Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 19

God, That's Good

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2007 on ABC

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  • Season 3, Episode 19.

    Gabrielle and Victor will make an unexpected twist in their relationship and will also face a crisis as a video of them sharing a passionate moment in an elevator was caught on tape and is now being used to blackmail them. Edie gets into a fight with one of the ladies that will ruin their "friendship," while another lady on Wisteria Lane ends up in the hospital.

    Great episode! I loved the blackout! Haha, Gabby and Victor in the elevator! Why would Gabby want to have sex with a guy who's like 20 years older than her?! Anyway, great episode. =]
  • Season-favourite.

    This episode is just plain hilarious, it's my favourite from season three. Those, who love the major humour around Susan, should enjoy it. Of course, there is Gabby jumping on and kicking a blackmailer, and also Carlos "revealing some not so nice-to-know secrets" to Mike, but the highlight is definitely the dinner scene with Susan, Mike, Ian and Maggie. The two guys together with the one woman they are interested in is already a promising sign for things going wild, and there comes Maggie (a friend of Susan and supposed date for Mike). The game begins; as Mike keeps ensuring Maggie, he is the worst kind of scum, Susan is doing everything to draw a prettier picture of her ex. If you haven't laughed hard enough so far, there comes the dubious cake scene to top it all.
    To sum it up, I'd truly recommend 'God, that's good' to everyone who had missed it.
  • Its all about the power.

    Gabrielle and Victor will make an unexpected twist in their relationship and will also face a crisis as a video of them sharing a passionate moment in an elevator was caught on tape and is now being used to blackmail them. Edie gets into a fight with one of the ladies that will ruin their "friendship" while another lady on Wisteria Lane ends up in the hospital. Edie and Carlos continue their relationship. Ian and Mike fight over Susan. Susan doesn't know to chose so she tell both to leave. Tom isn't happy because he doesn't agree with Lynette and Rick.
  • Hilarious! Plain hilarious. Power is the tipe of thing people don't think about until it is taking away... Anyway, this show has still a lot of power!

    Since the beginning, we can see the the lot of potencial that this episode has!

    The first scene when Susan throws something to the floor in the darkness and Carlos-Eddie scene were hilarious!

    I loved the scene in Lynette house with the food. Tom gets so angry! XD "More, please...XD" Great. The rest of the episode has this kind of good scenes between Lynette and Tom. Lynette should not do that, and Tom should not ask Lynette not to do it! It's bad, that Lynette ignore Tom, it was his restaurant so tecnicaly, it is logical that he gets angry. I hated the idea of Lynette falling for the other guy. I know it is normal that she confussed felings but I hope that she and Tom don't get problems.

    Gabi had his hilarious part aswell. When she is running and fighting the boy for exemple. Her final act was beautiful. She said that she was gonna marry him, I think that it was too much, but was a great act for Victor.

    Eddie had a touching moment. "I was not happy since a long time ago". She is getting out her most human part. When Carlos saw that he has not a future with Gabi that was... a bad thing! I guess.

    Susan was so funny! "I cannot choice between the cakes! XD" She give a punch in the leg to the girl! It was so plain hilarious. The final was great! The fight, I has to be so difficult choice between two persons you love.

    The whole boy in the freezer was pointless... I don't know what has to do with the story! And I have to finish saying that the final narration about power... was by far one of the best in the season.
  • It was okay, but below the standard of previous episodes.

    This episode was definitely not one of Desperate Housewives best. I actually found the Mrs. McCluskey and the dead body in the freezer plot to be a little silly. What drew me to this episode was the new engagement between Gabrielle and Victor, and Susan's decision to choose either Mike or Ian. It wasn't fun to see Mike being so... silly about the whole mess, like telling Ian that he kissed Susan, that annoyed me and turned me away from that storyline to. So I was left with Gabrielles engagemet to Victor, which viewers saw very little of. The absence of Marcia Cross' character, Bree is definitely felt, however that can't be helped, and definitely beats a useless replacement, but Nicollette Sheridan stepping into a leading role as Edie is a wonderful idea! I am really loving her romance with Carlos at the moment! Heres hoping it lasts!
  • Disappointing.

    About last night's episode of Desperate Housewives, where to begin?

    The blackout idea could have been a great premise for the episode. That is, if it had lasted longer than just the first ten minutes.

    I'll be honest, there wasn't much about last night's episode that I liked. I hate, hate, hate Gaby with politician guy. At least next week she finds out about Edie and Carlos, which should be interesting. Although, I'm not holding my breath. Speaking of Edie and Carlos...oh, I don't even have anything to say about them. It was the same old song and dance for those two. Lynette's making cow eyes at the restaurant's new chef while Tom sits at home sulking. Again, I find myself unable to find anything to say about this, positive or negative. Susan decided that she couldn't choose just one man, so, in predictable fashion, she chose herself. At least that idiocy is over with...for now. Mrs. McCluskey's in jail now, but the one thing that actually interested me in this plot twist, seeing all the other residents' reaction to McCluskey keeping a corpse in her freezer, didn't happen. I was not pleased.

    Lately, Desperate Housewives has been really boring and predictable. Up until the last few episodes the show had been on fire, but now it looks like the show has lost all that momentum. Aside from Edie/Gaby, next week doesn't even look that great.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again now. Marcia Cross...come back!
  • Mrs Cluskey secret goes public

    ...and maybe it's a good thing, not leaving it as a secret for too much episodes, so we can start from next with investigations, revelations, etc. The secret itself still doesn't compel me at all, but this was a good choice from the writers, so I'll see how it will go on.
    About other stuff, I'm a bit disgusted by Lynette's behaviour: asking Tom if he read newspaper's review about their (ex) pizzeria was quite rude, and she's liking Rick's attentions...cheating in the air in my opinion...
    Susan's back in the middle of a love dispute between Mike (a new version of this character, much more talkative and funnier, not bad) and Ian (go English guy, win the battle!)...seems a lot like japanese animes' plots like Maison Ikkoku, I think that similar stuff shows better in cartoons, but we'll see.
    So Edie is fell in love with Carlos...what about him? he still loves Gabrielle, and I bet that her decision to marry Victor is only temporary, to save his campaign, I think she'll take her word back, major disappointment for Victor ahead.
    Something's moving on Wisteria Lane, but nothing's so exciting in my opinion...
  • Power

    Wisteria Lane is hit with a blackout which reveals dark secrets about some of the neighbours...including Mrs McCluskey and her frozen husband who is discovered by poor Parker looking for some icepops or something for his brothers. Gabrielle makes her recent relationship public after a blackmail tape gets out of her and Victor in a very compromising position leading her to jump the blackmailer on the front lawn lol. Lynette and Tom disagree over the menu when Tom feels threatened by Rick and his exquiste cuisine. Susan discovers Ian and Mike's bet after she realises, thanks to a British cake and an American cake. I like the way that scene was filmed with Mike sitting behind the 'sweet and simple' American cake and Ian behind the 'rich' British cake and the cake decorater said she had to choose which one. Then she said 'If you cant decide, why not take both' and Susan went off her head. That was so funny. Definitely an improvement from the last Bree-missed episodes. One of the best.
  • Power Out Written by Josh Senter And Dahvi Waller Directed by Larry Shaw

    Russell (to Edie): “I see you can’t make a sale without opening something else”.

    Mmm, perhaps obvious ways of putting things as people this week are caught in all kinds of compromising positions. Mental note folks, watch out for video cameras, photographs, unlocked doors and people with the inability to keep quiet.

    For Gabrielle and Victor, the curse of a video camera in an elevator during a moment of hot sex becomes their undoing. Yeah when the power goes out in the neighbourhood, these two find their own way of amusing themselves. Hey, you can’t blame Gabby for a little bit of spontaneity even if her choice of location wasn’t the best she’s picked.

    However for her little spontaneity is an opportunist in security of the hotel and soon enough, some little is stopping by Victor’s, making jokes about Gabby being a maid and soon there’s an envelope worth of blackmail money but boy, this idiot picked the wrong lady to blackmail.

    I have a problem with what Gabby does most of the time and risking sounding like a hypocrite, I’ll admit that Gabby taking down her would be blackmailer and very nearly beating the pulp out of him is a fun sight to behold until for plot contrivance the police arrive in time to nick the lad.

    Sadly for Gabby she makes the grave error of giving the blackmail photos to the same cop related to one of Victor’s rivals and soon enough, her and Victor’s sexcapades are on the front page of the local paper. It gives Victor’s rather annoying PR something to **** because this is as close to a Clinton/Lewinsky scandal Fairview has had in a while. Personally I wouldn’t care that much about what Victor gets up to.

    If there’s one thing that is likeable about Gabrielle (though technically it’s something that can be applied to all the housewives), it’s her ability to reverse a situation into her own favour and when Victor faces a public roasting for his antics, it Gabby who comes to save the day because while she may behave like a prostitute, she certainly won’t let anyone label her one.

    With Victor’s status as a family man well and truly threatened, Gabby announces to the public that she’s set to become his wife as soon as and if there was ever a snog worth it’s money for local photographers it would be the one Gabby gives to sell her claim while coming to Victor’s rescue. Seeing Gabby use her smarts for someone else is a refreshing touch.

    As for the marriage thing, is it too much, too soon? The answer to that would be a whopping “duh” because while her and Victor do suit one another, it’s not like they know each other that long. Then again, Gabby only went on a few dates before marrying Carlos and look how that turned out.

    Also another I’ve noticed in the last couple of episode is that when Victor tries to be deep with her or sincerely show affection, Gabby is pretty uncomfortable around him and when he did propose to her first after she stayed over, the first thing Gabby did was to refuse him. For that, my respect went up for her.

    Gabrielle has seen how divorces/bereavements have affected both Susan and Bree and the disasters the two of them have had by rushing into new relationships and post her divorce from Carlos, she’s had a nice guy she couldn’t stand and a lecherous 18 year old tailing her behind, so the fact that she actually wanted to be sure before ever considering marriage again is one of the few smart things this girl has done.

    Then again Gabrielle lives on a street where people do impulsive things all the freaking time so for her to change her mind and want to marry Victor isn’t too shocking. It also helps that Victor has garnered some great characterisation over the last few episodes.

    Funny thing about rationality is that while it may tell you to do what’s right, if it’s something you don’t want to hear, then chances are you’re gonna ignore it to no end. Edie’s a good case in point of that as her bad luck with other housewives’ former blokes continues when it becomes blatantly clear that Carlos really isn’t keen on people knowing that they are sleeping together.

    I would say that they are an item but again with Carlos not keen on anyone knowing about them. In fact Carlos is so keen that no-one know of them he’d rather give Mike the creeps than tell the plumber he’s doing the local realtor. To be honest with Mike’s now relentless pursuit, I couldn’t see him giving a remote toss about it.

    It becomes even worse for Edie when after coming up with the nifty idea of using unsold houses to get their naughty on and being caught by a rival realtor who looks like he came off Queer Eye, does Carlos quite callously tell her that he’s more or less using her for sex. Now I like Edie so I do feel bad for her but man, shouldn’t we have seen this coming?

    So who does Carlos pine for while using Edie as a diversion? Yup, that’s right – Gabrielle and it’s consistent, given that he spent the first five episodes of this season doing his best to save a marriage that she has moved on from and wasn’t Carlos gutted when he learned his ex was engaged? That was after assuming that Gabby would jack Victor in too.

    Now the Gabby/Carlos shipper might want these two to get back together but I would rather if the writers held off a bit more. As for Edie, the girl really has two options. The first continue sleeping with a girl who doesn’t really love you or the second, just dump him. I can’t see Edie picking the latter though. You do have to wonder why the writers keep putting her in relationships with men who want other women.

    Speaking of options, if I have one not to watch a programme dithering on about wedding plans, I usually take it but there’s something quite interesting in the preparations Susan has this week and it’s even better when her cake lady happened to be played by Peri Gilpin, best known as Roz from Frasier.

    Gilpin played a character called Maggie and the reason why the cake plot merits the interest that it normally wouldn’t is because Maggie is used by Susan as a means to get Mike from pursuing her when out to make amends, Ian invites the plumber over for dinner. Yes, seeing Ian willing to break bread raises all notions of scepticism which this episode fulfils.

    Mike isn’t remotely thrilled about being set up with a random woman and even though Maggie is a likeable lady, Mike’s obsession with Susan has him regaling his time in jail and various misdemeanours and the fact that both Susan and Maggie, the latter who was very interested in Mike were eager to leap to his defence was hilarious.

    Actually the entire dinner between Susan, Mike, Ian and Maggie was one of the best scenes we’ve had since anything from the Van De Kamp/Hodge family and Maggie certainly didn’t miss a trick when she realised that Mike and Susan have a thing. Then again getting a kick from Susan intended for Mike would clear up anyone’s confusion.

    With Maggie out of the picture, a moment of audacity was stroke between Mike and Ian when the former revealed that not only did he want Susan back but that he also kissed her. The funny thing is before Ian got a chance to get on his high horse; the whole poker debacle also got mentioned, leaving Susan to make one option – call off her wedding to Ian and to tell Mike to get lost.

    If things were simple this would be the moment when her and Mike would’ve gotten back together but to frustrate audience, show a level of human complexity and to further establish that Dougray Scott’s time isn’t over just yet, Susan chose neither man. I have to admit I’m loving her characterisation this season and moments like this do make you give a damn about her character.

    However one thing I am continuing to dislike this season is the divide between Tom and Lynette as while Rick’s idea for improving the restaurant may sit well with the latter and customers, they certainly fly in the face of the vision Tom had for opening the place and with him and Lynette arguing as much as they are, the closeness between her and Rick is obvious.

    Don’t get me wrong I like Rick and I can see why Lynette would be drawn to the guy. Rick is everything that Tom isn’t in the sense that he isn’t threatened by her or feels the need to throw a hissy fit everytime Lynette doesn’t take to his ideas or opinions on things and as much as the banter between them is nice, do we really another affair plot on our hands? Haven’t we had our fill already?

    Last week I thought Tom was a total dick and while I still feel that way this week, I have to admit feeling a bit bad for him. The restaurant was his idea, Lynette isn’t really taking his concerns on board and even the local paper prefer Rick’s menu than Tom’s. Stuff like that will knock anyone’s confidence but once again, why can’t the writers ever have Tom and Lynette on the same side? Most people want them to split but I really don’t. That being said, I don’t sit through them arguing all the time either.

    Then again, Tom isn’t the only one having a rotten week as Karen not only has to suffer the power going out being responsible for her cracking a rib while falling off her stairs but her little secret about Gilbert in the freezer is also revealed when two people spot the old man during their own raids on Karen’s home.

    Between Parker Scavo and Ida Greenberg, one of them was going to be responsible for Karen getting arrested and while Karen was able to pull a cock and bull story to keep Parker in line, no such luck was required for the gossip loving Ida who ratted her best friend rather quickly. I felt bad for Karen for getting put away but I’m more curious as to what she was thinking leaving her husband in a freezer.

    Also in “God That’s Good”

    Secrets of the week: We had a woman called Millie binge eating, a boy named Timmy looking at nudie magazines and some woman named Marilyn smoking during the power out. Not exactly the most scandalous of stuff.

    Susan: “Ian you’ve tasted my cooking. It’s not a thank you gesture, it’s revenge”.

    Carlos: “If you don’t mind”
    Edie: “Oh for God’s sake”.

    Who’s minding Travers while Edie was having it off with Carlos? Surely his father isn’t back from Africa yet?

    Victor: “Will you marry me?”
    Gabrielle: “They’re just toasted waffles”.

    How come none of the other wives or even Carlos commented on Gabby’s dogging antics with Victor?

    Tom (re Rick’s risotto): “It’s good”
    Kayla: “It’s awesome”
    Tom: “It’s good”.

    Gabrielle: “You blackmailer”
    Blackmailer: “Oh man you weren’t supposed to look”.

    Three episodes in and not once have any of the other wives mentioned Bree. I know she’ll be back but hey please throw in a mention before her return.

    Carlos (re Russell): “You think he’s gonna tell anyone?”
    Edie: “He’s a gay realtor; he’s on speed dial as we speak”.

    Maggie (to Mike, re kick): “I think that was meant for you”
    Susan: “Sorry”.

    Cake wise, Ian was British which meant Rich and Elegant while American Mike was Down to Earth and Sweet. There’s something pretty clichéd in that if you ask me.

    Susan (to Mike/Ian): “I am beyond upset. You two want a decision, well I decide. There will be no kissing, there will be no wedding and there will be no damn cake”.

    Rick: “Do you often wear your hair down?”
    Lynette: “Sometimes”.

    No Bree, Orson, Andrew, Danielle or Julie this week.

    Cop: “Are you Karen McClusky?”
    Karen (re Parker): “The little bastard gave me up didn’t he?”

    Chronology: According to a restaurant review in regards to Tom’s restaurant, it’s three months since “The Little Things You Do Together”.

    After a flurry of okay episode, “God That’s Good” steps up a gear and lived up to it’s title by delivering one of the finest, funniest and dramatic hours of the season and with this season, we’ve haven’t been in short supply. Not even the lack of Bree/Orson marred this one.
  • A very good episode, with another mystery to be uncovered.

    This was a rare episode where I actually sided with Lynette over Tom. I'm getting sick of their relationship and them constantly fighting back and forth, I wouldn't mind to see her cheat on Tom.

    The funniest moment was with Susan, Mike and Ian, when eating the wedding cake and how Susan absolutely freaked out. I would be good to see her, hurry up and get back together with Mike.

    Gabrielle's storyline wasn't that interesting, although it was funny to watch her tackle the guy with the photos.

    Another mystery involving a death in Wisteria Lane with Mrs McKlusky. After the Orson storyline finished wuickly due to Marcia's pregnancy, the last two episodes were missing something. Hopefully this mystery will keep the story interesting.
  • don't get me wrong, i enjoyed the episode. i found gabby's parts utterly silly, however.

    what exactly does gabby have to make these men fall head over heel in love with her? tell me, folks. what exactly does she have? okay, she was a model. she's got the face, the boobs, and the ass. that's it? anything else? does she really have a brain? she sure knows how to backstab some people, so i guess i'll give her that. anything else? lynette was a ceo of an advertising company before she married tom. she later became the vice president of the company when she worked with ed. susan is a single mother who raises a fine daughter. her income comes from her brain. she writes children's books. what does gabby have? what is this show trying to say? wow, all you women ever need is just a good-looking face, nice boobs, nice ass? now go buy makeup, hair products, push-up bras, and life long yoga membership because education won't get you a rich mexican businessman or a local mayor who would love you. the way the writers characterize gabby really makes me angry. i think there's something seriously wrong here. they're sending twisted messages to today's young girls.
  • For the first time, I actually like Susan. And for the first time, I actually don't like Gabrielle!!

    Let's start with the best scene of the episode: Susan going nuts over the wedding cake. Which one will she choose? The british rich cake, or the american sweet one? That was brilliant, funny and well played. I loved Susan in this episode, she was funny, neurotic and touching. For the first time, her story was actually the most interesting one. I also loved Edie and Carlos' story. The only reason I'm ok with Gabi's engagement is because it cleared the way for Carlos and Edie, which is great. These two are a great couple, they're sweet and they're funny. And after the last episode, I don't like Gabi as it is. Agreeing to marry Victor only because she felt bad about ruining his campaign? I did not like her and I did not like Victor. Lynette's story... Well, I don't care for her much these days, specially I don't care for Tom, who's a bigger jerk then any male as ever been on this show. I did enjoy the story about the dead man in the old lady's freezer (sorry but I'll never be able to spell her name right). Porter's reaction, talking to her about it and finally her arrest.. It was a good story. I actually enjoyed it alot.
  • Blacking out in Fairview.

    This blackout episode was hysterical. I loved the episode. For the first time, Susan made me laugh like crazy. I was in tears with her cake scenes. Then she had to break off the wedding. Gabby then beautifully stood up for Victor in front of everyone. I died of laughter when she jumped on the stalker. She can really pack a kick. I'm really feeling for Lynette. She has to resort to impressing the ex-druggie who's now her star chef. She's not doing well.

    Poor Mrs. McCluskey is now in jail. What's up with her husband?

    For a complete review of the episode, head to

  • Black outs are just so fun.

    Of course the blackout would reveal the body in the fridge. But I was surprised that a Scavo kid would be first to discover it. Like Ms. McClusky, Parker is also my favorite of the Scavo kids, and mostly because he seems to be the one who leads to the discovery of scandals on Wisteria Lane (the other one was the pedophile story). When Ms. M told him about what happened, he didn't seem all that frightened, so I'm thinking Ms. McClusky didn't do anything bad.

    Grabriel and Victor's predicament was kinda fun. As it brought out a quite a few good lines "What you're doing feels so great." "My phone is vibrating." Of course Gabby would stand by her man and announce that she would marry him to save his political career. Edie and Carlos seems more and more a viable couple to me, especially since it seems very sincere that Edie wants something more than just fun. I'm still thinking that somehow Carlos and Gaby would get together again, but if that doesns't happen, I am right now rooting for Edie and Carlos's relationship.

    It's pretty funny that Susan had to choose between the Britihs "rich and elegant" cake or the American "down-to-earth and sweet" cake. And for the record, I am on team American. I would have wanted team British, but the Ian jealous story sort of got annoying, so Susan should just get back together with Mike and stop it with their relationship crisis.

    My least favorite storyline was Lynette and Tom. They are the only stable couple in the show, so I really don't like to see their relationship in crisis, especially over a restaurant and cook.

    Still, very fun episode, lots of laughs, and furthers the story. What more can I ask for?
  • Unsure that this is going the right way.

    A good episode although it fell into the season 2 trap by not allowing Mrs McCluskey's "transgression" to develop for a couple of episodes before coming to.......ahem, a head.

    A decent step forward for the two relationships I previously had concerns about (Victor & Gaby and Carlos & Edie) and finally it looks as if the end of Dougray Scott is in sight. The most worrying aspect of this episode is the relationship upon which this show seemed to built. Tom and Lynette. I just don't buy for a second that Lynette would even contemplate cheating on Tom - end of story. Never mind with a guy she just met. If this is the way the story is going it just seems to me to be so out of character as to be dare I say it a "jump the shark" moment. Everything this couple have been through tells me that Lynette is fiercely protective of her family and her husband and a disagreement over the pizza parlour menu just doesn't sit well as a reason for her to stray. I hope I'm wrong and Marc Cherry has something up his sleeve, but if not I would have a major problem with this development.
  • So many things, so little time.

    These scripts are to packed to cram into an hour. To be honest I've only been watching for a few weeks my husband convenienced my, ironic huh? But were to begin. Lynette, Lynette, it's nice to be flattered and wonderful to look, but don't touch. Just remember how it felt when you found Tom on the floow unconscious. Edie, I am beginning to believe you aren't just a cold hearted B*tch. You are creative & adventurous and unfortunately falling for men who are still in love with other women. HEY Susan. I have been wanting you to tell both of them to go jump in the lake that Mike rescued you from. When they do, let Ian drown and forgive Mike when he swims to shore. I've been wondering who was going to find the body in the freezer, that poor kid is going to be scarred for life. I want to see her explain her way out of the this one.
  • Blackout

    Lynette distance herself further away from Tom who is insufferable and grows closer with Rick Colleti. They make fantastic profit in the Pizzeria but Tom is not flatered and he is defently not pleased with it.
    Gabrielle makes an unexpected twist with Victor and she accepts the marriage proposal and she has sex with him in the elevator but the moment is caught on the camera and the photos are being used as a blackmail item.
    Susan now needs to decide between Mike and Ian. The most comic is with them.
    Edie and Carlos make their relationship official.
    Karen McClusky ends up in the hospital. Parker saw the dead man in the freezer but she told him the story so he won't tell anybody. Body was discovered by Ida Greenberg and Karen ends up in the jail...alone in the dark.
  • So much happens, a real pivotal episode! Lynnette makes some changes at the pizza shop, Edy and Carlos' sexual meetings changeup, Gabby fixes a big problem with another, Susan's relationships come to a head and Mrs. McKluski gets arrested.

    Dont miss a moment, the one constant Lynnette and Tom's marriage could be in trouble. Tom has become a real pain, cuz of his pain and falls to see the positive side of Rick's talents. As stated, they are barely breaking even and with Rick's new dishes they could really cleanup, however Tom just wants a basic, simple pizza joint. Now writers listen up! Dont screw with the family, capeesh! This storyline is the one that all of us root for. You have already bore them an illegitimate child, killed her Mother and moved the kid in. Let's have a single success story in the show, shall we?

    Edy and Carlos are having "fun", but she wants more than him for now, and wants to conceal the relationship. I think this is just a fling due to Carlos feeling sorry for Edy after her nude "woe is me" act.

    Gabby cant control her desires and molests her new man, it's caught on camera, a scandal ensues and she announces that she is going to wed in order to keep his family values platform in tact. This could be her next thing. She clearly likes him, and his money. And by speaking up at the press conference and saying they are engaged, her actions are speaking louder than words.

    Ian invites Mike to dinner with good intentions, but they have the wedding caterer over for dinner also. Mike doesnt want anyone but Susan, and makes it clear to her by derailing any attempts to hook up with the caterer, then makes it clear to Ian by finally saying it outright. Now that Mike's memory is back, so is his desire for Susan, and no bad poker hand is going to stop him. He almost thinks too much of it, because when it comes to a head and Susan says "get out" Mike is like yeah, get out, then she tells him the same after she learns they bet her in a hand of poker. I'm sure most of us have been rooting for Mike, but we have come to like Ian as well, so where this storyline is going is anyone's guess. Mrs. McKluski flips out when the power goes out and fears her hubby will thaw, then falls down the stairs. The power comes back when she is loaded into the ambulance, but little did she know the wiring would fry when the power came back on. Now as Tom and Lynnette are fighting about the issues at the restaurant, the kids want a fudge bar, and know that McKluski has them. Parker slips into her basement and opens the freezer, but he makes no sign that the smell is getting out of control, but yet stares at the man in the freezer that is reminiscent of the boys from "Stand by Me". So he asks to go see McKluski in the hospital, and when he tells her that he saw the body, she explains to him what happened and he seemed to understand why she did it. But why wouldn't he tell his parents first? All and all a great episode that is leading to a good season finale... Marcia Cross had her twins, so she should return soon, if at all this season, but why have they not addressed that household at all? We didn't even see Andrew at the pizza shop. Where's Orson? In a neighborhood that cares like this, you would think someone would checkup on her. They did do some of Bree's character, from Marcia's own bedroom, as she has been on bed rest for the last months of her pregnancy.
  • nooooooooooo lynette, the one we thought would never be weak to cheat on her husband is loosening her hair for the restaurant's chef!!!!! mrs. mcclusky going to jail!!!!!! susan! you have to chooose mike!!!! where the hell is

    nooooooooooo lynette, the one we thought would never be weak to cheat on her husband is loosening her hair for the restaurant's chef!!!!!
    mrs. mcclusky going to jail!!!!!!
    susan! you have to chooose mike!!!!

    where the hell is our favorite bree!!!!!

    it started as a normal episode, lynette working for the pizzaria and slowly improving it!
    susan with ian, who wants to thank mike for everything, seeing as how he doesn't feel threatened by him anymore!!!
    gaby has sex with victor in the elevator, and they're both being blackmailed for it!!
    also eddie and carlos are still hiding their secret relationship from the rest of the residents

    the ending:???
    (you're going to have to watch it!!!) amaziiiiiiiing
    (scene before the last gave me goosebumps, seriously!!!!!!)
  • Gabrielle is getting married? Tom is losing to the new guy? Susan is going insane?

    This episode was definitely a pivotal one. Mrs. McCluskey's story is being revealed and it is about time. The woman is... wow. I have to say first and foremost, at the end of the episode when she looked sad. My heart kind of went to her. I am not saying that if she did kill her husband that she should not have. However, in Wisteria Lane... killing people just seem to happen far too often. Either way, I feel bad for her because she just seems... nice in her own way. She sure loves those kids!

    And Lynette... NOOOOOOOO! They are the relationship that works! I mean Tom is being an ass, a lacking confidence ass. However, I would not want ANYTHING to happen to their relationship. Though the new guy is HOT! Does Gabrielle really want to marry Victor? I feel like she is being trapped into this marriage. Of course, that might be due to my holding out hope for her and Carlos. Who knows. Victor is kind of... oh well. He just doesn't fit for her, in my head. Though Eddie and Carlos sure are interesting.

    Overall this episode was definitely worth watching. The poor boy. Having to see that head. I'd be traumatized. Susan... where is her daughter? I know they are not AS close, but does she never come home for dinner? Or is she with her dad and I just forgot? I just am confused as to where her daughter went. Can someone remind me?

    By the way, where was Bree in all this? I miss her v.v
  • God, that IS good!!!!

    OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!! This episode kept me glued to the couch, I didn't blink once!!!!! Karen McCluskey?!?!?! OMG!!!! What happened to her husband??????? I never thought she would go to jail!!!!! And the Scavo boys!!!! Brilliant!!!! Breaking into her house for ice cream!!!! Classic!!!! I loved Parker's face when he saw the dead body!!!! And then again when he open the freezer at his house; he looked like he was trying to find out how in the world would someone put a man in a freezer... I loved it!!! Then he was like let's go see Mrs. McCluskey.... Little does Lynette know. I really wonder if she killed him... My instinct says she didn't. He died of natural causes and she kept the body. Okay, now moving on to Mike, wow!!!! I knew he had it in him!!! It's so good to see him finally stepping up to his love for her and demanding her back. There is no way she will say no!!! I feel so sorry for Lynette, Tom is being a big baby about this restaurant. If it brings you money, you shouldn't care if you alter the menu, specially since it's still italian food. What I really hate about this plot is the fact that Lynette is falling into Rick's trap. It is so obvious that he is seducing her. Come on Tom step up!!!! Now that Gaby is marrying the politician I wonder if Carlos will marry Edie just to make Gaby jealous!!!! I don't think Gaby loves the politician.... She just wants to move on.... This is gonna be another week of nerve breaking for me waiting for a new episode!!!! I just can't get enough of this show!!!!! Always and A+++++++ job!!!!!!!
  • I loved this episode, the jokes and story were great, but there's something that's bothering me more and more.

    I loved this episode, the jokes and story were great, but there's something that's bothering me more and more, and it's human stupidity. Why is Tom so hostile against Lynette's ideas, even after he finds out from the newspaper how great those ideas are? Okay, I know what they're trying to say, but it's just stupid. What about Mrs. McCluskey hiding a corpse in the fridge? Okay, they wanted a new mysterious storyline, and I'm really interested in the conclusion, but it's stupid, even if they come up with a good explanation for it. And Carlos keeping his relationship with Edie a secret? He knows already (before the marriage proposal in the TV) that Gabrielle is going out with Victor, so there's no sense in forcing Edie to climb out the window, no wonder she's pissed. The worst is Mike trying to ruin Susan's marriage. He had to make a choice: he stays out of the way and Susan stays happy, or he intervenes and now noone's happy, good job. Anyway, these things just bug me a little so it's still a 9/10.
  • Susan cannot choose a wedding cake, Gabby gets caught on film screwing the Politico, Lynette and Tom are still fighting, and Edie and Carlos are still doing the nasty.

    This episode wasn't bad. I liked where they went with Susan's story. It is nice to see her take charge, and now she has done so two episodes in a row. The wedding cake scene made me laugh out loud. Gabby's story was cute, but I am not at all invested in her relationship with Politician Man. But it is nice to see the effect it has on Carlos, I think it will advance his relationship with Edie. My girlfriend doesn't agree, she thinks Carlos and Gabby should hurry up and get back together. Not so fond of the Lynette/Tom story. How much longer will they drag this on, with the two of them constantly fighting? I love them as a couple and think they are the strongest couple on the show, but I am sick of seeing them fight. I wish they would take their story line somewhere else for once. Have they ever had a story line that did not involve fighting or power struggles??? Ugh.

    I miss Bree.

    Mrs. McClusky's story seems like filler. They needed some intrigue so they are sticking a murder in four shows before the finale. It could pan out well, I don't know. But I am not very interested in it at the moment. All in all, not bad; but I have grown to expect a bit more from this show.
  • Susan starts to wonder which guy she should be with, while Carlos and Gabbie consider getting more serious with the other people they are dating. Lynette makes changes to the restaurant and Tom is not happy.

    While I thought this episode started out slow, I thought it got really good towards the end. I loved the scene where Susan had to choose a cake. It was so funny how each cake was just like the guy sitting behind it. I love how Mike remembers everything and it is great to see him try to win her back. I also love to watch the two guys battle it out. This whole storyline is getting really interesting. At first I was not very interested in the Edie and Carlos plot or the Gabbie and Victor plot. I was not that interesting to watch the couples figure out where to have sex and what to do about it. However, I do love how it seems like Gabbie and Carlos still have feelings for each other. It was so interesting how Gabbie had to agree to marry Victor for his campaign. I can not wait to see how Carlos reacts to this. The Lynette and Tom plot was just boring in this episode. It seemed the same as last week and it just does not seem very important.
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