Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 23

I Guess This is Goodbye (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2010 on ABC

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  • Paul is back, Susan leaves the Lane

    Relatively mixed feelings. It did have the excitement of the finale, and hooked me in. Plots were wrapped up and others interested that make me very excited for next season.

    Here are the pros and cons:


    PAUL. Having him back will hopefully make next season as wonderful as Season 1. He added so much to the show. Hopefully with him back we'll hear more about Mary Alice, Zach, and Felicia. Obviously, he got out of jail for "killing" Felicia so we'll find out why, and he also seems to be after someone on the lane, there has to be a reason why he's back and why he has that suspicious look on his face.

    Juanita, "Mama"- I was really annoyed that we didn't get to see Gabby's reaction, but hopefully we will see it (and Carlos') next season and I'm excited to see what happens. Also, again, it brings up 1st season plotlines again, and those are unbeatable.

    Angie- her plotline was wrapped up nicely. It wasn't the most interesting mystery of the series, but I'm glad Patrick is gone and everyone else in her family is okay. There was tension and excitement during the scene with the bomb.

    Gabby- she was just absolutely hilarious the entire time, with her Angie accent, her hasty goodbye to Susan, etc. Also it was nice having involved in the mystery since she usually is not. That usually goes to Bree and/or Susan and this time it went to Gabby and Lynette.

    Also,, Lynette's baby was born and she's healthy.


    Eddie- After all the anticipation for the town strangler, I hated the way this was wrapped up. It was so a anti-climactic. It was exciting when Lynette was being held hostage while in labor but then Eddie turns himself in and nothing is mentioned again. We don't see Lynette leaving his house, Tom's (or anyone's) reactions to the fact that she was being held hostage by Eddie and that the baby was born at his house, and most importantly, we don't see anyone's reaction to the news that the strangler was identified. I would have loved to see the cops come and take Eddie, and Lynette leaving the house, getting the medical care she really needs, and recounting the events to Tom and all her friends, then getting a reaction (particularly from Susan!) about the strangler's identity. Especially because Susan had that nice relationship with Eddie, I would have loved to see what she thought of the fact that he was the one who almost killed her daughter. I think this was the worst part of the finale.

    Bree- As much as I love the discussion of a very good topic from Season 1 (Juanita being run over), I hate that she just gave everything up to Sam. Also, I really like her and Orson and I'm sad that he left her. It also seemed a bit too rushed. And it was weird considering most of the season we suspected an end to their relationship because Bree was filing for divorce, then they're okay and you think it will stay that way, then he leaves anyway.

    Susan- I hate that they're moving out of Wisteria Lane. I hope she will stay be a main character in the show, but the whole point is that they're all supposed to live together on the same street, and this just ruins it for no reason. Also, another fight between Susan and Mike? Haven't we seen enough?

    I have mixed feelings about the nurse/someone having a child who's not theirs topic. It is interesting, but it is also kind of stupid. I mean now one of the housewives (I'm assuming) has to find out their child isn't theirs? What the hell? It just seems forced.

    Either way, I'm very excited for Season 7
  • A great season :D

    I don't understand why this season has such low ratings. I loveee it :D like every other season it had its high and low butt overall it was a great story. I'm sorry that Angie had to escape, I love her character.
  • The 6th Season Ends With Lynette Giving Birth To Her Baby. Bree Must Hand Over The Company To Sam. Angie Confronts Patrick With An Explosive Conclusion.

    The 6th season was not the best season the series could offer but it got the ending it always deserved. I really liked this episode in many aspects. It was plausible throughout and just plain entertaining. The acting was really intense and excellent. Drea De Matteo gives her best performance in the series. I won't spoil the ending from you but it is literally an explosive finale. I was really happy about it. I'm sad Sam destroyed the company that Bree had been building for many years. Poor Bree. I'd like to see where the storyline of the Delfinos will go. The scenes with Lynette and Eddie were marvelous. Flawless end to good season! The last scene was really intense. See ya all in season 7!
  • Booom baaam booom baaam boom paul....huh?! *dies*

    Okay so, I watched the first episode of the finale and this one about three days apart and I can just say something, great idea!

    The tension was just too much too handle. I love how Desperate Housewives is focusing more on being thrilling in the last couple of seasons, then on being smart.

    Yes the storylines are over the top, but hey it's Desperate Housewives. If they're not then why are watching?

    Okay, the storylines of this episode:

    Gabrielle tries helping the Bolens by attempting to get the aid of Patrick. When that fails, she tricks a depressed, leaving Susan into helping her unitentionally while she tries to help Danny escape. Meanwhile Lynette is helf captive by Eddie who wants to take her with him until he knows he could escape but that plan goes to hell when Lynette's water breaks.

    Bree hands over her company to Sam, who by the way is one the most annoying and punch worthy characters ever to be featured on this show.

    Oscar worthy episode.

    Gripping is one word you could use to describe it. The way the last fifteen minutes played out were simply emotionally rollercoastered!

    I can go on and on about how nerve wracking it was to just sit there waiting to see what will happen. The ending was a big whoa for me! I mean Paul is back. Way to get everybody excited for season seven.

    Flawless finale.
  • A solid end to a very lazy season of Desperate Housewives

    Why is this Episode scoring so low?? I felt that this was one of the best season finales that Desperate Housewives has given us, I thought is was funny tense and just abit sillly which is all the things you want and expect from Desperate housewives.Gabys storyline was by far the best and ive enjoyed her getting involved in the season mistery arc this year. Her impression of angie wass hilarious!! Susans storyline also had a few laughs in there and some good drama between herself and mike.Lynettes story was abit silly espically considering how quick she gave birth. The bolens leaving i felt was the right descion and Paul young returing is exciting to say the least. bRING ON SEASON 7
  • Serioulsy?

    I scratch my head but find no answer. How a great show like DH could jump the sharks so quickly and so surprisingly? [Please pm me if you know...]

    Until last year it was still okay but I lost total interest in season 6.
    My favourite character, Katherine, went crazy... and lesbian. Why do the writers now feel obligated to sexually convert their characters whenever they have a lack of inspiration?

    What was interesting about this show was the interaction between the four housewives. Now they hardly share the same room anymore... Come on!

    What was that stupid Eddy arc? I mean, we hardly know the kid and all of a sudden the whole end of the season revolves around him and it's just dumb.

    Not to mention the season 6 'mystery' about Angie, her scars, crazy-husband-having-problem-with-his-son to I-love-you-danny and I-hate-you-but-now-I-can't live-without-you-dad which totally sucked. I wasn't hooked at all and couldn't wait for them to be gone...

    Oh, and why did the writers have to ruin Bree who was one of the best housewife on the lane?!

    So please, Marc Cherry, if you read this give us back our group of cray lady friends who went through thick and thin together and who I miss so much!
  • BOOM !

    Well producers give us pretty good final with a lot of different plot`s , drama, action and of course some funny too. Desperate as always are for every people to watching. This is serial wihout I can`t imagine how my spring or autumn will look ... so I am really happy this show will be continue in next couple years :) Let`s back to final maybe in point`s :

    Lynette in really hard situation made some amazed because she is "good mother" and she always been. During confrontation with serial killer she start to bear and she has a lot of trouble but she never lost her mind and of course WIN
    Summary : Lynette has another beautiful child, serial killer go to prison for long long time

    Susan lost her house but she rescued her marriage with Mike ( this time they survive :) ). In this final she say "good bye" to every neighbours from Wisteria Lane and be really depressed . At the end she understand situation and will be happy in future.
    Summary : in next season her life will be in town close to oli gas station :) Bree try to devasted her "fake" son but finally she lose comapny but gog back she`s real child. Unfortunately she also lose husband for always because Orson leave her after all. Summary : Bree is alone again Gaby save Angie from psycho man. That really suprising me like Gaby can expose her own life "only" for rescue her really "friend". That was action, that was great... when we think maybe Gaby DIE ??!! Angie think about all and she kill bad guy :)
    What I anticipate about next season ? hmm he will be really really good Paul Young is back !
    Susan in town
    Gaby hmm I don`t know plot about her :)
    Bree alone so she must searching for new men :) Lynette trouble with new child ?
    and some corious thing form hospital ! some kid`s changing >>> ?!

    I will be waiting !

  • What do they mean at the ending with the doctors

    i was thinking about and wondering if, maybe the doctors accidentally switched MJ, with another chid in the hospital, at first i thought maybe it was Juanita or celia, but they look like gaby and carlos, but MJ doesn't really look like Susan or Mike, that's gonna be so intense if MJ isn't actually their child, it would make the plot even more complicated that's for sure i'm not exactly sure though if that's even going to be the reason for the doctors turning up on Wisteria lane, and saying all that stuff, but who knows

    anyway, i really liked this episode
  • Susan, Gabrielle, Bree, Lynette, Angie, Patrick, Nick, Danny, Eddie and..... Paul?

    This is one of the best episodes of season six in my opinion. An 'explosive' ending (more on that later)

    Firstly, just what is the thing with the child mix up? Guess we will have to wait for next season

    Seeing Bree give in to Sam was quite shocking she doesn't usually give up so easily. And the fact old incidents have come out of the woodwork is also quite a good twist, guess we will have to wait until next season to see the fallout of that revelation.

    Susan and Mike moving was quite good but I got a feeling we shall be seeing less of Susan in 7
    Lynette giving birth whilst being held captive was quite emotional. Hats off to Felicity Huffman again.

    But its Gabrielle and Angie who win this episode. The fact Gabby was willing to help someone for a change shows just how much she has grown. I am sad to see Angie leave. John Barrowman was also killed off. He was actually quite a good bad guy.

    And lastly, the ending. What a smack in the chops!
  • Season 6 ends

    While this was a pretty good episode of Desperate Housewives, considering this was the season finale, it just felt a bit uneventful. This is the last episode for several months, we should have seen things that will keep us talking for months, and I do not think that the return of Paul (aka Duck from Mad Men) is going to get that done, especially since spoiled it for us a few days ago. Heading into last night's episode we thought we would see a lot of conflict, possibly some struggles, and we got virtually none. The payoff for the Angie and Patrick storyline was anti-climatic, and Eddie just turning himself in? Come on.

    The biggest letdown for me was Bree simply signing over her company to Sam without a fight or a struggle. Andrew couldn't have run him over with a car?

    A good episode, but I just wanted so much more given this was the season finale.
  • Ridonculous!

    1. Orson leaving because Bree didn't give HiS OwN SoN up to the police?? I'm sorry Orson (or the writers who wrote that scene, rather), but your own flesh and blood vs. your husband of a couple of years: The son always trumps.

    2. Bree tells Gaby on his son after all those years. Yeah, like THaT's gonna be a huge relief for Carlos and Gaby now that they know who killed his mother, other than Andrew going to jail (and quite possibly Bree as well as accessory for hiding it, but I highly doubt the lazy and tired writers of this show would even consider that)

    3. Susan and Mike don't even want to meet the new tenant. "Oh, we just don't give a rat's ass who lives in our place that We STiLL OwN!" Ridiculous!

    4. Eddie aggreing to call the police just like that! Absolute bonkers! In one hand you have a chance at a new start, albeit on the run, on the other hand you have --almost certain-- JAiL FoR LiFE! And what convinces you to turn yourself in? A woman that acted like a mother to you for a week, says that she would be So PRoUD oF YoU if you turned yourself in! Oh oh, and "PeOPLe WoULD SeE ThE GooD iN HiM" then! Wow!

    5. And finally, no mention of Eddie to Susan from Lynette?? Not even a "Bye Susan, oh and by the way, Eddie was the one who choked your daughter to half-death and killed all those women. It's all right now though, he turned himself in right after he delivered my baby. Take care now!" Unbelievable! Lazy writing at its worst!

    The only good thing I can say about this episode was the satisfying --albeit anti-climatic ending of the Angie & Nick storyline.

    The writers have been incredibly lazy these past 2-3 seasons. But hey, I don't blame them. Check out the ratings, people are still watching this crap! Becuase as soon as you get people hooked (or addicted, rather) on your show, you can just sit back and write whatever unbelievable junk you can. It's a shame that writers of network TV series have no respect for their own profession anymore. All in all, this series that has definitely jumped the shark with this half-assed effort of a season finale!
  • lynett!!!!

    i love this episode it's the most explosive episode in the entire desperate housewives seasons (spoilers)!!! i mean gabby save angie after she refuses to make him a bomb lynett goes into labor while with eddie susan rent her house to paul young!!! bree gives her compeny to sam to protect andrew and orsen leaves bree i cant wait to the next season of desperate housewives and i hope paul young stays in that season and ofcourse susan and mike too and im glad angie is still alive because i love drea de mattoe even though she is propebly not coming back next season i hope she does
  • Bree considers revealing a secret, and Susan's financial problems worsen. In the meantime, Eddie gets in control of Lynette's fate, and Gabrielle puts herself at risk trying to help Angie.

    I always like Desperate housewives season finale because it's the end of the year storyline and it's preparing next year storyline.
    I love Gaby, the way she is : funny, courageous, doing everything for her friends, unexpectable!
    The lynette giving birth with the strangler and everything was a a little bit strange. But with the nurse story I was asking myself if in fact the strangler was her son (mixing babies at birth) but not so sure in fact. It's just that it looks like there is a strong between the two of them.

    I think the return of Paul Young will be amazing.
    Maybe next year the storyline will be about what our favourite housewives have done in the past and the impact on the present and their friendship like the dead of carlos's mother hitten by Andrew.

    The answer in autumn 2010...

    What a season finale!!! I was kinda disappointed, I thought Angie would die and not just leave, but the explosion was a happy ending I liked. It was a nice wrap.

    Bree telling the secret was not that shocking actually, I thought they would come up with something more interesting. Same for Lynett and the baby - kinda boring.

    Susan leaving was kind of weird - I never thought they'd actually take her off the show...

    and the topping


    What the ***** ?!?!!??!
    I was shocked! If they pulled Carlos's mother out of the grave I would have been less surprised.

    In short - I liked it, hope the next season would be just as interesting as this one has been.
  • Season Finale.....

    In this episode of Desperate Housewives, the following happens. OK so here we are at the finale of Desperate Housewives, and I have t admit I am slightly disappointed. Lynnette is held captive by Eddie, and goes into labour. She gives birth to a daughter and convinces Eddie to turn himself in which he does.
    Gabby manages to get to Angie's house and frees Danny. Only just as she does so the bomb goes off. Only it isn't inside of their house, it is inside of Patrick's car, which was a good twist. As Susan moves out of her house, we see that the person, who has rented it, is a familiar face. As the episode ended I was disappointed to see that the whole baby swap storyline wasn't told, as in we got to see who is raising a child that is not theirs. This in itself will bring me back next season.
  • Secrets come out in surprising fashion to close out a season with a very nice ending.

    Overall, a great finale that nicely wrapped up a lot of subplots but not in ways you expected. The Eddie plot came to a surprisingly tender conclusion as he managed to deliever Lynette's baby and she got through to him to surrender himself. The scenes were great thanks to Huffman mixing terror with true kindness in a fantastic way and kudos for resolving it quietly.

    On the other hand, the Angie/Patrick plot came to a loud ending. I really didn't see it coming Angie had pulled the fast one on the bomb but it was great how she just waved goodbye and Patrick realized too late what she'd done. I also like how they let Danny go to follow his own life showing how they truly do love each other as a family.

    The Susan plot was mostly filler but the Bree one was more powerful. It's about time someone called her on the double standard of demanding Orson go to jail but protect Andrew and it should be dramatic to come clean at last, especailly Carlos' reaction. I don't really blame Orson for leaving after all that but hopefully they can mend it up.

    Then we get the two cliffhangers as it first seems one kid on Wisteria Lane isn't really a member of their family (my bet is on MJ, just to screw with Susan and Mike more). And then the final scene as after all this time, Paul Young is back in town and thus next season looks quite the wild ride. This year might have been uneven but still a good finale to wrap it up while promising more for next year.
  • Season 6 comes to an end full circle. The housewives face crisises like no other. SPOILERS.

    Loved the episode. I liked that no one died due to the explosion, but I wanted the house to blow up. I know it probably won't ever happen but I hope Angie could come back in the possible future (season 8?). That baby secret makes me mad! I want to know who it is. I bet you it's Susan's because:

    1. They'd still be able to keep the kid (I think? Dave is in prison, so..)

    2. If they sue the hospital they'd be able to get their house back (or some house on WL)

    But I'm probably wrong. Eddie's acting and Lynette's during the birth scene was cringe-worthy and I thought it was bad. However, regardless of all this it was a good episode. It was somewhat awkward seeing Paul's face and I thought Lee moved?

    Also, I feel so bad for Bree. But she is being somewhat hypocritical, but her life really must be falling apart.

  • wow. just wow.

    I can't believe this. How can people say this show is boring?! This is more intense than the last season of 24 for God's sake! Lynette - 7/10
    This was my least favorite story line although Felicity Huffman's acting was brilliant (just as usual) but the whole thing happened too fast. And a teenage boy delivering a baby and saving him. Ehh... little too 'fairy tale' like. But still, not bad.

    Bree - 8/10
    I didn't like the way Sam left after being in 8 (?) episodes. He should have gotten a bigger way to exit the show. The Orson left was even better - although it was expected given the fact that Kyle M. wanted to leave at the end of season 5. I think we are going to have some good story lines with our black window Bree next season.

    Gabrielle - 8/10
    It was fun watching Gabby getting involved in the main mystery, and the hospital scene with the Angie-imitation (or typical newyorker) was HILARIOUS! The whole saving Danny thing was pretty good, although I think it was only a good way to put her in the house (next to the place where we thought the bomb is). Good Job!

    Susan - 7/10
    Of course, our Susan got a filler story line, but to be honest, I'm glad. She's gotten so many main part in previous seasons, it for her good to leave her alone a little bit. The whole deaf-grandson thing was funny in a weird way and the saying goodbye to Angie scene was another thigh-slapper.

    Angie - 9/10
    I can say that this was one of the best mystery closures I've seen on the show. Not so robotic (dying or randomly moving off the street for no reason). They actually had a reason, they didn't die and the mystery will keep going off-camera, because Patrick could be dead, but the FBI is still looking for them.

    Essentially I think this was a great season - little hilly after the winter break - but I was definitely better than Season 5. Good story lines, good mysteries and great acting (Emmy? Anyone? Just because it's not the #1 show on television anymore that doesn't mean the actors have gotten any worse). Oh and I almost forgot. Bringing back PAUL YOUNG. There are two ways where that can go.:

    If they bring back the Felicia Tillman story - she's alive, right?. I want him to be the main character of the Season 7 mystery. He could be involved another murder or w.e. and bring back the Season 1 feeling, because if this show needs something right now, is bringing back the old - lost - fans. This is a perfect opportunity. No. This is THE opportunity. If they blow this, they're done.

    They just brought him back to 'make trouble on Wisteria Lane', like in Season 2 Ep. 6. Except that Zach is not here anymore so he'd be just a new 'Sam'. This could go really, really bad. We'll see. All in All, wonderful finale by the way, Good Job, Mr. Cherry!!!
  • Let's see this play out

    The season finale of Desperate Housewives worked well enough. There were a lot of story elements to jump around to, but everything was easy to process and wrapped up neatly. With that said, I can't help but feel the episode didn't "wow" me likes finales past.

    Early on some aging nurse revealed she had done something terrible at the Fairview hospital. Anyone could have guessed that she screwed around with some babies, so the reveal that one of our housewives' children isn't really theirs was no surprise at all. On the contrary, this is a clear play at a mystery for next season, but the entire concept feels like a tacked on dilemma for a series running out of good storylines. In short, this was a lame, dragged out development. Also the scene with the hospital manager was just awful.

    Susan and Mike really did move. I can't help but wonder if general disdain for the Susan character from audiences is a little responsible for this. Shame. I love Sue. However this plot was blah. There was a garage sale, and a toy dinosaur fiasco- that was basically it from this storyline. The moment with the deaf kid was kinda funny, and I loved MJ's little facial expressions at his parents, but this wasn't as eventful as anyone anticipated. The big scene was Susan lashing out at Mike finally for what he has done to them. I understand, but of all things, choosing to complain about seeing her kids grow up in that house seemed really trivial- especially compared to everything else going on. Lynette trapped at Eddie's had some genuine tension in it's early moments. Eddie is a sympathetic character, and in general, I'm pleased with the results here. Even though the baby delivery played out quickly, and Ed just basically let himself get turned in, I think both players stayed true to their characters. Eddie didn't harm Lynette or the baby, and Lynette was still very kind to the killer. Normally I would have called for more excitement from this plot (baby deliveries are not exciting- not on TV- at least not anymore) and the biggest moment came from Tom knocking on the door and Eddie keeping Lynette quiet. That whole, "I was drunk last night, my wife's mad at me" device to excuse Tom from knowing what's really going on, was a weird writing decision that played for weird laughs during this plot. Anyway, it wrapped up fine, though I would have liked more here. Bree's storyline was also a bit disappointing. I've loved the Sam storyline, and it all built to this, but all she did was simply give in to the blackmail and sign away her business. How anti-climatic. The only big confrontation was she got to hurt Sam's feelings with some sharp words. Later, I appreciated that Orson pointed out Bree's hypocrisy, and it's too bad he left her. (All that build up about Orson over Karl mid-season and Orson STILL leaves?) This prompts Bree to tell Gaby the truth about Andrew running over Mama Solis (again, where is Carlos?) but we won't see this play out until next year. For the sake of this episode, and some genuine excitement that's a major let down.

    Gabrielle was adorable, scrambling to find a way to save the Bolens. If nothing else works, resort to some physical comedy, right? Gaby's Angie impersonation was great, when trying to visit Nick in the hospital. Nick even got to get played for a few laughs (like passing out in the car) which I don't think he's ever got since he's been on the show. It was a little weird she didn't try to get Carlos to help, but playing it discretely, she was able to rescue Danny. There was a genuine moment where it seemed like she might actually be in danger- Patrick put the bomb Angie made in the hallway closet, and it looked like Gaby and Danny might get blown up in that house! The highlight of the episode was that Angie faked out Patrick: the bomb's in the detonator! Nice. See ya, punk!

    Word had it Drea De Matteo was leaving the show, and I assumed she would be killed off, but surprisingly, she survived. She's only moving away. I'm glad she gets to live, I liked her character, but I also would have liked to see her get the axe.
    The last scene revealed who was moving back onto the lane- Paul Young! Kinda cool, I guess. But haven't we been there before? And Katherine couldn't muster a return? Overall there was something almost anti climatic about the whole affair. No big deaths after all, (the season's been full of them anyway) no truly big surprises either- as if the creators felt gassed. There was just nothing left. It says something that the biggest event of the year, wasn't this episode, but earlier in the season when a plane crashed on the lane.