Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 23

I Guess This is Goodbye (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2010 on ABC

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  • BOOM !

    Well producers give us pretty good final with a lot of different plot`s , drama, action and of course some funny too. Desperate as always are for every people to watching. This is serial wihout I can`t imagine how my spring or autumn will look ... so I am really happy this show will be continue in next couple years :) Let`s back to final maybe in point`s :

    Lynette in really hard situation made some amazed because she is "good mother" and she always been. During confrontation with serial killer she start to bear and she has a lot of trouble but she never lost her mind and of course WIN
    Summary : Lynette has another beautiful child, serial killer go to prison for long long time

    Susan lost her house but she rescued her marriage with Mike ( this time they survive :) ). In this final she say "good bye" to every neighbours from Wisteria Lane and be really depressed . At the end she understand situation and will be happy in future.
    Summary : in next season her life will be in town close to oli gas station :) Bree try to devasted her "fake" son but finally she lose comapny but gog back she`s real child. Unfortunately she also lose husband for always because Orson leave her after all. Summary : Bree is alone again Gaby save Angie from psycho man. That really suprising me like Gaby can expose her own life "only" for rescue her really "friend". That was action, that was great... when we think maybe Gaby DIE ??!! Angie think about all and she kill bad guy :)
    What I anticipate about next season ? hmm he will be really really good Paul Young is back !
    Susan in town
    Gaby hmm I don`t know plot about her :)
    Bree alone so she must searching for new men :) Lynette trouble with new child ?
    and some corious thing form hospital ! some kid`s changing >>> ?!

    I will be waiting !