Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 22

Goodbye For Now

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2005 on ABC
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Susan and Mike decide to move in together, much to Edie's displeasure, who schemes against them using Susan's friends. Meanwhile, Lynette takes steps to make sure Annabel (guest star Melinda McGraw) doesn't come between her and Tom, and the consequences land Tom out of work. Bree comes to a realization about her "buddy" George the pharmacist (guest star Roger Bart). Rex has another heart attack, though prior to it, it seems George has permanently put in a wrench in Bree and Rex's relationship. Carlos' legal problems take a turn for the worse, when Gabrielle decides to leave him after discovering the truth about the birth control. Carlos' subsequent actions increases his jail time to eight years. Mike goes after Paul thanks to Felicia, and Susan goes after Mike, though she doesn't find him. Mrs. Huber's journal reveals some secrets. Lastly, two new faces arrive on Wisteria Lane.moreless

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  • Pre-finale episode.

    I'm not sure wether this was meant to be a two-part finale season. The title for this installment and the final one are different, so I'm guessing this wasn't meant to be the season finale.

    Lynette's insecurities hurt Tom's career. Gabrielle reveals her affair to Carlos, sort of. Susan stalks Mike to find out whether he's evil. Bree is falsely misinformed, leading her to what she didn't know would be the final conversation she has with Rex in their home. Felecia forms an unlikely allaince with Mike, and our next season's mystery has been introduced.

    This deffinately sets the tone for the finale and takes us to the highest point of excitement and anticipation for the finale. What we know so far about the main mystery is the fact that Mary Alice was used to be called Angela. She and paul stole Dana(Zack) from a drug addicted woman, who could be Dierdra, and then killed her and stuffed her in baby chest. Martha Huber finds out about this and blackmails Mary Alice, leading her to commit suicide. After Paul finds out about this, he murders Martha and tries to pin the blame on Mike.

    Favorite character of the episode : Bree. I find her unimaginable way to repress emotions and exerting her frustration into simpler matters, like making the bed, inspiring.

    At the end of each season, I'll be picking a favorite episode, character, and moment of the entire season. The lady with the most favorite picks, shall ultimately be my all time Desperate Housewives character.

  • great

    loved this episode of desperate housewives i loved all the scenes with susan and edie and edie trying to break susan and mike up, the bree storyline was also good the scene were rex has a heart attack was really chilling, especially when bree decides to make the bed first, fantastically written scene and true to bree's character, the gabby and lynette storylines were ok but not that spectactular, howver im really looking forward to the season finale and get all the answersmoreless
  • Decir Adios siempre es dificil, pero lastimosamente aunque lo pospongamos, siempre tendremos que hacerlo.

    Tom se da cuenta de lo que hizo Lynette para mantener su familia unida, pero creo que es una decisión muy inmadura por parte de ella. Bree se enfrenta al ataque cardiaco de su esposo y auqnue parezca mezquina la forma en que se pone a tender la cama nos damos cuenta de que es su manera a enfrentar a situaciones en las que no se queria encontrar, tomando un tiempo para pensar claramente. Gabrielle se entera de cuan celoso es su esposo y de cuanto deseaba tener un hijo, se da cuenta del engaño y huye de la casa. Susan continua sospechosa de Mike y lo sigue, pero sin lograr el objetivo de encontrarlo.moreless
  • lame is the word I like to use

    this episode was not really interesting to me.

    The only part I liked was the Mike and Susan scenes though most of them were to show Edie that they were back together..

    The rest was just lame, it didn't really interest me, especially not Lynette's storyline about the business thing and all.

    Gabrielle and Carlos, was a nice scene, but still, the whole episode didn't intrigue me to watch the season finale. It didn't build up nicely imo.moreless
  • Changes Written by Josh Senter Directed by David Grossman


    Mary Alice: "And when these changes finally do occur, when the familiar has departed and the unfamiliar has taken its place, all any of us can really do is to say hello and welcome".

    And that's what exactly is on order as the episode sees more than a few healthy shifts, some more welcomed than others and trying not to think too much of the finale, here's what is on offer …

    A few weeks ago, Susan was almost indignantly convinced that Mike was a dangerous killer who betrayed her trust but after their reunion on the porch last week this is obviously not the case anymore. Harkening back to the pilot, Susan takes an all too delightful pleasure in throwing her new relationship into Edie's face. The bating between the pair is very entertaining as the bitchy quipping from both parties produces a few chuckles. It's also refreshing to see Edie's attempts of getting even (such as that poor intervention with the other housewives) backfiring. Watching their scenes together, this is the first in which Edie really has appeared desperate. I know she's still with Susan torching her place but shouldn't move from Mike and find some other bloke to jump?

    However her jealousy and the impetus for the failed intervention does raise a few good points about Susan/Mike's relationship and what the former is letting herself in for and apparently for once, Susan doesn't seem entirely clueless. In one of several touching scenes tonight she explains to her friends why she's so willing to put her trust in Mike and it's a believable explanation and it's also nice to see her speeded up on the Deirdre scenario but did she really expect Mike to just drop it because she asked him to? I doubt it, even Susan isn't that dense but the discovery of a meticulously kept diary more lethal than black book Maisy Gibbons would have in her knicker drawer reaffirms that Susan and will always be a suck ass spy. Julie on the other hand could teach those peeps at APO a thing or two.

    The item in question is Martha's diary as Felicia and Mike bad together and happily fill in the blanks to one another while Bananas Zachary throws a tantrum over his father's disappearance. Of course it won't surprise anyone that Paul actually comes up with a plan to see his son, only to be kidnapped by Mike for his trouble. Credit given where due, Felicia is good and with the shit finally hitting the fan for Paul, i'm not really sympathetic for his plight although I'm starting to doubt if he really killed Deirdre.

    Speaking of just desserts, if I felt any shred of compassion of empathy for Carlos Solis, then after tonight that's gone. Gabrielle finally twigs that he's responsible for her birth control pills being tampered with and throws the snide remark of the baby not being his and Carlos (who was dropped on his head as a child) beats the crap out of Justin. Happily for me, the cops arrest Carlos and when it's revealed he beat up the cable guy all those months ago the police accuse him of being serial gay basher and to further his idiocy he tries to convinces Gabrielle to tell the police she was having an affair and he assaulted the wrong guy. Shouldn't be hard, although funnily enough John is missing from proceedings.

    Keeping with death, George's perfect scheming has finally paid off when Rex's condition takes a drastically serious turns for the worst with the S&M loving doctor having a heart attack. Before all this happens though, there were some wonderfully frank discussions between Bree and Rex and how their starting to mend marriage was becoming undone once again. Edie hinted last week of Bree and George's unhealthy friendship and she chose to ignore. Then with the incident at the mini golf course she had to face up to it but the fact she then took the deranged pharmacist's word and chose to think the worst of Rex really shocked and annoyed me. Rex may have all his faults but how could Bree really think he would blab about their sex life to other people when he months, possibly years being ashamed to even discuss it with his wife. Also what the hell was wrong with Bree, making the bed like that while he waited downstairs in pain? Your husband's having a heart attack; no one gives a toss about an unmade bed as Danielle's look of disgust and confusion echoed. As much as I wanted to punch Carlos tonight, I absolutely wanted to kill George who took despicable to scary new heights tonight. That being said, superb performances all round from Marcia Cross, Steven Culp and Roger Bart. They were the best in the episode besides James Denton and Harriet Samson Harris.

    Last but not least if, as if her stunt in "Impossible" wasn't lousy enough Lynette inadvertently stoops to new low as well. The possible Tom/Annabel affair which has dragged a bit gets taken even further when Lynette's efforts of getting Tom a new job elsewhere only result in a promotion for Annabel and a resignation from the former. Lynette's insecurities (which have been annoying in the past) really take their toll. Okay I get it now, Annabel is an actual threat but I blame Lynette also because she basically hands Annabel more and more ammunition with her constant visiting to the office and whining and as delightful I am that Lynette will be returning to the work force next season, I hate that Tom lost his job due to her meddling. Also wouldn't it have been a more interesting dynamic if both her and Tom were working instead of the incoming role reversal we're about to get with these two?

    Also in "Goodbye For Now"

    Opening sequence – Edie loving being the centre of attention with her construction and being pissed at Susan and Mike being together. As for example …

    Susan: "You wasted your time and your donuts"

    Edie: "Not if you choke on them".

    The Mullins leave Wisteria Lane as Mary Alice says the four prized act committed on Wisteria Lane – arson, violence, blackmailing and murder. After the whole Mike/Paul scenes in the baseball field add kidnapping to that list. Plus the Applewhites move into the Mullins former abode.

    Justin (to Gabrielle): "You're an unfeeling bitch". Telling it like it is, good for him.

    Bree: "George do you have an erection?"

    George: "I'm sorry".

    Anyone else notice the rest of the housewives slightly ridiculing Susan's cooking prowess? One of a few nice reminders of the first episode in here.

    Lynette (to Annabel): "Can I cut you … a piece?". And then Tom holding her back with the knife when Annabel chose him to go to Hawaii with, very funny.

    Carlos: "The baby needs its mother and its father"

    Gabrielle: "Whoever said you were the father?"

    Both Mike and Felicia are in favour of the death penalty, which doesn't bode well for Paul. It's interesting but are the writers trying to be topical on a taboo subject?

    Rex: "I think I'm having a heart attack"

    Bree: "No you're not".

    Although the episode kind of moves slowly in parts, this gripping prelude to the finale is quickly spiced up by a darker second half. With various clues, forged allegiances, surprise attacks and more than a fair share of shocks, writer Josh Senter retches the intensity few notches. "Goodbye For Now" also shines in its lighter moments too but it's mostly overshadowed by the sombre tone and denouement. The finale cannot come quick enough.

Melinda McGraw

Melinda McGraw

Annabel Foster

Guest Star

Mehcad Brooks

Mehcad Brooks

Matthew Applewhite

Guest Star

Nike Doukas

Nike Doukas

Natalie Klein

Guest Star

Doug Savant

Doug Savant

Tom Scavo

Recurring Role

Harriet Sansom Harris

Harriet Sansom Harris

Felicia Tilman

Recurring Role

Roger Bart

Roger Bart

George Williams

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Gabrielle drives away from her home in her Maserati to rush to John's the car she is driving has no license plates, front or rear.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Bree: Whats wrong?
      Rex: (clutching his chest) I think I'm having a heart attack.
      Bree: No you're not!

    • Edie: You said you two were finished. You thought he was a murderer.
      Susan: And that was your cue to come over and flirt?! You wasted your time... and your doughnuts.
      Edie: Not if you choke on them.

    • Cyrus: Ms. Britt, you look extra beautiful today.
      Edie: Oh, Cyrus, you're so sweet.
      Cyrus: So anyhow, I was wondering if maybe I could, uh, take you out to dinner sometime.
      Edie: Oh honey... you are so far out of your league that you are playing a completely different sport.

    • Mary Alice: Edie Britt's favorite moment of every day was her arrival at the construction site of her new home, because she knew what was about to happen. Her sudden appearance was always sure to generate a few appreciative glances, a few lascivious looks, and some downright ogling. Sadly for Edie, the one man she wanted most to notice her paid her no attention at all. Yes, Edie needed attention to feel good about herself and she was determined to get it. Yes, Edie Britt needed the attention of men to feel good about herself. And even she was amazed at how far she was willing to go to get it.

    • Bree: George, do you have an erection?
      George: I'm sorry! You were blowing in my ear!
      Bree: You have to get rid of it! There are children present!

    • Gabrielle: You see, your health insurance sent us a letter because someone ordered a year's worth of birth control pills, and apparently our policy doesn't cover drugs bought by the kilo.
      Carlos: I told you, it was mama.
      Gabrielle: The prescription was dated, Carlos, and Juanita was in a coma when this claim was filed. You did this, not your mother. At least be man enough to own up to it. She would've been.

    • Susan: Okay, next time I won't bring my daughter to stalk my boyfriend. It was a slight error in judgment.

    • Carlos: Now the cops think I'm some kind of a serial gay-basher!
      Gabrielle: Well, you kinda are.

    • Carlos: What about the baby, Gabrielle, huh? What about my baby?
      Gabrielle: Oh, your baby?
      Carlos: Fine. Our baby. Hey, we're a family now. This baby needs its mother and its father.
      Gabrielle: Oh, Carlos. Whoever said you were the father?

    • Mary Alice: Nothing is forever, and the time comes when we must say goodbye to the world we know (Shot of Tom cleaning out his desk). Goodbye to everything we had taken for granted (Shot of Carlos looking at a picture of himself and Gabrielle). Goodbye to those we thought would never abandon us (Shot of Rex being wheeled away into the ER) And when these changes finally do occur, when the familiar has departed and the unfamiliar has taken its place, all any of us can really do is to say hello and welcome (Shot of Betty and Matthew Applewhite looking at the Mullins's old house).

  • NOTES (3)

    • Although credited, Jesse Metcalfe (John Rowland), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo), Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo) and Zane Huett (Parker Scavo) didn't appear. However, the Scavo kids do appear in a deleted scene.

    • When Bree is making the bed instead of taking Rex to the hospital and Danielle walks in is based on a real life event from Marc Cherry's (the creator) life when he walked in and his mother doing the same thing.

    • This episode marks the first appearances by Mehcad Brooks as Matthew and Alfre Woodard as Betty Applewhite.