Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 11

Home Is The Place

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2009 on ABC

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  • It was just a filler episode, but great!

    So, this episode brought us to the second part of this season. We have seen Susan & Lee together at the gay club, then they obviously got drunk and fell asleep. The next morning Susan wakes up and she has got the feeling that they had sex :D omg, she was sooo funny! It was good to see the "old Susan". With Jackson gone she has really fun stuff to do. Bree & Melina were great, Joanna Cassidy did wonderful job with this character. Lynette was once again dramatic - I did not like her in this eppy, although it was cute to see her mother back! The Solises were also incredible with their "new job for Carlos" storyline. And there is Edie/Dave/Karen/Roberta and of course the main mystery. Edie kicked that weirdo out of her house (finally!) and Karen with her sister were at Dr.Heller´s office but they didn´t get any info. I am sooo excited for the next ep!
  • good epsiode

    this was one of the best episode that we have had for quite some time,
    my fav part of this epsode was susans and lees night out which was really funny theses characters dont spend much time together so it was nice and refreshing to see them share a few scenes together
    i didnt however like lyntettes stolyine this week it just to serous for my liking when is this whole court thing going to be over cause it is draging on abit
    bree had a ok week this time around i thought the relationship with the mother in law was pretty funny to watch.
    overall a good episode
  • Never mind my 10 rating, I wouldn't give this episode a 10, it's just that on the new I can only rate episodes with .0 or .5 numbers, if I wanted to give it a 9.3, for example, I would have to give it a 9.0 or 9.5.

    Now, this was, above all, an extremely funny episode.

    Susan bonded with Lee (guest star Kevin Rahm) while Jackson (guest star Gale Harold) was out of town. After they went clubbing, Susan thought she had done "it" with Lee. Susan's reaction to it was hysterical, and that whole scene with Bob (guest star Tuc Watkins) and his "facial hair" line really did it for me. I can't get over Gaby's laugh. It was so funny! :)

    Lynette kept searching for Porter, while Bob caught on that something was wrong, thanks to Penny. That whole scene with Lynette telling Preston she would run over Mr. Schilling was creepy, although I knew she wouldn't do it, especially because Peter Onorati wasn't even credited in this episode. I'm glad to see that Stella (guest star Polly Bergen) is back. I thought she wouldn't return until the next episode!

    Bree dealing with Andrew's mother-in-law Melina (guest star Joanna Cassidy) was funny, too. One of my favorite scenes on "Desperate Housewives" is that one with the two gals and the two gay lovers talking about houses in Bree's front porch. I loved how Bree took care of her rival, and I can't wait to see what'll happen next, but I thought Marcia's acting was a bit stiff in this episode.

    Gabrielle's storyline did the least for me in this episode, it was funny and a bit touching, yes, but I didn't really care for it. I liked how Maria Scott (guest star Ion Overman) told Carlos he would be worth a lot by working with the blind. In the end, Carlos took the job. I don't what to make of that, we'll just wait and see. I read somewhere that Carlos' boss would have an affair with a hairdresser named Suzette... don't know if that'll happen.

    Edie, Edie, Edie... finally, you caught up with Dave. He's a total psycho. But I didn't get why she threw him out in the end, I really didn't understand. Did he tell her before he had never been married until Edie? Why did she throw him out of the house just by learning he had been married in the past, when she actually was a witness to his dementia? Shouldn't that had made for a more proper excuse for kicking him out? I'm glad he's out, but I just didn't get it. I hope he doesn't become a threat to Edie... well, actually I do, but just because I know she won't die because she's a main character, so, yeah, I want Dave to hurt her a bit just to keep things interested. But I have a hunch they will be getting back together the very next episode: producers have to milk it until the season finale...

    Mrs. McCluskey's (guest star Kathryn Joosten) scenes were hilarious, I hope her sister (guest star Lily Tomlin) isn't gone for good. Overall, great every other!

    Next episode, Bree re-clashes with Melina, Lynette finds Porter and gets into a car accident, Susan and Edie get locked in a basement together, Gabrielle can't control her kids and someone might just die. :)
  • Warning! Review contains sarcasm and satire. Jump to the wrong conclusions at your peril.

    Welcome to the single gayest episode of Desperate Housewives ever. Seriously, those homosexuals are everywhere this week; look, there's one having dinner with a Christian cookbook author! And there's another by his side! Of course, they don't actually do anything (I mean, ew, who'd want them, I can barely bring myself to write it, getting close?!) but still, there they are, out and proud. But wait... there's more! One of them's a lawyer! Ack! Quick, get the Governor on the phone... these people can't have normal jobs! Shouldn't he be working in a brothel or something? And as for that other one, the spoiled brat in the kimono who takes Susan to a gays bar, well, just look at him prancing about the place, stealing our women. These people are a threat to the fabric of our society and this programme is their propaganda tool! Get it off the air this instant!

    Oh, sorry, I'd mistakenly tuned this review to Evangelist Daily for a moment there (sponsored by the Family Research Council, 'providing you with all the bigotry and hatred you need to get you through your day'). I do apologise. 'Home is the Place' is, of course, a delightfully fun episode: while Susan's narrative is effectively just an exercise in padding, it's done with such comedic panache that you can't help but be roped in. Gabrielle's reaction to the possibility of Lee and Susan getting it on is absolutely hysterical. The other gay element is also rather inviting: Andrew and Alex's relationship is carefully and faithfully handled and the narrative into which it is entrenched is well constructed. Lynette's story, meanwhile, is as compelling as always and it's only really Gabrielle's, yet again, that disappoints: with Carlos returning to work, it feels rather like we're back at square one, rehashing stories of years past. A solid episode on the whole, however, with a great deal going for it.
  • Teri and Marcia hit Comedy Gold!

    For me this episode was all about the comedy. Marcia Cross was on fire once again as Bree going head to Head with Alex's mother, i loved it when they went head to head raising the bids at the dinner table in order to persuade their sons to live near them. Bree yelling "i bought you the house" was pure comedy gold, Alex's mother wasn't going to top that. Susan once again landed herself in another awful situation waking up with lee in bed with her. Gabrielle's reaction to this was atually my fave moment of the episode. I know there was alot of Drama in it too (Dave gradually loosing control and Lynnette hunting for Porter) but for me this episode was all about the comedy!!
  • Interesting one

    Another great installment for this episode. Bree and Alex's mother clashing was great entertainment - I am surprised Bree didn't deck the silly mere. But I suppose she is far stronger. Gabby and Carlos might be rich again! Their story was highly amusing and entertaining - especially the dinner scene - gotta love Gabby's reactions.
    I am also glad to see Susan and Lee having a good friendship. After her poor introduction to the new guys five years ago, its good to see a bond begin. Lynette and Tom are in deep trouble - with their son on the lamb and money running out. The best bit was the cameo by Lynette's mother - she's back next week!
    Oh and Dave is losing it - I can see the scythe of death hanging over the Lane now. Great Stuff!
  • Nothing Happened Written by Jamie Gorenberg Directed by David Grossman

    Susan: "So nothing happened between us?"
    Lee: "Hello? Gay Listening to opera in a kimono? What more do you need?"

    I think I can speak for just about every viewer when I say what we need are storylines for Susan that do not involve her love life for once. Seriously, five seasons in and the writers are exhausting this beaten donkey to its very last.

    Three episodes since nearly being burned to death, Jackson has fecked off somewhere to attune into his inner artist but we're still stuck with Susan obsessing about her romantic woes. Who better to unload off to than Lee of people?

    Yeah, remember at the start of Season Four when Lee moved into the neighbourhood and instantly took a dislike to Susan that's never really been resolved? Well, it's briefly skimmed over when both of them chide the other for their love of gossip and Susan pesters to go clubbing with him.

    Surely in a gay club, we see Susan adverting her love of relentlessly dithering on about her love life but alas, not so much. Fortunately, Lee's having a crappy time with Bob so he's surprisingly sympathetic to Susan's plight. That is, when he's not using her to keep undesirable men away from him. Yeah, touching one of Susan's boobs will keep the men away.

    For viewers who've endlessly pointed out that Bob and Lee are pointless as characters, this episode gives both of them a hell of a lot more to do than any other episode they've appeared in so far, which is good. Lee's resentment for domestic bliss is played out when he and Bob argue in public and Susan provides a decent enough sounding board for him, even though it's mainly her problems we have to listen to.

    One of the worst things however about this episode was them waking up with each other the next day. I had read rumours of them doing the deed and like with Christian and Liz in Nip/Tuck, this was one plot I really did not want to watch. Plus it doesn't help that this episode plays it out while Lee acts oblivious.

    If there's a funny part to this episode, its Gabby realising that Susan must've slept with Lee and then failing to contain her laughter when Bob kept talking about Lee's sexual prowess. A part of me felt half sorry for Susan but Gabby's immaturity certainly raised a giggle for a plot I really didn't want to see.

    Fortunately though, it seemed that Susan somewhat jumped the gun as it turned out that her and Lee didn't have sex. Talk about a relief and not just because it meant that Susan and Lee didn't cheat on either Jackson or Bob but the idea of Susan screwing a gay man on this show (or any of the housewives) is a tad vomit inducing.

    I usually don't care for Lee all that much as a character but Kevin Rahm is a good actor and Lee did raise some interesting points about Susan's reasons for wanting to move in with Jackson. Regardless of whether or not she's over Mike, there's no way a sane or even a drama craving person would dare move in with someone they weren't in love with. You just wouldn't.

    Of course, Susan's line is equally silly, what with her explaining to Lee that she can't function alone. I should feel sorry for her but given that she's a son to take care of and a good support network of friends, I can't help but think that once again Susan's just being melodramatic.

    As for Bob, when he wasn't arguing with Lee (and when it comes to spats between them, I think I'm gonna side with Bob more), he was also instrumental in the Scavos plot. Thanks to Penny recognising Preston, Lynette and Tom had to confess that Porter did a runner and needless to say, Bob was pretty pissed off.

    I really do hope that even when this Scavo plot blows over (or more likely intensify in some way) that Bob continues to get more stuff to do on this show. He's a good character and given that Wisteria Lane is misdemeanour central, there's no reason why he can't be used to represent half the neighbourhood. Plus more of Tuc Watkins on my screen isn't a bad thing either.

    As for Lynette, well lying to Bob was stupid beyond belief but unfortunately she will protect her twins no matter how idiotic they behave. Preston in particular should've had enough common sense to try and talk Porter out of his mad scheme to run away and given that Porter was so willing to shoot Warren a few episodes ago, I don't buy into him being completely terrified of the man.

    Of course Preston did convey Porter's fears of Warren to Lynette and the latter used this to get Preston on side. Having Lynette threaten to run Warren over was clearly a bluff but hats off to Felicity Huffman during those scenes because I actually did think that Lynette was going to try and kill Warren.

    Also in terms of surprises of all the places that Porter could've hidden in, a retirement home with Stella was certainly surprising. By the way, nice to have Stella back but clearly she's sour about being dumped in a retirement home and I can see another power struggle between Lynette and her mother emerging very soon with Porter being used as bait no less.

    Another perk of this plot is its connection to Dave. It's been a while since we've seen Karen and Roberta and while they make for a great team, it's a little disappointing that Roberta gives up moments for a big break came their way. Also, I have to loving the way they handled Dr Heller's secretary with their array of pithy comments and that look between Dave and Karen at the end of the episode literally screamed "Round Two" as far as I'm concerned.

    Dave is definitely getting shafted left, right and centre in this episode. With Karen back in the neighbourhood, he'll need to be careful and without his medication, he acted out erratically and caught out by Edie, who wasn't impressed to find him talking to himself or to find out that he had a spouse who died.

    You can't blame Edie for turfing Dave out during those moments. He lied to her about being married beforehand and his behaviour in this episode was disturbing. Plus, we also know that Edie's no pushover so in a way, it's great to see her kick Dave to the curb, though there's the feeling that he'll find some way of getting back into her good graces.

    Also after being savagely underused in the first half of the season, it's about time that Edie actually factored into the Dave mystery. She is his wife and there was the nasty risk that the writers might have found some way of contriving Bree into the mix but with any luck, it'll just be Susan, Mike, Edie and to a lesser extent, Lynette, Karen and possibly Katherine who factor.

    Speaking of Bree, it's nice that she likes Alex so much but it was painfully obvious that she would take an immediate dislike to his mother, Melina. Proving to be everything that Bree isn't, Melina's loud, obnoxious and a stickler for calling dates to see Andrew and Alex.

    Having her and Bree in fierce competition mode to win the happy couple's affections did border on being silly in this episode but at the same time, I refuse to take a side because both Bree and Melina were as bad as each other and Bree works well with a rival and Melina's a fairly good one.

    Of course while Melina nearly tempted the lads' to move back to Oakdale with the promise of Alex of running a practice, Bree nixed her in the end by getting them a house on Wisteria Lane. I hope we haven't seen the last of Melina because this could be a fun rivalry and Joanna Cassidy did seem like she was having a ball with her scenes with Marcia Cross here.

    However in terms of least interesting plots, I have to give the award to Gabby and Carlos. First off all, the plot they have this week isn't terrible but it doesn't ignite the same amount of intrigue or childish fun compared to the others but seeing as I've found myself caring more for these characters than I did when the show first started, I'll let it slide.

    With Carlos' sight back, the natural progression is for him to go back to work and seeing as Gabby has repeatedly harped on about struggling, it can't come a minute. The only problem is that Carlos and Gabby have different ideas on the right job. For Carlos, it's a chance to work with the blind and do something fulfilling. Gabby meanwhile a corporate job with mega bore Bradley is better.

    To be fair, they're both right. Carlos deserves a job like anyone else that gives him emotional satisfaction as well as financial security but seeing as money is tight and that he has children, taking the job with Bradley is probably the best option for him right now, even if his heart isn't in it. Also if the writers manage to avoid repeating the pattern that we saw during the first season with Carlos in a corporate environment, then I'll be a happy viewer. I really do not want to sit through future episodes where Gabby complains about being lonely. I didn't care in Season One all that much and I probably won't care all that much for in Season Five either.

    Also in "Home Is The Place"

    The opening episode nicely sets up Bree's first meeting with Melina, who really does have the trashy look down to perfection.

    Melina: "My hand's going up".
    Bree: "Fine, I call Easter".

    Technically this episode doesn't feature Jackson but Gale Harold did record that voice mail for Susan's phone.

    Dave: "I don't like talking about my troubles".
    Edie: "And I don't like sitting at home when I feel like dancing".

    Lee: "Miss anything or do you want a juicy recap?"
    Susan: "No, I'm good".

    When Susan talks about gays loving her and mentions Andrew, I actually remember those two characters having a significant moment (besides that pool scene in "Impossible").

    Bree: "At least Gloria had the good graces to have a paralysing stroke".
    Orson: "That was a merry Christmas".

    Secretary: "Is that a beer?"
    Roberta: "We are not in a position to confirm that".

    Some secretary Dr Heller has. Any other employee would find it suspect that their boss has been gone for quite a while without word.

    Gabby (to Carlos): "I spent the last five years working with the blind. Trust me, not that fulfilling".

    Karen (re secretary): "Where does she get off having that attitude?"
    Roberta: "She's young and pretty and we're not".
    Karen: "She's not that pretty".

    Was it me or did it seem that Andrew and Alex were slightly playing Bree and Melina against each other? It's not like either woman was hiding their competitive streak from them.

    Melina (regarding the house): "That's way too generous. You shouldn't do that".
    Bree: "Oh, it's nothing you wouldn't do".

    Bradley: "I work very hard to provide for you and the kids. I would like a little respect".
    Maria: "You know what I'd like? A big divorce!"

    Katherine and Mike were missing from this episode along with MJ and Parker as well.
    Preston: "Why are you telling me this?"
    Lynette: "Yesterday you told me that Warren Schilling will kill Porter. I will never let that happen".

    Susan: "I'm not good alone. I need a man in my life".
    Lee: "But why? We're useless!"
    Susan: "But you're good to dance with".

    Was it really a smart idea for Dave to tell Edie that he was married before? Hopefully this will make her want to investigate her own husband's past.

    Edie: "You were married before?"
    Dave: "She's dead, Edie. What does it matter to you, anyway?"
    Edie: "It matters a lot. You have until tonight to get your things together. And I want you out of my house … forever".

    Chronology: No time is specified since "A Vision's Just A Vision".

    "Home Is The Place" won't win points for doing anything terrifically originally but as return episodes go, this is certainly a lot better than I thought it would be. Finally getting Edie in on her husband's past is a smart move that will hopefully prove vital in later episodes.
  • One step closer to finding out what Dave's secret is

    In this episode of Desperate Housewives, the following happens. Lee and Susan, go out clubbing together, to a gay bar. Bree meets Andre's future mother-in-law. Porter's ADA soon realises that Porter is missing and that Preston has been posing as him. Carlos quite his job and gets a new job working with the blind. Jackson gets offered a job in another town and asks Susan to move there with him. The next morning, Susan wakes up with Lee next to him, and she has no idea of what happened the night before until she goes down stairs. She soon believes that they may have slept together. Eddie becomes more worried about Dave, when she sees him in the middle of the night, down stairs talking to other people who are not there.
    Gabby convinces Carlos to take another job, which pay a lot of money. Susan goes round to see Lee to ask him if they slept together and he tells her no. When Lynette speaks to Preston, we see that he is staying with her mother. Dave tells Eddie that he was married before she met him, and that she is dead now. Eddie tells him to leave. Bree buys Andrew and his partner a house.
  • Susan spends time with Lee.

    Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. My two favorite story lines in this episode were definitely Susan's and Lynette's. It was really great getting to see a lot of Bob and Lee in this episode. I loved all of Bob's interactions with Lynette, and I also loved Susan's interactions with Lee. Gabrielle's story line was great too. Dave sure was creepy in this episode, but he was great at the same time too. It was great getting to see a lot of Karen and her sister Roberta in this episode too. The whole thing with Bree, All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Desperate Housewives from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Desperate Housewives.
  • A brilliant comeback show for the back half of the season.

    What an excellent show this was! All the characters were great. I loved the scenes with Susan and Lee their chemistry was excellent - so funny. Bree and the ghastly mother in law were so good too. It was also nice to see the return of Karen and Roberta they have been absent for quite a while. The fact they almost uncovered Dave's secret but left just before the receptionist mentioned Wisteria Lane was total genius. I loved the scene with Gabby in Susan's kitchen but was less keen on her storyline overall. Finally the twist with Porter at Lynette's mother's house was very cleverly done and totally unexpected. Desperate Housewives simply keeps going from strength to strength.
  • Bree clashes with Andrew's soon-to-be mother-in-law, Susan goes to a gay club with Lee, Carlos gets a job offer Gaby can't refuse, Karen and Roberta close in on the mystery, Lynette tries to find Porter and Edie discovers the truth about Dave.

    Let's start with the not so good points of this episode: first, Susan's story was pure filler and had nothing to do with the course of future storylines. This was filler like you've never seen it and although I understand with Gale Harold's accident, I sure hope this won't be the same for future episodes. But the scene with Gaby in her kitchen was great, the same goes for Lee's line:
    Susan - 'A lot of gay people like me: you, Bob, Andrew,...'
    Lee - 'That's two.'

    Bree's adventure wasn't that interesting, the war between her and Melina wasn't played out exactly like I expected, but I guess we'll see the full battle next episode. These two things are the only ones that keep this episode from the full score.

    Karen came very close to uncovering Dave's true identity and her leaving just before the secretary mentioned 'Wisteria Lane' was the pure, sick humour I adore on this show. Roberta's 'We're not entitled to confirm that' was hilarious, and I hope she isn't out of the picture after today, cause that would be a shame. I can see Karen trying to team up with another resident from the Lane next week.

    Gaby was hilarious today and although it's really sneaky to do so for a main character, I actually like how she manipulated Carlos in taking a better paid job. Her last scene, when she puts the shoes in the closet, it's actually a bit freaky and I can't wait to see how she regains her full beauty again.

    Lynette had the spotlight once again, but it's getting time for this story to end. Next week I guess she'll find Porter and then there's number 100. After that, I give it 1 episode more, 2 tops.
    I wonder if she would ever have run over Mr. Schilling. I don't think she was just manipulating Preston in calling his brother, so I guess the answer is yes. I actually was hoping for her to do it, because it would stir up things and a lot of people have gotten away with murder on this show, so I don't see why not her. I just hope Mr. Schilling will be back, because this isn't finished business.
    The scene with Penny was hilarious and I'm glad to see Polly Bergen back, although I don't know why she's pissed at Lynette. The last time they parted, she was staying with her ex and now she blames Lynette for being somewhere else, so maybe something that happened in the last 5 years?
    Wouldn't it be great if she would wind up being in the same place as Bree's ex mother-in-law, Phyllis? If she comes back, Bree would loose control all the way...

    And finally there's Edie and Dave. I've been waiting for this moment since the season premiere and I think Edie reacted the way she should have. I like the serious Edie that showed up last night and Dave should come back for her, in a positive OR negative way...

    All in all a very good episode, too bad Susan's storyline was lame and Bree's wasn't that good. But next week will bring better things to look out for.
  • A wonderful episode! One of my all time favourites. I was on board the whole time wanting the characters to succeed in their quests. Only Karen's story was lacking. But my favourite part was a real suprise...

    This episode finally gave Edie the screen time she has been needing. An excellent episode for her character and well worth this long wait. Basically with Edie I either love her or hate her. In the early seasons I got tired of her but since Season 3, when she actually developed, I have loved every moment. She is not my favourite character but she was in this episode where FINALLY she stepped up. They have really misused her character thus far making her barely part of the mystery, despite the fact she is married to the villian of the season. This was exactly what I was waiting for and Nicholette was excellent. So true of Edie to take a stand and tell her husband where to stick it for lying to her.

    Bree was also amazing this episode! I am a Bree fan now and forever and this is why. I also loved the references back to the beginning of the series with the image of Rex and the call back to Gloria as a mother in law. Overall the episode kept me on the edge of my seat. Susan and Gabby's scene was priceless, as was Bree finally deciding to buy the Adam's house. I think this would be for sure the best Desperate episode in a long time and I look forward to discovering more about the Dave plot (now Edie is more involved as I dont really like Dave that much). I also am finally interested in Lynette's story since the last episode left me bored with her.

    Last thing, and the only reason this episode doesnt get 10 out of 10 is the lack of Katherine. Glad we got a break from Mike but Katherine is another character who is finding it hard to find her place this season since her mystery ended. I hope Dana stays around cause I adore the character of Katherine very much and dont want to loose her cause the writers cant find a place for her anymore in their storylines. I would like her and Mike more if I saw them develop. Thus far we see everything from the eyes of the other housewives. Not what I want. Let Katherine tell her own story. Otherwise fantastic and I cant wait for the 100th episode! :D
  • Some compelling storylines and just a really good episode of television.

    In my latest blog Desperate Housewives ranked the second best show of 2008. If they can keep producing episodes like this they will surely hold that position again next year, if not surpass it for #1.

    The show is just so good in every area. You have perfectly timed comedy from Bree, Gabrielle, Karen and Susan, you've got mystery with the ever-intriguing Dave Williams character and you've got some of the best writing on television. The dialogue is just so entertaining and you're hooked for the entire hour in a way few other shows can do.

    Desperate Housewives did a great job casting Joanna Cassidy as Melina, because she is just so easy to hate. Bree's impeccable grace and motherly presence being tested was excellent and I'm glad we're getting more and more episodes centered around her.

    The Susan/Lee "hookup" came off as jumping the shark, but luckily they decided against having them get together in the end. I'm still enjoying Teri Hatcher much more this year than last year as they've toned down on the stupidity and made her a much more likable personality.

    But a great way to kick off the new year as I was starting to get restless without my weekly fix of Gabrielle, Dave, Edie and Bree.
  • The ladies kick off the new year with some intriguing new shifts.

    I had expected a filler ep in many ways but this episode instead gave us some very good developments all around. The battle of Bree and her in-laws was interesting, showing again how Bree thinks and that she won't let anyone boss her around. The Susan/Lee stuff was very good as the two had wonderful chemistry. But more important was Lee's advice to her, to make sure she knew her feelings before making any serious decisions and it was great to see the two getting along so well.

    The Lynette/Porter stuff was interesting with the lawyer logical wanting to be honest and them begging for quiet. Huffman was amazing in that scene, making you believe Lynette will truly kill for her children and keep them safe by any means necessary. That Porter is living with her mother was a great twist I never saw coming but promises some classic Lynette fun to come.

    Another surprise was how the Gabrielle/Carlos plot ended. I had expected once again Carlos coming on top to make Gabby see he'd changed and not wanted the same things and her accepting it. But his giving in was a great move as it restores Gabby to the "looks over all else" mentality we all know she's had and it's logical she'd want that back after five years. That little smile at the end was classic Gabrielle, not really caring how her husband feels as long as she gets what she wants.

    The biggest was Dave as he comes clean of his marriage to Edie who finally starts to see his problems. Of course, pushing a man already in a delicate mental state over the edge might not be the best move and the coming months will no doubt lead to more wild changes.
  • Season 5, Episode 11.

    Bree clashes with Alex's mother for their sons' affections. Gabrielle urges Carlos to take a six-figure job, even though it means spending more time away from home. Susan turns to Lee for company while Jackson is away. Lynette catches Preston talking to Porter on the phone. Meanwhile, Edie grows weary of Dave, whose strange behavior hasn't abated. Haha. Wow. I liked the Susan thing with Lee. I love when Gabby flicked the lady bug. LMAO. Plus I love Alex's mother. LMAO Susan and Lee! LMAO when Bob came and Gabby broke her cup. Great episode, especially with Bree. Definitely great DH material. :)
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