Desperate Housewives

Season 4 Episode 12

In Buddy's Eyes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • loved it....

    i really loved this episode, i love the realtionship between bree and katerine it is so funny and entertaining but also very emotinal i thought the scene at the end when katherine comfronts bree was really sad and perfectly acted by the wonderful dana delany
    lynette had a good storyline to, it was abit of a shock to see rick back, i wonder what trouble he is going kick up
    gaby had a entertaining storlyine after she gets a handycap tag, i thought the scene where she pushes the man in the wheel chair down the parking lot was so funny and so cruel only gaby could do that and still be so loveable
    and the whole naked orson think was funny to
  • I might give up watching this.

    Yes, the acting is great (except Eva Langoria, obviously), the script is funny and Bree is fascinating and funny at the same time. However, for three episodes in this season the template is the same: one of the characters offends one of its friends/family members in a funny way, the latter gets mad and the two make up after a touching moment. In this episode it was Gabrielle using Carlos' blindness to secure a good parking spot. How entertaining. When he gets mad, we get into an emotional scene where Gabrielle talks about tooth-paste. In the episode before that we had Suzan sabotaging the construction of Bree's house. After Bree finds out and gets mad, Suzan explains she's pregnant and her husband is in rehab and everything feels shaky around her except Bree's pampering. We had the same thing earlier in the season between Bree and Lynette about the Church, and when Gabi was reluctant to visit Lynette in the hospital because of a tragic past.

    Stop doing the same thing over and over again. Come up with a different shtick!
  • Seriously, a selfishness epidemics?

    Everyone was selfish.
    I don't like in what Bree has become, she's now a cold person that I can't recognise. I liked what Lynette said to her when Katherine wanted to give her the award.
    Then, there's Orson's non-sense situation. He should have gotten rid of guilt when he had the chance and he didn't.
    And the worst of all, Gaby taking advantage of Carlos's blindness. This is an offense to all people who have a handycap. And also, treating as "poor people" to ones who just buy things in a market (everyone!). In this kind of values high clases are taught...and that's no good .
    Blindness is the topic here. I think blindness is what nowadays starts to rule everywhere. There are things we don't want to see, but are so easy to see! We should not be in deny at all, and we should detect what's wrong and try to change ir.
    I think that there are some character that have changed from the beginning, but for worse. Bree has no feelings at all, Gaby loves money and comfort more than ever... The season was going just fine...but now it's going nowhere.
  • Season 4, Episode 12.

    Bree and Katherine join forces to plan the Founders' Day Ball. Lynette is surprised when Rick shows up at the Scavo pizzeria. Gabrielle struggles with the reality of having a blind husband. Mike asks Orson for forgiveness as part of his recovery program, and Orson starts sleepwalking. I am really liking how this season is panning out so far, even after the WGA Strike that affected the quality of the writing of many shows. This show wasn't, though. I loved when Bree let Katherine taste the bad dip. Haha. Orson sleepwalking... Wow. It was enjoyable. I liked this episode for Gabby's storyline, too, with the guy in the wheelchair. Haha, that scene in the parking lot was priceless!
  • We Can Never Be Friends Written by Jeff Greenstein Directed by Larry Shaw

    Katherine: "And the award goes to my friend, Bree Hodge".
    Lynette (to Bree): "The obnoxious backstabber just called your name".

    If "Sunday" proved to be a bit on the tame side of things, then it's really reassuring that this episode comes as a far superior outing for the returning series. You might think from the synopsis that this is a light episode but don't be fooled – it's got a hell of a lot more to offer than you'd expect.

    For instance there's the neat little concept of Katherine and Bree working together. For two women who have devoted their time into actively being hostile to each other, the very idea of them working together on anything would be like dipping your hands into toxic waste.

    Even the other women are quick to point out the badness that could ensue. Okay so it takes Edie to say that Bree and Katherine would literally kill each other for Susan, Lynette and Gabby all to agree. Plus the women are also quick to mention the very pie incident that originally upped the hostility between them.

    Still Bree is determined to prove to the girls that the impossible can happen and accepts Katherine's help on preparing for the Founders Ball. Katherine must also think somewhere around the same lines because she also doesn't allow the other women deter her from collaborating with Bree.

    As for this Founders Ball, well it's a charity event so I'm not really surprised that Bree has managed to find a niche with it and it's also less shocking that Katherine is more than happy to put her own stamp on things too. There was no way she was going to sit back and let Bree do all the heavy lifting. After all, something like that would deprive Katherine of an opportunity to undermine Bree.

    Bree mentioned to Orson back in "Smiles Of A Summer Night" that Katherine could steal her entire identity if she got actively involved in charity events. Seeing as Katherine hasn't exactly made that many friends since her return to Fairview, perhaps Bree was somewhat justified in voicing those concerns.

    Katherine and Bree are hardly working together for five minutes and she's already voicing thoughts on curtains, food and even takes great delight in making Bree sound like an illiterate for not knowing how to pronounce a certain dish. Suffice to say, Katherine's talent for firmly putting Bree's nose out of joint strikes yet again.

    Bree's total look of fury during that little is a delight to behold but despite Katherine being a royal pain in the backside, it has to be said that Marcia Cross and Dana Delaney work just wonderfully together. I've never seen another housewife get under Bree's skin as much as Katherine has and that's including Maisy, Phyllis and Carolyn.

    However there is a thing such as taking things a bit too far and while Katherine might delight in winding Bree, she's clearly never learned of quitting while she was ahead. Ignoring Bree's food request only resulted in Katherine being duped into eating from a contaminated dish and Bree certainly did enjoy the idea of Katherine puking her guts up.

    Of course being actively sick didn't stop Katherine from still getting Bree's back up. Bree got Katherine to eat rotten food in the hopes that she would be too sick to present the award but despite all her heaving, Katherine still refused to back down. I'm not sure whether that was brave or stupid but if the situation had been in reverse, then Bree probably would've behaved the same way.

    Amazingly there is a surprise twist in Katherine's behaviour as it turns out that Bree is this year's recipient of the award and there's something rather delicious about Katherine present the award to her. It's especially delicious for the oh so casual way that Katherine lets Bree know that she's aware that Bree tried to poison her.

    Given that it's been painfully pointed out just how similar these two women are over the course of the season, it was about time we actually got a scene where both women had it out so to speak. This is exactly what this episode did for us with Katherine confronting Bree head on for her little act of sabotage.

    Of course Bree didn't exactly stand and let Katherine go on. Instead she gave her a piece of her mind about the way she's been shoehorning things but the surprising thing is Katherine's whole reaction. Instead of wanting to replace Bree, she admits to actually wanting to be friends with the woman. I'll admit that I didn't see that one coming.

    The problem is that Bree and Katherine are so alike that Bree is too threatened by it to actually be friends with Katherine. Bree went out of her way to point out the little roles that Susan, Lynette, Gabby and Edie fitted into before admitting that she and Katherine are basically the same person.

    In a weird way, I ended up siding with Katherine for once. Because they are so alike, Katherine also understand the reasons behind Bree's insistence of being the perfect wife, mother and homemaker. There's a great moment where Katherine emphasises this understanding by pointing out how easier it is to cook a perfect meal than it is to break down into tears when things go wrong.

    As rivalries both Bree and Katherine has come the closest to rivalling Susan and Edie's so in some ways it's good that Bree refuses to be more friendlier with Katherine. It's also worth pointing out that Orson is that other person who perfectly understands and accepts Bree's little idiosyncrasies as well, so it's not like Bree is totally alone whereas Katherine is.

    What's also interesting about this plot is that Dylan for once actually manages to fixate on something other than wondering if her mother murdered her father. When Julie accuses her of being a buzz kill, Dylan's less than glowing assessment of the Founders Ball takes a U-turn when she agrees to go with Julie.

    Personally I have to admit that people both Dylan and Julie's age, the Founders Ball thing is kind of square. Realistically these girls should be going to the kind of parties you'd see on Skins rather than some charity event thing but that's my opinion. However it is a good thing to see Dylan and Julie actually enjoy themselves for once. Their friendship has been one of the strong points of the season.

    The great thing also is that when you think this episode is going to give us no advancement whatsoever on whether or not Wayne is alive, the ending then has a mystery bloke circling a picture of Dylan with Katherine. Surely Wayne can't be alive? Oh I'm not even gonna bother feigning surprise because him being alive makes more sense really.

    Keeping on the mystery angle, remember that one time when Orson ran over Mike? Well I assumed the writers were never going to raise the issue again given how conveniently they skirted over it last season but it turns out that now it's being readdressed.

    Orson has to go see Mike at rehab fully convinced that he remembers who ran him over. It does come as a relief then when he realises that Mike actually wanted to apologise to him. When Mike does find out, Orson had better hope that he's learned to control his temper because Mike can be as volatile as Carlos when he's provoked.

    However while Orson might not be ready to spill his guts, his guilt for nearly killing Mike does manifest in him sleepwalking in the nude and of course it would have to be Susan that would catch him out. The funny thing is that at first both Bree and Orson think she's making it up and pull the piss out of her but when Orson does it a second time, he lets slip Mike's name.

    Because Susan is more concerned with being right rather than the Mike thing, she doesn't pay as much attention to it. However when Orson sleepwalks a third time (with clothes on), it's Julie who ends up learning the truth when Orson inadvertently tells her. To say this moment was the best use of Julie would be overselling it but it's genuinely true. Having Julie be the one who found out is a fantastic twist and I can't wait to see how it unfolds seeing as Orson is unaware that he even told Julie about being responsible for the hit and run with Mike. It'll also be interesting to see how Susan and Bree's friendship is threatened when Mike finds out also.

    Friendships might not be the only thing that's threatened as for the billionth time again; Lynette and Tom's marriage is in danger. Yes, they've survived both cancer, a tornado and Tom having a child with another woman but one thing they never got over was the fact that Lynette was tempted to cheat on Tom with Rick. So is it much of a shock to the system when the guy happens to return?

    Actually yes because even though I knew Rick had generated a good reception from viewers when he was on the show, I didn't actually think he would come back. However he does and as soon as Tom learns that he's opened up a restaurant near them, it doesn't take long for Tom to revert into an immature kid.

    Okay so Tom does have justified reasons to dislike Rick. Lynette may not have cheated on Tom but she did give Rick the indication that she could and that is nearly as bad as if she did. That being said although I do like Tom, I just don't hate Rick and there's a part of me that almost wouldn't object if Lynette did cheat on Tom.

    If Tom wants to keep Lynette then throwing bricks through Rick's place and apparently burning it to the ground are not the most advisable things to do. Okay, it's fairly likely that Tom didn't burn Rick's restaurant down but it's easy to see why Lynette is capable of thinking that he could. Either way, it'll be intriguing to see what the writers will actually with Rick now that he's back. Will he actually succeed in sleeping with Lynette because apparently the majority of US viewers seem more than happy for Tom to be out of the picture.

    As for Gabrielle and Carlos, well they're just beginning to deal with the latter's blindness. By that I mean Gabrielle continues to think the world revolves around her and she's more than happy to use Carlos' predicament to get better parking and even men on wheelchairs aren't beneath Gabby's vicious tongue.

    There is also a moment in the episode where she talks about how the blindness has affected her life. It's part where I'm supposed to feel bad for her but Gabby's total self-centred behaviour kills that opportunity good and proper. At least the end of this plot does see Gabby actually behaving like an adult and proving in her own way that she does care about Carlos. It also helps that he's rather sweet about the way she looks too.

    Also in "In Buddy's Eyes"

    This episode had one of the best opening scenes with a flashback from "I Remember That". It makes total sense that Gloria forced Orson into running over Mike.

    Mike: "And I'm really sorry".
    Orson: "Of course. No need to apologise".

    There's an interesting sign at the rehab centre – "A man is only as sick as his secrets". If you take that into a literal context then most of the resident of Wisteria Lane would be on their deathbeds.

    Carlos: "Did you just use your hand?"
    Gabrielle: "Course not. I used a spoon".

    Tom: "What's the occasion or are you just being a good guy?"
    Rick: "Can't get anything past you Tom".

    I think this is the first time this season that we've actually seen the pizza place properly.

    Susan (to Orson): "Oh my God, you're naked in our kitchen where we eat. I don't hear you leaving".

    Bree: "You know Susan sometimes I climb into a warm bath with a romance novel. Just a thought".

    This episode saw both Lynette's hair slowly grow back and Susan with a pregnancy bump. About time on both counts.

    Wheelchair Man: "You don't look handicapped".
    Gabrielle: "I'm not, my husband is. He's blind".

    Gabrielle: "Well its official. I'm going to hell".

    During those scenes with Gabrielle and the two blokes in the wheelchair, I kept thinking of that episode of Family Guy. This show can do some comedy that can be somewhat offensive too.

    Orson: "I didn't mean to do it".
    Susan: "Oh you just happen to stumble naked in my front lawn".

    Carlos: "You're exploiting my blindness to get better parking?"
    Gabrielle: "That's a really mean way of putting it".

    I had to laugh at Orson's sexy dance to Susan in front of Bree, who seemed very relaxed with Orson doing that.

    Carlos: "You look even more beautiful than ever".
    Gabrielle: "How do you know that?"
    Carlos: "Just a hunch".

    Katherine: "I thought we agreed that nothing leaves the kitchen without me tasting it first".
    Bree: "Dig in".

    Is it really that strange that Andrew called Lynette first rather than Tom? I assumed he couldn't reach the latter.

    Bree: "So I really don't know how to be friends with you".
    Katherine: "That's a shame. Because I understand you better than all those other women do."

    Julie: "Why don't we just get you back to bed".
    Orson: "I'm sorry I ran over you Mike".

    Chronology: None was specified since "Sunday".

    Clearly one of the strongest episodes this season, "In Buddy's Eyes" went to great lengths to be informative, plot advancing, funny and poignant in such an effortless measure. I felt rather spoiled watching this fantastic episode.
  • Season 4, Episode 12.

    This episode was so good. Bree plans the Founder's Day Ball with Katherine, and the combination is hilarious. Katherine is a little bossy, so Bree lets her eat bad dip. It was so hilarious. Rick returns, announcing his new restaurant opening up across the street from the Scavo pizzeria. Gabrielle was hilarious with the handicapped man. I loved how she said that she had to walk in heels when he can sit and roll, and when she pushed him down the parking lot at the end. Orson begins sleepwalking, naked, and Susan sees him. That was pretty good, and the end was amazing, where a mysterious man circles Dylan's picture.
  • Fun, hilarious, just the way I like it.

    Bree vs Katherine: Bree throws an annual charity and thinks it would be friendly to ask Katherine to help out, but when Katherine takes on more than Bree wants her to, Bree gets the wrong message. Bree and Katherine are more alike than any two characters on Wisteria Lane and I think it would be nice if the both of them got along.

    The Return of Rick: Remember Rick? That guy who was making a move on Lynette? Well, he's back and he's opening a new restaurant by the corner of the street where the Scavos' pizza place is located. A brick is thrown into his new restaurant and it eventually bursts into flames, Lynette can't help but suspect Tom is behind all of this. I hate Rick, let's just leave it at that.

    Orson's Guilt: He has recently been feeling guilty for running Mike over and is getting paranoid over it. He would sleep walk every night and reveal more and more about what he has done and even if Teri has seen him sleep walking more times than anyone, it isn't her that finds out the truth. Frankly, I think it's really stupid they get it out there in the open with Orson sleep talking.
  • Bree and Katharine plan the Founder's Ball. Orson has trouble sleeping and is starting to feel guilty about his past.

    Another good episode of the show. While not as strong as last week, the show still had some funny storylines and good scenes.

    When Orson started sleepwalking (while naked) Susan's reactions were pretty funny. We also got a nice cliffhanger at the end of the episode where Orson unintentionally told Julie about hitting Mike with his car, which should set up some drama for next week.

    Bree's reaction to having to cooperate with Katharine was funny too. She tends to steal the show in Season 4 with her conservative stance on life, but she realized she had gone too far when she risked hurting Katharine so she could present an award instead.

    Tom Scavo was back to his old deception of Lynette when he got her to lie to the police about him throwing a brick through the returning Rick's window, and later possibly being responsible for the arson of Rick's entire restaurant. This should be another plotline that gets interesting next week.

    We also got to see a different, emotional side of Gabrielle, when we saw her break down regarding Carlos' condition. It was expected that she was going to have issues with the blindness due to her way of life, but we saw that she has a heart and deep down wants to try and overcome the adversity to live with Carlos. We also got to see a hilarious scene involving Gabrielle arguing with two handicapped men over her usage of their parking spaces (including her rolling one of them away).

    So, another good episode that makes me eager to see what happens next week. Hopefully the show can continue its successful season.
  • In this episode, the characters all have moving scenes, and the ending is amazing.

    Katherine and Bree working together on the Founder's Ball was definitely a high point in this episode. The best part, however, for me, was the Orson-running-over-Mike mystery. It developed quite nicely. I never knew when this whole thing was going to unravel, and it's just the perfectly wrong time for Orson. He's sorry he ran Mike over, and he was just a pawn to his mother. He had to do everything his mother said because he felt that his father(her husband)'s death was his fault. Now Julie knows, and I can't wait to see Mike's reaction. My favorite dramatic scene was when Bree gave Katherine the speech, and Katherine gave a speech back to her. And the ending was shocking, and I can't wait for the next one
  • The storylines get more exciting and leave you wishing it was next Sunday already.

    I'm really starting to enjoy this show agian. The storyline with Orson sleep walking was so funny. Now that Julie knows what is going on it is going to get really good next week. Lynette and Tom's storyline also seems like it is going to get good next week. When they first brought Rick back I thought it was going to be boring because the same thing would just happen over agian, but they came up with a good storyline. I can not wait to see if everyone thinks Tom started the fire and if he started it.

    It was also entertaining to see Bree and Katherine fight over who could do a better job hosting the party. I love that Bree resorted to poisoning her and then it turned out Katherine was just doing it to give Bree the award. Her speech about how they could end up being best friends was really good. The storyline with Gabby started out funny, but it got more serious. It was hillarious to see her arguing with people in wheelchairs, and then bringing Carlos along for the good parking.
  • Good episode!

    Better than the last one, but still far from the most exciting episodes. Mike is asking for forgiveness and Orson starts to sleep walk and his mind is tricking him to tell the truth and apologize for his mistakes. This was the most interesting side of this episode as we wait him to tell the truth and do his time in jail. At the same level I would say that Tom and his jealousy is great. He didn't forgive or forget what happened with Rick and he's showing it quite clearly now. He broke the window and now did he put fire in the place?? Personally, I don't believe he did, although the doubt is in the air!!
    Can't wait to find the answers to these questions....
  • Katherine and Bree organize the Founders Ball, Orson reveals his dark secret, Rick is back and causing Tom to reveal his jealous side and somewhere, somebody has their eye on Dylan.

    Desperate Housewives did it again! There was more revealed in this episode and I was so happy! It is the annual Founder's Ball (which is funny because they have never done a Founder's Ball in the show's four year history) and being that Katherine and Bree are exactly alike, we all know that it would have disaster written all over it. Every time that Bree would do something, Katherine would come and take over. Nothing was to leave the kitchen before Katherine had approved it, so Bree was in the kitchen and the chef ran in to throw away the spinach dip that was made because it had been sitting out, so Bree offered to throw it away. Katherine came in and reminded Bree that nothing was to leave the kitchen without her approval so she tasted it, liked it and went on her way. A few moments later, we see Katherine running to the bathroom and Bree following after her, because Bree had just discovered that Katherine insisted that she give the Founder's Award out this year, rather than Bree. Bree confronted her in the bathroom, being her usually snotty self, Bree tries to convince Katherine to go home. Katherine insists that she stay and it is soon discovered that Bree was the recipient of the Founder's Award and that is why Katherine was presenting it. Bree felt stupid and Katherine knew that Bree tried to poison her with the spoiled dip. Orson has been having trouble sleeping, and he starts sleepwalking. Susan first finds him naked in her kitchen when she sneaks down to have some chocolate cake. He is sitting naked on her stool and all he can say is "I'm sorry". Susan tells him that he should go back to bed, but she has no idea that he is sleep walking so the next morning she confronts him and he has no idea what she is talking about. The next night she finds him outside, naked, and this time he says something like "I'm sorry, Mike". We all know that Orson ran Mike down with his car, but now he is feeling guilty about it and it is coming out in his sleep walking. Susan slaps Orson awake and he realizes that he is naked outside so he runs in and that is the end of that, for now.
    Rick, Lynnette's admirerer from last season is back. He comes in to the restaurant, finds Lynnette and he tells her that he just got back from Italy and brought a bottle of wine for her and Tom. Tom comes over and interjects on their conversation, and Rick tells them that he is opening his own restaurant down the block on the corner. This upsets Tom who is working late one night and decides to go look at the new restaurant but being that he still harbors jealous feelings, he picks up a brick and throws it at the picture window in the front. The cops show up at the Scavo's home and Tom lies to them and tells them he was at home around 8 the night in question. Gaby discovers the joys of Carlos's blindness when she finds out she can get a handicap placard for her car and she takes full advantage of it. She gets into an argument with two handicapped, wheelchair bound men who are upset that they had to park all the way out at the end of the lot. The Gaby/Carlos thing can end anytime now, I am kind of over it. Their storylines are usually ridiculous and unimportant.
    Well, as usual, everything comes to a head in the last 10 minutes of the episode. Bree and Katherine decide to be friends and try to learn to live with one another, Lynnette gets a call from Andrew who tells her that Rick's new restaurant is up in flames, she immediately looks around for Tom, who walks in late to the Founder's Ball. Julie comes home late for curfew at midnight and finds Orson sitting on the steps. She realizes he is sleepwalking, but finally reveals his secret about running over Mike with his car - to Julie! And we see a man with a stack of newspapers and finds the headline with the Founder's Ball and pictures, and circles Dylan's picture. I can only assume this is her father, Katherine's ex, but the episode ended so we have to wait until next week.
  • Whats going on here then?

    Im pleasantly surprised. This episode was pretty good. The current Gabrelle/Carlos story isn't doing much for me, however it was done pretty fun in this episode. Bree's Annual Dinner thingy story was a fun storyline line too - I was hoping for a bit more puke though! Haha.

    The return of of Tom and Lynettes Ex-employee and the direction the storyline took had to be the highlight of this episode for me. Although I think that guys out to destroy Tom and get Lynette! Orson's Storyline was another pleasent suprise and - of course - so was the ending of the episode. This episode was produced to the same high quailty that's come to be expected From DH, although - and it could just be me - the excitment and tension seems to be seeping away. Its as fun and fabulous as ever, but there seems to be a lack of direction. The pregnancies, accidents, the Strike and whatever else, seems to have cooled down a steaming hot show.

    Pick-Faults as I may I still really enjoyed this episode.
  • Bree and Katherine work together to organize the Founder's Ball.

    Let me just start by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. I thought that it was absolutely hilarious. I loved all of the story lines, and I thought that they were all great, especially Bree and Katherine's. I loved the part when Bree let Katherine taste the soup that was spoiled. I also loved Gabrielle's story line. It was pretty funny for the most part, but I especially liked the last two scenes between Gabrielle and Carlos at the end of the episode. I thought that those scenes were both very sweet and touching. I found this episode as a whole very funny. I'm very interested to see where things go with Lynette's story line now that Rick has returned. All things considered, I absolutely loved this episode, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Desperate Housewives.
  • OMG, Orson's secret is out!!!!! And Katherine's husband is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG!!!!!!! He's alive!!!!!!! I knew it!!!!!!!! Then the grave must be for the real Dylan.... Omg, omg so exciting!!!!!!!!

    Omg, I can't believe the truth is out about Mike and Orson!!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!!! What's gonna happen to Bree and Susan????????? oh my oh my......

    Bree and Katherine were just too funny..... I really thought Katherine was continuing to being a pain but I guess she changed...... I can't believe Tom???? Omg, do you guys think he really did do it????????? Omg!!! It was cool to have Rick back in.... I don't think Lynette will go down that route again..... Why wasn't Susan at the ball???? We didn't see her or Edie.... no fair.....

    Susan catching Orson sleep walking was just too funny...

    I miss Mike on a regular basis... He needs to come back to have more scenes.... I wonder what Julie will say.

    its quite amazing how desperate housewives can incorporate all these plots in ONE EPISODE!!!! incredible!!!! wow!!! eva longoria can act!!! i think her storyline was the most touching and i really did feel for her, even with her '8 dollar manicure'.... emmy any1?? susan was really funny also, especially in the kitchen wen she saw orson naked...priceless!!! bree and katherine's storyline was also pleasant, showing how the 2 women are alike but at the same time different- katherine seems so more dangerous. did any1 think that lynette's kids burnt rick's place down??? would tom take the blame??? next week we see orson and mike faceoff.......OMG!!!!! another incredible episode
  • WOW WOW WOW!!! While the mystery didn't get the spotlight in this episode, it was perfect in every other way! This season is definitely the series' best even better than the 1st!

    The storylines were very entertaining in this episode and the writers really pulled it off quite brilliantly! I think the episode's highlight was Katherine & Bree's storyline

    Susan had a very small storyline in this episode as it was mainly connected to Orson's. Orson is feeling very guilty over hitting Mike with the car nearly a couple of years ago and it eventually gets the best of him when he begins to sleep walk, almost reveals it to Susan but eventually reveals it all to Julie. Susan's reactions were hilarious to finding Orson naked and sleepwalking twice, once in her kitchen and once on her front lawn!

    Gabrielle had a funny and yet very emotional story this episode. She's taking advantage of Carlos' blindness by parking in the handicaped spots and this gets her in a fight with two wheelchaired men in a VERY hilarious scene! After that Carlos notices what she's doing and this leads to a MARVELOUS scene showcasing Eva Longoria's brilliant acting skills, she really made me sad and made me understand why she's taking advantage of Carlos' illness.

    Lynette's storyline was also small but it was really good. So Rick is back in town and he opens a restaurant across the street. Tom throws a brick through Rick's glass and Lynette confronts him about it which leads to a scene which proves that Tom is worthy of being on this show because he acted that scene so brilliantly. Later on, Lynette gets a phone call from Andrew who informs her that Rick's place is on fire and obviously Tom is the one who did it!

    Now, the episode's highlight! Bree & Katherine team up to do the annual Founders Day but as they start to plan it, they realize that they have very different ideas and this begins to tick Bree off. Things get worse when Katherine takes over the food and does so many last-minute changes that Bree knew nothing about and what really ends it for Bree is when she discovers that she's no longer giving the yearly award which she has given for the last 8 years. Because she's so angry at Katherine, she lets her eat from the cake that the chef said was not good for eating and this leads to Katherine throwing up and not feeling very well and despite Bree's attempts to take over the award's giveaway, Katherine pulls it off and reveals that the award will be given to Bree which totally shocks everyone. Katherine congratulates Bree and whispers in her ear that she knows that she tried to poison her. Later on, Bree and Katherine talk in a very emotional scene and it seems like Katherine is trying so hard for this friendship to work.

    While the mystery was entirely abscent from the episode, there was some kind of progress. In the very last scene, we see a man pick up the newspaper and draw a circle over Dylan's face... who could he be? Her father? Who?

    Also I wonder what Julie is going to do with the information she learned from Orson, will she tell Mike? Will she tell Susan? What will happen next? It's all very interesting! Can't wait for next week!
  • Just how far will someone go?

    This episode presented some great interaction.

    Katherine and Bree - Bree having difficulty dealing with Katherine's help with the party. Katherine being asked to do more than her fair share because Bree was being presented with an award. I liked Katherine's comment to Bree about being aware that Bree tried to poison her.

    Just how far did Tom go? All indications are that Tom caused the fire at Rick's restaurant. He can get a little jealous, huh?

    Gaby's comments to the guy wheelchair was so Gaby. Of course it makes definite sense that she would get a handicap sticker to take advantage of the available parking.

    Orson's guilt finally gets the better of him. While sleepwalking Julie finds out that he was the one that hit Mike with the car. Now what will she do with the information?

    Someone is looking for Dylan. Could it be her Dad or is there someone else out there that is plotting revenge?

    Glad to have the ladies back on Sunday night!!
  • Katherine and Bree join forces to help plan the annual Founders' Ball; Gabby struggles with Carlos' blindness; Orson is confronted by his past with Mike; and Tom and Lynette hit another roadblock with the reappearance of Rick.

    Yet another solid addition to the wonderful fourth season. This was probably the funniest episode thus far, with Katherine and Bree teaming up, which couldn't have been more entertaining to watch. It's great to see Katherine really becoming more apart of the housewives team than simply a pawn in a mystery--unlike Betty Applewhite, whose sole involvement was that season's mystery. Thank God for Dana Delaney.

    I'm curious to see how far the writers are going to go with the Tom/Lynette/Rick situation. They're not afraid to pull punches, so it could end badly.

    Gabby and Carlos. I really like these guys together. I hope Carlos' blindness doesn't pull them apart.

    Orson...uh oh. Julie knows! And who's looking for Dylan? Her father? Hmmmm...

    The writers' strike doesn't seem to have affected the series much. This season has been as entertaining as seasons 1 and 3, with plenty of mystery (the most complex one yet), comedy, and drama.
  • While this episode isn't my favorite, it did have a few good scenes.

    I found it absolutely hilarious how Gabby tried to get away with parking in a handicapped parking space. How the writers made her seem almost human in the end was absolutely genius. Also, Bree poisoning Katherine was a high point in the episode. The fact that Bree struggles with someone just like her can open a door to many possibilities. And Orson is guilty about Mike! I died laughing at Susan trying to find a solution to the situation of Orson sleepwalking in the nude. Susan is just that type of person to be caught in sticky situations. However, Tom becoming angry about Rick seems out of place. Running out of ideas? I surely hope not. Maybe this is another dangerous twist. We'll find out in next week's show!
  • Bree and Katherine become BFFL, Orson goes naked, Rick's gets burned down, and Gaby fights with a guy in a wheel chair.

    The mystery continues to thicken as the season continues. If you think the strike hurt this show you are sadly mistaken as this episode gives you a fine example of this season growing in perfection. Bree and Katherine learn they are truly alike and you understand that those to could be the best of friends, and of course the perfect enemies. Gaby shows another reason why Eva Longoria needs better stories. Gaby and Carlos connect while trying to deal with his blindness. Susan sees Orson naked after his guilt of a hit-and-run that happened almost 2 years ago. Orson's sleep-walking begins to feature him talking, first to Susan. Than Orson speaks to Julie, giving her pivotal information. A mysterious man has interest in, Dylan. An interest that seems to be leading us closer to solving the mystery, what happens there?