Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 11

Home Is The Place

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2009 on ABC

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  • Warning! Review contains sarcasm and satire. Jump to the wrong conclusions at your peril.

    Welcome to the single gayest episode of Desperate Housewives ever. Seriously, those homosexuals are everywhere this week; look, there's one having dinner with a Christian cookbook author! And there's another by his side! Of course, they don't actually do anything (I mean, ew, who'd want them, I can barely bring myself to write it, getting close?!) but still, there they are, out and proud. But wait... there's more! One of them's a lawyer! Ack! Quick, get the Governor on the phone... these people can't have normal jobs! Shouldn't he be working in a brothel or something? And as for that other one, the spoiled brat in the kimono who takes Susan to a gays bar, well, just look at him prancing about the place, stealing our women. These people are a threat to the fabric of our society and this programme is their propaganda tool! Get it off the air this instant!

    Oh, sorry, I'd mistakenly tuned this review to Evangelist Daily for a moment there (sponsored by the Family Research Council, 'providing you with all the bigotry and hatred you need to get you through your day'). I do apologise. 'Home is the Place' is, of course, a delightfully fun episode: while Susan's narrative is effectively just an exercise in padding, it's done with such comedic panache that you can't help but be roped in. Gabrielle's reaction to the possibility of Lee and Susan getting it on is absolutely hysterical. The other gay element is also rather inviting: Andrew and Alex's relationship is carefully and faithfully handled and the narrative into which it is entrenched is well constructed. Lynette's story, meanwhile, is as compelling as always and it's only really Gabrielle's, yet again, that disappoints: with Carlos returning to work, it feels rather like we're back at square one, rehashing stories of years past. A solid episode on the whole, however, with a great deal going for it.