is in his shirt, and it is like they are married all ready. She tells him that they are having a good time and she doesn't want to ruin it. He wants to know what happened to the thrill seeker that seduced him in the elevator because he would like to merry her and she wouldn't be afraid of taking a little risk. She tells him that the thrill seeker is a tramp and he needs to hold up for a good girl. He wants to know why she doesn't want that and she tells him that the divorce really kicked her ass and the next time she marries she needs to be sure. He just wanted to show her how much he loves and adores her. She tells him that he can, for starters, eat her lousy waffles.

Ian and Susan returned home and they are bringing groceries inside the house and Ian sees Mike and he wants to invite him over for a dinner at Friday. Susan gives him a groceries bag and tells him to take them inside because there is an ice cream and it might melt. As Ian goes into the house she runs over to Mike who is watering his lawn and tells him that Ian plans to invite him to dinner on Friday night and he can't accept it. Mike wants to know why is Ian inviting him and Susan tells him that it is because he saved their lives and he wants to show him that he is not jealous of Mike. Mike tells her that he didn't plan to kiss her but she didn't resist. She tells him that she was in shock and she and Ian had a fight about him. He smiles and tells her that she talks a lot about him. She tells him that she is marrying Ian and they hired a caterer and they are going with the salmon and he needs to back off. Ian comes over and Susan tells him that she just asked Mike and he can't make it. Mike tells him that he is not free tonight. Ian tells him that he thought about Friday night and Mike tells him that he is wide open. They set a time and Ian and Susan walk away but Susan gives a mad look to Mike and he just smiles and waves.

Mrs. Epstein opens the door and Edie and Carlos are in front of it. She gives Edie a key and tells her to show him everything. Carlos asks her what are they doing here and she tells him that they are checking out a house. Carlos tells her that he is not looking for anything right now and she tells him that she didn't mean for him to buy it. They go upstairs and she starts undressing him and he tells her that they can't have sex here. She tells him that they can't have sex at hers nor his place and she won't give money for a hotel room because she has keys to all of the empty houses. "Though reluctant at first Carlos soon saw the wisdom in Edie's plan. Secret affairs are a lot like real estates. The three keys to success are (Edie and Carlos are in bed now)…location (new bed)…location (new bed)…and location (another new bed)."

Rick is over to Scavo's and he made a dinner for a family and Lynette wants him to tell Tom the secret recipe. Rick tells Tom that he sautéed spinach and onions in white wine … Lynette tells him that she is talking about the profit margin. Rick tells tom that it costs a dollar to make and they charged 20$ and four people would now be sharing 15$ pizza are now spending 80$. Tom is not happy about that. Kids start eating and Tom tells Lynette that there is spinach inside and kids don't love it. Lynette tells him to look and he sees that the kids are eating very fast and when Lynette asks them if it is delicious they all nod. Tom tries it and his facial expression is saying that he is amazed but he says that it is good and Kayla then says that it is awesome. Tom tells Lynette that it is good but it is not us…the neighborhood pizza place. Porter tells him that this is better and that he is getting bored of pizzas. Tom tells him to shut it because the adults are speaking. Tom tells Lynette and Rick that they are just pizzeria and that they are not looking to become trendy place. Rick tells Tom that that is not what he is looking for either because his food is not trendy its classic. Tom tells him that he is a great cook and he will come to eat at his place once he has it but he doesn't see a reason to change a menu. Penny asks for more 

Some kid is knocking on the door of Victor's house. Gabrielle opens and he asks if Victor is home and he has a huge envelope with him. Gabrielle tells him that he is not but he can give that to her. He tells her that it is very personal and that he shouldn't leave it with a maid. She is shocked and asks him if she looks like the maid to him. She takes the envelope and shuts the door. Once inside she opens it and sees the photos taken in the elevator and then the note which says: "Victor Lang, if you want the negatives I demand 50 000$. Do not call the police I will contact you!" She is in shock and she opens the door and starts running after the blackmailer. She catches him and then starts kicking him and then the police car go by and stops and they interfere. They arrest him and the officer tells Gabrielle that he works in the hotel security monitors and that is how he got the pictures. The officer tells her that he will need those pictures if she wants to charge and they can't charge without evidence and he can normally walk away and do whatever he wants with the originals. She gives him the photos and tells him to guard them with his life.

Parker, Porter and Preston are in front of the house while Lynette and Tom are having a huge fight inside. They want to ask them something but they are scared. Lynette tells Tom that he would rather see the pizzeria fail then succeed with Rick's ideas. Tom tells her that he can't believe that they are ready to toss out his concept and they can rename the restaurant Lynette and Rick's. Parker asks them if they can have fudgesicles and Tom and Lynette yell ate him and tell him that they can't. Tom tells her that they are not changing the menu and that is end of discussion. Lynette tells him that she will give it a try and he tells her that that is not her decision to make. She tells him why don't he come down to the restaurant and try to stop her and she tells him that he can't. Parker tells the twins that she said no and the twins point out that McClusky always has fudgesicles. Parker sneaks in and opens the freezer and takes the ice cream and it is melted and he tries to find a new one and then he sees Gilbert. He is in shock. He walks out of the house and tells the twins that he couldn't find them.

Gabrielle put on her iPod and she is ready to jog but then she notices a newspaper and the picture on the front page. Gabrielle is now at Victor's place and on the front page it says Lang sexcapade caught on tape. Gabrielle tells to Jerome, Victor's assistant, that she didn't know that the cops would release the photos for the press and he tells her that everyone in town knows that the police chief is mayor's brother in law. Victor tells him to organize the press conference and to prep him for it. Jerome tells him that he doesn't know how to prep him because it will be a bloodbath. Victor is devastated and Gabrielle tells him that maybe people won't care that he had a sex in an elevator and he tells her that he is running a family values campaign and they will care. Gabrielle admits that it is all her fault and he wants to bite her head off he can do it. Victor tells her that there are only two things that matters to him these days and that is the election and Gabrielle and if he would like to lose something he would rather lose a campaign. He goes away and she asks him if there is anything she can do. He tells her that she can stick around for the election night because he has a feeling that he would need a consoling.

Susan is trying some cookies and she can't decide. Her caterer knows that. Susan tells her that she will go with crab cakes and quesadillas. Caterer tells her that all they need is a wedding cake and that she is the most decisive bride she has ever met. Susan tells her that she is in a rush. Caterer looks at her belly and tells her that she is not showing at all. Susan tells her that she is not pregnant but she is sure that she loves Ian and she wants to get to the good part, which is marriage. Caterer asks her if Ian has a brother. Susan asks her if she is single and she tells her that she is. Susan invites her over for a dinner and she tells her that Mike is charming and sweet. Caterer asks her how she knows him and Susan tells her that he is just a neighbor.

Parker is looking inside of his freezer at home and Lynette asks him what he is doing. He tells her that he is doing nothing and that he is OK. He tells her that he wants to see Mrs. McClusky. They are in the hospital and Karen tells them that no matter what the scan says she is going home tomorrow. Lynette tells her that flowers need water and she goes to the bathroom. Once alone Karen tells Parker that he was always her favorite and he tells her that he saw a man in her freezer. Karen asks Lynette is she can go to bring her some ice cream and Lynette tells her that it won't be a problem. She goes away and Karen tells Parker to prepare for a little grown up talk. Lynette is back and Karen tells Parker if he understood why she had to do what she did and that he can never tell anyone not even Lynette. Parker nods and Lynette comes in the room and brings her an ice cream. Karen gives it to Parker because a good boy like him deserves a treat.

Edie and Carlos just finished having sex in some room. She asks him what is he thinking about and he tells her that this room is too sterile. She tells him that after a long time she is actually happy. She asks him if he is happy and then the door opens and a gay realtor Russell comes in with a couple and he was showing them the house. He is in shock and tells them to check out the kitchen. He tells Edie that she can't close the deal without opening something else and she tells him that she heard about his open house on Holly Drive and they are still disinfecting the Jacuzzi. He goes away and Carlos tells her to stop him and she tells him that he is speed dialing as they speak and who cares if people find out. He tells her that he cares and she asks him if he is embarrassed to be dating her. He tells her that he is not but when Gabrielle finds out she will freak out and the thing with Victor won't last. Edie realizes that he is still in love with Gabrielle and he tells her that they are having fun together but Edie wants more.

Mike comes over for a dinner and hugs Ian and Susan and thanks them for inviting him. Susan wants Mike to meet her caterer, Maggie Gilroy. Mike and Susan are in the kitchen and he is pissed of that she set him up. She tells him that he needs to move on but he came here to see her. She tells him that she is engaged and if he wants to kiss someone he can kiss Maggie. They all sit in the living room and Maggie asks Mike what is his favorite type of cuisine and he tells her that after three months of prison food everything tastes good to him. Maggie is shocked and she asked him why he was in the jail and he tells her that the blood of some woman ended up on his wrench. Susan tells her that he was totally innocent and puts a cake in his mouth. Maggie tells him that it must have been awful to go to the prison for the crime he didn't commit. He tells her that that was just the second time but the first time when he ended up in jail it was because of the manslaughter. (They are all now on the table finishing dinner and Mike is still talking about prison while Maggie is totally shocked) Mike tells them about Stilts his cell mate who had a bowl full of ears when they arrested him. Susan wants to kick Mike under the table but she accidentally kicks Maggie. Ian goes to get some coffee while Maggie goes to bring the wedding cakes. Susan tells Mike that Maggie thinks that he is Charles Manson and he tells her that he doesn't care because he loves her. Mike tells her that he remembers it all now and when he was hit by a car he was on his way to propose to her. Susan tells him that he knows what she would have said. He wants her to look him in the eyes and tell him that when they kissed it didn't mean anything to her, but to really mean that, then he will let her go. Maggie enters the room with wedding cakes and Susan lets Mike hands. Susan tells Maggie that the cakes are amazing. Maggie talks about the themes on the cakes. She tells her that the first cake is very British (Ian takes the part and sits with that cake in front of him) with fondant icing and toffee ganache while the other cake (Mike takes the part and sits with that cake in front of him) is classic American, white cake with butter cream frosting. Maggie tells her which one she likes more and Susan looks at the cakes and she can't decide (between the cakes but actually between Mike and Ian). Maggie tells her that it depends on what she is looking for, rich and elegant (first cake-Ian) or down-to-earth and sweet (second cake-Mike). She can't decide and Mike asks her if she wants to taste them again. She tells him that she knows what they taste like but she is so torn. Ian tells her that they are just wedding cakes and Susan tells him that it is a major decision. Maggie tells her that if she likes them both she can have them both. Susan tells her that that would look stupid because when people ask what is that she will tell them that that is her wedding cake and then when they ask again what is that she will tells them that it is her another wedding cake. She needs to choose and she will and she tells them to stop pressuring her. She apologizes and tells them that she had a little sugar rush. Ian thanks to Maggie and apologizes (Maggie goes away in shock). Ian returns into house and sees that Mike and Susan are quietly talking. Ian asks them if he is interrupting something and Mike tells him that he loves her. Ian tells him that that is too bad because she doesn't love him. Mike tells him that she didn't mind when he kissed her. Ian is in shock and tells Mike that they had an agreement. Mike tells him that Susan doesn't have to marry him because he won in a game of cards. Mike tells Susan that Ian bet her in a game of poker. Susan is disappointed. Ian tells her that he never would have bet her if he didn't have a good hand. Susan tells them to get out…both of them. They tell her that she is upset. She tells them that she is beyond upset and she chooses no kissing and no wedding and she rushes crying into the room.

Lynette is working on the bills and Rick serves her pumpkin sage ravioli and they have dinner together. He wants to thank her for giving him a job but she should be thanking him because he saved the night. He lights up the candle and he tells her that they should be doing that all the time because it gives a special atmosphere. Lynette tries it and it is amazing and she wants to serve it as tomorrow's special. Rick tells her that Tom wouldn't approve but she won't tell him because he is in pain and…she wants to talk about something else. Lynette tells him that he should go home and he tells her that he likes being here then in empty apartment. She asks him if he has any friends and he tells her that his friends come in two types, the ones he drove away while he wasn't clean and the ones he should avoid if he wants to stay clean. Lynette has a pony tail and she releases her hair. Rick asks her if she ever wears her hair down. She tells him that she wears it sometimes and he tells her that it looks good. Lynette starts eating while Rick pours in more wine.

Tom is in the bed and Kayla comes with newspapers and tells him that it has a story about pizzeria. She starts reading it: "When Scavo pizzeria opened its doors, you could almost hear the city groan "Just what we need, another pizza joint". But whit an updated menu with a new chef Rick Coletti (she then asks Tom if he is the man who cooked for them at home and Tom tells her that he is) there's more then just crayons on the table. The veal piccata is divine, and the mushroom risotto is an exquisite (Kayla had problems pronouncing exquisite) treat. Scavo's has been transformed from a mundane family eatery into the area's hottest…" Tom takes the newspapers and tells Kayla that he is tired and he heard enough. (He puts away the newspaper and camera shows the article "More fallout from Lang Bang")

Victor is holding a press and he tells the reports that he knows that they love scandals but the citizens of Fairview are interested in resolving the issues. The report points out that he has a 15 point drop in the poles and Gabrielle and Jerome know that it is going awful. The reports want to know the name of the woman in the photo but Victor refuses to identify the woman. One report asks him if she is a prostitute and Gabrielle freaks out and goes to the stage and yells at everyone that she is a woman in the photos. She tells Victor that she is standing by her man. She tells to everyone what her name is and tells them that right before the moment those pictures were taken Victor asked her to merry him and she said yes so she took a moment to express her joy because Victor is that kind of guy, who puts woman's honor first. That is the kind of guy she will marry and tells them that that is the kind of guy they should vote for. They kiss.

Ida is bringing the mail to Karen's house. She walks in and she smells an awful smell. (Camera shows Karen's house and we hear Ida screaming) Police is in the hospital and they ask Karen if her name is Karen McClusky. She tells to herself that the little bastard gave her up.

Carlos is in the kitchen and the news on the TV report about Gabrielle announcing the engagement to Victor Lang. Carlos is sad and he looks silently. Edie comes and asks him if he had heard and he tells her that he had.

Tom turned on the cooler and Lynette tells him that she heard on the radio that the power company is still having problems and there might be another blackout. She asks him if he would like of her to leave him Ida's phone number in case something happens and Tom tells her that he will be fine. She asks him if he had read the review in the papers and he tells her that he had. Lynette goes to the job. She in the car and looks at the mirror and release her hair down.

"Power, it is the type of thing most people don't think about…until it is taken away (There is a blackout and Tom's cooler turns off). (Jerome shows the papers and the article "Lang bounces back in the polls") Whether it's the political power of the many (Gabrielle and Victor kiss)… (Mike walks in his house and sees Carlos and Edie kissing) or a lover's influence over just one. (Carlos looks at Mike but Edie turns his head and they continue to kiss). We all want some sort of power in our lives (Susan takes off the ring) if only to give ourselves choices. Yes to be without choices to feel utterly powerless, well… (Karen is in prison cell)… it is a lot like being alone (The power goes off in the cell) in the dark."

Written by vukcevic
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