Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 11

Home Is The Place

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

"There are important events in the history of every family, joyous births, tragic deaths, sublime weddings, but the one event every family dreams is the moment when they finally meet the in-laws".

Bree finally meets Alex's mom, Melina who will stay at her home driving from very far away to get know the in-laws. Melina starts calling the holidays, now that Andrew and Alex are getting married. Bree gets annoyed for not making things the way she does. Melina warns her that if she screws with her, she would remember it for a long time.

"Yes, there are important events in the history of every family, meeting the in-laws is one, the moment you decide to hate them is another".

After work, Edie arrives at home. She feels like celebrating asking Dave to take her dancing. He is not feeling so well and apologizes with Edie for making her unhappy. She implies she doesn't stay unhappy for long.

At home, Susan hears a message from Jackson telling her they need to talk, but not to be alarmed, they were just good news. She then hears Bob and Lee arguing and gets closer to hear more. Lee notices she is watching and appears at her window. After talking they decide to go out to a gay club that night.

Bob is now at the Scavo's asking "Porter" questions of the day of the fire. "Porter" doesn't recall and they decide to take a break. Penny comes running calling "Porter" Preston, making Bob realize they were lying to him.

Carlos and the girls arrive home showing Gaby they found a lady-bug. Carlos is amazed by all the things he is now able to see. Gaby, indifferent, hits the bug and asks him to get a better job.

Bob now tells Lynette and Tom that he is now obligated to tell the law that Porter is missing. After begging him, he gives them 2 days to find him or he will speak.

Gabrielle is at the shopping mall just watching the clothes she can't afford and going to the discount shops. She runs into Bradley, Carlos' old partner. She tells him Carlos got back his vision and he offers him a new job. Gabby then walks into the expensive store.

Mrs. McCluskey and her sister go to Dave's doctor office. The secretary says she is in no position to confirm where he is. They tell her they can wait. They sit down take a couple beers; the secretary asks them surprised if that was a beer. Roberta just answers: "We are in no position to confirm that".

Gaby is modeling her new shoes telling Juanita daddy just bought them for her, but he doesn't know it. Carlos enters their bedroom and Gaby tells the news to Carlos. He says no, because he now wants to help people; but after he leaves Gaby calls Bradley inviting him for dinner.

Outside of Bree's home, she is talking with Melena when the boys arrive. Melina starts getting into their mind telling them they can afford a big home by the lake, back where she lives for much less money. Andrew says he is open for the idea, leaving Bree thinking of what to do.

Susan and Lee now are at the club. Lee is complaining about Bob's attitude of being the provider and Susan tells him Jackson got a new job and he wanted Susan to move with him. A guy at the club stares at Lee, but he refuses and asks Susan if he can grab her a boob. They end up half naked at Susan's. She discovers there is food, wine and jazz music thinking they ended up doing it, but not remembering it.

Lynette arrives at home and tricks Preston finding out he has been talking with Porter. She begs him to convince him to come back or they might lose the restaurant. He tells her that he won't risk his brother's life for a restaurant and that she should be more worried about the security of her son.

Susan and Gaby are having coffee when Susan confesses she might have slept with someone last night, but not remembering it. Bob knocks the door worried about where Lee spent the night. Susan tells him not to worry, he was with her. Bob says it was a relief because drunken Lee can sleep with anything with a pulse and facial hair, making Gaby burst with laughter.

Karen and her sister now tired of waiting decide to leave, not noticing the secretary was just talking with Dave, him asking her for a new prescription and giving her the new address: Wisteria Lane.

At night, Bree's family and Melina get together for dinner. Melina tells her son and Andrew she got him a new job and they now can buy the house and move out. This leaves with no other opportunity than to offer to buy them the Adam's house. They accept making Bree the winner and rushing to call Edie to buy the house.

Carlos arrives home just to find Bradley and his wife are at home for dinner. Gaby convinces him to listen the job offer. Talking business through, Gaby and Carlos find out Bradley and his wife are having a lot of problems due to his job, Gaby still insists on Carlos taking the job.

Edie wake up in the middle of the night and hears Dave taking to himself. She scares him and he accidentally hits her.

Lynette takes Preston to a bar where Warren visits often, she tells him that she will do anything to protect her family and implies she will run Warren up and ask him to get out of the car. Preston changes his mind and tells her he will convince Porter to come back.

Carlos is now telling Gaby he doesn't want this job, because it's either his corrupted soul and the money or the happiness of doing something he likes. Gaby tells him they have been taking care of him for the past five years and that now it was his turn. Carlos takes the phone, calls Bradley and accepts the job offer.

Susan makes Lee a visit, only to find out she never slept with him. He asks her to think things through about moving out with Jackson, hugging in each other she leaves with the doubt in her mind.

Lynette now talks to Preston and ask him to trust her in everything being ok. Someone hangs up the cell phone, being Lynette's mom the responsible. He tells Preston not to trust her, that she did that and ended up in a bad position.

Dave now apologizes to Edie for his attitude. She demands and explanations, making him confess he was married before, but he tells him his ex-wife is now dead. Edie asks him to move out by the end of the night.

The episode ends by showing Andrew and Alex move into their new home, Lynette struggling with guilt, Gaby tired of fighting, Edie sad for being lied to and Dave leaving his home and exchanging looks with Mrs. McCluskey, who has just returned to Wisteria Lane.