Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 2

It Takes Two

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on ABC

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  • Desperate housewives

    You can not see it
  • good episode


    this was another good episode from desperate housewives 3rd season, and a rather big episode aswell as bree marries orson, im sure something she will regret soon as we dont know exacly what orson is up to and if he even loves bree, the other storylines this week were also good, having susan gett iknvolved in the mystery was good it felt very season 1, the gaby and carlous stuff was pretty funny but it kinda felt abit like the writers jumped the shark having the baby be black and them not keeping it thats 3 times know thaat we though we would see gaby be a mother and hasnt bee, overall though this was another good episode from season 3

  • Matrimonio, hijo nuevo.

    Susan sale por primera vez con Ian, y este le hace un desplante que muestra el miedo que le tiene a dejar ir la esperanza de que su esposa en algun momento salga del coma. La escena donde Susan le ruega a Mike que despierte y le prohiba salir con Ian es maravillosa, triste y me llevó al borde de las lagrimas.
    Mientras tanto el matrimonio de Bree se ve opacado por el pasado de orson, que llega, pero ella enamorada no lo ve pasar. Y descubrimos además como es el hijo de Gabrielle y Carlos, hubiera deseado que hubieran dejado seguir la trama con un hijo abordo, mientras la insufrible de Norah sigue haciendo de las suyas en la casa Scavo (espero que pronto Lynette entre en un problema emocional y sicologico y asesine a Norah, jejeje)
  • Bree and Orson wed; Lynnette tries to hook Nora up with someone at Bree's wedding; Susan tries to break-up with Ian; Edie's nephew comes to live with her; Xiao-Mei goes into labor; and a body is found, believed to be Alma.

    This episode was a perfect installment to the third season of Desperate Housewives. It was very dramatic. I can't believe the Solis' lost another baby. That was the third they would've had. Bree adds more drama to her life and marries a suspected killer. Susan feels as if she cheated on Mike and attempts to break up with Ian, but she can't. Lynnette is tired of Nora hanging around her family and hooks her up with Carlos, which infuriates Gabrielle. Edie's trouble-making nephew comes to live with her. This episode was perfect. This is definitely one of the best episodes of the series.
  • Weddings & newborns!

    It was Bree and Orson Hodge's wedding !!! Wow wat a quick engagement that was within a week haha. But weddings dont go down nicely in dramas... The girls cornered Bree before the wedding to warn her about Orson ! So being Bree, she asked him when they had already started the wedding LOL, of course he denies it, but bet she still has doubts !, At the end a cop came to the reception,and made them identify the body that was found ! It wasn't Orson's wife.. Or was it?? He said Tu me manques, Monique" ("I Miss You Monique"). Scandalous !

    Gabby is still fighting with Carlos. She agrees for him to go to Bree's wedding though, but as her guest not date lol. She starts flirting with a waiter ( well she pays him $100 as hes gay haha ), However he gets on with Tom's ex, and of course Gabby gets jealous ! They start fighting again over his Grandma's necklace, but Xiao Ming interrupts them and her water breaks on the dance floor !!!.. So they rush to the hospital and she gives birth to a black baby?? So of course Gabby gets all angry with the fertility doctor ! Aww I guess all their baby plans have gone now??.. :( I hope they work things out !

    Susan gets into a spot of bother again. She agrees to go out with the guy she met at the hosptial, Ian. But of course his wifes parents are dining there also ! So he says that Susan is one of the brain surgeons LOL.. and of course they had to ask her a technical Q ! Lucky for Susan she's an artist so she gets her way by trying to draw a brain diagram ! At the wedding they both talk to each other while supposedlly saying a speech to the happy couple. In the end she agrees to date him?! What about Mike !!!!!!!!!!! Susan also tracks down Orson's ex neighbour and tries to get info of her if he killed his wife ! Edie's nephew Austin comes to stay ! Of course he meets Julie Meyer haha. She was being a dork studying and his music was too loud, well you can guess the rest.. hmm wonder if they have relations coming up haha, wonder what Edie and Susan will say about that !

    Lynette is still having a hard time with Nona. She cried on her shoulder as she broke up with her bikey bf, and wanted to stay the night at Lynettes !. As said earlier, Lynette got busted by Gabby for hooking up Nona with Carlos !
  • Its wedding day for Bree and Orson. The body of a dead woman is found who people think it is Orson's ex-wife. Susan goes on a date with Ian. Lynette trys to hook up Nora with someone. Edie lets her nephew stay with her. Xiao-Mei goes into labor.

    Good episode. I wish that was the right baby because Gabrielle doesn't have a baby yet and I think she needs one. I still wish Carlos and Gabrielle were still together. Bree and Orson's wedding is weird but great because Susan and Ian say what they think of each other but to Bree and Orson even though they didn't they knew it was about them. Juile so likes Austin and Austin is hot. Lynette put together Nora and Carlos! Then Gabrielle found out. The was awesome. The green bride maid's dresses were ugly and the red/black ones were really great. I would so want a dress like that if I was a bride's maid.
  • Couplet Written by Jenna Bans And Kevin Murphy Directed by David Grossman

    Man is this episode given the most cliché of titles or what? Yes everything this week is about the power of partnerships, whether it’s them being dissolved, becoming stronger or showing hints of formation. In other words, it’s enough to make you a bit depressed about being a singleton but nowhere near as depressing if you had to deal with Nora on a day to day basis and that would be beyond depressing.

    Bree and Orson took centre stage in the season premiere due to the fact that the former is more or less the season’s big mystery and suffice to say, it’s really not much of a stretch that they are the big feature yet again.

    I’m not complaining because this week we get their wedding as instead of the writers leaving the event for the US sweeps period, it comes now and because all the other housewives have their own storyline, it’s really not that hard to be intrigued. Plus I love the fact that this is feeling more like an ensemble series once again.

    When being accused by your former neighbour and general nuisance Carolyn that you’re responsible for killing your former spouse during your own engagement party, Orson should expect to be under the scrutiny of his new neighbours as well as his fiancée’s best friends and the fact that Susan and company are vocal about their concerns is more of a relief than a worry in my opinion.

    If Orson really didn’t kill his wife and the chances of him actually being innocent are pretty good, then in due course he’ll be proved right and we’ll find out who really did, although Carolyn certainly looks psychotic enough to do someone in. For the time if I were Orson, I wouldn’t make the mistake of underestimating my neighbours.

    That being said when Bree isn’t raising psychos like the rather demonic Andrew, then she does have a tendency to sleep with them as much as I want to completely ship her and Orson (great chemistry, interesting dynamics – usual reasons to ship a good TV couple, etc), there is still the fact that Orson ran over Mike for no reason. Why haven’t we gotten a little more insight into that and more importantly what has Mike done that Orson would leave him for dead?

    That’s also coupled with the fact that while Carolyn does strike me as a pain in the hole, there still may be an element of truth in what she’s saying because some of her rant did seem a little revealing and hey, the whole Mike incident itself.

    Even on Bree’s big wedding itself, Susan and the rest of the girls aren’t totally convinced of Orson’s innocence and use this day of all to get the deliriously happy bride to least ask Orson that vital question – did he kill Alma? As Lynette points out, it’s bad luck to marry a murderous lover, just look at Tracy and Charlie in Coronation Street as a pretty good case in point.

    Of course it did take Bree quite amount of persuading to actually ask Orson that thorny question and when she finally did and momentarily halted her wedding to get an answer, it proves that Bree has developed a little bit of growth in the last year or so and in fairness, Orson could tell that Bree had the slightest doubt about him, so he should’ve seen that question coming a mile off.

    Also if Orson is a killer, he better watch his step in a big way because although Bree has a tendency to repress things and her OCD like way of living, she is far from the subservient type that former wife Alma seemed to be, so Orson better not expect her to cower in fear if he raises his voice.

    The wedding itself is fairly rushed and still manages to get spoiled when Orson and Bree are told by the cops to go to the morgue and identify a woman matching Alma’s description, alongside a rather venomous Carolyn and it turns out that neither Orson or Carolyn can identify the woman, well at least they claim not to.

    Which is strange because these two are on opposing sides and when Orson does reference the cadaver as Monique, more questions get raised as they have a tendency to happen on Wisteria Lane. Who exactly is Monique and why didn’t Orson identify? Does Carolyn know her and if so why didn’t she identify her? Also is there a chance that Monique may be related to Alma?

    Meanwhile when she’s not snooping around the ever recurring theme that is Susan Mayer’s love life continues to be the focal point of her storylines on the series and why it’s not exactly intense, captivating material, her increasing interactions with the doltish Ian warrants some kind of a debate.

    After the two of them go on a first date, in which they’re interrupted by Jane’s parents and Susan is told to play doctor, the rather guilty housewife comes to the conclusion that maybe disengaging from Ian would be a smart idea and given how rare Susan gets a smart idea, she has my support on this one.

    I don’t particularly hate Ian as such and while he may have resigned himself to the fact that Jane isn’t ever going to wake up and feels the need to move on with his life, it’s a little stupid to automatically try and force another person into doing the same thing and Susan’s conflict over Mike, while not interesting comes across as genuine enough that even Ian should back off.

    Which the silly dolt doesn’t and decides to proclaim his love for a woman he hardly knows during a lame assed speech during Bree and Orson’s reception, to which Susan makes worse by indulging and making a pathetic attempt of fighting him off, which doesn’t last long enough to actually count now. Given the huge napkins on his table, if I had been sitting Mr Englishman and had to listen to that boring rant, I would’ve had Ian bound and gagged within seconds and sent back to the mother country. What maybe the writers were hoping would come across as sweet and endearing comes across as needy and possessive. Run, Mayer, run!

    Pushy is also something that Gabby and Carlos are experts on as the bickering duo are still incessantly tearing strips of one another over who gets exactly what in their divorce settlement and a brief truce between over one of Mama Solis’ necklace and an invite to Bree and Orson’s wedding is only temporary.

    When Gabby discovers that Carlos has mistaken her little acts of kindness as a come on, she throws herself at a gay waiter while Carlos gets more than a bit touchy feely with Nora. Still though, their War Of The Roses style of dealing with each other is cut short when Xiao-Mei’s waters break and the parent bug hits both of them like wildfire.

    It turns out that when they’re trying to become parents something also goes wrong for them and whether it’s Gabrielle miscarrying, getting blacklisted or having their adopted child snatched from them, you do wonder when Marc and company are going to let Carlos and Gabrielle become parents.

    This time the setback turns out to be Xiao-Mei giving birth to a black baby and the Solis’s learning that their embryos are more or less a dud. Gabrielle reacts in her usual manner when things don’t go her way but once again, I feel bad for these two and it’s strange because of the time, both Gabby and Carlos are irritating. Here’s hoping the next time they try for a kid, they actually get it this time because this is one joke that is beginning to wear a bit thin.

    Elsewhere the bane of Lynette’s own existence Nora is still managing to make the Scavo woman a bit crazier than usual and while Nora isn’t half as vapid or annoying as the previous episode, you still find yourself siding with Lynette.

    This explains Lynette’s rather pathetic attempt of setting Nora and Carlos up much to Tom’s concern and Gabby’s sheer annoyance because it seems that Nora can’t even hold onto a thug named Turk while kills Lynette’s non-Nora buzz as the vapid woman ditches her convict boyfriend. There’s also a wonderfully telling scene between Lynette and Gabrielle at the hospital which makes you wonder how much damage the revelation of Kayla’s existence has really affected the Scavo marriage. It’s also great to see Gabby also dish out some compassionate advice to Lynette as well.

    Finally the unfairly underused Edie is also given a storyline when she is put in the role of guardian. I was hoping that the producers were going to live up their promise and actually introduce to that son Edie has had and has only been mentioned once, but it turns out that the person she’s looking after is her nephew Austin.

    The new hunk on Wisteria Lane and more or less there to fill the void left by John Rowland and Matthew Applewhite, Josh Henderson is as wooden as one of the actors who played his predecessors but the fact that Austin’s presence means that Edie is given a storyline beyond making Susan’ life a misery (and vice versa) makes me one happy viewer.

    Austin is pretty much a stereotype and slightly less engaging than Ian. He’s more or less a bit of bad boy with a questionable taste in music and there’s an instant if obvious attraction between him and Julie, which no amount of snark from the latter can actually mask. I bet by the next five episodes, these two will be groin buddies of some kind.

    Also in “It Takes Two”

    Housewife of the week: This time it’s Bree as she gives each of the ladies a responsibility for her rather speedy wedding. The girls cringing at their original green dresses reminded me of the Buffy episode “Hell’s Bells”.

    Gabrielle (re dress): “They’re perfect”
    Lynette: “With your colouring”.

    Bree: “Men have lied to me before; believe me that won’t happen again”
    Orson: “So you trust me completely?”

    The Opening Credits are back for this episode. Please ABC keep them!

    Nora (re Turk): “And then he threatened to hit me” Lynette: “But he didn’t”.

    Nora’s guy was arrested after their little argument and according to Tom he had skulls on his truck.

    Edie: “You’re eighteen right?”
    Austin: “That’s what my ID says”
    Edie: “Yeah mine too”.

    Austin: “How do you like it?”
    Julie: “You know what, you’re not that hot”.

    Austin doesn’t seem to have a father figure in his life and assaulted his mum’s latest boyfriend. Will we actually meet Edie’s sister this series?

    Susan (re Orson): “I was wondering if you could elaborate”
    Carolyn: “He killed her, what else do you need to know?”

    Bree: “I can’t talk to Orson. It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding”
    Lynette: “You know what’s really bad luck? Marrying a wife killer”.

    Carolyn works in the bank in Wisteria Lane. Is her purpose this season just to annoy Orson?

    Tad: “Should I cup your boob?”
    Gabrielle: “No I’ll drive”.

    Tom (re Carlos/Nora): “You are going to rot in hell for this”
    Lynette: “Hey I just brought two lost souls together”.

    No Andrew this week and also isn’t it a bit strange that Danielle wasn’t a bridesmaid for her own mother’s wedding?

    Lynette: “How can you be so sure?”
    Gabrielle: “Because some marriages are built to last, some aren’t”.

    Gabrielle (to the doctor): “You screw up our lives and the best thing you can say is that how the cookie crumbles?”

    Chronology: Two weeks since “Listen To The Rain On The Roof”.

    Not quite as good as the premiere but “It Takes Two” makes all the right noises and is overall a fun, lively romp with plenty to recommend. All of the relationships peak the right amount of intrigue and this year’s mystery is certainly very promising as we get our first twist in the saga.
  • wow! again.

    so, i personally thought this epsiode was good. hell, what am i saying, this episode was great!!! xiao mei's water broke at bree and orsons reception! bree sort of surprised me when she asked orson if he really did kill his wife. orson is really really creepy. i wonder if he'll try what he did with his ex wife but with bree.ha, i was lauaghing until my sides split when xiao mei gave birth to a black kid! that was funny . carlos was eqaully as funny when he said hes gotta adjust the color on the camera,. i wasnt offended anyway, because im black but beside the point, this show is so good.
  • Bree and Orson wed; Lynnette tries to hook Nora up with someone at Bree's wedding; Susan tries to break-up with Ian; Edie's nephew comes to live with her; Xiao-Mei goes into labor; and a body is found, believed to be Alma.

    This episode was a perfect installment to the third season of Desperate Housewives. It was very dramatic. I can't believe the Solis' lost another baby. That was the third they would've had. Bree adds more drama to her life and marries a suspected killer. Susan feels as if she cheated on Mike and attempts to break up with Ian, but she can't. Lynnette is tired of Nora hanging around her family and hooks her up with Carlos, which infuriates Gabrielle. Edie's trouble-making nephew comes to live with her. This episode was perfect. This is definately one of the best episodes of the series.
  • Easy Street

    first of all let me start out by saying, i think they should change the name of the street to Homicide Drive. i mean, there was by far a lot of drama on my street growing up (actually my family was probably 75% of it lol) but my lord. now i know where all the homicidal maniacs are shipped to when they don't go to prison and you never hear from them again. i have a couple predictions.

    Susan-so susan freaked out about Ian, with good reason. i don't think she should be dating when the man she is so supposedly in love with is in a coma. what's going to happen when Mike wakes up? another heartwrenching experience for susan no doubt. i think Ian is in the wrong too. who knows though. so here's a prediction/question: will Ian also turn out to be a nutcase like 95% of the other men on the show? is he going to get jealous that susan still loves mike and try to kill him while he's in his comatosed state? whick brings me to...

    Zack-we haven't seen him. what's going to happen to Paul. better yet, what's going to happen to Zack when mike Wakes up and finds out (because we know he will)that zack killed Noah? which leads me to Austin

    Austin-edie's nephew. i don't know enough about his character yet, but he seems to be a cocky little punk. my assumption is that Julie will play hard to get for a while, then those two will probably wind up having something. and i could bet anything zack will come back jealous as hell ready to kill someone else and get away with it. i don't know who's worse, zack or paul.

    Edie-i started out by hating edie. i thought she was a b**** of the royalist kind. but as i've watched the show i seem to have developed a liking to her. i feel bad for edie. she's alone and i think she needs friends. i would really really like to see her and susan hit it off and burry the hatchet without leaving the handle sticking out.

    Gabby-can we say bad luck? wow someone really has it in for them. if i were gabby, i would be suing that hospital for everything. with that said, everybody knows she and carlos belong together. it's sad that she's carrying out this divorce. and i mean, carlos forgave her for HER infadelity. and since he knows about her affair with the gardener, i just wonder when he's going to find out what really happened to his mother. which brings me to Bree.

    Bree-ok first i want to say...where is her daughter? since matthew died, we haven't seen her. did she check into a mental hospital somewhere? where is she? also, i wonder when Andrew will come back. when he does, i hope he's changed his ways. if not, i think bree should go to the police about his little hit and run incident. with that said, here we go: ok, so stupid bree went on ahead and married the psycho. we all know that the body in the morgue was his wife's. i don't know what he did to her face to make her friend not recognize her, but it will come out. i seriously hope bree smartens up soon. and i hope when mike wakes up that he beats the crap out of Orison, AND that we find out why he hit mike to begin with.

    Lynette-if i were here, i'd be pretty fed up too. she always forgives tom for everything. it's like he can do no wrong. well woman, one person can only take so much. i remember in season 1 when tom told his father that he did something bad and didn't know what would happen if Lynette ever found out, i wonder what that might be? we know it's not his love child mistake because that was 12 years ago. if i was Lynette, i say she just kick Tom to the curb and find a new guy.
  • Ooo Baby, Baby It's A Wild World! (aka The One Where Bree Van de Hodge Remarries)

    "If you haven't met the perfect couple yet let me introduce you: they stand atop a layer of butter cream frosting. The secret of their success? Well for starters they don't have to look at each other"-- Mary Alice

    Wow, two for two Desperate Housewives is smoking this season! It's episodes like this that make you see what DH is all about how to blend the comedy with the drama with the mystery but bring them all together in the end. First I must talk about the ending about this episode, wow. Black baby, I know everyone was rooting for something else but that definitely took me by surprise. If anyone's ever seen Nip/Tuck check out "Escobar Gallardo", the season 1 finale episode where something similar happened and it affected how I watch childbirth on TV forever. Anyway, the MAVO was fantastic this week, its very rare where she poses a question and gives such a clever remark afterwards.

    Anyway, its time for the big a** Wisteria Lane nuptials for the fabulous Bree & Orson who are really the perfect couple after Bree & Rex together. Bree scurries since she only had 2 weeks to plan her gorgeous wedding and finds what she believes is the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Yuck! Lime green like the color of well, limes. I thought Bree had better taste then that. They all agree that the dresses could be better but the other housewives also been giving Bree great tips to make everyone enjoy her wedding i.e. chicken, band, and chicken. Meanwhile Susan is having second thoughts about Orson who seems to be growing extremely fishy to her at least. Before the wedding, Susan visits with Carolyn Bigsby who informs her that Orson bleached and cleaned the entire house after Alma went missing and he is as guilty as OJ. No pun intended.

    Meanwhile Edie Britt's nephew Austin moves to town when he gets kicked out of his school and home giving something for Edie to do-- finally! This certainly makes up for the young son who is "MIA" or just lives with his dad. Julie soon meets up with young Austin to tell him to lower his music. You can obviously see an attraction between the two of them even though Julie denies this. At Casa de Scavo, Lynette is trying to get Nora a boyfriend after she breaks up with her old one who was cruel to her. While working out the seating chart for Bree's wedding, Lynette puts Nora between some of Tom's single friends which he objects to. The results later backfire when Nora hooks up with Carlos causing quite a scene between her and Gaby. Susan goes on a date with Ian with mixed results when they run into Sara's parents at the restaurant. Ian then has to make a clever alibi up for Susan who is masquerading as one of Sara's doctors. Susan takes the whole thing to heart and thinks they should stay apart a while. At the wedding, which Ian crashes he makes a toast and tries once again to woo Susan over. During the end, Ian asks Susan for her hand on the dance floor. Suzie, he's a keeper! At least if his wife never wakes up!

    Gaby and Carlos see a divorce mediator who discusses the assets and financial business and all that jazz. Gaby and Carlos then get into an argument about how Mama Solis' pearls and how Carlos was not invited to the wedding-- the reason being because its being thrown at their house. Carlos becomes officially invited when Gaby feels bad and gives him the pearls and vice versa. Since I've already talked about the whole incident with Nora + Lynette I'll cut to when Xiao Mei's water breaks. Xiao-Mei is then taking to the hospital where she delivers to an African-American baby. Whoa-ah! Turns out that the clinic injecting the wrong egg & sperm and that the baby belongs to a different family. Sadly the other family does not have the Gablos' baby. Just one thing to make their divorce more simple and to keep Gaby as the sexy single that I want her to be. Even if she did have a baby she be one of those sexy moms without a doubt.

    Finally we come to the Bree story where Bree hesitates and decides to ask Orson at the ALTAR of all places if he killed his wife. Orson tells Bree with all his heart that he would never kill Alma and that he cleans when he's upset. Bree understands and marries him anyway. Aw, they really do deserve each other until they are interrupted at the wedding party and are forced to go down to the morgue to identify a body that might be Alma Hodge's. When they arrive there, Orson claims it is not Alma. To prove that true, Carolyn Bigsby also comes in all "He did it" but is puzzled to discover it's not Alma. As they all depart, Bree gives Carolyn that "I hope you're happy expression" and she says that they really do deserve each other, facetiously. By the way, where's Danielle? Are we going to have to start putting her face on milk cartons. I could understand Andrew not being there but to have one blink at her at the ceremony next to Julie is not my idea of her being there. "It Takes Two" was truly an awesome episode with clever one liners and the little things that make the show so great! Well done writers.
  • Have you met the perfect couple?

    I loved the theme to this episode, with Mary Alice insinuating that the perfect couple doesn't exist. Also, the mystery involving Orson is very good (already much improved from last year's Applewhite mystery). The fact that the dead body wasn't Alma provided a new depth to the mystery -- just who is Monique, and how is she connected to Orson (or even possibly Mike). The main houswive's storylines were also incredibly connected in this episode, which was nice to see. I am also loving the character Carolyn Bigsby... I hope she sticks around for a while.

    There are still a few issues to deal with: where was Danielle during the wedding? Also, I was somewhat dissappointed (though I did think it was funny how they did it) that Gabby's baby attempt backfired again. Overall, it was a very good episode that leads me to think this season will be great.
  • I didn't realise that so much Drama can occur in 1 wedding!

    Susan goes on a date with a guy whose wife is in a coma. In the restaurant, they encounter his in-laws before they even start to order!
    Xiao Mei goes into labour and gives birth ... to a black baby! Apparently the wrong embryo was inserted.
    Susan goes to find out more about Orson's ex-wife through the neighbour who knows the truth, and goes to tell the rest about it. They decided to confront Bree about it one last time before she walks down the aisle, but she refuses to believe that Orson could have done such a thing. She reassures her friends that she has no doubts about this marriage, and the wedding proceeds. However, before the minister could get more than 2 sentences said, Bree interrupts him to ask Orson one more time if he had killed his ex-wife and buried her. He naturally denied it with such coolness and Bree naturally believed him.
    At the reception, Lynette tries to set Nora up with a bunch of guys, but none of them interested her. So as a last resort, Lynette set her up with Carlos because she thought that there was no way both he and Gabrielle were getting back together... However, Gabrielle was not happy with this arraangement but was understanding of Lynette's plight.
    Later the police arrived looking for Orson. A body had been found and they wanted him to identify the body. He obviously did not recognise it, and 'pretended' to be sad. The neighbour then came down to identify the body too, however, she did not recognise it either.
    However, that was the body of Orson's ex-wife, he must have muliated her face until it was beyond recognition, especially since all her teeth had been pulled out...
  • Not that exciting anymore

    The dialogues aren't as funny as they were in previous seasons. Season 2 was funnier although it was altogether a flop. Everybody acts horribly except for Felicity Huffman. The show has ended up being a Venezuelan soap opera with the lame drama. The line "Tu me manques Monique" was so cheesy and that particular scene shouldn't be there because no one does that. You don't talk in between gritted teeth to dead people with a vengeful face unless you are acting in a cheap soap opera. The scene where Carlos and Gabrielle were on the floor fighting over the fallen pearls were really unrealistic. And Eva Longoria looks old. Nora is a good side character but I don't want her to dominate the entire season. It's going to be boring. Well, they've just lost that touch.
  • In my belief another good episode and already you can tell the improves made, over Season 2.

    I quite liked this episode, giving many different scenarios and stories to each housewive, yet keeping the group togtherness. Already there are so many different questions about Bree\'s new husband Orson, did he actually kill his wife? who is Monique?

    I feel very sorry for Carlos and Gabrielle, the only thing that so keeping them together, was gone. How on earth does a hospital make such a big mistaken, by putting the wrong embryoes in the wrong bellies? if I was Carlos or Gabrielle I\'d be getting a bit more angrier than they did. Considering they lost the other baby.

    As for Lynette, i do feel sorry for her this season, last season Lynette had everything going her way and couldn\'t be faulted, which got annoying. Now that Nora is in her life, she is winning many battles. That women would drive anyone crazy, although she brings more interesting stories to their family, she has to go and soon.

    Susan continues waiting for Mike yet dates Ian on the side, although Ian seems perfectly nice, I think she should wait for Mike. If Mike does wake-up will he be able to know who hit him? which brings up Orson again and his motives for hitting Mike.

    Anyway a good episode, interesting to see what comes next.
  • Getting more interesting and interesting with each minute.

    Susan went on her first date with Ian and they meet his wifes parents in a restourant and Ian, to avoid drama, tells them that Susan is doctor and then she starts describing them Janes situation.
    Bree is getting married but still has a little doubts over Orson.
    Lynette is desperate to find out that Nora broke up with her new boyfriend and she is now searching a new soulmate for her because she won\'t be spending so much time with Scavos then.
    Gabrielle has a fight with Carlos and Xiao Mei delivers the baby...but an africnaamerican baby !
    Edies nephew Austin is staying at her house for a while and there are already sparkls between him and Julie.
    Anyway I can\'t wait for next episode !
  • ooh this is getting more interesting !!!

    I really did enjoy this episode, not only is it getting more interesting but very funny too.

    Orson is getting more interesting, Monique, who the heck was she? and when did he kill her? How can someone take that lie about cleaning when stressed or do some people acutally do that?? Someone please tell me they don't do that!

    The black baby story was hilarious, I loved it and was laughing so much, just the look in their eyes once it popped out was a picture, its a wierd combo, chinese woman with 2 mexicans giving birth to a black baby, how multi racial does it get, loved it!

    Where was Bree's children for the wedding...was it me or have they written those kids off completly?
  • "Bree Hodge"? Not the easiest name to carry, is it?<br /> New characters appear, old characters still missing, new plot twists, old plot twists, classic desperate housewives, in a sense.

    The Desperate housewives writers are definitely not subtle when it comes to introducing new characters to the show. "Shoving 'em in our face" would be more accurate than "introducing". Orson was everywhere in those last season 2 episodes, it was so obvious he would be a pivotal character. Wasn't he supposed to be a friend of Susan, by the way? Nora's all over the place, (Lynette inviting her at the wedding?! Puh-lease), and I'm guessing that "Carolyn" is going to play some sort of role in season 3 (by the way, how the hell did Susan find her? "Oh, I just asked Orson where he used to live, asked his old neighbors where a woman whose name she didn't know worked, and tah-dah. People will do anything for a woman in curlers" ). Same goes for Ian, Susan's new love interest; I know Fairview seems to be a small town, but wedding crashing? Come on! Austin, Edie's nephew, was the only Season 3 character whose introduction kind of fitted, in my opinion. All this wouldn't be so disturbing if more installed second roles hadn't vanished with no reason whatsoever:

    For instance, this has already been mentionned, but where's Karl gone? Okay, he's not that pivotal for this episode, but considering who was present at Orson and Bree's wedding, you would have expected him to pop in .

    More importantly, where in God's name is Danielle (and Bree's father and step-mother, for that matter)? Shouldn't Bree's closest family be at her wedding? I mean, they manage to bring back the protestant priest character but not Bree's daughter? I'm hoping that there's a reason for this and a major plot twist coming ahead, cause there is nothing more annoying than characters disappearing unmentionned from a TV show. Maybe she was 4400ed?

    As for the episodes' plotlines, I found them really improved compared to the Premiere. True, the pace was a bit slower, but I actually enjoyed it more, giving us time to sink into the different stories. On the downside, there's this "Déjà-Vu" feeling when it comes to some of the scenes, like the "We found a body, care to identify it?" "It's not (insert name here)". They did that already with Zach. Doesn't the Fairview Police Department have photos of missing people in their records??

    On a less important scale, I'm getting pretty tired of the Fairview Hospital's waiting rooms! I mean, members of the cast end up there every odd episode! I sort of liked the "Austin meets Julie" scene, but it could definitely have been more snappy. Then again, Wisteria's teens are nothing compared to their parents when it comes to snappy retorts.

    Some of the plot twists were ingenious, and there were a lot of pretty funny scenes. I usually get annoyed by Susan, but the brain surgeon act was hilarious. The lime green dresses were a nice touch too, as were most of the wedding ceremony and party scenes (Tom's a true MC, isn't he?). I'm a bit disappointed that the whole Gabi-Carlos pregnancy ended this way, I have a feeling this is the last we'll ever hear from Xiao-Mey. Considering this is Gabrielle's third attempt at motherhood, maybe she should quit it. Or is repeated child-bearing supposed to be her "thing" now? Like, Bree's "thing" is dating total psychopaths, Susan's is "Not being able to coop up with Mike" and Lynette's is "Constantly bickering and making up with my husband"? I hope Gabi shows a little grief in the next episodes, it would be only normal... Oh, and the whole "Monique" twist was great. What dark secrets does Mr Hodge hide? All in all, a better episode than what I was expecting from the Premiere, and I'm hoping most of the loose ends are there on purpose to surprise us with smart season one-ish plot twists.
  • Susan and Ian have a date. Edie's nephew moves in! Bree weds Orson but not before some startling news. Lynette tries to occupy Nora. Susan has an interesting conversation. A body is found but is it Orson's wife? Gabrielle and Carlos get another surprise!

    I'm so excited about this season! These first two episodes were everything I hoped for and so much more! Susan is finally forming back into that lovable woman from season one you rooted for so much! Edie is finally given an interesting storyline with the arrival of her wrong-side-of-the-tracks nephew (who definetly likes Julie). Lynette has still got her hands full (which we like her that way). Gabrielle is more hilarious than ever (and more unlucky than ever). This episode was very entertaining. Bree looked amazing at her wedding and everything was timed perfectly. Orson is a fun puzzle they're only giving us pieces to at a time. Laurie Metcalf is also perfect in this fun new supporting part she has. The best part of this episode is the fact that despite all you knew was coming, they still threw one more at ya! My only hint is "We need to get the color fixed". Great episode!
  • another great episode! i don't understand why people keep complaining about desperate housewives it's a great show. sure its not the same as the first season but thats because were in the third! i love it and i hope marc cherry makes people eat their word

    the episode was good and had many twists in it. it has defintely stepped up since last season. we find out that orson has knows about the murder of has murdered Monique. it turns out that the baby carlos and gabby were going to have wasnt theirs. the embreoes were switched and gabby's egg never concieved a baby. lynette tells gabby that she is tired of putting up with nora. austin, edies nephew, comes to stay with her. he and julie flirt. and susan is caught on her date with ian by janes parents. so to cover for her, ian tells them she is janes new doctor.
  • Great episode. The mystery of Orson Hodge continues to grow...

    I really enjoyed this episode. The only thing I didn't like about it was the thing about Gabrielle's baby. I feel so sorry for her! When is she every going to have that dang kid?

    Just like last season, Bree's story seems to be the best one. I really like the Orson mystery. The guy is creepy! I'm really excited for next week's episode when he actually gets to meet Andrew. That'll be interesting. I'm also excited to see his connection with that dead body (Monique). As far as Lynette's story goes, I really like it but Nora bugs the living crap out of me. I'm not even going to talk about Susan's story...I just can't stand her and wish they would get rid of her.
  • What a wierd episode.

    As Bree & Orson begin to say their I dos at the same time, Carlos & Gabrille are preparing to say their I don'ts whe they meet up with a divorce mediator.
    Meanwhile, Edie must deal with her troubled nephew who has a criminal history record including going to jail, doing drugs, and getting a girl pregnant. Talk about a problem child. Yipes!
  • this was an average DH episode. Maybe also... unoriginal. I had a big feeling of "deja-vu", but I still liked it because, hey... it's desperate housewives!

    Well, first, i gotta say that it was a bit weird episode, especially the wedding part, it was the wierdest wedding i've seen so far on a tv show lol. I mean, a wedding is supposed to be a bit emotional, and there, there was absolutely no emotions if it is weirdness... I just can't seem to explain my feelings correctly lol... anyway, I really don't like Orson, and I hate the fact that they're playing around a "bree-meets-a-not-so-normal-guy" storyline again.
    And actually, i think that each storylines are getting way too repetitive:
    Susan has a new love interest(again) which creates problems on her relationship with mike(again) (well, at least now, mike's comatose)
    Gaby's attempts at becoming a mother are ruined (again)
    Lynette is "happy-fake" about her marriage (again)
    There's a new cadaver in town (again)
    --> that's what tends to annoy me about the show. But I still can't help myself loving it lol

    as for the things i liked, well, Bree's getting married, susan has a new love interest, gaby still won't have a kid,... nah, just kidding. seriously,I really liked the fact that they showed a little more about Eddie(well, really a little bit more). Susan is very funny in this season (i think), because in season 2, she would really annoy me sometimes.I also liked gaby's storyline about the way her relationship with carlos is turning into. And i gotta say ... Nora is really funny :-)

    and, is it just me or Teri's hair look reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally awful???!!!!
    at last, i thought the green bridesmaid dresses were very similar to those we'd seen on buffy's season 6 episode "Hell's Bells", for those who know.
    also, i'm french, so, sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes...
  • One of the worst episodes of the entire series.

    One of the worst episodes of the entire series. I don't even know where to begin. The narration by Mary Alice is usually enjoyable, but not this time. It was meaningless and boring. The Orson/Bree storyline is getting a little ridiculos with the newborn and extremely simple-minded Bree. I don't think the Susan/Ian storyline is any better, however the scene with Jane's parents - where "Dr. Mayer" posed as a brain specialist - was one of the few funny moments of the episode. The Carlos/Gabriel storyline was more or less fine, until that terrible scene with Nora and Carlos after the wedding. I don't know what the writers were thinking, but I think it was a big mistake. Some problem with Xia-Mei's baby was predictable, but the writers did not over-exert themselves. I really do hope Nora is going to leave the show within the next few episodes, because I think She's currently the worst character. It would be premature to talk about the Julie/Austin relationship, but it seems Edie had let go of his rage. She didn't seem as determined to "destroy" Susan as She did in the season finale. I hope the next episode is going to be far better.
  • What a great second episode, I really enjoyed watching it.

    What a great second episode, I really enjoyed watching it. In my opinion, it was even better than the season premier -- and I already liked that episode pretty much.

    I loved the Gaby/Lynette scene in the hospital, gosh it was so good to hear what Gaby said. Plus, I can't recall any Gaby/Lynette moment-so this was a really good scene.
    The marriage was wonderful, too. Everything looked so pretty and Bree's confronting Orson in front of the altar if he killed his wife. That was SO Bree. <3 And I really like the little scenes when the four leads are sitting together or something like that, it finally feels again like they are friends, I missed that feeling in season two.

    Lynette trying to hook Nora with those guys up, hehe. And then she's hooking her up with Carlos, that was a wonderful scene too--when Gaby "finds it out".
    Tom as a "moderator"/"entainter" is great! I love it, when he does that, he can do this really good. We didn't had that in S2, neither, or had we? Anyway, it reminded me a lot of that S1 episode, where he did something similar. Good to have those parallels. So, the child of Gabrielle and Carlos is black and tehy refuse to take it. Sad for both of them, but then again: they aren't together anymore and it wouldn't be good ofr the child AND Gaby actually just did it for Carlos, so I guess she can live with it. (Even if she was devastaded after they took the baby from them away in late S2.)

    What did Orson whispered in the morge? Anyway, it's NOT his wife so what does that mean? I bet he killed her, but from where did come that corpse? Did he killed that woman as well? I'm so thrilled to find out the whole meaning of Orson. He still has that connection to Mike, why else would he try to kill him? Speaking of Mike: the toast scene between Susan and Ian was very funny. Even if I don't like Susan, I liked her in that scene and in the beginning as Dr Mayer, as well. ;)

    It seems like DH is back on action. Or at least pretty near to it. :)
  • A wedding and a birth, Housewives style.

    So many great things in this episode...

    *Lynette brushing off the worries about Nora's boyfriend and desperately trying to get him back.

    *The sight of Edie in white lingere and see-through toting a shotgun and then her bit with her nephew. ("That's what it says on my driver's license." "Mine too.")

    *The Ian-Susan dinner with Susan leaping to fake being a brain surgeon.

    *Julie and Austin's first meeting. They are SO kissing in two episodes, tops.

    *Susan in her hairnet going to see the neighbor at the bank. ("I need ten dollar in unrolled pennies.")

    *The sight of Nora and Carlos dancing at the wedding like they're Grey and Swayze with Tom taunting Lynette about it. ("You. Hell. Roast." "He cheated on my friend, he deserves every bit of craaaazy he gets.")

    *Lynette's confession to Gabrielle how tired she is of being nice about Nora and fearing it'll ruin things with Tom.

    *The looks on Gabby, Carlos and Xao's faces when they saw the baby. Which led to Carlos and Gabrielle realizing they're truly over, a very good scene.

    *The mystery grows with Orson's final words to the corpse. Was it a nickname or did he kill someone else too? Personally, I think he might actually be innocent of the wife killing because the show is just going too far heaping on the guilt. Remember Caleb last year?

    So once again a fine installment that promises even more fun for the season ahead.
  • loved it!

    This was a great episode! So much happened: Bree had her wedding, Gabby and Carlos had their baby(not really theirs), and Susan went out with that other guy! I'm still waiting for mike to wake up!! I can't wait until that happens! I was really sad to see that Gabby and Carlos' baby wasn't really their baby! I really want for them to get back together! They are so perfect for each other. Kayla's mom( I can't remember her name) is getting really annoying! Poor Lynette, always having to put up with her!! I can't believe Bree actually married that guy!! COME ON!!! Well overall I loved the episode, it was great!
  • Funny, funny! Some touching moments, too.... :)

    This episode was great! Indeed a very special episode! I *loved* the part where the Black baby popped out and Carlos said he needs to get the colour fixed. Hahaha! Ok, I admit that it was really sad that this whole baby thing could never work out with Gabby. It is fiction, but even in real life, there are many things that just aren't meant to be, ya know? Sighs! I really hope that Gabby has a baby. I think she'd be a great mother. You know what they say. People always say they don't want this and that, but when they are given this something they say they don't want, they can't possibly leave it ever. I don't like Bree in this Season. I think she is ridiculously stupid and utterly full of herself, thinking that she knows all that. Susan is annoying, too. I totally disapprove of her going out with that Ian guy. Gabby's story and Lynette's story are the best by far in my opinion. Go Gabby! Go Lynette!
  • "It Takes Two" is an excellent episode, and is even better than the premiere!

    Definitely another great installment, with the good old twists and turns at every commercial break. This episode got dangerously close to Season One form! The writing was good, there were several hilarious moments of irony and silliness. Acting was top notch, and oh that Nora. Picky picky she is. After the season premiere I was hopeful for the season, but now after this episode I'm really super hugely excited. Many many twists make this episode a step up from the premiere, and this episode gets a ten out of ten in my book! Perfect timing, perfect suspense, perfect everything!
  • Not exactly the best episode, but had its moments.

    This episode was an improvement from most of Jenna Bans\' writing, and I\'m not saying she\'s a bad writer, I just don\'t think Desperate Housewives is her party. The thing about this episode that I really disliked was Mary Alice\'s narroration. I think that the narroration is one of the best touches on the show, but it seemed like this wasn\'t anything she would say. The whole speech about the perfect couple, and how they\'re only perfect because they \"don\'t have to look at eachother\" was the worst thing that she has ever declaired. There were some laughable moments, but I just felt like it was a little weird... you know? Things seemed to be coming from left feild. Next episode doesn\'t look that great either, I don\'t see a reason for John to come back at all, but whatever. To me, the high point of the episode was the relief that Orson did NOT kill his wife. It would have been a terrible mistake to replay the whole Bree with a murderer or anything. I am anxious to see how the mystery plays itself out, however I think that some of the other storylines might not find a way to make itself entertaining instead of just plain annoying.
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