Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 23

I Guess This is Goodbye (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2010 on ABC

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  • wow. just wow.

    I can't believe this. How can people say this show is boring?! This is more intense than the last season of 24 for God's sake! Lynette - 7/10
    This was my least favorite story line although Felicity Huffman's acting was brilliant (just as usual) but the whole thing happened too fast. And a teenage boy delivering a baby and saving him. Ehh... little too 'fairy tale' like. But still, not bad.

    Bree - 8/10
    I didn't like the way Sam left after being in 8 (?) episodes. He should have gotten a bigger way to exit the show. The Orson left was even better - although it was expected given the fact that Kyle M. wanted to leave at the end of season 5. I think we are going to have some good story lines with our black window Bree next season.

    Gabrielle - 8/10
    It was fun watching Gabby getting involved in the main mystery, and the hospital scene with the Angie-imitation (or typical newyorker) was HILARIOUS! The whole saving Danny thing was pretty good, although I think it was only a good way to put her in the house (next to the place where we thought the bomb is). Good Job!

    Susan - 7/10
    Of course, our Susan got a filler story line, but to be honest, I'm glad. She's gotten so many main part in previous seasons, it for her good to leave her alone a little bit. The whole deaf-grandson thing was funny in a weird way and the saying goodbye to Angie scene was another thigh-slapper.

    Angie - 9/10
    I can say that this was one of the best mystery closures I've seen on the show. Not so robotic (dying or randomly moving off the street for no reason). They actually had a reason, they didn't die and the mystery will keep going off-camera, because Patrick could be dead, but the FBI is still looking for them.

    Essentially I think this was a great season - little hilly after the winter break - but I was definitely better than Season 5. Good story lines, good mysteries and great acting (Emmy? Anyone? Just because it's not the #1 show on television anymore that doesn't mean the actors have gotten any worse). Oh and I almost forgot. Bringing back PAUL YOUNG. There are two ways where that can go.:

    If they bring back the Felicia Tillman story - she's alive, right?. I want him to be the main character of the Season 7 mystery. He could be involved another murder or w.e. and bring back the Season 1 feeling, because if this show needs something right now, is bringing back the old - lost - fans. This is a perfect opportunity. No. This is THE opportunity. If they blow this, they're done.

    They just brought him back to 'make trouble on Wisteria Lane', like in Season 2 Ep. 6. Except that Zach is not here anymore so he'd be just a new 'Sam'. This could go really, really bad. We'll see. All in All, wonderful finale by the way, Good Job, Mr. Cherry!!!
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