Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 23

I Guess This is Goodbye (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2010 on ABC

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  • Let's see this play out

    The season finale of Desperate Housewives worked well enough. There were a lot of story elements to jump around to, but everything was easy to process and wrapped up neatly. With that said, I can't help but feel the episode didn't "wow" me likes finales past.

    Early on some aging nurse revealed she had done something terrible at the Fairview hospital. Anyone could have guessed that she screwed around with some babies, so the reveal that one of our housewives' children isn't really theirs was no surprise at all. On the contrary, this is a clear play at a mystery for next season, but the entire concept feels like a tacked on dilemma for a series running out of good storylines. In short, this was a lame, dragged out development. Also the scene with the hospital manager was just awful.

    Susan and Mike really did move. I can't help but wonder if general disdain for the Susan character from audiences is a little responsible for this. Shame. I love Sue. However this plot was blah. There was a garage sale, and a toy dinosaur fiasco- that was basically it from this storyline. The moment with the deaf kid was kinda funny, and I loved MJ's little facial expressions at his parents, but this wasn't as eventful as anyone anticipated. The big scene was Susan lashing out at Mike finally for what he has done to them. I understand, but of all things, choosing to complain about seeing her kids grow up in that house seemed really trivial- especially compared to everything else going on. Lynette trapped at Eddie's had some genuine tension in it's early moments. Eddie is a sympathetic character, and in general, I'm pleased with the results here. Even though the baby delivery played out quickly, and Ed just basically let himself get turned in, I think both players stayed true to their characters. Eddie didn't harm Lynette or the baby, and Lynette was still very kind to the killer. Normally I would have called for more excitement from this plot (baby deliveries are not exciting- not on TV- at least not anymore) and the biggest moment came from Tom knocking on the door and Eddie keeping Lynette quiet. That whole, "I was drunk last night, my wife's mad at me" device to excuse Tom from knowing what's really going on, was a weird writing decision that played for weird laughs during this plot. Anyway, it wrapped up fine, though I would have liked more here. Bree's storyline was also a bit disappointing. I've loved the Sam storyline, and it all built to this, but all she did was simply give in to the blackmail and sign away her business. How anti-climatic. The only big confrontation was she got to hurt Sam's feelings with some sharp words. Later, I appreciated that Orson pointed out Bree's hypocrisy, and it's too bad he left her. (All that build up about Orson over Karl mid-season and Orson STILL leaves?) This prompts Bree to tell Gaby the truth about Andrew running over Mama Solis (again, where is Carlos?) but we won't see this play out until next year. For the sake of this episode, and some genuine excitement that's a major let down.

    Gabrielle was adorable, scrambling to find a way to save the Bolens. If nothing else works, resort to some physical comedy, right? Gaby's Angie impersonation was great, when trying to visit Nick in the hospital. Nick even got to get played for a few laughs (like passing out in the car) which I don't think he's ever got since he's been on the show. It was a little weird she didn't try to get Carlos to help, but playing it discretely, she was able to rescue Danny. There was a genuine moment where it seemed like she might actually be in danger- Patrick put the bomb Angie made in the hallway closet, and it looked like Gaby and Danny might get blown up in that house! The highlight of the episode was that Angie faked out Patrick: the bomb's in the detonator! Nice. See ya, punk!

    Word had it Drea De Matteo was leaving the show, and I assumed she would be killed off, but surprisingly, she survived. She's only moving away. I'm glad she gets to live, I liked her character, but I also would have liked to see her get the axe.
    The last scene revealed who was moving back onto the lane- Paul Young! Kinda cool, I guess. But haven't we been there before? And Katherine couldn't muster a return? Overall there was something almost anti climatic about the whole affair. No big deaths after all, (the season's been full of them anyway) no truly big surprises either- as if the creators felt gassed. There was just nothing left. It says something that the biggest event of the year, wasn't this episode, but earlier in the season when a plane crashed on the lane.