Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 21

I Know Things Now

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 07, 2006 on ABC

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  • great


    good episode of housewives i couldent believe what edie did though i mean i know she it angry at susan but burning down her house didnt see that one coming , the gaby stuff was fun espically when they were trying to explan to xiao about the surrogate thingy overall tho a great episode setting up the finale nicely

  • Varias personas se enteran de cosas que cambiarán sus vidas drásticamente.

    Xiao Mei se da cuenta de que tendrá que perder su virginidad para poder quedarse en America, y en ese momento sale a relucir la forma en que fué criada en China. Lynette comienza a darse cuenta que Tom no es el esposo perfecto y la verdad con tantos roces entre ellos esto será una posible causal de divorcio. Edie se da cuenta de quien fue la mujer que alejo a Karl de su lado y decide tomar medidas drasticas para tomar venganza, al estilo de Edie. Y finalmente Bree y Andrew enfrentan una situacion que pone a Bree en un estado de desesperacion extrema, y muestra el porque es uno de los personajes más fuertes de la serie.
  • Season Finale material!

    This episode was extremely exciting, with Gaby and Carlos finally being able to get a baby, Andrew literally screwing Bree's relationship with Peter, Tom losing his job, Lynette finding out that there's another woman in Tom's life, and Edie with her private detective finding out things about Susan. At the end of the episode, Bree leaves Andrew at the side of the road, Carlos likes the maid, and Edie burns down Susan's house. This really was like a season finale. The good news about "Desperate Housewives" is though, their season finale two episodes later, was even better and more exciting than this episode. I do agree that the 2nd season wasn't quite as good, but it certainly was not bad at all.
  • "One of the better episodes in this season."

    Yes, this was the one of better episodes in this season, although it wasn't that good. I still think Season 1 was way better than this one.
    And finally, Bree and Andrew "solved" their boring argues. I actually liked those Andrew-Bree scenes, but from the moment she left him, I realized that should have been done loooong time ago. Really.
    But, there were parts in this episode that were really Desperate-Housewives-type. Like the one with Edie's letter and the mailman, hahaha. Oh, and Gabrielle and Carlos are getting a bit boring with Xiao-Mei.

    OK, Susan, Bree, Gabrielle, Edie... ah, yes... Lynette and Betty. Now, that's the real mystery. I just can't wait to see what will happen now between Lynette and Tom, and even more... what will Betty do?
  • I loved this episode. Bree's story was the best,with the Andrew plot sort of reaching a conclusion. Brilliant acting

    Not many people liked this episode, but I loved it! I especially loved the Bree storyline. I know it's weird, but I love Andrew. The actor, Shawn Pyfrom, was brilliant in this episode, and so was Marcia Cross, when she drove away from Andrew I cried. He was so sad, too, when he said,
    "I was right. When I told you I was gay, I could see a look in your eyes. I knew one day you wouldn't love me. I was right."
    And then Bree smiling, with tears in her eyes. "Well done." that was so sad! That quote isn't exactly right, but it's the gist. After months of the writers wanting us to hate Andrew (I'm sorry, but the actor was so good I loved Andrew, he was funny) we were finally given the opportunity to pity him, to see his reasons. I hope that we see Andrew again, because he was a great character and portrayed by Shawn Pyfrom splendidly. I mean, just the look on his face when Bree opened the door to find him and Peter, when he said, ..."Now we're even." Great episode!
  • Ugly Truths Written by Kevin Etten And Bruce Zimmerman Directed by Wendy Stanzler


    Gearing up for the final few episodes and almost determined to silence detractors and even diehard fans who have been vocal with their disappointment with Season Two, here is an episode that really lives up on playing with the consequences on certain people’s actions all year and it’s one that doesn’t disappoint either.

    For anyone hoping that the alliance between Bree and Andrew was going to be a permanent thing, then prepared to be seriously annoyed as Andrew proves to the ultimate nasty piece of s**t that ever lived by trying to get his stupid sister Danielle to seduce Peter after overhearing that his mother’s new boyfriend is a recovering sex addict. How come the only time we get an interaction between Andrew and Danielle that lasts more than a few seconds is when they’re plotting to get at their mother?

    Of course, during a priceless meal at the Van De Kamp house (these scenes are as closing as being as good as the Fisher scenes on Six Feet Under), Danielle puts on her most revealing dress and manages to get Peter all hot and bothered but she shows a surprising sense of decency the next day by refusing to proposition Peter in order to help her brother out. It’s decent because Danielle’s a moron and mad at Bree for not allowing her to spend time with Matthew.

    As per usual though, it turns out that Danielle really isn’t required for anything major because Andrew soon discovers that during Peter’s dark phase of his sex addiction that he dabbled in bisexuality among other things. Needless to say, Andrew uses this to his advantage and anyone who owns Season One on DVD already knows that Andrew seducing Bree’s boyfriend was an inevitable storyline so the shock factor is taken off a little but it still manages to be effective when it boils down to Bree’s horror of realising that her son and boyfriend had sex.

    Peter should’ve seriously had known better when it came to having sex with a minor, especially his own girlfriend’s child of all things. Suffice to say that likeability that Peter had has been killed but was I alone in seriously wanting to punch Andrew?

    Fair play to Shawn Pyfrom who is the only teenage actor on the show who’s performances have been Emmy worthy (no offence to Andrea Bowen but Julie has been very underused this year). That being said, my hatred for his character is still unrelenting and very little in this episode was done to change that.

    Andrew’s excuse for hurting Bree in the cold and callous way he did was hilarious and being ironic. He feared his mother would stop loving him because he’s gay and therefore has spent the last couple of months making her life a misery. How pathetic is that? I have relations who share similar opinions on my sexuality akin to Bree’s initial reaction but there’s no way I would ever do anything like and Andrew’s reasoning is inexcusable in my opinion.

    Bree driving Andrew out to the middle of nowhere but giving him some money and clothing to tide him over until he can seek employment was fair, I would even say generous. Andrew seriously needs to learn that they are consequences for his actions and he should be lucky and grateful that Bree handled him the way she did. Anyone else would’ve probably had throttled him and rightly so. There is a line, Andrew has crossed it far too many times and now he should pay the price for his actions.

    But people who should pay the price when it comes to other people’s action are Tom, who has to learn that Ed is making it his mission to fire without just cause. I’m glad Lynette had the decency to tell Tom about the IM fiasco with Ed’s wife but Tom certainly knows how to dig himself into a hole nonetheless.

    Ed really didn’t have to do much to get his just cause to fire Tom. From Lynette’s perspective and what we have seen so far in Parcher And Murphy, Tom isn’t entirely the greatest employee they have and Ed tearing into his pitch was similar to the love/hate relationship with Lynette and Nina earlier on this year, which if I’m being honest was much better handled and much better to watch. I miss Nina, she was effective unlike Ed.

    The unheard conversation between Tom and Ed, resulting in the latter getting a much needed punch was interesting. What were they talking about in specifics? Although it felt a little predictable that Ed would have a trump while Lynette dispensed some home truths about her wimp of a boss, the revelation of the forensic accountant finding mysterious expenses on Tom’s part wasn’t all too shocking. Odds are that he either has another partner or a child are the favourites and besides we knew he was hiding something given that hoo-ha he was going about with his father in “Your Fault”.

    Proving that it pays to be paranoid in Wisteria Lane, Mike stumbles upon Oliver getting dirt on Susan and Karl for Edie and warns his dippy ex-girlfriend, who at first tries to pay him off before writing a letter confessing everything to Edie. Susan with a conscience, nice idea but it’s a shame it’s ruined by Mike bailing her out by paying off Oliver and Susan trying to get the letter back by distracting the postman who unwittingly thinks she’s into him. Of course being Susan, her plan still goes pear-shaped when an unknowing Julie gives Edie the letter anyway and there’s hell to pay for this act of kindness on Julie’s part but more on that in a bit.

    Susan and Mike – it certainly looks like that the two of them could be on the road to getting back together. Susan has no interest in getting back together with Karl (thank goodness for small mercies) and Mike isn’t exactly being subtle about how he really feels about Susan and given the fact that Mayer is the least perceptive housewife on the series, it’s amazing that even she realises that she could been in with a chance to get back with the plumber’s good books. Although I’m not an avid shipper, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen for either of them right now and judging by tonight, Susan is going to need some kind of emotional support.

    Because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially a peroxide blonde like Edie who takes her revenge and hatred to Susan to new extremes by torching her house alight. I know Susan deserved some kind of comeuppance for her part in breaking up Edie and Karl but this is too much and this is the first time I actually hated Edie too.

    Susan may have roasted her humble abode in the first ever episode but that was accidental. What Edie did was arson and evil. What if Julie had been in the house? Edie has not only hurt but she’s just hurt who didn’t deserve it and didn’t Nicolette Sheridan just look so cold and soulless in that fur coat during her pyromaniac antics? I hope Susan kicks Edie’s ass for this but knowing Susan she’ll probably forgive her.

    Speaking of evil, Matthew learns the hard way that it’s never a smart idea to set up your brother for a fall when Betty upon taking Caleb on a picnic to kill him (what do you expect? Betty is more unstable than her son is) and learns that Matthew had told him to kiss the eternally dense Danielle, forcing her to take a new tack by locking Matthew up.

    Given what he did to his brother, I wish I could feel bad for Matthew but I don’t to be honest. Oh well on a positive, at least it stopped her from killing poor Caleb although Matthew’s incarceration will probably give Danielle another reason to sulk which is never fun to sit through.

    Least interesting plot of the week however goes to the Solis’ as poor Xiao-Mei has two dire choices – either go back to China to an uncle who will sell her again or be a surrogate for Gabrielle and Carlos. The girl has the sense to shoot down the Solis’ ludicrous suggestion but it doesn’t take Gabby very long to change her mind. Damn Xiao-Mei, you could’ve put up more of a fight or milk the situation.

    I suppose she’ll cop on pretty soon to that given how wily her employers are. Xiao-Mei’s attempts of seducing Carlos to make a baby were hilarious and the conversation between her and Gabby in regards to husbands and virginity raised some interesting points but this is a rushed plot and this episode should’ve had Gabby and Carlos grieve for losing Lily rather than getting back to their own agendas.

    Also in “I Know Things Now”

    Housewife of the week: Susan, being described as promiscuous by Oliver who happens to be a cynic when it comes to love. Good thing Mike is an optimist then.

    Mike (re Susan): “She’s not like that”
    Oliver: “Oh please she looks like she knows her way around a mattress”.

    In terms of Carlos and Gabrielle’s baby woes, how the issue of IVF hasn’t been raised? It’s not like the Solis’ don’t have the money and it would be a better option than impregnating Xiao-Mei.

    Tom: “Gosh, you’re pregnant”
    Lynette: “Your mind goes to dark places”.

    Xiao Mei: “No to baby”
    Carlos (to Gabrielle): “You had to push the dusting, didn’t you?”

    Lynette’s comments about Ed being a whipped husband were a little hypocritical. After all isn’t Tom?

    Tom: “How can you hate it? I only gave you three words”
    Ed: “Its three words I hate”.

    Andrew (to Peter): “It’s okay. I appreciate the fact you like diversity”.

    Did Betty put any of that poison in Caleb’s ice-cream because he was eating a fair amount of it before she took it off him?

    Gus: “I can come back on Tuesday”
    Susan: “No, no Tuesday’s no good because Tuesday’s the day I become a lesbian”.

    Edie’s address is 4631 Wisteria Lane, Eagle State. She had no dialogue during her final scenes. Then again, Justin had no dialogue at all.

    Carlos: “I still can’t believe it. I mean why would Xiao-Mei just offer herself up to me like that?”
    Gabrielle: “Well honey, she’s a virgin. Who knows why virgins do anything?”

    Andrew: “I win”
    Bree: “Well good for you”.

    No Scavo kids, Zach, Paul this week and the short credits are still there. Plus Bree was wearing no makeup with her final scene with Andrew this week.

    “I Know Things Now” is a pretty self-explanatory episode and one with quite a delicious set of twists and turns. However some character consistency, particularly with Gabrielle wouldn’t go amiss but overall, an excellent hour.

  • Just an episode to get us to the season finale.


    I can not believe that anyone would hate their mother so much that he would sleep with her boyfriend, a known sex addict. Wow! And Andrew was so stupid! "I knew when I told you I was gay you'd hate me. So I win" Loser! She doesn't hate you because you're gay! It's because you made her life miserable! I'm almost glad she left him on the side of the road.

    And Betty finding out that Matthew set up Caleb! he deserves to be locked in that dungeon in the basement.

    And the letter and the postman! So funny! Leave it to Julie to screw up her mother's plan again.

    And didn't we already have a burning house last year?
    And doesn't the Xiao-Mei thing seem like the nun? She's going to try to come between Gabby and Carlos?
  • Susan seduces a mailman, Bree's boyfriend finds a new addiction, Betty puts Matthew in his place, Lynette learns something about Tom, and Gabrielle asks the maid to do something other than clean. One word: Explosive.

    In my opinion, this wasn't the greatest episode, but alot happened. Almost too much in fact.

    Susan's storyline wasn't that great this time around. She wrote a letter to Edie telling her that she slept with Karl (which she shouldn't have done in the first place) begging for her forgiveness (if someone screws you once, it's bound to happen again). She mails it, and later wants it back. Of course, being Susan, she did the craziest thing to get it back: attempted to sleep with her less than attractive mailman, Gus. After all her work, Julie still gives the letter to Edie Britt, causing as Susan would put it, a "nuclear explosion". Edie retorts by doing what Susan did to her, burns her house down.

    Bree's storyline was just odd this time around. Andrew gets his 'ultimate revenge' by seducing her boyfriend... which was too predictible and was in no way something that could get Cherry 'hate letters'. I wasn't excited with the whole 'sex addict' plot, but I guess that's over now.

    Betty Applewhite as always has the most excititng storyline. She was going to poison her son to put him out of his misery, but after learning that her son Matthew was behind her sons odd behavior, she acts.

    Lynette learns Tom is full of surprises. On episode 113, Tom states that he 'did something bad', and finally, one season and 8 episodes later, they put that plan to action. Apperantly, Tom has a secret that has to do with someone in Atlantic City. The original storyline of Tom having a secret was that he had a daughter with his ex girlfriend, Annabel Foster (see episode 120, "Fear No More"). Well, it's better than Lynette having cybersex... that was a terrible plotline.

    Gabrielle's story was boring this time around. Her maid, Xaoi Mei (guest star Gwendaline Yeo, voice of Paine in Final Fantasy X-2) is going to be deported unless she's involved with an american citizen. Gabrielle in her infinite selfishness cannot let this happen, so using her persuasive talents, leads Xaoi Mei to have her child.

    All in all, this was an OK episode. I didn't like that Andrew's revenge was so bland and such a tired plot line. Edie setting Susan's house on fire was a little over the top. So far, this season has been pretty dissapointing, mainly because they're trying too hard to make it "juicy" when it was juicy enough with the old writing style. Two episodes left to redeem itself.
  • This show was a bit shocking

    I love Desperate Housewives. I watch it every Sunday. I just can't believe that Tom would go and cheat on Lynette. He is such as great person and they look excellent together. I do hope that he realizes what he lost. Felicia is just sick. I can't believe she cut off her 2 fingers and planted them in Paul's trunk. That is just plain sickning. I am glad that Bree is seeking professional help at the psyhiatric center. She has been through a lot this past season. With Rex's Death at the beginning, Andrew sueing his mother, and Danielle running away and stuff who wouldn't have went through a nervous breakdown. Susan and Mike I do believe will hook up before the finale once again. They do belong together and they love each other. I do think that Edie needed that attack from the bees. She did deserve it for burning down Susan's house. That was just wrong. She could have confronted Susan a better way then that. And Gabrielle, I do think she is trying to kill that baby. She is just so stuck up and all about herself. She could have understand the morning sickness, she went through it last season when she got pregnant. I am sure she can understand.
  • boring, they have done this before. Susan blows, get over her Mike. Check out more reviews at

    This show really is getting a bit ridiculous. How can people like Susan? She reminds me so much of Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy. Always complaining about something and never taking any responsibility for her actions. Poor, Mike who somehow affords to live in this incredibly rich neighborhood on a plumbers salary is still in love with her and covering for her. When he finds out the truth about Susan and Karl, he acts all pissed but then pays off the private eye to keep his mouth shout. Apparently, he just happened to have two grand to spare on a woman he hates. Plumbers really must do quite well for themselves. To bad all his money went to waste as Susan sent Edie a letter explaining everything. When Edie gets the letter she decides to return Susan’s favor in kind by burning down her house. This is the second arson in like a year. Between the arsons, murders, suicides, and illegal aliens you think the police might want to check things out around Westeria lane a bit more closely. Those crazy bored white folk, always up to something.

    Lynette has her hands full trying to keep Tom from being fired by Ed. Tom doesn’t want her to fight his battles for him so he socks Ed, thus giving him just cause to fire him. He might as well; Tom isn’t exactly a model employee anyways. Lynette is about to tear Ed a new one, when Ed reveals some interesting facts he discovered while going through Tom’s expense records. Hotel charges, dinners, shows and flowers all charged on the company card. Who gets away with charging that kind of crap to the company anyways? When I went away on business, I had to turn in my **** receipts for a meal at KFC! Lynette gets very suspicious that Tom is having an affair, but I’m sure there will be some logical explanation as he is one whipped husband. So much for the cliffhanger there.

    Andrew decides it is time to finally get even with Bree, but he may have gone just a tad too far. Andrew finds out that Peter is a sex addict and convinces his sister to play a little mind game with him. After a very awkward dinner party, Peter begins to get the message. I know he is a sex addict and all, but Bree’s daughter is really unattractive. That dress she was wearing looked like an oversized handkerchief for Christ sakes. Damn that really has to hurt, when you can’t even attract a sex addict who will apparently do anything and anyone. The big surprise is that Andrew is actually the one that manages to win this Casanovas heart. Way to get back at your mom by selling out your body like a common whore. I really would have liked to have seen how Andrew managed to seduce Peter. Sadly, the show decides to gloss over that and transition the scene from them talking nonchalantly in the kitchen to lying naked in bed. What is this porno for god’s sake, where is my storyline?

    The Applewhites make a rare appearance in this episode and I’m hoping it’s their last. Their whole storyline has become completely uninteresting. Betty is preparing to kill her son when she discovers that he had been setup by his own brother. So she tricks Mathew into going into the dungeon and then locks him up. How in the hell does she think this is going to end? Eventually the neighbors will find him, dead or alive, and she is going to jail. Oh Betty, when will you learn that if you want to cover something up you got to be willing to dump the body in the ocean? There will be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans under the sea.

    Parting Thoughts: Virginity is so last millennium.
  • I was not really thrilled with this episode. The only cliff hanger was not really much of a cliff.

    This episode could have been so much better.

    I like the show but for some reason there was just not much to look forward to this season. I have become jaded by all the same old same old.

    We have already seen one house burn down and that ended up in a friendship and now another... so what.

    What would have made for interesting TV is if her daughter had been in the house and got injured and ended up in the hospital so the table is turned back fast. That would make for a more exciting story line. They could do so much with that. Oh well.

    Hopefully next season will be a better written one.
  • A lot for an hour.

    First of all is Susan. Everything that happened with the mailman was funny but kinda dumb too, i mean she was obviously hiting on him but she didn't notice? After she manages to get the letter back i was really mad at Julie for puting it back in the mail bag. Edie receives the letter and takes good revenge. Maybe it was a little extreme but she definately felt like an idiot for trusting Susan and decided to burn her house, just like Susan did last season (eventhough she did it unintentonally). Finally Susan starts to reconciliate with Mike and they may be together again in season 3.

    Then comes Gabrielle. She made little sense in this episode, she just lost the baby "she had felt in love with" and we barely see her grief. In fact she decides to use Xao-mei as her baby's surrogate mother. I liked lilly but i guess she won't appear anymore.. bah, the hole adoption thing now seems like an excuse to give Gaby a story for the previous episodes. Carlos was funny and creepy when he looked at Xao-mei before giving his DNA.. well at least they are having their baby.

    Bree's storyline was really weird. First was Danielle hiting on Peter and that was kind of understandable, i mean she was just getting back at Bree (in Danielle's own evil way) for not leting her bring Matthew. But Andrew sleeping with Peter.. that may have been too wicked, i didn't like that twist. I would've expected that from Andrew but not from Peter, I liked his character and now Bree will be alonen again. Andrew deserved been left alone in the middle of nowhere. Once again Marcia Cross proved she is an EXCELLENT actress, she deserves all the Emmys she can get.

    Lynette and Tom had finally a serious and interesting episode. Ed gave Lynette various reasons to mistrust her husband, which leads us to Tom's big secret we had been waiting for so long. Appearantely he had an affair(s) in his business trips but I hope they develope that secret more.

    Finally, the Applewhites. Matthew changed places with Caleb and is now locked up in the basement, but I guess Betty will let him out in the next episode. In fact she has to because they allready sold the house and because they won't be on season 3. But then what? I don't think she'll have Matthew next to Caleb anymore, and there is Bree who will call the police soon if Betty doesn't do something.

    All in all these episode was very good but could've been better.
  • i love bree!

    ohh i loved this episode! damn it andrew and danielle. go away peter coz i dun want bree with anyone else except for only REX! haha. i pity bree. i love marcia cross.. i'm obsessed. serve u right andrew! u r disowned. u moron! haha.
    i pity lynette as well coz tom cheated on her. ohh adore tom but now? carlos and gabby are so funny. hehehe.
    i pity susan and i dont want her back with mike. it's just totally absurd/ cant wait for the finale....nice !!!!!!

    i miss rex a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
  • edie is one funny woman. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!! lol

    this was a gr8 episode of DH. we find out that mike still loves susan. edies private detective has discovered susan and karl but not before mike find him and punches him. susan begs him not 2 bt says she\'ll av 2 pay bt she doesnt have nemoney so she decides to write edie a letter explaining evefeything and posts it. then mike comes round and tells susan he paid the detective and she goes mad cos she sent the the next day she calls in the postman to try get the letter. she just manages to get the letter when he goes to the toilet and but when her daughter comes in she puts it back into the post. the postman strips on susans bed as he gets the wrong idea. funny. edie finds the letter and gets pissed and burns down susan house. lmao!!!
    lynette and tom look to be heading into trouble. toms been cashing in on plane work tickets and has tickets to theatre and bar tabs which hes been putting onto the companys tab. they get discovered and lynette cant believe it.
    gabrielles story was jokes. decides not 2 fight for the baby. the chinese maid has to have a baby to avoid gettin deported back. hilarious scene with carlos when shes naked. neways when hes going to have a sperm doner and finds out the chinese chick is a virgin he doesnt even need mags or nething. lol
    and the bree storyline broke my heart. i rele did feel 4 her. best acting from her. her daughter trys to turn on the sex addict and he has to leave. andrew tells his sister to sleep with him bt she declines so he sleeps with him and bree walks in on them. her face, she culdnt believe it i felt like crying. neways she packs a bag and takes andrew to a gas station in the middle of nowhere and leaves him there. he looks genuinly upset bt hes a fool so i dont care about him.
    and betty locks up matthew in the cellar after caleb tells her that it was him who told her to make a pass at the little vandekamp chick as hes eating the posion ice cream, she snatches it off him before it damages him though. great grat episode of DH tho. xx
  • Finally!

    I was wondering when they were going to reveal Tom's secret. Here it is. Finally. And I'm a little disappointed.

    The scenario with Gabby, Carlos, and Xiao-Mei was excellent and funny.

    To be honest, my boyfriend and I thought that Andrew already "rocked [Bree's] world." I didn't know what other horrible things he could possibly do. But this was so extreme. I almost felt sorry for him in the end. It was a sad thing to "win."

    What a great ending too... Edie's revenge on Susan. Wow, I didn't see her going this far.

    This really was an excellent episode. It was exciting.

  • Eh...not so much

    Desperate Housewives was very entertaining during the first season, but has gone way downhill during this one. The characters are so unlikeable, and though this formula may work if there are a FEW characters one doesn't like, it never works when you dislike virtually all of them, with the only possible exceptions being Mike and (ironically enough) Carlos, the guy we were initially supposed to dislike out of principle.

    No character development ever occurs; it seems that when a character "learns something" from events, they behave differently for the rest of the episode, then simply go back to being the way they used to be beforehand, as if it never happened. Whether this is a result of the writing being thoroughly disconnected from episode to episode or just plain sloppiness, I'm not really sure, but it becomes annoying.

    Plot twists happen with no bearing to how the characters have been portrayed beforehand. Take Betty Applewhite's son (whatever his name is, the one that hasn't been locked up). He's been portrayed as being a decent guy, looking out for his brother, but all of a sudden he wants him to get arrested just so he can stay in town?! Stupid and nonsensical. Bree finally accepts the fact that her son is gay, only to get screwed over by him in the very next episode? It's not very rewarding to watch.

    As of this episode, I'm officially sick of this show; its humor is all but gone and its become stale, similar to the way that South Park became stale after 2 or 3 seasons. South Park reinvented itself and became smarter, funnier, and more popular as a result. Unless Desperate Housewives does the same, I won't be paying much attention to it other than flipping on the last 5 minutes so I don't miss any of Grey's Anatomy.
  • Bree thinks she and Andrew are good but... Edie's P.I. learns more about the "other woman." Lynette learns something about Tom, who got fired. Gabrielle asks Xiao-Mei to do something really big for her to stay in America.

    One word for that episode, or maybe three : Great, Great, Great ! Things are getting serious : Edie declares war to Susan because she found out that she is the other woman and sets her house on fire JUST when Mike was about to tell Susan about his real feelings about her !
    And we finally come back to season one when Tom said he had done something bad... What is gonna happen ?
    Also, Bree, thinking that her war with Andrew is over, finally loses; but the surprising thing is that Andrew didn't want it.
    Finally, and I loved that part, Gabrielle who is asking Xiao-Mei to be her surrogate, and the poor girl thinks she must have sex with Carlos to carry their child !
    Of course, we don't forget Matthew who almost killed his brother Caleb and ge locked in the basement to be punished, after Betty discovered that he told Caleb to go to Danielle's.

    Just great ! I can't wait to see what happens next !
    Desperate Housewives forever !!

    9.9 out of 10 is my mark for that episode... I loved it but nothing is perfect !

    Laughs, Drama.... everything is in DH, and that is exactly why I watch that show.
  • There are only 2 words to describe this episode....HORRIBLE and DISGUSTING.

    The storyline with Bree and her kids has gone WAY too far. The plot lie with Gabrielle and Carlos is just plain bizzare. While I really love Alfre Woodard as an actress and think that she is incredibly gifted, her character Bette is just plain psycho and for no reason. She seems to have absolutely no feelings. I can't stand Carl Young. Lynette is just plain unappealing. Edie is tough, hard and almost like a drag queen. Zach is just plain weird.

    I used to enjoy this show but I don't like it anymore. This epidode was the last straw. I won't be watching this show any more.
  • Not only best episode of this season so far, but one of the best ever. Finally all the plot lines are tying up, very dramatic, well acted, scandalous, funny--- in short, everything we love about the show was present in this episode.

    Not only best episode of this season so far, but one of the best ever. Finally all the plot lines are tying up, very dramatic, well acted, scandalous, funny--- in short, everything we love about the show was present in this episode.

    Great moments include:
    Andrew's final revenge against Bree, and her reaction which is one of the most stunning and well-done moments in the show's history.
    Betty Applewhite's reaction to her son's betrayal of Caleb.
    Rekindled romance of Mike and Susan, topped off with Edie's ultimate revenge.
    New plot twist with Lynette and Mike's potential infedelity.
    Great comedy from Gabrielle and Carlos, and their maid is starting to cme into her own as a character.

  • An O.K. episode, very funny.

    Not the best episode by far, but still a good one.

    I thought that Bree's story line was a bit messed up. I mean, what person is going to drive miles and miles and then just pull over and leave there son there?! And then she says "I just can't stand to live with you anymore.". I mean, what is with that? I guess considering what had happend with Peter, I can under stand that Bree would be very mad, but abandoning her one blesh and blood is going a little bit to far.

    As for Lunnete, her storline was o.k. I guess. It was a bit misterious. They were kind of trying to make use believe that Tom was cheating on Lunnete, but I am not sure if it is true. I mean, he looked pretty inecent.

    Then there is Gaby. I really liked her storyline. It was HALARIOUS when the girl from china (I forget her name) got confusded about how she was going to become pregenant with Carlos and Gaby's baby. I laughted my head off. I am glad that they will finaly have a baby of there one now, they deserve it.

    They showed the Applewhites again this week. I could not believe that Betty was going to kill her own son! Is she mental or something? And I wonder if what Kalabe said about Matthiew was true. And what was with Betty locking Matt in the basement? Plus, there was one thing that I did not get, Betty put the poison in all of the food at the picnic, and then Kalebe ate the food, so why is he still alive?

    Last but not least is Susan. O.K., is it just me or was the whole mailman thing a little to weird, (not to say that it was not funny). I loved the scean with Mike thought (I also loved at the begining then Mike punched that detective for spying on Susan). I really hope that Susan and Mike get back togther, they are such a cute couple! I can not believe that Edie light Susan's house no fire! She has the right to be pissed off, but lighting her house is going a bite to far, don't you think. I hope they find out that it was Edie and throw her but in jail. I wonder who Julie and Susan will stay with, Mike or Carl?

    Over all, and average episode.
  • OMG where do they get this stuff...haha!

    My mom and I enjoyed this one, what a story line! I can not even believe that Edie burnt down the house. And I think Bree was right to dump that kid of hers, it was nice to see him show some feelings finally. This show sure does keep you guessing! A+++
  • The Woman are still desparate

    This episode had it all. It was touching, sad, funny and interesting. The writers know how to put it all into a hour format and keep things making sence. Good job on this show. I liked the Susan and Mike story, it was handled right, even including Susan getting caught and having her house burn down. The baby story with Gabby was funny as usual. She is a perfect character and underappreciated in the awards department (Golden Globes). Bree's story is sad and Tom and Lynette I am not sure where that is going. But I must say it had me very interested.
  • Absolutely inane storylines. The show has lost all touch with reality becoming completely cartoonish, losing all of the relatability that made the show so endearing originally.

    When "Desperate Housewives" premiered in the fall of 2004 what made it such a critical and popular success was its relatable characterizations. Not that I'm saying that the show was ever realistic, but there was some core truth to each of the main characters that made audiences engage with them. Bree was indicative of conservative soccer-mom culture; Susan, the emotionally fragile divorcee; Gabrielle, the self-absorbed socialite; and Lynette, easily the most relatable character, the over-stressed mother of four desperately trying to live up to society's vision of what it means to be a good mother. Admittedly, the storylines were unabashedly soapy involving illicit trysts with underage youths, miscommunication, and misconstrued intentions. But despite its soap opera facade, the show functioned as a probing satire of conservative suburban society, by revealing the dark truths hidden by well-manicured lawns and country-club membership fees. The over-arching mystery of season one was about finding out why soccer-mom Mary Alice Young took her own life, and in investigating this mystery the housewives had to look inwards to understand the nature of their own suburban existence. We found that in the case of Bree, conservative, family values masked a deep dissatisfaction with middle-class life. Bree's husband Rex turned to S&M sex to fill this void, Gabrielle sought an affair with her 17-year-old gardener, and Lynette coped with the pressures of motherhood by taking drugs. All of these story elements constituted probing character development within a satiric framework. But what I think really distinguished the show was that in its first season the characters could be extremely unlikeable. They were extremely interesting, but we probably wouldn't have wanted to know them personally.

    This season, however, the characters have become much "nicer" and much less interesting. They have become nicer by eliciting our sympathy for them as they negotiated their ridiculous storylines. This season hasn't been about character development, or exploring the flaws in society's precious family values, it hasn't been a satire, and it hasn't even been funny. Instead, this season has utilized overly cartoonish storylines to sustain viewers' interest while letting their characters decay. Susan has become a one-dimensional, heartless klutz, who doesn't care about anything other than her immediate gratification. She has tried in vane to connect with her father, a storyline which went nowhere; she has alienated her boyfriend Mike by facilitating his son's departure from town; and she has reconnected with her former husband Karl, destroying his relationship with Edie in the process. Lynette's storyline has degenerated into "Baby Boom" showing her adventures at the office juggling work and family while not having any continuity from week to week. Gabrielle has been reduced to a snappy one-liner despenser, dealing with a husband in jail, having her adopted baby stolen from her, and attacked by a crazy man who broke out of his mother's basement across the street. And the craziest storyline of all belongs to last season's most fascinating character, Bree Van DeKamp, who this year has dealt with her husband's murder at the hands of a crazy pharmacist, dating that crazy pharmacist, facilitating his suicide, turning to the bottle, becoming an alcoholic, dating a sex addict, and being accused of sexual abuse by her crazy son, who has vowed to ruin her life. Now, how can anybody relate to a storyline like this? The show has become about topping the shock value of each episode week after week, with most of the storylines driven by sex or sexual perversion, rather than exploring the subtleties of suburban life. It has gone from being a satire to a cartoon.

    Tonight's episode represents the worst excesses of "Desperate Housewives.'" The Betty Applewhite storyline continues to be alternatingly useless and disturbing. This whole season, Betty has locked her mentally-challenged son Caleb in her basement after he apparently killed a girl with whom he was fascinated. He got out earlier in the season and attacked Gabrielle, causing her to lose her baby. Now Bree's daughter Danielle and Caleb's brother Matthew tried to frame Caleb for trying to rape Danielle, resulting in Betty trying to kill Caleb. Andrew's evil reaches its full conclusion when he sleeps with Bree's boyfriend, Peter. Gabrielle doesn't seem to be upset at all that her baby has been taken from her, and instead she tries to coerce her virginal maid into conceiving her child. Lynette's husband Tom is fired, taking the fall for Lynette as the one who wrote the sexually-provocative emails to Ed's wife. And most ridiculous of all, Edie burns down Susan's house in retribution for Susan breaking up her relationship with Karl. This episode represents for me the final transition of the show from a character-study to a cartoonish sensationalism and emotional manipulation. And yet people will still watch. For me, tonight's episode jumps the shark for the series as the focus for the entire show has been reoriented. The decline and fall of the show is complete, but America will still be watching.
  • WOW, best episode of the season.

    I had no idea what issues Lynette and Tom were having at their workplace cause I didn't care. Not as much as the storyline of Bree and Andrew which has reached some new height of excitement. The Applewhites storyline, I also did not care about, except it's kinda interesting that she was planning on killing one son and ended up locking up the other.

    But I'll start with the hilarity. First was Gaby and Carlos's trying to have a baby by using their housekeeper as surrogate. It sucks that the housekeeper would be 'ruined' even though she hasn't done it yet. Asian really care a lot about their virginity (I know, I'm one). And it was funny that the housekeeper that she had to have sex with Carlos. And it was funnier that Carlos didn't need to have magazines and videos to give his DNA.

    The always laughable Susan storyline was not too ridicolous so it was enjoyable. When Susan told the mailman to use her restroom, I knew he was thinking something else. And it was funny that she said she's gonna be a lesbian to get the mailman out of her house. And I knew the letter would get to Edie one way or another so I was not surprised that Susan's daughter put it back in the mailman's bag. The arsonary was wicked but justifiable but Susan did burn down her house once.

    But then there's the most engaging storyline of Bree vs. Andrew which came to a climax (or a greater height than I thought possible.) It was hilarious how Andrew got his sister to turn on the sex addict. Then when his sister declined to go further, I just knew Andrew would finish it. It just had to happen. But the result was catastrophic in the most mildest manner. Bree packed Andrew's stuff and left him at a gas station. The way she looked was just heartbreaking and Marcia Cross's performance was even more heartbreaking. And Andrew actually had tears in his eyes. This is the one storyline that has been interesting all the way through, but I know we'll be seeing more of Andrew sooner or later and he may even bring his mom more nightmares (he's a trisexual?)

    Two hilarious storylines and one emotional one makes this episode one of the best of DH I've ever seen.

  • This episode was definitely needed to help the finale and next couple episodes be exciting

    I thought this episode was wonderful, the Bree/Andrew plot blew my mind and I can't help but wonder whether or not she will seriously let him live on his own or if it is just a "Bree" scare tactic, but she did seem serious about it.

    And I really hope Gabi and Carlos get a baby, I was almost in tears when They had Lily taken away from them last episode.

    And another plot that really stood out was the Edie and Susan one. I can't believe Edie burnt down her house, I would of expected Edie to maybe whack her, or start another brawl, but not burn down her house.

    I really hope Tom isn't having an affair, I like Lynette a lot with him. Overall this was a good episode.
  • Now we're even.

    This episode was a great meditation on the nature of revenge. While this wasn't my favorite episode of the season, it had a cohesion that most other episode have lacked. Susan, Bree, Betty, and Lynette's stories all involved retaliation of some kind.

    In some ways I felt that the resolution of the Bree/Andrew storyline was anti-climatic. I always thought Andrew's plan to destroy Bree would be some kind of Gaslight scheme where he pushed her into insanity. But leaving him in the middle of nowhere with his "freedom" felt much more real and almost makes you wonder why she didn't do it earlier.

    Also, I'm surprised it's taken this long for Tom's affair to come to the surface and it seems like if Tom was dumb enough to charge his Atlantic City dates to the company, he would have gotten caught a whole lot sooner.

    As for Betty, I'm finally curious to her endgame. Will she leave Matthew in the cell forever? Is this just a timeout? And will they fulfill my prediction that it was Matthew and not Caleb who killed Melanie Foster (or at least Matthew who prompted Caleb to kill Melanie).

    Finally, the writing for Susan's story felt very lazy. It seems like the writers are coasting more and more on Teri Hatcher's charm and comic timing rather than giving her a worthwhile storyline. She's become a highly reactive character, caught up in the drama of Karl and Edie's relationship or trying to find her father or needing money for surgery. Where's the Susan of last season who was the lovable yutz that got herself into trouble?

    Some fans have already written off this season season and while I disagree with their decision, I can't blame them. The plotlines and episodes have been good, but nowhere near the level of excellence as those from season one.
  • Family matters in Wisteria Lane hit the boiling point.

    Once again, I\'m trying to figure which of Bree\'s kids is more screwed up. Danielle at least has some morals not wanting to actually go with Bree\'s boyfriend. Andrew of course, has no such compunctions which led to the scene of the week. It was awesome to see Andrew trying to keep a stiff lip, saying \"I won\" but it was clear he knew the truth. As for Bree\'s reaction...Marcia Cross. Emmy. NOW.

    So at first we had the goofy stuff of Tom getting fired but it became more serious with news of his expense vouchers. I don\'t know if they\'d go so far as to have Tom having an affair but this is sure to push things to the possible breaking point.

    Surprised Gabrielle is bouncing back in humor so much after her meltdown last week. The stuff with the maid was pretty much for laughs but its\' interesting how the roles seemed to be reversed with Carlos showing some interest in her. Still, maybe it\'s time to end the \"Gabrielle as mother\" thing if it\'s never going to work out.

    Once again, the Applewhites take center stage and will be interesting to see how long Matthew stays in the basement and what happens when he gets out.

    Then we have the major touch of the Susan/Edie confrontation as we FINALLY get to the fact Mike\'s still in love with her. I did like the way it flashed back to the first season with Edie burning Susan\'s house this time. However, the other ladies may not be as forgiving of Edie for this.

    So a good way to build things up for the final eps, which may be even bigger than last year.
  • 10/10

    Amazing episode, it really brought a huge twist into the storyline to do with the Van de Kamp/Applewhite feud. I was also wondering how long it would take for something to happen in the office,.. since the beginning of the season it\\\'s been a little dead there. And huge emotions flow with the Solis family.. Gabby using a little bit of dirty tactics to get her own way appears to backfire and leave us hanging at the end... I really liked this episode and thought it is a perfect part to lead upto the season finale coming in a little over a few weeks.