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Season 5 Episode 24

If It's Only In Your Head (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2009 on ABC

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  • The 5th Season Ends With Dave Taking Susan And MJ To A Fishing Trip, While Mike Finds Out About Dave's Plan. Does Dave Reach His Endgame?

    My favorite finale so far of the series (7 Finales). The finales of "Desperate Housewives" are always something special. The mysterys are solved in a very clever way and the cast is always at top form. Well this finale is no expection. This season's mystery has been predictable but it has been very entertaining from the very beginning. Casting Neal McDonough as Edie's new mysterious husband was a terrific move from the writers. No other man can do such role as well as he could. That aside, this finale is dramatic and heart-pounding. Mike found out about Dave's plans in a very clever way. The scenes with Dave, Susan and MJ are very good. In fact, they are even frightening. Seeing just Dave's plan unfold was awesome. My heart was racing from the very beginning of this episode and it sure ended in the same way. The conclusion to this "Dave" plot was AWESOME! It was plausible throughout and just plain entertaining. The group hug of the Delfino's was brilliant because it was emotional. Susan and Mike are ment for each other. James Denton and Teri Hatcher give their best performances in the series to date. This episode ends with a cliffhanger which is better than the previous season's cliffhanger.
  • finale

    overall this was a pretty good finale we get to meet ana gabys niece i think gaby may have of met her match with ana im sure she will be casuing all sorts of troble next year
    bree and karl finally kiss this was so obviously going to happen im not sure that it is a good idea though the bree of the first season would never be attracted to a man like karl
    lynette discovers that she is preghany agian i mean come on cant the writers thing of anything better for her character
    susan and maynard are saved by mike and dave goes to a looney bin
    the cliifhanger this week was who has mike married katherine or susan im pretty sure it will be susan but if it is she is abit of a cow for marrying the man her best friend loves
    excited for next season and i hope itm improves on this season which has been average at best
  • Interesting.

    First Lynette, she learns she's pregnant again. I would have thought that after three pregnancies, they would either be careful or would have gotten an operation. I wonder if they'll get one now.
    And Bree, I kinda find it interesting that she is hooking up with Karl, I wonder how Susan would react to that. I'm sure Karl will beg her for mercy if he tries to dump her. And Gabrielle, she's probably met her match in Anna or will have her hands full no doubt. I'm sure among the things that might happen will be the Scavo boys fighting ober her. And Susan, I hope she's not the bride. Cause is she is Katherine is going to raise hell. I like the banter between Susan and Mike as a divorced couple.
  • Average ending, no life-changing cliffhanger...

    Season 3's cliffhanger remains one of the best to be honest. And last year's was really good, however this year's the writers were apparently on their own strike because this mystery should have been solved around midseason, maybe in February. In the meantime, Lynette is hilariously pregnant with twins - AGAIN! Bree appears to have started an affair with Karl, Gabrielle's niece moves to Wisteria Lane and is a complete b!tch, and Susan and MJ's lives are in grave danger at the hands of Dave...Now this part was very tense but the conclusion was unsatisfactory and the cliffhanger is frustratingly tantalising mainly so the Susan or Katherine for Mike lovetriangle will end because the writers have made Dana Delany a pathetic desperate shell of her character. What happened to Adam? Anyway, the worst finale DH have ever done and if you disagree, re-watch the other four!
  • Bloody Hell! (part two)

    Well, what a great season finale! Very dramamtic, very tense and very emotional! But first...
    Lynette: Gosh I really didn't see that coming - she's pregnant? with twins? I wait to see the consequences of this revelation in season six...
    Gabby: I am surprised she didn't slap or kill Anna. I can see some very interesting and very juicy story lines coming up in the next series. Also, it appears she is turning Carlos against Gabby, which is bad.
    Bree: shocked that Karl had the nerve to do what he did, but was even more shocked when Bree accepted this and was happy to be juicy. Go Marcia Cross!
    But the whole Susan-Mike-MJ-Dave thing rocks! Very powerful and well acted by Teri Hatcher - especially the moment when she thought MJ was dead. And the ending... I reckon its Katherine, but who knows...
  • An okay season finale, a little predictable though.

    Okay, the whole Dave storyline was soooooo predictable. There was no way that the creators of desperate housewives were going to kill off an innocent regular like MJ and Susan definitely wasn't going to die especially after Edie's recent departure. The whole thing was too predictable for my liking.

    I love that they've brought Carlos' niece to the cast though, and the parallels drawn between her and Gabbie. I think the development of this in Season 6 will be interesting to watch.

    Lynette's pregnancy seemed a bit random and almost as if the writers were running out of stories to give her and just decided 'Oh well lets just give her another wait...two babies'. Again, it wasn't the most shocking twist.

    Bree and Karl was another odd storyline... I was really hoping her and Orson would be able to sort things out because they were great together at the beginning of season three and seem so well suited for each other. It also seems hypocritical of Bree, who prides herself in family values and fidelity (especially after Rex had cheated on her). I just don't like where they're going with this.

    I did like the end scene with the mystery of who was underneath the veil, but still, this didn't seem like a sufficient twist for a show like Desperate Housewives. I think Season 4's season finale was miles better despite the writers strike.
  • Just because it wasn't the best finale so far, doesn't mean you should give the episode a 2!

    Firstly, it really annoys me that users rate the episode as a 2 or 3 just because it wasn't the season finale they wanted or were expecting.

    Secondly, this episode was kinda obvious - the whole Dave story was a let down because it's an obvious story ... 'revenge' has been done a million times and the twist they attempted to put on the story backfired in the writers face.

    The next season should get back to how season one was, with twists and turns at almost every episode with the finale being another total twist also they need a completely original story!

    I'm not angry, just let down. I will not lose faith in this show and will defiantly be watching next season.
  • An interesting season, introducing and developing many Characters. This finale answered almost all of the storylines we've seen throughout.

    I got really caught up with the David Willams storyline this season. I liked Dave's character. His mystery, his subtle manners and his intentions. As his intentions became clear to the viewing audience, and the shows characters, his job became harder to complete.

    Edie's death was one of the most surprising events of the series. It happened so quickly, with no dramatic exit, and it was a strong and shocking decision.

    I was disappoined with the conclusion to Daves plot. It was a major anti-climax. I was certain he'd do his deed and go to prison... But despite being mentally ill, Dave was far more intelligant than that. I think ending up in the mental hospital will result how it did with his Doctor. He'll recover and eventually be released from the hospital, and return to Wisteria Lane. This isn't the last of David Dash...

    I think Mike married Susan. I don't think he'd marry Kathy. She would be extremely unhappy with him, just to discover that it was to save Susan and MJ's lives. Kathy cant control her jealousy or hatred for Susan. Mike will end up with Susan, if he didnt in this finale.

    Lynette having more children will just add more chaos to her already-stale-storyline. Thank god that wasnt cancer, because I detested that storyline more than this one.

    I think the new Nephew to Carlos will be very interesting. She's young, beautiful, elegant. She's everything Gabi was. And I can imagine this new girl will not only build a conflict with Gabi, but shape up Juanita and the other little-un. Also, she'll perhaps have a few boys at her feet, and Carlos will surely be wrapped around her finger. This will build a major feud between Gabi and Carlos, and with kids under their belts, splitting up would be a much harder option.

    The introduction of this young girl is a little late, but it's a nice spice in the Gabriella and Carlos household, and after that blind storyline wore off, there was really little else left for them, other than Carlos' job struggle, which died soon anyway. This will make them a much more entertaining case next season.

    Bree's divorce with Orson was been a little frustrating. I've never appreciated Bree. Her storylines are always minor. She lost a husband, which barely caught my glance. She remarried which barely caught my glance. Orson Hodge is a man I hardly respect. The character is annoying, and I dislike the actor too. He's not particularly bad, but I just dont like the roles he's played in this, as well as Sex in the City.

    I dont think hes been particularly interesting, but this divorce is beginning to open up an evil inside of him, and he may be slightly more interesting. But in the long run, I honestly don't have much care for the result of this. Whether they remain together or proceed with their divorce, I honestly couldnt care less on the result of this divorce.

    Bree with Karl is also a no-no. Karl is a horrible and frustrating character. Ironically he's meant to be. And he plays that part well, but I dont like the thought of him and Bree becoming a unit. Bree has little of my attention anyway, I have no idea where it'll go with Karl. Orson could do something entertaining to get back at Bree and Karl, in hopes to spice the series up a little more.
  • Not the greatest finale, but it wasn't the greatest season either.

    I can only say that I hope Mike married Katherine, only because I really like her character and want her to continue to be in the show. If he married Susan, what would happen to Katherine's character? She wouldn't really have much to do on the show anymore.

    With Mike marrying Katherine there could still be a Mike/Katherine/Susan triangle as he would still be thinking of Susan.

    I felt really bad for Katherine who came back to the airport lounge and discovered that Mike was gone without knowing why.

    As for the Dave storyline it really did come to nothing. I hope he isn't in the next season. I'm not really interested in seeing a crazy Dave/mental hospital scenario. I would like to see more of Lily Tomlin next season. I liked her loopy character. I also love Karen. More of them would be great.

    The only character I really can't stand is Gaby. The actress is fine, it's just that Gabby is so selfish and shallow while Carlos has become a better person. What kind of role model is Gaby for her daughters. And who really believes that such a gorgeous woman would have such unattractive daughters!

    I used to like Lynette but she's become so manipulative that she's really not likable anymore. And in reality what woman in her forties with four kids already would not consider an abortion when she's pregnant with twins again--really!

    Bree has always been a difficult character to like what with her exacting ways. Karl is very annoying, like Bree, so the two of them together kind of fits!

    I've always had a soft spot for Susan; she's so adorable and kooky. I hope she winds up with Jackson. They were a good couple. Hope he comes back.

    Mike, aside from being very handsome, is kind of a wooden character. I don't really see his appeal unless he gets to show more emotion next season--I doubt it.

    And what happened to the gay couple? They seemed to disappear, as did Bree's son and his partner. All in all, a disappointing season and finale. It'd be nice to have less caricatures next season and more interesting plots.

    Too bad about Edie too; I liked her fire!
  • This is one the worst episodes ever in the history of the show. Every housewife has turned into their caricature, there is absolutely no tension between them or any other character on the show.

    This is one the worst episodes ever in the history of the show. Every housewife has turned into their caricature, there is absolutely no tension between them or any other character on the show.

    The Mike/Katherine/Susan triangle could be something really interesting, all 3 characters share feelings and a past, but they never seem to discuss it, they don't even seem to feel anything regarding the situation. And the so-called cliffhanger is the worst ever written on the show, I don't ever care to know who Mike is marrying, because I'm pretty sure he and his wife will be getting a divorce by the fifth episode of next season...
    And, which father would have is son go fishing rather than by his side on his wedding day ???

    Lynette is preggies again. Jeez. What a stunt. She was all in diapers and toddlers issues when the show started, and now she's going to have a whole season of pregnancy and childcare ? I mean, with all the unexpected pregnancies there have been on the show, I, from France, have the feeling that every woman in the US don't know about birth control at all. Lynette is supposed to be a very down-to-earth character, yet she doesn't know when she's fertile, she never questioned Tom sex habits, she has never heard about abortion... This is really lame.

    Gaby... Hum... This character is probably the most inconsistently written on the show since it started. One day she's a selfish fool, the other day she's a witty and sensible mother. Lucky for the show, they have Eva Longoria to play all this nonsense, she remains a very good actress. I don't even want to bother analyzing what the "Ana situation" is going to bring to the show. "Growing Pains" all over again, are they going to bring Alan Thicke and Kirk Cameron in?

    And finally Bree and Karl started dating. It was so obvious since the first moment Bree walked into the lawyer's office that the surprise had kind of blown away already. Interesting love triangle too, but I bet the writers won't dig too deep into this, they'll probably stick to the "mismatched couple" situations, she's so uptight, he's so upfront, hahaha, he's so masculinely dumb, she's so femininely clever, hahaha, she sticks so much to her principles, he so much doesn't stick to any morals, hahaha. I hope Orson gets to commit suicide, that'll teach her.

    And the Dave Williams case is finally over. It took so much time to get absolutely nowhere. No surprise, no final twist, just improbable scenes, the police took a veeeeeeeeeery long time to do their job and finally solve a case in 2 seconds. And, hem, what doctor's secretary would go to work for 4 months without any appointment and not be bothered by the fact her boss never speaks to her on the phone ? The whole plot made absolutely no sense, starting from the point that Susan and Mike had no idea of who Dave was. Advice for next season: the writers should let go of the "mystery" that is supposed to bring a full season together when it doesn't.

    Dialogs were sometimes very good this year, but the plots were so far-fetched.
    I hope season 6 gets better pre-production, or I'm going to grow as bored by DH as I was by Heroes, this year. I didn't even care to watch the end of the season. And won't be doing it !
  • It is so obvious who mike married!

    It wasn't a bad episode; it just wasn't season finally material. It ended pretty predictable and didn't give us much to look forward to next year. The "cliff hanger" (who did mike marry) isn't really a cliff hanger if you think about it. He married Kathrin. If he had married Susan the other girls wouldn't have been sitting in the audience they would have been her bride's maids. Then why was Karl at the wedding? No way would Susan invite her ex to her wedding. I predict he is there as someone's date, possibly even Susan's and thus we would have a Susan – Bree – Karl triangle and the Mike triangle will be dropped- for a while. One thing is for sure, whoever he married has really bad taste in wedding dresses. I loved the fact that Lynette is expecting twins again but I think they should have kept that a secret and let us wonder about the cancer all summer. The Dave mystery ended like I knew it would with Dave coming to his senses. Overall it was a not so great ending to a not so great year.
  • Good finale, not the best but really good.

    All episode is about Dave and his revenge for death his wife and doughter on Susan and M.J. . Of course also we see story other desperate`s but Susan is in the centre. Let`s start ...

    Bree still want devorse with Orson but now he know what Bree did and he try get back to her of course blackmail her by the way :) What is more curious now Bree has a romance with Karl Mayer old Susan`s husband :) and Bree lawyer :) What about Gabriel hmm thanks Carlos auntie she has in house other child.. maybe not child, maybe really sexy teenager girl :) It makes that house hot :D

    Lynette Scavo try and later destroy Tom`s plans about his chinese studies, how to show he want that to find better job so Lynette try him back but for her happy he has great score and get on studies :)but what better Lynette think tha cancer is back but no no no that is not cancer that is another pregnant again with twins :) hehe

    Get back to Susan she try to run away from Dave but that never happend :)Dave catch her and his son . Next he take both on crossroad where dies his wife and doughter and try kill M.J. . How we saw Dave was not that bad how we can think , he just was broken man after dead his family so he did not kill anyone and go to mental hospital...

    at the end we see some married ... Mike with..... on the point of with who ??? I think that is Susan but who knows...

    Great finale.

    9,5-10 / 10

    I prefer 10 more :) Ave DH
  • what a Finale ! .

    really what a finale , the writen was so damn good , but the Dave thing was not that great but still . - Lynette
    am really sorry for your pregancey but still better than cancer " laguhed when she said are sure it's not cancer ! " . - Gaby
    the Ana thing is awesome , she is really HOT , and really love the fights btween her and gaby , cant wait to see more of them .

    - Bree
    love to see her back to her shine , even if it's with Karl ( love to see him more ) , but reallt poor Orson , canwait what he is going to do when he find out ! . - Kathy i feel sorry for her trying to find the love of her life .

    - Susan
    i felt sorry for her , when Dave is about to kill he child ! , but thanx god that never happend . - Dave i loved his storyline , was great to see him with his angry face , but he really can be crazy that's way i love him . - the last min was great to make wanna see season six so fast ! .

    after all what a great season of desperate houswives like always , can wait to season six and i really hope it will be better than this one . a 10/10 eposide ! .
  • What cliffhanger? ...and who cares?

    I won't retread too much what other people have said about the somewhat predictable panning out of Dave's storyline and the unbelievable reuniting of Susan and Mike as a result of MJ being safe - it wasn't great. I thought when Dave's eyes opened that he would give one last blast of the gas and mow all three annoyingly happy idiots down - THAT would'e been a more thrilling season finale (ie who survives?). I guess they thought they coudn't consider the possibility of losing (or even teasing the loss of) another main character after Edie a few weeks back (great to see the ghost cameo btw!). The one big problem I had was with Lynette's pregnancy news. SURELY out of every character on the street it is SHE who had the intelligence and common sense to even discuss the possibility of abortion? It's a sensible, practical, democrat-through-and-through household, right?? Lynette is the one we all want to be - she's smart and funny and as normal as a person can be - she's the grounding character of all the other ridiculous (Susan), uptight (Bree) (or should that be 'Brie' as she's becoming so cheesey), selfish (Gaby), irritating (Katherine) people that surround her. So, so disappointed that the subject of obrotion never arose. Were the writers really THAT scared of upsetting conservative, relgiousm right-wing, traditional american viewers? I thought that's exactly what she was there for. Oh well, put another nail in the coffin for progressive television - when what I really wanted was a nail or two in the coffin of Susan Meyer and her increasingly whiney, needy neuroses. What we need is another dig-deep, mall-hostage-fruit loop episode, or even (at a push) another epic hurrican blaster to make us actually CARE all over again. I'm worried that the comic book characters have never looked so two-dimensional. Come on guys - bring back the mystery, the horror, the real intrigue and second-guessing, only THEN will the goofy, lighter moments shine through as a great counterbalance.
  • Okay...

    Marc Cherry offered us so many great finales over the last seasons that this one comes very low on the list.

    What happened?
    Dave is gone bye bye but then he refuses to kill MJ, Mike manages to get right on time and I won't even mention the fact that Mike catching the video working was not believable at all!

    Come on, he put the tape way. Why would Katherine would put just this one in the camera ? and how the thing starts to work just when Mike happends to put his hand in the bag?!!!

    I preferred the stories revolving around Lynette (even though I'm not thrilled about the whole pregnancy thing, enough brats on the show for now!) and Bree. Marcia Cross is just great and I'm glad that Karl seems to be sticking around.

    Don't know where the whole Carlos' cousin thing is going but I'm not a fan. We had that before. One member of the family that comes and messes things up...

    In the end, we had a cliffhanger. The odds are that Mike married Katherine.
    If Cherry wants to go on for another 5 seasons he can't put back together his star couple right now... It will another I love you, I hate you chase...
    They were doing so great...
  • He Couldn't Do It Written by Jeffrey Richman Directed by David Grossman

    Dave (to Susan): "Don't analyse me. The last guy who tried to didn't do so well."

    And here's to the second part of the finale. I know I've been late with some of my reviews (a lot of that due to the fact I've begun to take on a lot of shows) for the series, which is why I wanted to make more of an effort with the last two episodes in question.

    Opening with Dave thinking about the events of the night he lost his family definitely set the tone for the episode. He wanted Susan to pay and nothing was going to stop that. For the most part, he didn't have to worry about Susan not co-operating with him but then again, there was his video message of doom.

    I said in the review for the first part of the finale that it made no sense for Dave to give Mike that tape when anyone else would've done it after they had gotten their ultimate revenge. Of course, it wouldn't take Mike long to watch the tape.

    Katherine after all was so generous in bringing it as something they could tape over with their quickie wedding in Vegas. Yes, the wedding that really stood no chance of happening even after Mike made a halfway romantic gesture in trying to prove that he wanted to be with Katherine.

    Granted him bolting out of the airport upon realising that Dave was going to kill his ex-wife and son really shouldn't be a comment on his feelings for Katherine. Anyone in Mike's position would've done the same thing so he's hardly to blame there but whether or not Katherine will be able to see that is another thing.

    For the negative hype the end result generated, I suppose it's actually original that Dave did make it out of the finale alive. Susan did her best to actually keep calm when Mike told her that Dave was the husband of the woman she collided with three years prior. In fact the thing that actually set Dave on red alert was when the police called him and advised him to turn himself. You got to admire that it was Roberta and Karen's snooping that actually helped the police join the dots with Dave but given how incompetent the police on Wisteria Lane, no wonder it took them this long to piece things together.

    Dave certainly upped the creepy factor when Susan tried to make a decent escape. I know Susan will often do something and it comes across as rather pathetic but here she did try to make a good effort to escape and Dave just happened to outsmart her a little. Plus as scathing as I am towards the woman, even I felt sympathetic when Dave threatened to destroy her world.

    Teri Hatcher's acting has been definitely been one of the stronger points of the finale. We saw Susan trying to keep Dave on side, trying to protect MJ and then being put in the horrible position where Dave was going to make her face the possibility of losing her child. It's pretty damn hard not to feel sympathetic with that.

    Plus Mike was thrown into the role of traditional hero so to speak. He made a rush to get to Dave and the latter orchestrated a crash. Some viewers did cry fowl when Dave actually changed his mind and left MJ on the side of the road. As for Dave being institutionalised, I'm divided.

    Personally, I think Neal McDonough has been excellent all season and while I can sort of sympathise with Dave (essential family man who lost family and snapped, desperate for revenge), I don't think we need to see any more of this mystery. Not actually killing him is certainly a different tack.

    However in terms of the mystery ending – not really impressed. So who did Mike marry – the woman he doesn't love but seemingly won't leave (Katherine) or the woman who he does and kissed when he realised that both her and his child weren't killed (Susan)? If it's the former, then crap but if it's the latter, then whatever in my opinion.

    Now the bigger question, what will next season's big mystery? It's unlikely to be Mike's new wife, which will undoubtedly be revealed within the first few minutes of the sixth season premiere. Maybe the writers will think outside the box and give the mystery to the Solises because Ana's a bit of a question mark.

    On the surface, she's a younger, equally manipulative version of Gabrielle, which is something the latter clearly loathes. Seeing her use the Scavo boys to do her chores (as well as Juanita and Celia's) is hardly the worst thing that a character has done on this show but it rattled Gabby enough and Ana didn't waste time in playing Gabby and Carlos off each other. Ana certainly brings a level of bratty behaviour that isn't new for this show.

    Something else that isn't new is giving the Scavos a plot that guaranteed will irritate a lot of fans. While it was nice that by some fluke, Tom managed to actually get into college, did the writers really have to go and make Lynette pregnant again? I know I'm going to go to hell for this but a cancer relapse would've been better than another pregnancy.

    Between the two of them, Lynette and Tom have got five existing children (even if the writers seem to have conveniently forgotten that Kayla exists) and the last plot we as viewers really need is a pregnancy. Also, it's twins, though surprisingly enough, Tom seemed as bummed out about the idea of impending parenthood as Lynette did.

    Similarly bummed out was Bree. Thanks to Karl's underhanded tactics, she nearly had Orson out of her hair. Her big mistake – showing concern for him. She may not have approved of Karl sending a hired thug to rough up Orson into leaving her but now Orson actually believes that he and Bree have a future together.

    Instead it seems that Bree is more likely to be sleeping with Karl. She might have told him that he repulses her but she made no effort at all to fight him when he kissed her. Hell, she even encouraged him a second time around. It'll be sort of interesting to see how this plays out in Season Six. Can Bree and Orson be some weird miracle actually salvage their marriage? Would Bree want to and would viewers care? Or will she end up with Karl? I know there's a certain contingent of viewers would actually be happy with the idea of Richard Burgi sticking around for longer than six episodes next season.

    Also in "If It's Only In Your Head"

    The opening scene with Dave, Lila and Paige was decent enough. For a second, I thought it was going to be revealed that Lila might have been plotting to leave Dave but she really loved him.

    Bree (to Karl, re Orson): "A little? The man put chives in my Parisian salad. He should be in a straight jacket."

    Is it me or has anyone noticed that Bree has been wearing black for the last three episodes?

    Preston (to Tom): "I know how to say 'take me to a strip club in Mandarin'."
    Lynette: "I'm so proud."

    Ana (re boyfriends): "Not as many as I used to. I had to make cutbacks."
    Gabrielle: "Yeah, the economy has hit us all."

    It was a good move to have Carlos remind Gabrielle that she used to be exactly like Ana (and still is to a good deal).

    Parker (to Gabrielle/Ana): "I'm not bragging and I definitely wouldn't recommend it but you could eat your dinner off your downstairs bathroom."

    Lynette (to the nurse): "If its cancer and I find out you knew, I won't be dying alone."

    In both of these episodes we had Tom and Ana unable to tell the difference between Porter and Preston. I can understand Ana but Tom should be well able to tell his sons apart, even when drunk.

    Bree: "Understand this. I detest you."
    Karl: "No, you don't."

    Tom: "Pregnant with a baby?"
    Lynette: "How long have you been sniffing those markers? Yes with a baby."

    I don't see why Lynette still can't work during and after her pregnancy. Even with twins, it doesn't mean she has to give up her career again.

    Mary Alice: "For a moment, the groom wondered if he was doing the right thing. That was when the bells rang, telling him he had."

    Chronology: Presumably July 2014 (there was a two month time jump at the end)and this is another finale where Mary Alice doesn't appear on screen.

    I'm not going to pretend this was an excellent finale but in retrospect, I don't think it was as awful as some viewers are making out it was either. "If It's Only In Your Head" might not eclipse the more mystifying ending of Lost or the gloomier ones of 24, Prison Break, Heroes and Grey's Anatomy but still, it wasn't that bad either.
  • A lot better than I expected but not the best DH finale we've seen at all.

    So season five is over and to be honest it hasn't been great. Strangely this season seemed more filler like than the previous one which was plagued by the writers strike. No real storylines have hit us except Dave who in a way kind of fizzled slowly out. Anyway down to the episode...a lot happened actually and it turned out fairly well. Not the best finale by any stretch but entertaining and dramatic none the less.

    The Katherine/Mike marriage or...plans I find really stupid. They haven't been developed and throughout this two part episode Katherine was just too desperate and annoying. But I get why they are doing put doubt in our mind on the Susan/Mike relationship. As a whole I quite enjoyed Dave's crazy plot to kill MJ here but it felt a bit too unoriginal for my taste. I felt I'd seen it before...but the emotion was great and it was intense.

    I liked how Mike called Susan and told her not to react, that was good. And how MJ was oblivious to everything. Their kiss at the end was by no means a shocker. But the cliff-hanger ending was maybe a bit unexpected...slightly stupid in my opinion. Because it should be Susan...but will probably be Katherine. As for Gabby her storyline was a highlight but once again quite fillerish. I know the niece arriving is preparing for next season...but she didn't play a huge part here. It was funny she always is.

    Bree has been funny recently and I'm not liking Orson at the moment...but the Karl/Bree hook-up was...amusing but slightly unbelievable!? Tom's idea to go to college was predictable from the opening of the episode but was alright. The thought of Lynette having cancer was surprising...the pregnancy was even more of a shock. Loved her reaction 'Are you sure its not cancer?' brilliant comment.

    So season six will be coming in a matter of months...I wonder what Marc Cherry will have planned for us.
  • Great episode.

    Lynette may have cancer again, Mike and Katherine go to get married, Tom gets into college, Susan, MJ and Dave go fishing, and the police is get close to know who set the club on fire.

    So in the end, MJ still alive, Lynette is pregnant, Bree is cheating and we dont know who Mike married.
    The whole episode was very good, some great moments and in the end a ok clifhanger, i think they could have done better, but it was ok.

    Let's hope the next season its better than this one, because this was just ok, and in the end the whole thing with Dave was getting annoing.
  • Season 5 Finale.

    Desperate Housewives concluded its strong fifth season with a bit of a letdown. We got some endings, some new beginnings, and a cliffhanger, all of which will be addressed in this review.

    Bree/Orson: It looks like this is going to carry over into next season, which means more Karl (unfortunately). I hope they work this out as this is my favorite relationship on the show and I don't think a single Bree would be too entertaining, which is why the show has rarely had that.

    Tom Going Back to School: I'm not too sure about this, as it looks like they're making both Lynette and Tom a little too goofy when they were usually the straight men in contrast to the rest of the cast.

    Dave Williams: After an entertaining storyline with all the potential in the world this was such a cop-out ending. I mean I was not expecting Susan to die, but having Dave willingly give up after everything was so anticlimatic.

    The Wedding: My prediction is that Mike still marries Katharine, but we shall wait and see.
  • Does Dave's scheme Pay off, or piss off?

    Desperate Housewives actually managed to put together a decent finale. Not great, but there was enough I liked here to give it a passing grade.

    Starting with Bree, I think they did a good job with her and Orson in the ep. Orson, honestly has become such a bland character, nothing they were doing was very interesting. Well, he finds out about Bree's fake burglary, but filed an insurance claim (smart thinking). It was nice to see him proactive again, and he gets two great scenes- the first with the salad; "Not bland anymore..!" and the second after being physically threatened to "let go." I was ROFL at the reveal that he might have actually left if Bree had not shown concern.

    Bree and Karl have seemed to have started an affair. We all saw this coming, but that still doesn't mean it wasn't well done. They shared a great kiss, and I look forward to their 'Moonlighting', love/hate relationship. Gaby and Carlos are being set up for next season. Gaby was really on fire with some great lines; ''Honey, you're 6 now, so I think it's time we had a little mother-daughter talk. Your father's side of the family is trash. Any questions?'' After a mini-family reunion, Carlos felt compelled to take in a niece that no one else would look after; the smokin' hot Ana- DH's answer to Meagan Fox! Ana is already stirring up trouble, with a snippy attitude, and setting bad examples for the Solise kids. The writers should be able to get some real mileage out of this. Bree vs. Katherine, Lynette vs. Anabelle (S1), and of course, Susan vs. Edie. Finally Gaby has a nemesis, essentially her own clone!

    Lynette's shocking moment was the one I really didn't like. There was nothing fresh or new here. It started out like Tom was up to another "crazy idea" that Lynn didn't approve of- this time going back to school- to learn Chinese (of all the random...) But it was a nice touch to reveal that it was part of a bigger plan for Tom to get into the Asian market. Then there was the tease of Lynette's cancer coming back (please, God no! Most depressing storyline ever!) But the flip was that she was pregnant, again! With twins! again!

    I dunno- We've seen the Scavos struggle to take care of babies and children before so I don't really know what this is going to offer the show. Now they're old? Okay. It'll still be the same thing.

    As for Susan, her story includes Mike, Katherine, and of course, Dave. The finale provided us with a look back on that fateful night before Dave lost his family, and it's shown that Dave may blame himself more than anyone else. After some back-and-forth, he finally actually got Sue and MJ to come with for the fishing. (Finally) This was easily the most drawn out storyline I've ever seen, so leave it to DH's finale to draw it out even more. There's some new developments both from the detectives and from McClusky and her sister (great to see her again), but it didn't amount to anything because they had absolutely ZERO impact on how the climax played out. What was the point? They put all the clues together and then disappeared from the story? Good thing Dave ducked out in time! There was a decent amount of suspense involving everything from Mike finding Dave's confession tape (another cheap marketing trick from ABC), to the MJ chase in the woods, to even the finale back on the intersection where this all began. Dave decided he wasn't a monster, and maybe wanted to be punished for what happened- by letting Mike hit him with the car. An interesting choice to keep him alive in the nut house. He's already crazy, he already lives in guilt- what was the point to that? I would have preferred he just died. What a waste of a storyline.

    Mike and Susan get remarried, and it's clear this whole season was a weird arc to get them back together. Meh. I'm glad, I guess- I like them, but what was up with just leaving Katherine at the airport? No closure for her character?
  • 'If It's Only In Your Head' is an unconscionable mess of an episode, a thoroughly horrible anti-climax to what has generally been a good year.

    'If It's Only In Your Head' is an unconscionable mess of an episode, a thoroughly horrible anti-climax to what has generally been a good year. Jeffrey Richman's script piles cliché on top of cliche, insulting our intelligence further and further with every turn of the 'predictability-o-meter', until finally, by the time the woefully artificial cliffhanger rears its ugly head, we really just don't care any more. The question of who it is that Mike Delfino has married this time around is undoubtedly supposed to generate some intrigue, keeping us all on tenterhooks for four months, playing guessing games with our buddies. Sadly, all it does is get the eyes rolling. It smells rather pungently like a cop-out, as if the writing staff didn't have the courage of their convictions; they weren't confident enough in their own ability to tell a story (hell, after these past few weeks, why would they be?), so they left the thread dangling, affording them the opportunity to gauge the mood of their audience and, probably, go with what the general consensus is. I'm not exactly hopeful that Katherine will be the one under that veil and, even if she is, the writers have hardly engendered enough trust in their ability to comfortably represent her relationship with Mike to make us believe that the marriage would last. Trust me, if they go this route, within about five or six weeks of the premiere, Myer will worm her way back into their lives, reconstructing the triangle one more flaming time. It's far likelier though, unfortunately, that Mike will be tying the knot with Susan again, continuing the seemingly never ending cycle of their relationship; it's on, it's off, it's on, it's off, it's maybe on, it's definitely off. No wait, it's on. God, won't someone put an end to this already? Haven't we suffered enough?

    Apparently not, according to Marc Cherry. No, we need to milk this abysmally insipid storyline for all that it's worth... so why not have Mike snog his ex-wife upon finding her safe and sound? Yeah, that's a great idea. That won't cause a entire nation to facepalm themselves, oh no. Sigh. It's really rather insulting that it's the abduction of Susan and MJ that seemingly reignites the old flame; um, inappropriate, much? Surely this storyline should be about Dave and his psychological misfortunes, not about the burning passion that just can't help but smoulder away beneath the stoic fronts put up by this most tortured of couples? Would it really have killed Richman to have simply had Mike be stoked to see that his child wasn't murdered? Instead of providing a comfortable resolution to the season-spanning story, this took the wind out of its sails, demonstrating that no matter how disparate the plot, Desperate Housewives will always come back to the never-ending ballad of Delfino and Myer. How utterly, utterly depressing. Oh and just to make matters worse, the writing staff continue to drag Katherine down into this thematic quagmire too, turning her into an irritatingly jealous bunny boiler. When they are in the airport, waiting to travel to Vegas, Mike calls Susan to make sure his kid is okay, after having had a 'funny feeling' about Dave when he left them. Fair enough, you might think... but not to Katherine, oh no. She has a hissy fit about the fact that he's talking to his ex-wife, when it's their 'special day'. Well, who hasn't seen that one coming for about four weeks, huh? When Delfino says, "are we really going to do this again?", it's as if is tuned into the minds of the show's viewership, regurgitating exactly what we're thinking. Now sure, this is followed up with some reassurance and a seemingly sincere declaration, but when you take all that subsequently happens with Susan into consideration, it doesn't seem like there's much hope for this particular narrative trope, does there? This is just Ian, Susan's British ex, all over again; Katherine is effectively a stop-gap in Mike and Susan's pursuit of true love, a way of keeping them apart for the duration of the season, so that they can be reunited again at the very end. It's trite, it's useless and above all else, it's boring. Change the record Desperate Housewives, we've well and truly had enough.

    The crap don't stop there mind, oh no. Richman's script just keeps churning it out, as if categorically unable to grasp the most basic tenants of storytelling. As we all expected after watching 'Everybody Says Don't', it is Dave's utterly ridiculous decision to hand Mike a confessional tape that springs our heroes into action and ultimately saves the day. As if the fact that Delfino receives the thing before the deed has been done isn't unbelievable enough, we have to swallow the fact that Katherine would just so happen to pick this exact tape up from the drawer when Mike mentions that there are old ones in there, even though it is actually marked with the word 'band' and none of the others have any markings, and then we are expected to believe that Katherine's bag 'knocking' the thing when it's in the camcorder is what allows Mike to see it in time. Talk about your clichés. Mind, all this pales in comparison to his subsequent actions. How very convenient to the 'ballad of Mike and Susan' that the guy can't find Katherine when he needs to, when all she's done is gone to get a coffee. Where the hell could she be? How far could she go in ten seconds? As if this isn't bad enough, his decision to tell the nearest person to speak to his girlfriend, to tell her he has to leave because 'it is an emergency', is so transparent, it's unreal. The viewer knows exactly how it will play out and sure enough, it does, in all its agonisingly irritating glory. With Mike gone, straight after having been confronted by Katherine as to whether he truly loves her or not, it seems to Mayfair like he has bailed! And then, the elderly lady fails to mention the rather crucial nugget of information about his departure being 'an emergency'; instead, she just says he had to leave! Well, how about that, eh? It plants further doubt in Katherine's mind, strengthening her belief that things aren't working out between the two of them. It seems that he doesn't even call her either, which is what any sane individual would do, right after they've dialled their ex-wife and the cops. This is all supposed to be an unfortunate turn of events, circumstances that conspire against the actualisation of a relationship, but in reality, it's a bunch of artificial, ill-conceived narrative beats that help to guide a worthless story to its tiresome conclusion.

    Arguably, the same can be said of the confrontation itself, which is also fraught with plot holes. For starters, we have Dave pointing a gun at Susan, directly in MJ's line of vision. He certainly doesn't do a good job of disguising his intentions: if the kid moved to his right, or leaned forward a little to speak to his mommy, he'd be able to see exactly what the guy's doing! Then we have Mike's oh-so-convenient sojourn down Route 12, which just so happens to lead to the exact spot where Susan careered into the Dashes three years ago. This certainly doesn't seem to have been Dave's plan all along, as he looks genuinely surprised when Mike tells him where he is, and there has been talk of 'an accident at the lake' during the fishing trip. No, it's just another marvellous coincidence, another fortunate happenstance in this most trite of narratives! Kinda like Delfino's timely memory loss, his drawing a blank at the mention of the road where the fateful accident occurred. Erm, colour me unconvinced but surely you don't forget even the slightest of details about such catastrophic events, events that actually change your life? Hell, Susan's ears prick up as soon as Dave blurts out the words but her ex-husband? Nah, he doesn't bat an eyelid. If he did, you see, he'd probably cotton on to Dash's plan, thereby denying us the 'big action sequence' (read 'minor car crash') that we're all just dying to see! Groan. As if this isn't bad enough, when the collision does occur, Mike picks himself up, dusts himself down and walks away with barely a scratch on him! How fortunate! And, more bafflingly, Dave actually chickens out at the last moment, saving MJ from certain doom. I'm sorry, but I have a very hard time buying this one, especially after the lengths that the writers have gone to for the entire season to show just how far the man will go to get his revenge. It's the only thing that drives him, for crying out loud, and now, after a few words from Susan and a timely psychological vision of his dead daughter, he bails? Now? When his plan is almost complete? Just at the right moment to make everything a-ok for our protagonists? Yeah, well, now that I think about it, it does seem about right. Convenience wins out over believability once again and the audience is left batting their heads off the nearest brick wall.

    Okay, so the season-spanning story has the wind taken out of its sails and, in the end, it falls a little flat. Surely there must be some worth in the other narratives that pepper the hour? Right? Wrong. Gaby's story sees the writing staff treading on familiar ground yet again, except this time they've got a pretty new character to launch head-first into the mix. In Ana, we have another one-dimensional, manipulative cipher, one of American television's most popular representations of the 'teenager', entirely unlikeable and seemingly only there to drive another pointless wedge between Carlos and Gaby. When he doesn't side with his wife here, the conflict feels manufactured rather than organic, especially considering that her argument is pretty darn valid. Still, at least this isn't as bad as Bree's story which plumes whole new depths of ridiculousness with her affair with Karl. Come. On. Give me a sodding break. It's been apparent from the moment the two entered into business that she loathes the man, and given his sordid past with both Susan and Edie, she has every right to. Of all the women on Wysteria Lane, Bree Hodge is the least likely to ever start a fling with someone so utterly reprehensible and no, that doesn't mean it makes the plot development innovative and interesting. It makes it unbelievable and forced, a classic case of adapting character to fit narrative, which hardly makes for organic storytelling. Desperate Housewives proves that even it isn't safe from the old cliche that 'a [heterosexual] man and a [heterosexual] woman just can't be friends', which is one of the most infuriating conceits still prevalent in television. Still, at least there's Lynette's story. That's got to be the saving grace right? Think again buster. What do we have here? A pregnancy! Never done that one before! When she says, "we're having twins... again" in such an incredibly despondent voice, it accurately sums up the feeling of the story: we've been there, done that and we really don't need to see it again. This seems to put the brakes on Tom's desire to go to college which looked set to give the Scavos something interesting to do for once. But we couldn't have that, could we? In fact, we couldn't even have it turn into an abortion storyline, which is where my overly-optimistic mind thought it might be going. Nope, in the 'two months later' segment, Lynette's off being sick, indicating that yeah, those babes are still in there, just ready and waiting to come kicking and screaming out and give the family another few years of irritating 'you stay at home, I'll get a job', 'no, you stay at home, I'll get a job' narrative beats. Deary, deary me.

    'If It's Only In Your Head' manages to completely botch all of the promise of its predecessor, 'Everybody Says Don't', and that really is no small feat. Jeffrey Richman's script slowly, and mercilessly, beats each housewife's respective story into the ground, one at a time, until all we're left with is a scrap of fine acting here and a shard of witty dialogue there. There really is very little to like about the episode: the central drama is bogged down in cliche and predictability, Mike and Katherine's impending wedding turns out like everyone with a single functioning brain cell expected that it would, and the B and C storylines feel pointless and tired and even when they're attempting to be original, as in Bree's narrative, they fail hopelessly, feeling contrived instead of believable. By the time the cliffhanger rolls around, it's difficult to give a rat's and that really isn't what the show needs right now. Frankly, this writer couldn't be any less interested in seeing a sixth season. I mean, they didn't even give Shawn Pyfrom a single scene. They could've at least gotten him to take his top off or something. Sigh.
  • disappointing?

    I really, really was disappointed with the second hour of the season finale... it was just so uninspired, and i'm referring to dave's storyline here...

    the episode begins with a flashback showing Dave and his wife & daughter right before they left for ice cream and got killed, it was kind of useless but showed what Dave was like before he lost his mind
    this storyline continued when Mike found the video tape Dave gave him in the previous episode and called Susan and told her everything... then there was a very intense confrontation as Susan hit Dave with a rock then she tripped, told MJ to hide and Dave found her [i felt so bad when he hit her] then he got them back in the car and Mike called again but Dave spoke to him and they agreed to meet in the same place where Lila & Paige were killed cuz Dave thinks it's poetic
    Dave's plan basically was to have Mike kill MJ and him in the same way they killed his wife & daughter but he actually gets MJ out of the car before Mike crashes [i saw it coming] and nobody dies, then the same flashback plays again but the ending is altered as Dave tells Lila & Paige to stay home instead then we see him in a psychiatry...

    to be honest, i was EXTREMELY disappointed with the conclusion of Dave's story because i expected some kind of twist in his storyline similar to season 2, but it was just so uninspired... the action was good at times and susan's acting was BRILLIANT but it did not save this from being very disappointing

    as for the other storylines, i actually thought they were extremely enjoyable... Lynette is pregnant with twins and Tom is going to school! it looks like their life is going to be chaos again, hopefully their storylines won't be mostly filler like the last half of this season

    gabrielle & carlos had carlos' niece arrive, and to be honest i fell in love with her! she's one strong teenager, she got the scavo boys to do the chores for her, she stood up for gabby and she made carlos yell at gabby! it looks like next season will be very juicy

    bree tells karl about everything that's happened with her and orson so he sends a man to beat him up so bree confronts him about it and they end kissing! bree starts an affair, that's a first for her!

    also mike leaves katherine alone in the airport after he sees the video tape, he tells a woman to tell her that it was an emergency but she delivers the message in a wrong way which makes it seem like mike walked out on katherine... also mike & susan kiss in the end!!

    Roberta & Karen were very delicious, hopefully Roberta will stick around the next season as she's very fun to watch

    Overall, it was the worst season finale of the history of the show and this is the lowest rating i've ever given to an episode of this show, i was just really disappointing with dave's story and bree has been just a bore lately... i really hope they improve the quality next season because this season was OK to GOOD at first but then turned worse with almost every episode being filler! i was also expecting a character from season 2 to return but nothing happened, i was rly looking forward to seeing felicia or paul but oh well...

    also the cliffhanger! mike marries someone at the alter, it's either susan or katherine but i'm betting my money on susan even though it could be katherine cuz nobody looked that happy and the housewives weren't dressed up as mades of honor or anything... idk but the cliffhanger wasnt exciting at all, and i really think season 5 is the worst season of DH... i even hate myself for saying that! i just love this show so much
  • An inconsistent season ending on a very positive note...

    Well, after the letdown of the first hour, I have to say they really picked up things in this one. Building up to the end was fantastic and I felt like I was watching a movie. Great job.

    Again, didn't have a lot of screentime, but didn't need that. Although I don't like the idea of them having even more kids, it'll be fun to see her during the pregnancy. Tom with the markers was hilarious. Lynette finally had some witty lines too, it took a while.

    Great one too. I love the coupling of her and Karl and I think the love triangle between her, Karl and Orson will be great. Bree freaking out about the salad was frickin' hilarious.

    Omg, I love Ana. She's a great addition to the family (if they can keep it fresh) and I can see Gaby engaging in some daring parenting skills. I'm actually sad they skipped 2 months, because the first weeks with Ana must have been awesome. The Scavo boys cleaning the house? Priceless. Ana is the new Kayla. Only thing that bothered me was that Ana's room was fully decorated for a teenage girl. They only knew she was moving in for like 2 days.

    I really felt sorry for her when she was left alone at the airport. But the woman expressed herself quite badly when she said that Mike had to leave. Poor Kathy.

    --The McCluskey Sisters--
    Although they didn't have a lot to do and it was - again - a waste of Lily Tomlin, they rocked this episode. The morons at the police station are nothing compared to these ladies. But I don't think we should count on seeing Roberta again in September: her role as investigator has been played. I just hope they keep McCluskey, since they're talking about that spin-off.

    Wow, that's all I can say. Although the end was a bit sappy - with telling MJ to get out of the car, I would have preferred if he just survived the car crash - the whole part was worked out great and really did service as the end of a mystery. Very different from the others - I notice how every finale just keeps getting more violent - but I always prefer the dramatic Housewives. Perfect ending to the story: Dave's alternate reality in his mind, while he's actually locked up. Loved it. But they shouldn't bring him back: he got a great farewell. Maybe better than the one Felicia Tilman got, who I'd like to see back next year. The end of the most dragged mystery ever, but it was a perfect ending. One thing: I expected them to explain the dropped STOP sign. The whole poetic thing at the graveyard and the road was a bit too soapy for me, but I'm not gonna complain anymore. Dave's mystery is over, so hurray!

    --The Wedding--
    My thoughts on this: it isn't that big of a cliffhanger, since Mike is the character I least care about, but I guess it had to be him to make it a mystery (Bree would have been obvious). My guess is it's Susan, because of them reconciling after the accident and Katherine's disappointments. Besides, why would Karl be at the wedding of Katherine and Mike? Whoever it is, keep them together this time. Mike's love escapades are becoming annoying.

    I can't wait for the season 6 premiere and I hope this (final hour) episode got the ratings it deserved.
  • Let's see: boring Dave took MJ and Susan on a trip to some lake that is never shown, but it crosses with forest and nice lookin' city cementary to complete his boring and lame plan to kill someone Susan love.

    this was painful to watch. The dynamics of this show became so slow, that any soap is actually better. The whole Dash family mystery this year was awful, lame and week just as the season finale. (btw. the whole accident that was shown in the premiere was lame as well. I mean Lilah was goin' for some ice cream the same way she always does, cos i don't think she would do otherwise and even if the stop sign was broken she would still know that she needed to stop and be careful cos it was the road she used to drive a lot)

    How many writers do they have? Cos it looks like there's only one dude in his early 100's and he's making a show to his geriatric friends. i'm done with dh!
  • Dave finally carries out his plan for revenge.

    All things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. All of the storylines were great, especially Bree's which was my favorite storyline of the episode. I have to say that I have absolutely love Bree and Karl's relationship, and I'm really, really, really excited about the prospect of them having an affair. I think that Marcia Cross and Richard Burgi have amazing chemistry. I think that they're pretty funny together too. I have to say that I've always loved watching the evolution of Bree's character throughout the course of the series since she's always been my number one favorite character on the show, but I've especially loved watching the way Bree has evolved throughout the course of the storyline. Bree's storyline was definitely one of my most favorite storylines to follow this season. My second favorite storyline was definitely Gabrielle's. I thought that storyline was so funny! Also, I loved watching her interactions with Juanita. I have to say that I love watching Gabrielle being a mother to her daughters. I also really anxious to see where the whole storyline with Ana goes next season. I wonder she's going to be the character that the mystery for next season will be centered around. I also loved Lynette's storyline. I can't believe that she's pregnant with twins again. I didn't see that coming at all. It was great seeing Robert and Karen together again too. Susan and Dave's storyline was really exciting. I'm so glad that he didn't go through with his plan to kill Susan and M.J. I think that this episode had the perfect blend of drama and comedy. I loved the ending of the episode with Dave in the mental institution with Felicia Tillman working there. I love Felicia so I'm so glad that she's back. It was really exciting to see Mike getting married. I can't wait to find out who he married. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Desperate Housewives from everyone involved, and I can't wait for season six of Desperate Housewives to start so I can find out what happens next.
  • Desperate Housewives does it again and Marc Cherry didnt even write the finale (its still SO GOOD) SPOILERS!!!

    I thought the finale was EXCELLENT! I absolutely loved it.

    I think it wrapped up the season perfectly.
    As soon as Lynette is feeling sick and calls her Doctor, I knew instantly it wasn't cancer and that she would be pregnant, but had NO idea it would be twins (can't believe people put up spoilers and read them, where's the fun in that?).

    The only tiny criticism I have is I thought Teri Hatcher could have acted better, now can you imagine if it was Felicity Huffman in that role, my god she would win an Emmy for it!

    I think I read somewhere that Teri Hatcher doesn't like dramatic scenes which is why she probably didn't act as well as she could have and is best at comedic scenes but then again she has been fantastic in all of the dramatic scenes in the past. I think I expected her to look more scared and shocked at the thought of her baby boy dying, I mean HELLO......this guy is gonna kill your son!

    It was a bit sad not to see Mary Alice but to be honest, for the 1st time ever I didn't miss her in a finale. I always want her to be there but this year we got her in the 100th ep which was amazing so she wasn't needed for this and I was ok with it.
    I loved all the Gabby scenes and can't wait for her story arc for next season (not so sure about Bree/Carl)

    I did love the fact that Edie made a cameo, I loved it!

    All in All Marc Cherry, U R A LEGEND (even though he didn't write the script for the finale but its still his ideas but hats off to the writers for a hellova seasn 5 end). P.S. who did Mike Marry???
  • Predictable

    Well, it was pretty predictable actually. I think they took the wind out of the sails of the Dave plot a while back. It's never really been the same since the fire, and it became even less powerful when he took his aim off mike and switched over to Susan and MJ. And then the way it all was going to play out was obvious several scenes in advance. e.g., the tape in the drawer - you knew Mike was gonna see that and come back. I also found it lame that Mrs McCluskey didn't feel she had enough evidence to go to the police and had to break into his house to hunt for more - totally ridiculous and implausible. I mean, she totally had way way more than enough to go to the police. The actress didn't even seem to believe her own lines as she said them. That said, it was still enjoyable to watch - especially the Gabie/Carlos/Anna plot. More on that next season?
  • Powerful ending!

    Lynette fears cancer is back, but she learns she is pregnant of twins.Orson is assaulted and moves back with Bree, while she has a moment with Carl. Mike and Katherine are preparing to leave to Las Vegas to get married, until Mike discovers Dave wants Susan and MJ's death and runs to their rescue. Gabby deals with Carlos' teenaged niece, who moves in with them and shows a bad example to the kids. Susan struggles for her life, and tries to talk some sense into Dave. Dave's malicious plan to let Susan watch MJ get killed by his father in a car accident. Two months later, Mike marries a woman whose identity is not yet revealed...
  • Season 5, Episode 24.

    Lynette fears that her cancer may have returned, and receives some shocking news. Carlos' niece Ana moves in with Carlos and Gabby. Orson takes a beating that Bree can't comprehend. Karen and Roberta break into Dave's house and talk to the police about him. Susan, MJ, and Dave go on a fishing trip.

    I loved this episode. The conversation between Gabby and Ana in her bedroom was amazing. I liked when Ana said she had to cut back on her boyfriends and Gabby said that the economy has hit them all. Haha! Lynette is afraid she has cancer and learns she's 6 weeks pregnant! I read spoilers (I wish I didn't) but I loved her reaction. Karen and Roberta are annoying, though. I loved when Mike found the video, and I felt extremely bad for Katherine. A Karl/Bree affair! Woohoo! I loved when Mike called Susan when she was in the car. Awesome reaction. Tom and Lynette are having twins! The cemetery scene with Susan, MJ, and Dave was a little over the top. Susan is an amazing mom though. Dave's revenge plot was twisted, though. Every season finale is over the top, but I liked this finale also. It was cute. I liked the cliffhanger and the places that everyone was in! Very well done on Marc Cherry's part. I think he chose Katherine though. Can't wait until September!