Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 11

Home Is The Place

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2009 on ABC
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Bree clashes with Alex's mother (guest star Joanna Cassidy) for their sons' affections. Gabrielle urges Carlos to take a six-figure job, even though it means spending more time away from home. Susan turns to Lee for company while Jackson is away. Lynette catches Preston talking to Porter on the phone. Mrs. McCluskey and her sister, Roberta (guest star Lily Tomlin), arrive at Dr. Heller's office in Boston to talk with him unaware that he's recently deceased. Meanwhile, Edie grows weary of Dave, whose strange behavior hasn't abated.moreless

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  • It was just a filler episode, but great!

    So, this episode brought us to the second part of this season. We have seen Susan & Lee together at the gay club, then they obviously got drunk and fell asleep. The next morning Susan wakes up and she has got the feeling that they had sex :D omg, she was sooo funny! It was good to see the "old Susan". With Jackson gone she has really fun stuff to do. Bree & Melina were great, Joanna Cassidy did wonderful job with this character. Lynette was once again dramatic - I did not like her in this eppy, although it was cute to see her mother back! The Solises were also incredible with their "new job for Carlos" storyline. And there is Edie/Dave/Karen/Roberta and of course the main mystery. Edie kicked that weirdo out of her house (finally!) and Karen with her sister were at Dr.Heller´s office but they didn´t get any info. I am sooo excited for the next ep!moreless
  • good epsiode

    this was one of the best episode that we have had for quite some time,

    my fav part of this epsode was susans and lees night out which was really funny theses characters dont spend much time together so it was nice and refreshing to see them share a few scenes together

    i didnt however like lyntettes stolyine this week it just to serous for my liking when is this whole court thing going to be over cause it is draging on abit

    bree had a ok week this time around i thought the relationship with the mother in law was pretty funny to watch.

    overall a good episodemoreless
  • Never mind my 10 rating, I wouldn't give this episode a 10, it's just that on the new I can only rate episodes with .0 or .5 numbers, if I wanted to give it a 9.3, for example, I would have to give it a 9.0 or 9.5.moreless

    Now, this was, above all, an extremely funny episode.

    Susan bonded with Lee (guest star Kevin Rahm) while Jackson (guest star Gale Harold) was out of town. After they went clubbing, Susan thought she had done "it" with Lee. Susan's reaction to it was hysterical, and that whole scene with Bob (guest star Tuc Watkins) and his "facial hair" line really did it for me. I can't get over Gaby's laugh. It was so funny! :)

    Lynette kept searching for Porter, while Bob caught on that something was wrong, thanks to Penny. That whole scene with Lynette telling Preston she would run over Mr. Schilling was creepy, although I knew she wouldn't do it, especially because Peter Onorati wasn't even credited in this episode. I'm glad to see that Stella (guest star Polly Bergen) is back. I thought she wouldn't return until the next episode!

    Bree dealing with Andrew's mother-in-law Melina (guest star Joanna Cassidy) was funny, too. One of my favorite scenes on "Desperate Housewives" is that one with the two gals and the two gay lovers talking about houses in Bree's front porch. I loved how Bree took care of her rival, and I can't wait to see what'll happen next, but I thought Marcia's acting was a bit stiff in this episode.

    Gabrielle's storyline did the least for me in this episode, it was funny and a bit touching, yes, but I didn't really care for it. I liked how Maria Scott (guest star Ion Overman) told Carlos he would be worth a lot by working with the blind. In the end, Carlos took the job. I don't what to make of that, we'll just wait and see. I read somewhere that Carlos' boss would have an affair with a hairdresser named Suzette... don't know if that'll happen.

    Edie, Edie, Edie... finally, you caught up with Dave. He's a total psycho. But I didn't get why she threw him out in the end, I really didn't understand. Did he tell her before he had never been married until Edie? Why did she throw him out of the house just by learning he had been married in the past, when she actually was a witness to his dementia? Shouldn't that had made for a more proper excuse for kicking him out? I'm glad he's out, but I just didn't get it. I hope he doesn't become a threat to Edie... well, actually I do, but just because I know she won't die because she's a main character, so, yeah, I want Dave to hurt her a bit just to keep things interested. But I have a hunch they will be getting back together the very next episode: producers have to milk it until the season finale...

    Mrs. McCluskey's (guest star Kathryn Joosten) scenes were hilarious, I hope her sister (guest star Lily Tomlin) isn't gone for good. Overall, great every other!

    Next episode, Bree re-clashes with Melina, Lynette finds Porter and gets into a car accident, Susan and Edie get locked in a basement together, Gabrielle can't control her kids and someone might just die. :)moreless
  • Warning! Review contains sarcasm and satire. Jump to the wrong conclusions at your peril.

    Welcome to the single gayest episode of Desperate Housewives ever. Seriously, those homosexuals are everywhere this week; look, there's one having dinner with a Christian cookbook author! And there's another by his side! Of course, they don't actually do anything (I mean, ew, who'd want them, I can barely bring myself to write it, getting close?!) but still, there they are, out and proud. But wait... there's more! One of them's a lawyer! Ack! Quick, get the Governor on the phone... these people can't have normal jobs! Shouldn't he be working in a brothel or something? And as for that other one, the spoiled brat in the kimono who takes Susan to a gays bar, well, just look at him prancing about the place, stealing our women. These people are a threat to the fabric of our society and this programme is their propaganda tool! Get it off the air this instant!

    Oh, sorry, I'd mistakenly tuned this review to Evangelist Daily for a moment there (sponsored by the Family Research Council, 'providing you with all the bigotry and hatred you need to get you through your day'). I do apologise. 'Home is the Place' is, of course, a delightfully fun episode: while Susan's narrative is effectively just an exercise in padding, it's done with such comedic panache that you can't help but be roped in. Gabrielle's reaction to the possibility of Lee and Susan getting it on is absolutely hysterical. The other gay element is also rather inviting: Andrew and Alex's relationship is carefully and faithfully handled and the narrative into which it is entrenched is well constructed. Lynette's story, meanwhile, is as compelling as always and it's only really Gabrielle's, yet again, that disappoints: with Carlos returning to work, it feels rather like we're back at square one, rehashing stories of years past. A solid episode on the whole, however, with a great deal going for it.moreless
  • Teri and Marcia hit Comedy Gold!

    For me this episode was all about the comedy. Marcia Cross was on fire once again as Bree going head to Head with Alex's mother, i loved it when they went head to head raising the bids at the dinner table in order to persuade their sons to live near them. Bree yelling "i bought you the house" was pure comedy gold, Alex's mother wasn't going to top that. Susan once again landed herself in another awful situation waking up with lee in bed with her. Gabrielle's reaction to this was atually my fave moment of the episode. I know there was alot of Drama in it too (Dave gradually loosing control and Lynnette hunting for Porter) but for me this episode was all about the comedy!!moreless
David Starzyk

David Starzyk

Bradley Scott

Guest Star

Ion Overman

Ion Overman

Maria Scott

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Erin O'Shaughnessy

Erin O'Shaughnessy


Guest Star

Kathryn Joosten

Kathryn Joosten

Karen McCluskey

Recurring Role

Todd Grinnell

Todd Grinnell

Dr. Alex Cominis

Recurring Role

Polly Bergen

Polly Bergen

Stella Wingfield

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (18)

    • Susan: I need a man in my life!
      Lee: Why? We're so useless.

    • Mary Alice: (closing voiceover): Everyone needs a lovely home in suburbia. Mostly so the neighbors will never suspect what's going on inside. Behind these freshly painted walls you will find parents wracked with guilt, wives tired of struggling, lovers who have been lied to. Yes. Everybody needs a lovely home in suburbia, if for no other reason than to have a place to come home to.

    • Susan: So nothing happened between us?
      Lee: Hello? Gay? Listening to opera in a kimono? What more do you need to know?

    • Gabrielle: (to Bradley) So is eyecare included in the health plan? 'Cause that's obviously a big issue for Carlos.

    • Bradley: Just taking care of my kids.
      Maria: Yeah, I've got a picture of them in my purse. Want to see how many of them you can name?
      Bradley: More wine Maria?

    • Bree: Did it occur to you that I might want to sit next to the boys?
      Melina: Did it occur to you that I already called it?
      Orson: (to Bree) She did. She called it. Why don't you sit here Bree?
      Bree: Guess who just called the burnt lamb chop?

    • Melina: Bree, are you sure there isn't anything I can do to help? I'm just standing here with my thumb up my butt.
      Bree: No help needed, certainly nothing that would require your thumb.

    • Lee: (in the gay club, to Susan) Uh oh. Scary guy's coming over. I have to throw him off the scent. Do you mind if I grab one of your boobs?

    • Orson: (to Bree) Please. No-one's better at plastering on a fake smile and pretending to like someone than Bree Hodge.

    • Orson: I know Melina isn't what we hoped for but lets face it, in-laws rarely are. Need I remind you of my mother?
      Bree: Well, at least Gloria had the good taste to have a paralysing stroke so we don't have to deal with her.
      Orson: True. That was a merry Christmas.

    • (Bree is ironing a tablecloth.)
      Orson: What's all this?
      Bree: Oh Andrew thought it would be nice to have a formal dinner tomorrow night.
      Orson: Well if it's a formal dinner why aren't we using your grandmother's tablecloth?
      Bree: For Melina? She'd probably blow her nose on it. No, I will not let that woman defile Nana's lace.

    • Lee: (to Susan) Alright, alright. Meet me at my house at nine. And you might want to pile on the make-up. Drag queens get their first drink free.

    • Susan: Can I go clubbing with you tonight?
      Lee: Over-played Mayer.

    • Susan: If you're interested I have dirt on Bree.
      Lee: Go on.
      Susan: Aha! You're no better than I am.
      Lee: Nicely played Mayer.
      Susan: Thank you.

    • Bob: I've got a deposition to prep for.
      Lee: Then I will go clubbing without you and I will be wearing my 'not coming home alone' jeans.
      Bob: By wearing you mean squeezing into?

    • Mary Alice: (voiceover) Yes. There are important events in the history of every family. Meeting the in-laws is one. The moment you decide to hate them is another.

    • Melina: (to Bree) I called Christmas fair and square and I want to spend it with my son. So if you go to the boys and try and screw me over, I'll remember that for a really long time.

    • Melina: (to Bree) You know what they say in a bad economy, the mature cocktail waitress is the first to go.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Episode Title: "Home is the Place" is from a very rare non-show song written by Stephen Sondheim (with music by Jule Styne) which was for a Tony Bennett album in 1968.