Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 6

I Wish I Could Forget You

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

George's romancing of Bree hits a bump when she breaks out in hives whenever he tries to get more than a goodnight kiss from her. Bree's therapist suggests it's psychosomatic because she still feels married to Rex.

Bree decides a change of scenery will help, so she tells George she wants to go away for a romantic weekend. But no sooner do they check into the hotel than she breaks out in hives again. At dinner, George convinces her to take some antihistamines, even though she's drinking wine, resulting in a very relaxed Bree.

Lynette is horrified when her boss Nina starts making fun of her less than fashionable suits in front of the rest of the staff. She rushes out to buy something more stylish but Tom balks at the price tag on one suit in particular: $900. She promises to return it but then decides to wear it just once to an important presentation. But she doesn't realize her price tag is showing. Nina yanks it off - meaning she has to keep the suit now. To appease Tom, she buys him a set of high-end golf clubs, saying they have to indulge themselves sometimes. "I feel like a better parent already," he says as he practices his swing.

At the courthouse, Gabrielle's hunky new lawyer, David, is shot at by a disgruntled stalker but when the gun ends up in his hands, the police mistakenly shoot him. She visits him in the hospital and he seems more smitten with her than ever. So much so that at the hearing the next day, he walks out and tells her it's because he's in love with her.

She summons him to her house, clad only in lingerie and announces he can have her, but that she's not leaving Carlos. He insists he wants all or nothing but as she starts kissing him, he agrees to an affair. And then she declares that he can't really love her because Carlos, who really does love her, would never agree to those terms. So she orders him back on the case or she'll have him disbarred for sexual harrassment.

While Susan is fitting her mother, Sophie, for her wedding dress, Sophie says she expects that Susan will wear it when she marries Mike, who's sitting in earshot. He casually says he expects Susan will select her own dress for their eventual wedding. It's the first time he's mentioned marriage and Susan is ecstatic.

The next day, Paul Young shows back up unexpectedly on Wisteria Lane and Susan and her friends call the police and tell them how he confessed to Mike. But when they ask Mike about the confession and Mrs. Huber's diaries that implicated Paul, he says he doesn't know what Susan was talking about. Later he tells her as an ex-con, he can't admit to kidnapping and murder threats and the diaries implicated her in burning Edie's house, so he was only protecting her. But it also means that Paul is free -- and living right next to them again.

When Paul comes over to ask about one of the flyers Mike had made up to find Zach, Susan is so scared of him she blurts out that she gave Zach money to go to Utah. Paul thinks she's lying, and says as much to Mike, who immediately confronts Susan. She's in the middle of trying on Sophie's wedding dress and all her hopes come crashing down when she has to tell him yes, she sent Zach away. She runs out into the street after him, still in the dress, and he tells her "We're done" and drives away. She collapses, sobbing, in the middle of the street and all her friends come to her aid.