Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 12

In Buddy's Eyes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2008 on ABC
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Katherine offers to help Bree plan the Founders' Day Ball, and chaos ensues. Lynette is shocked to see Rick Coletti (guest star Jason Gedrick) again, and so is Tom. Mike apologizes to Orson for accepting his prescribed drugs, and afterwards a guilty Orson remembers hitting Mike with his car and starts sleepwalking as a consequence. Gabrielle has problems adjusting to the fact that she is married to a blind man, and Julie tries to convince Dylan to become a debutante.moreless

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  • loved it....

    i really loved this episode, i love the realtionship between bree and katerine it is so funny and entertaining but also very emotinal i thought the scene at the end when katherine comfronts bree was really sad and perfectly acted by the wonderful dana delany

    lynette had a good storyline to, it was abit of a shock to see rick back, i wonder what trouble he is going kick up

    gaby had a entertaining storlyine after she gets a handycap tag, i thought the scene where she pushes the man in the wheel chair down the parking lot was so funny and so cruel only gaby could do that and still be so loveable

    and the whole naked orson think was funny tomoreless
  • I might give up watching this.

    Yes, the acting is great (except Eva Langoria, obviously), the script is funny and Bree is fascinating and funny at the same time. However, for three episodes in this season the template is the same: one of the characters offends one of its friends/family members in a funny way, the latter gets mad and the two make up after a touching moment. In this episode it was Gabrielle using Carlos' blindness to secure a good parking spot. How entertaining. When he gets mad, we get into an emotional scene where Gabrielle talks about tooth-paste. In the episode before that we had Suzan sabotaging the construction of Bree's house. After Bree finds out and gets mad, Suzan explains she's pregnant and her husband is in rehab and everything feels shaky around her except Bree's pampering. We had the same thing earlier in the season between Bree and Lynette about the Church, and when Gabi was reluctant to visit Lynette in the hospital because of a tragic past.

    Stop doing the same thing over and over again. Come up with a different shtick!moreless
  • Seriously, a selfishness epidemics?

    Everyone was selfish.

    I don't like in what Bree has become, she's now a cold person that I can't recognise. I liked what Lynette said to her when Katherine wanted to give her the award.

    Then, there's Orson's non-sense situation. He should have gotten rid of guilt when he had the chance and he didn't.

    And the worst of all, Gaby taking advantage of Carlos's blindness. This is an offense to all people who have a handycap. And also, treating as "poor people" to ones who just buy things in a market (everyone!). In this kind of values high clases are taught...and that's no good .

    Blindness is the topic here. I think blindness is what nowadays starts to rule everywhere. There are things we don't want to see, but are so easy to see! We should not be in deny at all, and we should detect what's wrong and try to change ir.

    I think that there are some character that have changed from the beginning, but for worse. Bree has no feelings at all, Gaby loves money and comfort more than ever... The season was going just fine...but now it's going nowhere.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 12.

    Bree and Katherine join forces to plan the Founders' Day Ball. Lynette is surprised when Rick shows up at the Scavo pizzeria. Gabrielle struggles with the reality of having a blind husband. Mike asks Orson for forgiveness as part of his recovery program, and Orson starts sleepwalking. I am really liking how this season is panning out so far, even after the WGA Strike that affected the quality of the writing of many shows. This show wasn't, though. I loved when Bree let Katherine taste the bad dip. Haha. Orson sleepwalking... Wow. It was enjoyable. I liked this episode for Gabby's storyline, too, with the guy in the wheelchair. Haha, that scene in the parking lot was priceless!moreless
  • We Can Never Be Friends Written by Jeff Greenstein Directed by Larry Shaw

    Katherine: "And the award goes to my friend, Bree Hodge".

    Lynette (to Bree): "The obnoxious backstabber just called your name".

    If "Sunday" proved to be a bit on the tame side of things, then it's really reassuring that this episode comes as a far superior outing for the returning series. You might think from the synopsis that this is a light episode but don't be fooled – it's got a hell of a lot more to offer than you'd expect.

    For instance there's the neat little concept of Katherine and Bree working together. For two women who have devoted their time into actively being hostile to each other, the very idea of them working together on anything would be like dipping your hands into toxic waste.

    Even the other women are quick to point out the badness that could ensue. Okay so it takes Edie to say that Bree and Katherine would literally kill each other for Susan, Lynette and Gabby all to agree. Plus the women are also quick to mention the very pie incident that originally upped the hostility between them.

    Still Bree is determined to prove to the girls that the impossible can happen and accepts Katherine's help on preparing for the Founders Ball. Katherine must also think somewhere around the same lines because she also doesn't allow the other women deter her from collaborating with Bree.

    As for this Founders Ball, well it's a charity event so I'm not really surprised that Bree has managed to find a niche with it and it's also less shocking that Katherine is more than happy to put her own stamp on things too. There was no way she was going to sit back and let Bree do all the heavy lifting. After all, something like that would deprive Katherine of an opportunity to undermine Bree.

    Bree mentioned to Orson back in "Smiles Of A Summer Night" that Katherine could steal her entire identity if she got actively involved in charity events. Seeing as Katherine hasn't exactly made that many friends since her return to Fairview, perhaps Bree was somewhat justified in voicing those concerns.

    Katherine and Bree are hardly working together for five minutes and she's already voicing thoughts on curtains, food and even takes great delight in making Bree sound like an illiterate for not knowing how to pronounce a certain dish. Suffice to say, Katherine's talent for firmly putting Bree's nose out of joint strikes yet again.

    Bree's total look of fury during that little is a delight to behold but despite Katherine being a royal pain in the backside, it has to be said that Marcia Cross and Dana Delaney work just wonderfully together. I've never seen another housewife get under Bree's skin as much as Katherine has and that's including Maisy, Phyllis and Carolyn.

    However there is a thing such as taking things a bit too far and while Katherine might delight in winding Bree, she's clearly never learned of quitting while she was ahead. Ignoring Bree's food request only resulted in Katherine being duped into eating from a contaminated dish and Bree certainly did enjoy the idea of Katherine puking her guts up.

    Of course being actively sick didn't stop Katherine from still getting Bree's back up. Bree got Katherine to eat rotten food in the hopes that she would be too sick to present the award but despite all her heaving, Katherine still refused to back down. I'm not sure whether that was brave or stupid but if the situation had been in reverse, then Bree probably would've behaved the same way.

    Amazingly there is a surprise twist in Katherine's behaviour as it turns out that Bree is this year's recipient of the award and there's something rather delicious about Katherine present the award to her. It's especially delicious for the oh so casual way that Katherine lets Bree know that she's aware that Bree tried to poison her.

    Given that it's been painfully pointed out just how similar these two women are over the course of the season, it was about time we actually got a scene where both women had it out so to speak. This is exactly what this episode did for us with Katherine confronting Bree head on for her little act of sabotage.

    Of course Bree didn't exactly stand and let Katherine go on. Instead she gave her a piece of her mind about the way she's been shoehorning things but the surprising thing is Katherine's whole reaction. Instead of wanting to replace Bree, she admits to actually wanting to be friends with the woman. I'll admit that I didn't see that one coming.

    The problem is that Bree and Katherine are so alike that Bree is too threatened by it to actually be friends with Katherine. Bree went out of her way to point out the little roles that Susan, Lynette, Gabby and Edie fitted into before admitting that she and Katherine are basically the same person.

    In a weird way, I ended up siding with Katherine for once. Because they are so alike, Katherine also understand the reasons behind Bree's insistence of being the perfect wife, mother and homemaker. There's a great moment where Katherine emphasises this understanding by pointing out how easier it is to cook a perfect meal than it is to break down into tears when things go wrong.

    As rivalries both Bree and Katherine has come the closest to rivalling Susan and Edie's so in some ways it's good that Bree refuses to be more friendlier with Katherine. It's also worth pointing out that Orson is that other person who perfectly understands and accepts Bree's little idiosyncrasies as well, so it's not like Bree is totally alone whereas Katherine is.

    What's also interesting about this plot is that Dylan for once actually manages to fixate on something other than wondering if her mother murdered her father. When Julie accuses her of being a buzz kill, Dylan's less than glowing assessment of the Founders Ball takes a U-turn when she agrees to go with Julie.

    Personally I have to admit that people both Dylan and Julie's age, the Founders Ball thing is kind of square. Realistically these girls should be going to the kind of parties you'd see on Skins rather than some charity event thing but that's my opinion. However it is a good thing to see Dylan and Julie actually enjoy themselves for once. Their friendship has been one of the strong points of the season.

    The great thing also is that when you think this episode is going to give us no advancement whatsoever on whether or not Wayne is alive, the ending then has a mystery bloke circling a picture of Dylan with Katherine. Surely Wayne can't be alive? Oh I'm not even gonna bother feigning surprise because him being alive makes more sense really.

    Keeping on the mystery angle, remember that one time when Orson ran over Mike? Well I assumed the writers were never going to raise the issue again given how conveniently they skirted over it last season but it turns out that now it's being readdressed.

    Orson has to go see Mike at rehab fully convinced that he remembers who ran him over. It does come as a relief then when he realises that Mike actually wanted to apologise to him. When Mike does find out, Orson had better hope that he's learned to control his temper because Mike can be as volatile as Carlos when he's provoked.

    However while Orson might not be ready to spill his guts, his guilt for nearly killing Mike does manifest in him sleepwalking in the nude and of course it would have to be Susan that would catch him out. The funny thing is that at first both Bree and Orson think she's making it up and pull the piss out of her but when Orson does it a second time, he lets slip Mike's name.

    Because Susan is more concerned with being right rather than the Mike thing, she doesn't pay as much attention to it. However when Orson sleepwalks a third time (with clothes on), it's Julie who ends up learning the truth when Orson inadvertently tells her. To say this moment was the best use of Julie would be overselling it but it's genuinely true. Having Julie be the one who found out is a fantastic twist and I can't wait to see how it unfolds seeing as Orson is unaware that he even told Julie about being responsible for the hit and run with Mike. It'll also be interesting to see how Susan and Bree's friendship is threatened when Mike finds out also.

    Friendships might not be the only thing that's threatened as for the billionth time again; Lynette and Tom's marriage is in danger. Yes, they've survived both cancer, a tornado and Tom having a child with another woman but one thing they never got over was the fact that Lynette was tempted to cheat on Tom with Rick. So is it much of a shock to the system when the guy happens to return?

    Actually yes because even though I knew Rick had generated a good reception from viewers when he was on the show, I didn't actually think he would come back. However he does and as soon as Tom learns that he's opened up a restaurant near them, it doesn't take long for Tom to revert into an immature kid.

    Okay so Tom does have justified reasons to dislike Rick. Lynette may not have cheated on Tom but she did give Rick the indication that she could and that is nearly as bad as if she did. That being said although I do like Tom, I just don't hate Rick and there's a part of me that almost wouldn't object if Lynette did cheat on Tom.

    If Tom wants to keep Lynette then throwing bricks through Rick's place and apparently burning it to the ground are not the most advisable things to do. Okay, it's fairly likely that Tom didn't burn Rick's restaurant down but it's easy to see why Lynette is capable of thinking that he could. Either way, it'll be intriguing to see what the writers will actually with Rick now that he's back. Will he actually succeed in sleeping with Lynette because apparently the majority of US viewers seem more than happy for Tom to be out of the picture.

    As for Gabrielle and Carlos, well they're just beginning to deal with the latter's blindness. By that I mean Gabrielle continues to think the world revolves around her and she's more than happy to use Carlos' predicament to get better parking and even men on wheelchairs aren't beneath Gabby's vicious tongue.

    There is also a moment in the episode where she talks about how the blindness has affected her life. It's part where I'm supposed to feel bad for her but Gabby's total self-centred behaviour kills that opportunity good and proper. At least the end of this plot does see Gabby actually behaving like an adult and proving in her own way that she does care about Carlos. It also helps that he's rather sweet about the way she looks too.

    Also in "In Buddy's Eyes"

    This episode had one of the best opening scenes with a flashback from "I Remember That". It makes total sense that Gloria forced Orson into running over Mike.

    Mike: "And I'm really sorry".

    Orson: "Of course. No need to apologise".

    There's an interesting sign at the rehab centre – "A man is only as sick as his secrets". If you take that into a literal context then most of the resident of Wisteria Lane would be on their deathbeds.

    Carlos: "Did you just use your hand?"

    Gabrielle: "Course not. I used a spoon".

    Tom: "What's the occasion or are you just being a good guy?"

    Rick: "Can't get anything past you Tom".

    I think this is the first time this season that we've actually seen the pizza place properly.

    Susan (to Orson): "Oh my God, you're naked in our kitchen where we eat. I don't hear you leaving".

    Bree: "You know Susan sometimes I climb into a warm bath with a romance novel. Just a thought".

    This episode saw both Lynette's hair slowly grow back and Susan with a pregnancy bump. About time on both counts.

    Wheelchair Man: "You don't look handicapped".

    Gabrielle: "I'm not, my husband is. He's blind".

    Gabrielle: "Well its official. I'm going to hell".

    During those scenes with Gabrielle and the two blokes in the wheelchair, I kept thinking of that episode of Family Guy. This show can do some comedy that can be somewhat offensive too.

    Orson: "I didn't mean to do it".

    Susan: "Oh you just happen to stumble naked in my front lawn".

    Carlos: "You're exploiting my blindness to get better parking?"

    Gabrielle: "That's a really mean way of putting it".

    I had to laugh at Orson's sexy dance to Susan in front of Bree, who seemed very relaxed with Orson doing that.

    Carlos: "You look even more beautiful than ever".

    Gabrielle: "How do you know that?"

    Carlos: "Just a hunch".

    Katherine: "I thought we agreed that nothing leaves the kitchen without me tasting it first".

    Bree: "Dig in".

    Is it really that strange that Andrew called Lynette first rather than Tom? I assumed he couldn't reach the latter.

    Bree: "So I really don't know how to be friends with you".

    Katherine: "That's a shame. Because I understand you better than all those other women do."

    Julie: "Why don't we just get you back to bed".

    Orson: "I'm sorry I ran over you Mike".

    Chronology: None was specified since "Sunday".

    Clearly one of the strongest episodes this season, "In Buddy's Eyes" went to great lengths to be informative, plot advancing, funny and poignant in such an effortless measure. I felt rather spoiled watching this fantastic episode.moreless
Steven Lee Allen

Steven Lee Allen


Guest Star

Mitch Longley

Mitch Longley

Man In Wheelchair

Guest Star

Eddie McGee

Eddie McGee

Man In Wheelchair #2

Guest Star

Jason Gedrick

Jason Gedrick

Rick Coletti

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Several times during this episode fast food cups were shown (presumably product placement). These cups were from In 'n' Out Burger. However, the corporation is located only in California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona, not in mid west suburbia where the show takes place.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Katherine is on stage presenting the award)
      Bree: (in a mocking tone) "... I was honored..."
      Gabrielle: Bree, what's up? I thought giving out this award was your thing.
      Bree: It used to be. Not anymore. Things change.
      Katherine: This year's founders award...
      Bree: Ever since I started working with that obnoxious back-stabber she's done nothing but try to take the spotlight off of me and put it onto her.
      Katherine: ... goes to my dear friend, Bree Hodge.
      (everyone turns to Bree who's in the spotlight, with a stunned look on her face)
      Lynette: (to Bree) The obnoxious back-stabber just called your name.

    • Bree: (to Katherine) Here's the thing you need to understand about me and my friends. We each have our niche. Gabrielle's the glamorous one, Susan's the adorable one, Lynette's smart, Edie's (pauses) Edie, and I'm the domestic one, the organizer, the one who knows that there are three tines on a dessert fork, and the one who gets teased for that. That's who I am. And that's also who you are.
      Katherine: So?
      Bree: So, I don't really know how to be friends with you.
      Katherine: That's a shame. Because I understand you better than all those other women do. I know how following the rules and observing little graces makes you feel like you're in control. We both had days where it was either set a beautiful table or curl up in a ball and die. We're the same, Bree. And if you think that means we can't be friends then I'm sorry. But it might also mean we could be best friends.
      Bree: Who knew you were so insightful.
      Katherine: (grabs Bree by the arm) Isn't learning fun? (they both laugh)

    • (At the parking lot)
      Gabrielle: Lynette! (waves)
      Lynette: Gaby! Since when do you come to Price Warehouse?
      Gabrielle: I'm poor now, remember? I have to mingle with the unwashed masses. What are you doing here?
      Lynette: Oh, I've been unwashed for years.

    • (Orson is naked in Susan's kitchen when she walks down in the middle of the night for a snack)
      Susan: Oh my God! You're naked! In my kitchen! Where I eat! (Susan turns around and stops for a few seconds) Okay, I don't hear you leaving.
      Orson: I had to do something.
      Susan: Pajamas. That's something you could do. Okay, you're right. You're a guest in my house. A completely naked guest in my house. I should leave.

    • Mary Alice: In the corridor of the Greenwood Rehabilitation Center is a sign. It's there to remind patients to be honest about the past. But Orson Hodge did not notice it. He was too busy thinking about his past, or at least the part of it he shared with Mike Delfino. Orson thought of the night they met, the night his mother had murdered his mistress. He thought of the next time they met, and how Mike began to recognize him. He thought of his mother's fear Mike would remember too much, and her demand that Orson stop this from happening. He thought of how he agonized, but in the end had still done the unthinkable. Orson then started to think about the message he had received from Mike asking him to visit. The thought was crossing Orson's mind that Mike had remembered something, something dangerous. When suddenly, the time for thinking was over. As he left, Orson thought only of his good fortune and relief, ignoring completely the feelings of guilt and shame that were rising within him. That was the sad thing about Orson Hodge. He had no idea just how sick he really was.

    • Mary Alice: Blindness. It's an affliction that prevents people from seeing what is right in front of them. Like the wives who can't detect the jealousy that consumes their husbands. The women unable to see that a rival might also be a friend. The men who stay oblivious to the guilt that lies deep within them. Yes, the world is filled with those who cannot see, but the most dangerous are the ones who stay blind to the evil within their own hearts. How do we protect ourselves from these people? First, we have to open our own eyes and find them, before they find us.

    • Gabrielle: (after she pulled a man in a wheelchair away) Well, it's official. I'm going to hell.

    • (upon hearing Katherine and Bree are working together)
      Lynette: I've faced cancer and a tornado, but I'm running from this.

  • NOTES (5)