Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 13

Is This What You Call Love?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2012 on ABC

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  • Is This What You Call Love?

    Bree has always been entertaining, but this recent arc, while maybe a little bit outrageous, is the kind of development this show needs. We rarely see people undergo dramatic breakdowns and shifts on TV even though it happens in real life. Seeing someone like her go through this makes me appreciate what DH is capable of.
  • 8.13 "Is This What You Call Love?"

    Written by: David Schladweiler & Valerie A. Brotski

    Directed by: David Grossman


    Gaby, Lynette & Susan express their concern for Bree's overly active sexual life. Then Gaby mentions they still love her despite everything what happened. Hm, what happened? She helped her husband. "Is This What You Call Love, Gaby?" Julie comes home pregnant and she is still as uninteresting as ever. But she had this good scene with Teri Hatcher/Susan when she told her her version of her childhood memories. Ouch. Not a nice one. Susan never saw it coming & now she is giving up on her unborn baby. Good job, Susie Q. I wish Karl was still alive, he would verbally slap the crap outta her. Lynette has apologized (? unbelievable) to her date from last week - Frank and now she is sleeping with him. Ok, she cried the first time, but I got her point. Gaby was still selfish and she even tricked her own daughter into believing that this boy at school loves her. Bo-ring. At least she told her the truth about Carlos being in reahab center. And Bree was almost raped and beaten up by this psycho guy from the night club. Guess what? Orson saved her and teasered that bastard. Good. But he is up to something. 8/10

  • Another great hopur!

    I really don't want this show to end! Having siad that, I really can't wait for the remaining episodes, either! This episode was full of suprises, most notably with the arrival of one Orson back on the Lane. It will definitely shake this pu even more, and I can't wait to see what's next!

    Aside from that, there wasn't too much significant development in terms of the Alejandro storyline, but there were some incredibly and outrageously funny scens! Most notably, we had Susan lying to the prospective parents of Julie's baby and telling them that Julie was mentally insane! I couldn't believe that! How outrageous!!! Awesome quote, "My mother used to say that our family tree produced only bananas!" OMG that was hilarious! Icouldn't stop laughin!

    The same can be said for Gaby lying to Juanita and giving her a fake Valentine card. The impact of that was hlarious, and some truly funny moments there as well!

    I also couldn't stop laughing when Susan purchased a million different cerael varieties because hshe couldn't remember wihch one was Julie's favourite!

    So much laughing throughout this episode! I definitely recommend it! And I look forward to seeing what lies ahead on the rest of this show, even though I desperately want the show to continue on for more seasons! :)
  • Julie?

    The countdown has begun, and even though the show is ending soon, there are still more surprises to come and plots to be written in.

    Desperate Housewives is going all out on the shock factor, and in this episode we get a pregnant Julie, and a not so new hero...ORSON! Lynette finally gives in to sex with someone who isn't Tom, but this leads to a little embarresment. Bree deals with what too much fun can label you, and what unpleasentness that label brings with it. Gabrielle fakes a valentine card, which makes her daughter a sexual predator (major LOLs right there) and Suan has to deal with her past mistakes making an impact of Julie's adoption decision.

    The episode moves away from the main plot and focuses on the girls and their own personal lives. We didn't get any Tom or Ben, and not much of Renee but that's fine because it's the final season and we need more all main characters episodes. It was hilarious! I love that their getting all the humor and fun back in after the unbelievably dull seventh season.

    Great episode, in a great final season.
  • Is This What You Call Love?

    "Is This What You Call Love?" was a great episode of Desperate Housewives and I enjoyed watching t he episode though it didn't get really good until towards the end when Lynette, Gaby and Susan decide to confront Bree, but she tells them the truth of things which hurts. It was interesting to watch the little story lines such as Gaby and Juanita dealing with their relationship, Lynette and her dating, and Susan dealing with Julie and her recent decisions. The ending was great with Orson rolling in to the rescue! There are still some mysteries and I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
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