Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2004 on ABC
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In the aftermath of tragedy with Bree's son Andrew (guest star Shawn Pyfrom) running over Carlos' mother Juanita Solis (guest star Lupe Ontiveros), the residents of Wisteria Lane take stock of their lives. Meanwhile, Susan grows suspicious of Mike Delfino's real reason for moving to the street. Lynette reaches the breaking point in her addiction to the twins' ADD medication as she tries other measures like acupuncture to release her stress - only to the disturbance of her kids during session. Lynette realizes it's time for drastic measures after she has a disturbing dream with Mary Alice.
The mysterious Mr. Shaw (guest star Richard Roundtree) gets down to business as he develops a relationship with Edie. He also has a connection to Mary Alice Young as he talks to Paul Young afterwards on the phone. Lastly, Gabrielle confesses her adulterous affair with John to a priest while Carlos' mother Juanita is in the hospital.moreless

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  • Another hit...

    Edie dodge's Paul's bullet and sends it straight to Martha. Susan and Mike end their sour song on a sweet note. Lynette breaks down. Gabrielle worries about her sins, while Bree worries about Andrew's.

    The storyline's progressing at a rapid pace much to my pleasure. I simply adore the sentimental scenes that the DH team can pull off, like the one with Lynette and Mary Alice at the end of the episode. Throughout the show, I noticed how Lynette has always had a more spiritual connection to Mary Alice than the others, and Felecity Huffman implied that she may be the best actress on the show with her breakdown scene, that included contrasting music and a surprise visit from Mary Alice with the gun.moreless
  • game changer

    well this episode of desperate housewives certainly had a few big suprises even more then usual, i certainly didnt expect martha huber to die so early as she is such a big character however she was evil i really did feel sorry for paul even though he is really creppy and now a murderer, other then that there were some other big moments in this episode like susan and mike doin it for the first time and lynette vision was also a big shock for this episode well done for desperate housewives for showing a gritty side to motherhood overall a really great episode liked it alot cant wait to see what is next for the women of wisteria lanemoreless
  • The death of a housewife... the near death of a housewife... a housewife does it with the man she loves... Season 1 classic!

    This is another one of my Season 1 favorites! The death of Martha Huber shocked me a little but it was a good way how she got killed and at the same time Mike and Susan were having sex- finally!

    The Lynette plotline was great- how she nearly committed suicide and when Mary Alice was handing her the gun. I loved it when Bree and Susan came to her in that park and Lynette was saying they should talk more about these kinds of stuff.

    I also found that investigating stuff intriguing. Gabrielle confessing to the priest was good.

    Overall, a Season 1 favorite which sits along next to Impossible.

    Grade- A.moreless
  • This too is one of my personal favorites. With great storylines for all housewives and a special murder, this is one of those groundbreaking episodes.

    As we saw previously, Andrew just ran over Mama Solisce, immeadiately sending her into a coma. Bree, is determined to save her son from whatever may happen if anyone finds out. Her first step is to leave the car in a bad part of town and hope for someone to steal it since dumping it is far too risky. After the car is disposed of, all is resolved, until she sees that andrew feels no guilt for what he has done. she tries to save him from becoming a monster, but soon sees that it is just too late.

    Lynette is hooked on ADD medication. She goes to get some accupunture but it becomes impossible with the children right there. she takes a natural sleeping remedy, but her timing is all but impeccable. When the boys have a scouts meeting, she pops some pills to keep her awake. soon, she realises she can't take this and hallucinates that mary alice gives her a gun. she leaves her kids with susan saying 'i can't do this'. Bree and susan rush to take care of her, but lynette shoots them down with one of the shows best lines 'i love my kids so much, i'm sorry they have me as a mother.' but bree and susan remind her that no one has a smooth ride.

    John feels partially responsible for mama solisce and confesses his sins to a priest. gabi finds out and summons the priest and learns that if she repents, she won't go to jail. but when the priest asks her what she want. she says to be happy. he then says that is the answer of a selfish child and gabi returns with the heartbreaking 'i know' we then see she feels very bad about mama solisce.

    Susan and Mike are accelarating and decide to go away together, but she gets her doubts when she learns more about her favorite plumber. mike has a lot of money and a gun in his house. she is counting the money when a knock at the door startles her and she dumps the money and gun in the sink. when jumping the the ground, she fallst through and bongo is not particularly helpful. when mike gets home he helps her up, but sees the money and says get out of my house. when susan tries to explain herself he gets more angry and she erupts in 'i hope your secret keeps you warm at night because you're throwing something really great away to protect it' mike sees what he is missing and says 'i know you have a lot of questions, but i know i don't want to lose you, so ask me anything you want.' susan pulls him in and they make out, and she leads him up to her bedroom. This scene is crossed with an angry paul murdering mrs huber for her blackmail letter.

    this episode is my third favorite, and i really love it!moreless
  • Un capitulo muy revelador.

    Aunque el capitulo empieza un poco flojo, la trama se empieza a poner tensa con el accidente de Susan en el baño de Mike, el encubrimiento de los padres de Andrew sobre el accidente que llevo al coma a Juanita Solis, las desesperadas decisiones que toma Lynette respecto a las drogas sobre el comportamiento de sus hijos, la tensa relación de Edie y Martha. Claro que existen momentos especiales: la charla entre Susan, Bree y Lynette en la cancha de futbol, los sueños que tiene Lynette con Mary Alice Young, y la intensa pero corta conversación entre Paul Young y Martha Huber. como dije, el capitulo empieza un poco flojo, pero termina siendo uno muy bueno.moreless
Freda Foh Shen

Freda Foh Shen

Dr. Chang

Guest Star

Dayna Devon

Dayna Devon

Lori Jean

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Tony Winters

Tony Winters

Phil the Tile Guy

Guest Star

Christine Estabrook

Christine Estabrook

Martha Huber

Recurring Role

Shawn Pyfrom

Shawn Pyfrom

Andrew Van De Kamp

Recurring Role

Joy Lauren

Joy Lauren

Danielle Van De Kamp

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Bree is fighting with Andrew in the kitchen you can see that the door after Andrew is open and a corridor is shown. Anyway, that door is the one that goes to the principal door and the stairs so that corridor should not be there.

    • Brenda Strong (Mary Alice Young) is seen in this episode.

    • As the girls are scrubbing the road, a red sports car zooms past them. Lynette stands, hurls abuse and her scrubbing brush at the car (the brush can be seen bouncing off the car and down the road). She then kneels down and continues to scrub with the brush.

    • Susan falls through the floor in Mike's house and miraculously her mule-type shoes stay on her feet!

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Gabrielle: Before we got married we made a deal. No kids.
      Carlos: Deals are meant to be re-negotiated.
      Gabrielle: Well, we're not negotiating my uterus.

    • Father Crowley: Gabrielle, the Church is pretty clear about this. If you commit a mortal sin and you die without repenting, you go to hell.
      Gabrielle: Aren't you just a ball of fun? (pauses and sighs) So, if I confess, it will clean the slate, right?
      Father Crowley: Not only that, if you want God's forgiveness, you have to be truly sorry and you have to promise not to commit the sin again.
      Gabrielle: So what happens if I repent later? Like, say, when I'm 75?
      Father Crowley: I wouldn't recommend waiting. What if you die before then?
      Gabrielle: Well, let's say I don't die? I do yoga, I eat well. If I wait, does my repenting still count?
      Father Crowley: If you mean it, yes.
      Gabrielle: Thank you, Father Crowley. (grabs her purse) You have been a tremendous comfort. Um, I will let you do your thing. (quickly walks away)
      Father Crowley: Gabrielle. (she stops and turns to face him) You know we are all responsible for the choices we make. Don't you wanna be a good person?
      Gabrielle: What I want is to be happy.
      Father Crowley: That's the answer of a selfish child.
      Gabrielle: I know.

    • Julie: Mom, if you've really need something to freak out about, just remember you're going to spend the night with Mike at a hotel. No man has seen you naked in years, except your doctor.
      Susan: Yeah, he retired. I try not take that personally.

    • Mary Alice: (opening voiceover) There is a widely read book that tells us everyone is a sinner. Of course, not everyone feels guilt over the bad things they do. But Bree Van De Kamp did. In fact, Bree had spent most of her life feeling guilty. As a child, she felt guilty about not getting straight A's. As a teenager she felt guilty about letting her boyfriend go to second base. As a newly-wed, she felt guilty about taking three weeks to get out her thank you cards. But she knew the transgressions of her past were nothing compared with the sin she was about to commit.

    • Mike: I know you've got a lot of questions. And I also know I don't want to lose you. So ask me anything you want.
      Susan: You just told me everything I need to know.

    • Susan: I just came over to say I'm sorry, and I'll pay for all the damage.
      Mike: (curtly) Don't worry about it.
      Susan: Well, so, in your mind, is the date off?
      Mike: Well, you snooped around my house and went through my stuff. Uh, yeah, in my book that's pretty much a deal breaker.
      Susan: Hold on a minute, now. I started snooping around because I found all that money by accident. And, and then, I found a gun. Are you a drug dealer or something?
      Mike: Is that what you think?
      Susan: Well, I wouldn't know because you never let me in. You know, there's this whole part of your life that you keep completely walled off.
      Mike: I have a gun for protection, I keep cash for emergencies. I'm a good guy, Susan, and you should know that. I'm, I'm not obligated to share every little detail of my life with you.
      Susan: Well, every little detail is one thing. You know, weird creepy secrets, that's another.
      Mike: You know what, I don't want to be with someone who doesn't trust me.
      Susan: Well, maybe we shouldn't be dating.
      Mike: Maybe we shouldn't.
      Susan: Do you mean that?
      Mike: Yeah.
      Susan: Well, I hope that your, you know, little secret keeps you warm at night because you're throwing something really great away to protect it!

    • Edie: I want my money.
      Martha: And I want those non-fat peach yogurts. They didn't just walk out of that fridge by themselves.
      Edie: Well you can deduct it from the $40 that you're going to give me, now!
      Martha: You're my best friend. Why would I steal from you?
      Edie: It's no secret that you've been having financial problems. I hear you bitching on the phone to your bank.
      Martha: That's it! I can put up with your debauchery and your food theft, but I will not tolerate spying. I want you out.
      Edie: You don't mean that.
      Martha: Oh, yes I do. I'm leaving tomorrow to visit my sister for a few days. I want you gone by the time I get back.
      Edie: I'll do one better. I will leave today.

    • Paul: Mary Alice and I had these little black flies once.
      Martha: Oh?
      Paul: She was so funny about it. She ran out and bought herself a can of poison. Something to spray them down, so she was taking aim at one on the counter, and she just, uh, stops, and puts the can down. Couldn't do it. She told me later, it felt too personal. Literally couldn't kill a fly. That's how gentle she was.
      Martha: Then you must have lived with quite a few flies.

    • Martha: My idiot husband died and left me with a worthless pension. I was desperate for money. And it's better to take it from a bad person than a good one. How was I supposed to know she'd shoot herself?"
      Paul: She was a good person.
      Martha: A good person who leaves her child motherless? Read The Bible, Paul. Suicide's a big no-no.

    • Martha: What are you doing?
      Edie: I am taking back the $40 that you stole out of my purse.
      Martha: Edie!
      Edie: We both know you did it, now hand it over!
      Martha: I have taken nothing from your purse, and if you're missing money, I'd ask one of those strange men you parade through here at all hours.
      Edie: I am not going to apologize for having a healthy sex life!
      Martha: Healthy? I'm going to have to burn every sheet you've touched.

    • Nurse: Mrs. Solis, it's time for her sponge bath.
      Gabrielle: Come again?
      Nurse: Sometimes family members prefer to administer sponge baths themselves.
      Gabrielle: I think I'll pass.

    • Gabrielle: (to Father Crowley) Okay, you can stop condemning me with your eyes.

    • Mary Alice: (closing voiceover) There is a widely read book that tells us everyone is a sinner. Of course, not everyone feels guilt over the bad things they do. In contrast there are those who assume more than their share of blame. There are others who soothe their consciences with small acts of kindness. Or by telling themselves their sins were justified. Finally there are the ones who simply vow to do better next time, and pray for forgiveness. Sometimes, their prayers are answered.

    • Bree: You know no matter what the kids do, I'll always love 'em…
      Rex: I know.
      Bree: But I'll never forgive them for growing up so quickly.

    • Mike: You've been through my cabinets.
      Susan: What? Oh I can explain.
      Mike: Get out my house
      Susan: Oh… Mike…
      Mike: Get out.

    • Bree: (about the car accident) Give me one good reason why I shouldn't call the police.
      Andrew: Because I'm your son. That would make you the monster.

    • Susan: (to Bongo, Mike's dog) If you came in here to judge me, you can just leave.

  • NOTES (5)

    • In this episode you can see the sign on Mama Solis (Lupe Ontiveros) hospital door, it says Sacred Heart Hospital which is the same hospital the series Scrubs is featuring.

    • There is a scene where Edie and the hitman Paul hired have sex, but it was cut because Nicollette Sheridan was wearing some very revealing clothing.

    • Entertainment news anchor Dana Devon, from the news magazine series Extra co-stars in this episode as parent Lori Dean. During the filming on this episode she brought her show along to film her behind the scenes as part of her long segment of Dana TV.

    • The song that was used in the dream sequence between Lynette and Mary Alice is "Feeling Groovy" by 59th Street Bridge. Originally the dream was to have Lynette driving through the country with her kids who were in the backseat and then proceeding to drive the car into a lake, drowning her kids, a la Susan Smith who did this very thing in South Carolina. ABC executives were against the idea of Lynette killing her kids and Marc Cherry changed the dream to being one about suicide, thus Mary Alice was shown.

    • Even though he is credited Cody Kasch (Zach Young) does not appear in this episode.


    • This episode entitled "Guilty" is based on the song by Randy Newman. This is another rare case where the title is not derived from a Stephen Sondheim musical.

    • Reference: Bree's Hat

      When Bree and Susan find Lynette in the park, Bree is wearing what many fans of fashion would instantly recognize as a Burberry hat. Burberry fashion is unmistakable with its well known logo of plaid. The particular hat Bree was wearing is a reversible bucket hat that sells for around $135.

    • London Gal: Bree is wearing Burberry.

      In the United Kingdom, Burberry is considered nasty street wear. In UK speak, it's worn by Chavs - a term used to describe young people often from a deprived background who better themselves in one way by wearing real or fake designer wear. Burberry is one of the main brands they wear and its been bootlegged so much its commonplace in markets and cheap shops is now synonomous with common youths, often who are also labelled as troublemakers and criminals.