Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 23

I Guess This is Goodbye (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2010 on ABC
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Bree decides to hand over her company to Sam (guest star Sam Page) in order to protect her family's big secret. In the meantime, Susan and Mike prepare to move away, and Lynette is held hostage by Fairview's most notorious serial killer. Gabrielle puts herself at risk trying to help Angie and her family.moreless

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  • A great season :D

    I don't understand why this season has such low ratings. I loveee it :D like every other season it had its high and low butt overall it was a great story. I'm sorry that Angie had to escape, I love her character.
  • The 6th Season Ends With Lynette Giving Birth To Her Baby. Bree Must Hand Over The Company To Sam. Angie Confronts Patrick With An Explosive Conclusion.

    The 6th season was not the best season the series could offer but it got the ending it always deserved. I really liked this episode in many aspects. It was plausible throughout and just plain entertaining. The acting was really intense and excellent. Drea De Matteo gives her best performance in the series. I won't spoil the ending from you but it is literally an explosive finale. I was really happy about it. I'm sad Sam destroyed the company that Bree had been building for many years. Poor Bree. I'd like to see where the storyline of the Delfinos will go. The scenes with Lynette and Eddie were marvelous. Flawless end to good season! The last scene was really intense. See ya all in season 7!moreless
  • Booom baaam booom baaam boom paul....huh?! *dies*

    Okay so, I watched the first episode of the finale and this one about three days apart and I can just say something, great idea!

    The tension was just too much too handle. I love how Desperate Housewives is focusing more on being thrilling in the last couple of seasons, then on being smart.

    Yes the storylines are over the top, but hey it's Desperate Housewives. If they're not then why are watching?

    Okay, the storylines of this episode:

    Gabrielle tries helping the Bolens by attempting to get the aid of Patrick. When that fails, she tricks a depressed, leaving Susan into helping her unitentionally while she tries to help Danny escape. Meanwhile Lynette is helf captive by Eddie who wants to take her with him until he knows he could escape but that plan goes to hell when Lynette's water breaks.

    Bree hands over her company to Sam, who by the way is one the most annoying and punch worthy characters ever to be featured on this show.

    Oscar worthy episode.

    Gripping is one word you could use to describe it. The way the last fifteen minutes played out were simply emotionally rollercoastered!

    I can go on and on about how nerve wracking it was to just sit there waiting to see what will happen. The ending was a big whoa for me! I mean Paul is back. Way to get everybody excited for season seven.

    Flawless finale.moreless
  • A solid end to a very lazy season of Desperate Housewives

    Why is this Episode scoring so low?? I felt that this was one of the best season finales that Desperate Housewives has given us, I thought is was funny tense and just abit sillly which is all the things you want and expect from Desperate housewives.Gabys storyline was by far the best and ive enjoyed her getting involved in the season mistery arc this year. Her impression of angie wass hilarious!! Susans storyline also had a few laughs in there and some good drama between herself and mike.Lynettes story was abit silly espically considering how quick she gave birth. The bolens leaving i felt was the right descion and Paul young returing is exciting to say the least. bRING ON SEASON 7moreless
  • Serioulsy?

    I scratch my head but find no answer. How a great show like DH could jump the sharks so quickly and so surprisingly? [Please pm me if you know...]

    Until last year it was still okay but I lost total interest in season 6.

    My favourite character, Katherine, went crazy... and lesbian. Why do the writers now feel obligated to sexually convert their characters whenever they have a lack of inspiration?

    What was interesting about this show was the interaction between the four housewives. Now they hardly share the same room anymore... Come on!

    What was that stupid Eddy arc? I mean, we hardly know the kid and all of a sudden the whole end of the season revolves around him and it's just dumb.

    Not to mention the season 6 'mystery' about Angie, her scars, crazy-husband-having-problem-with-his-son to I-love-you-danny and I-hate-you-but-now-I-can't live-without-you-dad which totally sucked. I wasn't hooked at all and couldn't wait for them to be gone...

    Oh, and why did the writers have to ruin Bree who was one of the best housewife on the lane?!

    So please, Marc Cherry, if you read this give us back our group of cray lady friends who went through thick and thin together and who I miss so much!moreless
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Diane Robin

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