Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 23

I Guess This is Goodbye (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2010 on ABC

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  • Ridonculous!

    1. Orson leaving because Bree didn't give HiS OwN SoN up to the police?? I'm sorry Orson (or the writers who wrote that scene, rather), but your own flesh and blood vs. your husband of a couple of years: The son always trumps.

    2. Bree tells Gaby on his son after all those years. Yeah, like THaT's gonna be a huge relief for Carlos and Gaby now that they know who killed his mother, other than Andrew going to jail (and quite possibly Bree as well as accessory for hiding it, but I highly doubt the lazy and tired writers of this show would even consider that)

    3. Susan and Mike don't even want to meet the new tenant. "Oh, we just don't give a rat's ass who lives in our place that We STiLL OwN!" Ridiculous!

    4. Eddie aggreing to call the police just like that! Absolute bonkers! In one hand you have a chance at a new start, albeit on the run, on the other hand you have --almost certain-- JAiL FoR LiFE! And what convinces you to turn yourself in? A woman that acted like a mother to you for a week, says that she would be So PRoUD oF YoU if you turned yourself in! Oh oh, and "PeOPLe WoULD SeE ThE GooD iN HiM" then! Wow!

    5. And finally, no mention of Eddie to Susan from Lynette?? Not even a "Bye Susan, oh and by the way, Eddie was the one who choked your daughter to half-death and killed all those women. It's all right now though, he turned himself in right after he delivered my baby. Take care now!" Unbelievable! Lazy writing at its worst!

    The only good thing I can say about this episode was the satisfying --albeit anti-climatic ending of the Angie & Nick storyline.

    The writers have been incredibly lazy these past 2-3 seasons. But hey, I don't blame them. Check out the ratings, people are still watching this crap! Becuase as soon as you get people hooked (or addicted, rather) on your show, you can just sit back and write whatever unbelievable junk you can. It's a shame that writers of network TV series have no respect for their own profession anymore. All in all, this series that has definitely jumped the shark with this half-assed effort of a season finale!