Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 13

Hello, Little Girl

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2008 on ABC
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Mike finally comes home from rehab and Julie tells him about what Orson said while he was sleepwalking. Mike confronts Orson, who confesses he is the one who ran him over. When Susan learns this, she lashes out at Orson, and Bree discovers the ugly truth her husband has been keeping from her all this time. In the meantime, Dylan becomes acquainted with her estranged father (guest star Gary Cole as Wayne Davis), whereas Katherine teams up with Bree to start up a catering business together. Lynette is suspicious that Tom set that fire at Rick's restaurant, and Carlos gets a seeing-eye dog named Roxy.moreless

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  • another good epsisode

    hello little girl was another great episode from season 4 that really developed the season mystery as we get to meet dylans father, i alos really loved the stuff with gaby and the dog they were some really funny scenes, i enjoyed the bree storlyine as well i felt so sorry for her when she found out what orson had done but im glad that secret is out, overall a great epmoreless
  • We met Dylan's father

    Will Julie spill what she knows? And will the mystery owner of the hand be revealed. Did tom set on fire Rick's place? Tom and Lynette, he says he was in the car listening to the game when Bree's speak was on, and he didn't start the fire. Dylan gets pulled over by a cop. He seems a little too into her. Even stroking her Driver's Licence. He has the circled newspaper article about Dylan. Bree packs to move out, but Susan wants her to stay. She even starts crying. Bree tells her she deals with her emotion in private like a lady.

    Carlos gets his blind lead dog. She asks the man who drops of the dog some hilarious questions. Mike comes home from rehab and Susan makes him his favourite meal. When Susan goes up stairs Julie tells mike what Orson said to her. Katherine tells Bree that someone loved their event and wants to hire them for it. Katherine thinks that it's a good idea to set up as a business. Katherine says she needs the money and Bree says she has a baby and she doesn't really want to take it on. Katherine says that she'll do it by herself then. Bree soon realises what Kath is doing but still agrees to do it.

    Carlos's dog does not seem to like Gabby. Mike goes round to see Orson to ask him about what he told Julie. Mike asks him out right and Orson starts to cry and tells him that he's sorry.

    Gabby goes to bed only to find the dog (Roxy) in her place. Carlos chooses the dog over gabby. Susan (who seems to have grown a HUGE stomach in a matter of two episodes), learns from Mike. Tells her and she goes round there and shouts at him. Bree stands there clueless until Susan tells her. Bree looks dumbstruck. The cop "bumps" into Dylan again at the park. He says he just wants to talk to her and he asks about her mom. He admits to following her. He's Wayne Davis, he's her FATHER! As gabby drops the dog back off at the dog training place the dog chases after her. She tells Carlos that she ran away. She's then back at the widow of the house. Dylan and her father sit looking at each other not knowing what to say to each other. He admits to hitting her mother before. He says he wants a relationship with her. Rick goes the Scarvo restaurant. The matches found at the back of his restaurant are from Scarvo and say it on them. Lynette tries to stop the fighting but she can't. Then Andrew calls 911 and they all end up in a police station. Nick tells Lynette that he misses her

    Susan tells mike that they have to move because she can't see Orson everyday. The twins ask why dad is sleeping downstairs. They tell their mother that they over heard the conversation. And that they went to his restaurant on their bikes and they set the fire. Susan talks to Bree and tells her that she can't forgive Orson and he is seen taking a suitcase and leaving. She has thrown him out. Dylan offers to help her mother with invites for the next event but really it's all a ploy. For her to meet her "father" who I am not one hundred per cent sold on yet. Bree puts picture of Orson in bin. We then see Orson all alone in a room crying. Very eventful and answered a lot of questions. Possibly the best episode back since the strike.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 13.

    Bree and Katherine decide to start a catering business together. Lynette tries to deny her feelings for Rick. Mike learns the truth about his nearly fatal accident. Carlos gets a seeing-eye dog. Dylan meets her estranged father. I really enjoyed all the revelations in this episode. Mike finds out that Orson ran him over! I loved when Susan stormed over to Bree's house and made that scene. It rocked! Teri Hatcher is a pretty good actress, and pretty hot, too. I was so shocked when I saw Orson leave the house with a suitcase. The expression on Teri Hatcher's face was AMAZING. Great episode, definitely. 10/10.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 13.

    This episode was so good. I cannot believe everything that happened. Julie told Mike about Orson confessing to the hit and run, while he was sleepwalking. Mike doesn't believe it at first, but Orson tells the truth when Mike asks him. Mike tells Susan and she storms down the street and starts a scene in the Hodge home. I did not expect Bree to kick Orson out at the end, as I've always pictured them together forever without any problems, or at least as the new Tom and Lynette. Tom and Rick fight, which is amusing, and I thought something bad was going to happen to Lynette, because she got cancer last time she fell like that. Thankfully, nothing did. This was overall a great episode and a solid 10.moreless
  • Desperate continuing the fun.

    Katherine's Household: Dylan runs into a police officer who seems to have a very deep interest in her and through this very mysterious police officer, she discovers things from her past. Meanwhile, Katherine is starting her very own party planning agency and she sort of blackmails Bree to help her out with it. The mystery this season is finally getting interesting and seeing how Katherine is acting towards Bree, I think she might just end up being the good guy.

    Lynette's Household: She goes through the trouble of figuring out who set Rick's place on fire and she has got her sights set on Tom. In this episode, we find out who burned down Rick's place and it is out of character for this certain persona who torched it, but it does make sense. Kudos for catching me off guard!

    Gabby's Household: It gets boring with Gabby and Carlos, it's like every week it's the same old Gabby again and at the end of the episode everything just seems to be all peachy. Kill her off. Now.

    Susan's Household: Julie confronts Mike with what she heard and Susan eventually discovers a very deep secret that causes her to freak out. I never expected the secret to be reveled so soon, but I guess it was as good a time as any.

    Bree's Household: Big problems occur in Bree's newly fixed household as she finds out big secrets and makes drastic decisions. I don't like what they did with the whole situation, but I think it will undo itself.moreless
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Archie Kao


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Possible Goof: In the clip from the previous episode, Wayne has circled only Dylan's face in the newspaper picture. However, later in his car, the picture has both Katherine's and Dylan's faces circled.

    • Goof: When Gabrielle goes to return Roxy to Steve, her front left tire in the background changes positions throughout the shot.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Susan: I can't come out my front door every day and see that man. We have to move.
      Mike: Oh Susan, I know this is difficult. But before you start putting up "For Sale" signs let's just take a step back.
      Susan: Take a step back from what? He tried to murder you.
      Mike: I know what Orson did was horrible but I've decided to forgive him.
      Susan: How can you do that? He put you in a coma. I sat there day after day wondering if you were gonna live. As far as I'm concerned Orson can go to hell.
      Mike: I've talked to him. Trust me, he's already been there.
      Susan: Well, that's not enough. He should pay for what he did. He should go to prison.
      Mike: And what? Leave Bree without a husband? And Benjamin without a dad? You don't want that. Look, I've done some pretty horrible things in my life but you forgave me. Because you knew how much I regretted them. I really believe he's sorry for what he did. So now I have to forgive him. I've just got to. But, I also understand if you can't.

    • Susan (to Bree): Mike says I need to forgive Orson. And he's right. I have to find a way to make peace with all of this. But you need to's gonna be one of the hardest things I've ever done. And like most things in my life, I probably won't do it with much elegance or grace. So if I don't come over to your house for coffee; if I don't smile when the two of you walk by, just please know that I still love you. And as for forgiving Orson, just be patient. I'll get there.

    • Mary Alice: If there was one thing Gabrielle Solis would not was a rival, whether she walked on two legs, or four. So when Gabrielle cracked into her bedroom that morning, she'd made up her mind. The bitch...had to go.

    • Carlos: I just think it's good for a dog to sleep with its master. It helps us bond.
      Gabrielle: Well, if you ever wanna bond with my boobs again, you'll get her off!

    • Gabrielle (to Carlos): Remember what my fingers looked like? Just picture the middle one all by itself!

    • (Bree is unloading boxes in front of her house. Katherine shows up.)
      Katherine: How's the move going? Need an extra pair of hands?
      Bree: No. Thanks. We're almost done.
      Katherine: Okay. I won't get in your way then. (pause) Let me just run something by you. I got a call today from a couple who loved our work in the Founders Ball.
      Bree: Oh. How sweet.
      Katherine: Yes, and they wanna hire us to do their anniversary party.
      Bree: Hire us? But we're not a business.
      Katherine: We could be. Think about it. We do the exact same thing we did at the ball, only this time we walk away with a big fat check.
      Bree: Katherine, need I remind you we nearly came to blows over floral choices.
      Katherine: I think it's our creative friction that makes us a great team.
      Bree: I think it's our creative friction that nearly caused me to poison you.
      Katherine: All right, Bree. Let me be honest with you. With Adam out of the house, I really need the money.
      Bree: I sympathize. I do. But I have a new baby, and it's really more work than I care to take on right now.
      Katherine: I understand. Guess I'll just do it myself then.
      Bree: Excuse me?
      Katherine: Now, did you take pictures of those table settings you designed? I'd love to get copies. The couple raved about them.
      Bree: Yeah, sure. (as Katherine walks away) You know, I don't really think it's fair that you should profit from something that I designed.
      Katherine: You're right. It would only be fair if I asked you to do this with me which I did and you said no, so on we go. I hope you don't mind when they serve your cinnamon apple crumble.
      Bree: That is a cherished recipe from grandmother!
      Katherine: Well, now it's a cherished recipe from "Catering by Katherine".
      Bree: Oh. I see what's going on here. This is shameless emotional blackmail.
      Katherine: And...?
      Bree: And...we worked beautifully. I'm in.

    • Carlos (about Roxy the seeing eye dog): She's not here to help us, she's here to help me, which you would know, if you would bother to show up to the spouses orientation.
      Gabrielle: Well, I'm sorry. I was on my hands and knees that day scouring the bathroom floor because you refuse to pee like a girl!

    • Susan: (to Orson) Trying to protect your mother?! I know!! Who cares?!! You drove the car, you ran him over and you left him for dead!! And you know what the worst part of it is?! All this time, you pretended to be our friend!!

    • Mary Alice: The truth is everyone breaks the rules now and then, never thinking for one second they might get caught. But if they do, they simply ask for forgiveness, and most of the time, they receive it. But some acts are so wicked, they demand only our condemnation. How do people avoid such a fate? Well, the trick is knowing which rules are made to be broken, and which rules are not.

    • Mike: Ah, it feels good to take a shower in my own house. Whatcha doing?
      Susan: In honor of you coming home, we are making your favorite meal steak and mashed potatoes.
      Mike: Ah, it sounds great. But for future reference, my favorite is potatoes Au Gratin.
      Susan: Since when?
      Mike: Since always, since I was three.
      Susan: You could say Au Gratin when you were three?
      Mike: Oh, oh, it's fine. Susan, mashed is great too.
      Susan starts crying.
      Susan: But it's not your favorite.
      Mike: What are you doing?
      Susan: Excuse me. I have to put something in a box and stick it in the closet.

    • Mary Alice: Everyone breaks the rules now and again, and when they do, they always have an excuse. Like the neighbor whose own trash was already full; or the blonde who forgot to eat her breakfast; or the employee who needed an advance on his salary. It's true, everyone has a reason for not following the rules, even the people who are meant to enforce them.

    • Mary Alice: The thing you have to know about Lynette Scavo is that she had always trusted her husband Tom. Mostly, because she could always tell when he was lying. Sometimes he would ask her to repeat the question; or he would use odd words he had never used before; or his voice would get higher. Clearly, Tom Scavo was at a distinct disavantage when lying to his wife. And on this particular morning, that's exactly what Lynette was counting on. Lynette Scavo had always trusted her husband. She had no idea that trust was about to up in flames.

    • (Carlos introduces the new dog and the trainer to Gabrielle)
      Steve: So, any other questions?
      Gabrielle: No, it's crystal clear, Carlos gets a new best friend and I get to check the sofa for ticks! Yay for Gaby!
      Carlos: Did I exaggerate?
      Steve: Actually, you were kind.

    • Susan: Well, before you go, I just wanna say that, ah... (starts crying) having you here for the last few weeks...
      Bree: Susan, I'm just going across the street. There's no need to act like a silent movie heroine.
      Susan: (Crying) I know. It's just... I can't stop now, I broke the seal.
      Bree: Well, as much as I appreciate this naked display of emotion, you know how this sort of thing makes me uncomfortable.
      Susan: (Keeps crying) I can't help it. My hormones are in overdrive. Didn't you get that way when you were pregnant?
      Bree: No, never.
      Susan: Really? Not even when you heard an acoustic guitar?
      Bree: No, never!
      Susan: Oh, I just can't control myself like that.
      Bree: Oh, sure you can. Whenever I feel my emotions getting the best of me, I simply picture an empty box and I take whatever I'm feeling and put that in the box. And then, I picture myself putting the box away in a big, empty closet and closing the door. Then, if I have time, I go back and open the box and deal with the emotion, in private, like a lady.
      Susan: Thanks, I'm gonna try that.
      So you don't think I act like a lady? (Starts sobbing again)
      Bree: Prove me wrong, sweetie, prove me wrong.

  • NOTES (3)