Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2005 on ABC
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Mike Delfino is questioned about Mrs. Huber's murder by the police and is temporarily arrested. John's friend, Justin (guest star Ryan Carnes), attempts to blackmail Gabrielle with his knowledge of their affair and becoming her new gardener - but things are not what they may seem for both in the situation. Meanwhile, Tom wants a big promotion, but Lynette fears that she'd be home alone with the kids more than ever and tries her best in discouraging him in taking the job. Also, Bree is shocked when she finds a condom---and even more so when she learns whom it belongs to when Rex admits it is not him, but their daughter Danielle. Zach Young plans a pool party for the teens on Wisteria Lane, and things get out of hand.moreless

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  • good

    another good episode from desperate housewives not the best but still enjoyable the bree storyloine was probably the best andrew is so mean to bree, the gaby sstuff was ok but not great with johns roomate, the susan storyline was rather good to i felt so sorry for her when she found out about mike's past, overall a pretty good epiosde

  • Gabrielle is blackmailed by John's roommate.

    Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode, and it's definitely my all-time favorite episode of Desperate Housewives. I thought that it was so well written and so well acted by everyone involved. I loved all of the story lines in this episode, but my two favorite story lines in this episode would definitely have to be Bree's and Gabrielle's story lines. I loved Gabrielle's scenes with Justin. I also thought that the reveal that Justin and Andrew have been fooling around with each other was great. All in all, I absolutely loved this episode, and like I said earlier, this definitely is my all-time favorite episode of Desperate Housewives.moreless
  • La decepción es una carga que cuando llega a nuestras vidas, nos hace dar un giro de 360º. Eso lo saben muy bien las Desperate Housewives.

    ASí sea la decepción de no saber que es lo que verdaderamente queremos, la de no poder tener a la persona con la que soñamos, la de poder establecer el limite hasta puedo llegar, la imposibilidad de continuar con la vida a la que estamos acostumbrados, o la decepcion de vernos viejos y sin ninguna posibilidad de avanzar, este capitulo retrata muy bien a todo lo que los humanos nos exponemos y las diferentes formas de lidiar con nuestros sentimientos. EL capitulo no logra un 10, porque siempre hace falta la rebelde coqueteria de Edie Britt en el show, pero igual sigue siendo uno de los mejores capitulos de esta temporada. Será grandioso ver la manera en que la mujer más conservadora de Wisteria enfrenta la homosexualidad de su hijo, porque, la verdad sea dicho, no nos podemos mentir por siempre.moreless
  • Really funny!

    This episode for me was really funny and that is because when gabriellas gardener got another job, his roommate Justin came to do her, or himself, a favor. Gabrilla of course said no. So Gabrilla went to his house to black mail and insread canme out with out a care of black mail. Justin only wanted to see if he was or wasn't gay he was, by gabriallas words she kissed him and asked him if he could feel anything and nope notha he could so yeah. I not sayinkg it was that funnie it was just interesting. I was surprised what him and andrew got themselfs into each other.moreless
  • A Desperate, Desperate Hope Written by Marc Cherry and Tom Spezialy Directed by Larry Shaw

    Bree: Danielle, you are president of the abstinence club.

    Danielle: Well, I wasn't planning on running for a second term.

    Every week we are invited into the world of Wisteria Lane where everyone's morality is in full exposure and put into question. Every week a new plot unfolds and old ones revisited. Yes, every week we never know where an episode will take a large and visible turn. This week's episode "Impossible" is probably the best of the bunch and below are my reasons why.

    As we all know (or should know), Bree Van De Kamp is high in morality. She is a strong believer in religion, her love of "country" and her good judgment. However we all know Bree hasn't been the best role model for viewers as she covers up the car accident which involved her son and her best friend's mother-in-law and when she put onions in her husband's salad when she knew he was allergic. But Bree as the "perfect" person she is quickly judges others when she should be judging her own actions. When she finds a condom in the laundry hamper, she automatically assumes it is Rex's and confronts him. Rex vouches for himself and tells his wife the condom is not his. Bree does not believe him but when Rex tells her that he is not the only person to use the same clothes hamper she becomes upset at the fact that her son Andrew may be sexually active.

    At breakfast the following morning, Bree casually asks Andrew on his relationships and how he may be growing close to a girl he continually hangs out with. Rex intervenes and Andrew asks what is going on. Bree then proceeds to tell Andrew that they found a condom and believe it is his. Andrew tells them it isn't his, but Danielle's. Danielle thanks her brother for putting herself in the spotlight. Later a discussion follows between Bree and Danielle. Danielle tells Bree that she plans on losing her virginity to John Rowland due to the fact that she believes he broke up with her when she wouldn't do it. Bree sees John the following day and politely asks John to not accept Danielle's generous offer but in fact to let her down in such a way that no further contact will be made.

    Meanwhile, Julie is visited by none other than Zach Young who personally delivers invitations to a pool party for the teens of Wisteria Lane. Julie informs Zach that because of their past, her mother would not approve. Zach tries to understand but tells Julie that she is the reason he is throwing the party. Julie manages to attend the party after her mother is asked to be interrogated by the police. However she quickly leaves when Zach starts acting like an ass, threatening to kill Andrew after embarrassing him. Julie leaves with a heart broken Danielle who had just been dumped by John.

    Susan gathers with the wives at Bree's where they discuss whether or not they should inform the police on their recent discovery involving Mrs. Huber's murder. They decide to call the police to avoid withholding evidence and Susan soon regrets this when Mike is arrested. She is formally interrogated later where the detective asks of her wherabouts on the evening of Mrs. Huber's murder. Julie interrupts and answers for Susan that Mike and she had been together that evening since it was the first time they "did it". Mike is soon released due to Susan's alibi whom he thanks very much. Susan is soon called back to the police headquarters where they show her evidence that Mike is not the man she had been introduced to. In 1987, he was convicted of murder and was reportedly a drug dealer. When she arrives home, Mike asks her what happened and Susan proceeds to yell at him for lying. Susan then decides it is not a good idea for the two to see each other anymore. When she looks to Julie for comfort, Susan discovers Julie is absent and quickly runs over to the Young house where the pool party just ended. When she discovers two people making out in the pool she assumes it is Julie and Zach and the two duck under the pool. Susan waits until they come up for air but is surprised when she discovers Andrew Van De Kamp and John's friend, Justin were actually making out. Susan quickly runs out embarrassed at the fact she had been proven wrong and that she had been the eyewitness to Wisteria Lane's newest secret.

    Gabby is given "an offer she can't refuse" by John's friend Justin who offers to cut her grass for free but there's a catch. Gabby believes that if she does not give in, Justin will rat out to Carlos that she and John were having their affair. Gabby doesn't feel threatened by Justin but when he comes close to making a move she puts him in place. The following day, Gabby meets Justin at his apartment where she looks for John to tell him about Justin's blackmail scheme. Justin tells her to stop because he was just scared because he thinks that he might be gay. Gabby asks him "why her" since any girl his age will be appropriate. Justin goes on to tell her that people talk and if the relationship doesn't soar, he will be the laughing stock of the school which is why having a one night stand with Gabby is the best bet. Gabby leaves when Justin tells her he would never have told Carlos. Gabby proceeds to french kiss him and asks him if he felt anything. Justin hesitantly says "no" and Gabby tells him that he is definitely gay.

    Meanwhile on the homefront, because the government will not unfreeze their bank account the Solis' are stuck with tons of bills. Carlos decides that they have to move in order to put their finances in order. Gabby is unhappy at first but then decides it might be fun.

    Lastly, Lynette's husband Tom is upset when the boss passes on a promotion he obviously had learned and gives it to Tom's rival, Tim Dugan instead. Tom is quickly surprised though when the boss offers him Dugan's job since he had suffered a heart attack while at the company's softball game. Lynette is happy for Tom but when she learns of the job description she quickly tries to stop him from taking the position. She goes to desperate measures while talking to the boss' wife on how Tom will miss so much family life and development that she hopes he won't regret it. Tom later tells Lynette that his boss decides he will be holding Dugan's job offer after all.

    Other important events in "Impossible"...

    *No Edie or Paul this week, I think because there was so many plots that they would not be needed. I would have enjoyed seeing Edie's reaction though on Mike having a criminal past.

    *Every actor was excellent this week, they all deserve Emmys for their performance in this wonderful episode.

    *Julie made the right decision to get away from Zach but Andrew does act like an ass most of the time but no one deserves to be murdered.

    *Is Susan gullible or just confused? She should have knew what she was getting into at first but he won over her heart but now she is getting hurt and Mike's not helping.

    *I loved Gabby and Bree's storylines. They are the plots I often look forward to every week. Susan's plot is going in an obvious direction and Lynette's storyline annoys me a little bit.

    *When the episode originally aired in February 2005, viewers had to wait exactly a month to find out what happened since the episode ended on a cliffhanger. Luckily for me I only had to wait one day since purchasing the DVDs is that convenient.

    "Impossible" is definitely one of the best episodes of Season 1 with dark yet comical plots and excellent acting, writing and directing. This episode will definitely not displease the loyal viewer and is mandatory for all Desperate Housewives fans.

Conor O'Farrell

Conor O'Farrell

Detective Copeland

Guest Star

Elizabeth Storm

Elizabeth Storm

Janie Peterson

Guest Star

Joey Gray

Joey Gray

Teenage Boy

Guest Star

Doug Savant

Doug Savant

Tom Scavo

Recurring Role

Shawn Pyfrom

Shawn Pyfrom

Andrew Van De Kamp

Recurring Role

Joy Lauren

Joy Lauren

Danielle Van De Kamp

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Gabrielle goes to kiss Justin she puts a purple bag on a chair, however when she leaves it's not there and she hasn't taken it.

    • Whenever Lynette and her husband are lying in bed, her hand constantly changes position between shots.

    • Although the fictional world of "Desperate Housewives" had been in tune with the calendar of the real world as it was apparent at the beginning of episode 3 (Susan reads a newspaper dated Friday, October 15, 2004) that aired on Sunday, October 17th - in episode 5, Detective Copeland asks Susan where she was "on the 7th last month" when Martha Huber was killed and says it was a Sunday. Since episode 14 mostly takes place on Valentine's Day, it is logical to assume episode 15 also takes place in February. January 7th, 2005, however, was not a Sunday, but Friday. Also, when Martha Huber went missing, the leaflet distributed on Wisteria Lane (also seen when her body is found in episode 12) stated that the date she went missing was Sunday, December 12th (the actual airdate of episode 9 in which Mrs. Huber is killed).

    • At the end of this episode it shows everyone in bed as they look back on their lives, and when they show Mike they show his blanket at his waist and he is not wearing a shirt. There is nothing on his stomach (bandage or wound) and yet in the previous episode he was shot in the stomach.

    • When the police transport Mike home after arresting him, he opens the back door of the squad car from the inside which is impossible since the door would have no interior handle.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Bree: Andrew is still a child.
      Rex: He's sixteen. It's not unheard of.
      Bree: Honey, you have to talk to him.
      Rex: And tell him what?
      Bree: Tell him that we found his condom and that he is forbidden from - you know.
      Rex: I can absolutely tell him that we think he's too young, but I don't think it's gonna do any good.
      Bree: Well, then the least we can do is go search his room and if we find any more of these, we'll confiscate them.
      Rex: And that will accomplish what?
      Bree: Well, if we take away his condoms, maybe...
      Rex: He's a teenage boy. We could take away his penis. He'd still try to have sex.

    • Mary Alice: Bree Van De Kamp believed in old-fashioned values. Things like respect for God, the importance of family, and love of country. In fact, Bree believed so strongly in her values, it was always a shock whenever she was confronted with those who didn't.

    • Justin: I want to do you a favour.
      Gabrielle: What kind of favour?
      Justin: Well, John says that you can't exactly afford a gardener right now, and I told him I'd be happy to do it. For free.
      Gabrielle: You want to mow my lawn for free?
      Justin: Mow your lawn, water your flowers, trim your bushes. I could do everything John did for you.
      Gabrielle: That's very generous of you, but I don't think so.
      Justin: Why?
      Gabrielle: Because my husband is home quite a lot these days. If any bush needs trimming, he takes care of it.
      Justin: Well, this is a beautiful yard. I'm sure it could use a little extra attention.
      Gabrielle: I'm flattered, but no, thank you.
      Justin: Mrs. Solis, please.
      Gabrielle: Did I mention why my husband's home a lot? He's under house arrest.
      Justin: Oh?
      Gabrielle: He has a lot of anger toward the government right now and he's just dying to find someone to take it out on.

    • Susan: Oh, God, you scared me.
      Mike: How'd it go?
      Susan: It went just peachy, and humiliating, and shocking.
      Mike: Susan...
      Susan: How could you? God, "Susan, do you trust me?" "Yes, of course I do." Oh, I'm such an idiot, and you're such a liar. Oh, and apparently a killer, and a drug dealer. That's just quite a personal ad you've got going there.
      Mike: Susan, I came to Wisteria Lane--
      Susan: Stop! Stop, Mike, just stop. If you keep talking, you're gonna work your way into my heart and I just don't want you anywhere near my heart. Ever.

    • John: Mrs. Van De Kamp.
      Bree: Hello, John. I'm sorry to drop by on you, unannounced. Do you have a moment?
      John: Sure. So, what can I do for you?
      Bree: Well, I'll tell you. My daughter is planning on giving you her virginity and I would consider it a personal favor if you wouldn't take it.

    • Carlos: (to Gabrielle) I never thought I'd be poor in this stage of my life.

    • (the Girls are talking about Mrs. Huber's bracelet being in Mike's possession)
      Bree: So what are you saying, the twins killed Martha?
      Lynette: Well, I wouldn't put it past them.

    • (after Susan sees him and another guy making out, naked, in Zach's pool)
      Andrew: I'm not gay.

    • Bree: You're president of the abstinence club!
      Danielle: Well, I wasn't planning on running for a second term.

    • Mary Alice: Yes. Each new day in suburbia brings with it a new set of lies. The worst are the ones we tell ourselves before we fall asleep. We whisper them int he dark, telling ourselves 'we're happy' (shot of an awake Bree and sleeping Rex), or that 'he's happy' (shot of an awake Lynette and sleeping Tom), that we can change (shot of John), or that 'he will change his mind' (shot of Danielle). We persuade ourselves we can live with our sins(shot of Mike), or that we can live without him (shot of a crying Susan). Yes, each night before we fall asleep, we lie to ourselves, in the desperate, desperate, hope that come morning, it will all be true.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Although credited, Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Britt) and Mark Moses (Paul Young) are absent from this episode.

    • Marcia Cross (Bree Van De Kamp), whose character's son Andrew experiments with his sexual orientation in this episode, was herself the subject of a media frenzy over rumours that she herself might be gay. The rumors were sparked by Marcia's February appearance on the cover of US national gay magazine "The Advocate" (she is also interviewed in the issue). The actress denied the rumors through her publicist had added she was disappointed that sexual orientation remained such an important issue today.

    • In addition to her being conservative and a member of NRA, this episode establishes Bree (Marcia Cross) as a Christian Republican who believes in traditional family values and keeps a painting of Jesus Christ and a photograph of Ronald Reagan on the walls of her house.

    • Following this episode, ABC made viewers wait for over a month to see how the Susan and Mike break-up as well as gay cliffhanger are resolved taking the longest break of the season and pre-empting all-new episodes of the drama on four consecutive Sundays with The Academy Awards telecast, Oprah Winfrey made-for-TV movie, new John Stamos sitcom preview and a Desperate Housewives rerun.

    • Ryan Carnes (Justin) has already played a gay character in the recent 2004 indie film Eating Out.

    • We learn Julie's middle name is Alexandra.


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode comes from a song in the Stephen Sondheim musical A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum.