Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 3

Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2008 on ABC

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  • Bullies....

    This was actually a really great episode of desperate housewives with some really enjoyable storylines..
    I thought the susan and gaby storyline was really funny with some really great one liners it i thought the scene were they were fighting on the ground was really funny..
    I also really enjoyed brees storlyine this week aswell it was nice to see her daughter danielle agian.
    Lynette also had a good story this week i like that she got involved with the mystery abit that dave guy is really creepy
    I also really enjoyed katherine and karen trying to find information on dave Overall this was a really enjoyable episode of desperate housewives
  • Best episode so far this season and one that can certainly hold its own amongst the big guns of years past.

    Okay everyone, I know this is gonna come as a bit of a shock so I'm just forewarning you before I actually type it. Are you ready? Okay. Here goes. Shawn Pyfrom was actually in Desperate Housewives this week. A lot. There. Feels good, doesn't it? Shame he spent most of it in a suit and not out of a suit, or out of most of his clothes for that matter, but hell, I'll take whatever morsels I can get. There were no hot, juicy snogs with hot, juicy boys either, which is obviously depressing, but his storyline held its own and was fairly innocuous... and a whole hell of a lot more interesting than last week's Solis pity party. Granted, we're still on the same 'oh woe is me, look how far from grace I've fallen! Waaaaah!' motif but at least the whole thing was handled with a lot more reserve and panache in 'Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else' than it has previously been. And now that I've mentioned that thematically leading title... 503 was very much the children's episode, from Danielle returning with a simply fabulous new look darling, and a vegetarian, Jewish six year old to boot, to Juanita bullying poor little MJ. What can sometimes be something of an off-putter for television drama actually turned into the best thing about the episode, thanks to some skilful writing from show stalwart Joe Keenan. The effects on the respective families were the interesting part and allowed for some superbly pitched moments, such as Orson's scolding of Bree over allowing Benjamin to be lost to his real parents or, indeed, the hilarious front-lawn fight between Susan and Gabrielle, leading into a lovely reconciliatory scene, with booze, in Gaby's house. It's worth mentioning that Dave's story picked up the pace somewhat here too, and was delightfully intertwined with a smirk-inducing nugget of a C-storyline involving Tom's longing to form a garage band to boot. I concede, Housewives writers, I am now dying to know exactly what this guy's history is and what his plans are for Wysteria Lane. Well done all, you've intrigued again. Best episode so far this season and one that can certainly hold its own amongst the big guns of years past.
  • Danielle returns home

    In this episode of Desperate Housewives, the following happens. Danielle returns home with her husband Leo and her son Benjamin. Tom decides to start a garage band with Dave. Bree discovers that Danielle Benjamin and Leo are all vegetarians. Gabby and Carlos sell their car and buy a much older one off of Andrew. We learn that one of Gabby's girls is picking on Susan's son M.J. Bree takes Benjamin out for the day and ends up giving him 2 hotdogs, which later make him sick. Tom's bass guitar gets broken and so Dave buys him a new one. We learn that Dave never went to college.
  • Funny funny funny! DH Season Five is great so far!

    this episode sees a return to DH Standards. We have lots of emotion and laught out loud moments.

    TO begin with lets discuss Susan and Gabby's catfight. brilliant and funny. Susan pushing over Gabby's daughter as punishment for bullying her son was laught out loud. and then gabby attacking susan made me laugh more. and then their subsequent making up was funny and emotional with one of the best lines
    "Nothing you can say will make things better!"
    "I have booze!" Replies Susan. Well written stuff.
    On a sidenote MJ is a sweetie.

    The return of Danielle was a highlight. Joy Lauren and Marcia Cross have great chemistry and Benjy is a sweetie too. Orson and Bree's hatred for one another seems to be growing and i hope they make up soon. Another hightlight was the dinner party.

    Dave, the new mystery, is a smarmy psychopath. Katherine and Karen's teaming up and questioning were also funny but it appears Dave has set he's sights on ruining Karen. What is he up to?

    Overall great stuff. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Brilliant episode of DH here, does this show ever disappoint?

    Danielle's return was a highlight and it was great to see how Bree and Orson dealt with her raising of young Benjamin. The whole vegetarian thing was hilarious and Bree's comment about suicidal loins was so amusing. But she ruins things by persuading Ben to have sweets and that's not on for Danielle and she leaves. Orson's reaction was pathetic, how was it Bree's fault that Danielle took the child away?

    He was in prison for running someone over, I'm glad Bree didn't take that crap. Now Dave gets more creepy and that scene with Lynette was strangely chilling. Tom starts a garage band with Dave and Lynette thinks its a bad idea. Typical Lynette as she hatches a plan and breaks the guitar. Weirdly Dave turns up with a new one and makes a comment about the Scavo's marriage. Who is this guy?

    Susan and Gabby were hilarious in this episode, there children fighting was brilliant and I loved how Susan handled by pushing Gabby's daughter. Susan's line 'No she's too fat for your age' was hilarious. But they ended things nicely withy the pair drinking there blues away. I liked Andrew here though he was an ass it was good to see him with a bigger part to play.

    Katherine and Mckluskey were excellent here and I loved how they tried to find out more about Dave's past but I do fear for the latters safety now after Edie reveals all not knowing what's actually going down. So yeah I'm loving this season as always!
  • Bullies Written by Joe Keenan Directed by Bethany Rooney

    Gabrielle: "Look at my life, Susan. I've been beaten down".
    Susan: "Well, I thought I had you beaten today and the next thing I knew, I was eating grass".
    Gabrielle: "Today doesn't count. Today I was mad".
    Susan: "Well, maybe you need to get mad more often".
    Gabrielle: "Maybe you're right".

    It's funny that in the course of the series history that we've never had a physical throw down between the housewives. Okay so there was Susan and Edie lame tussle in "No One Is Alone" but a real physical scrap hasn't really happened between two of the housewives until now at least.

    As friends, Susan and Gabrielle are probably the closest in age and have done similar things like getting married and having kids around the time. Except that for Gabby, she married the wrong bloke before remarrying Carlos and ended having two children in quite a period of time while Susan had the one kid and lost the right man for her to an extent.

    It's in this episode that tension between Susan and Gabrielle escalate all because of their kids MJ and Juanita. The episode began with Mary Alice chattering about bullying and MJ soon became a victim of it as Susan tried to coax him into telling her who was bullying him.

    MJ however used this as an excuse to get close to Mike, who decided to teach his son how to fight. It's probably not surprising that given Mike's history that Susan wasn't for the idea of MJ throwing down with bullies but to be fair, I can see Mike's reasoning for it. Of course Jackson articulated it better with his interest in some form of martial arts by comparison.

    The funny part is that when Susan found out it was Juanita who was bullying MJ; she suddenly had no problem with her son learning to throw a punch. Of course it was then Mike and Jackson who came out with the 'you can't hit girls' rule. Susan's reaction while funny was also a little childish.

    Still to her credit, she did decide to handle things reasonably at first by talking to Gabrielle about Juanita's behaviour. Gabby did seem a little sympathetic but you could see a mile away that her and Susan would end up poking at the other's kid. Susan took a pot shot at Juanita's weight while Gabby called MJ a wimp. This just proved that these two are far more immature than their kids.

    Of course most of the time Susan behaves like a child anyway and it was only her who would dare push Juanita after the girl stole MJ's whistle and taunted him further. Memo to Susan – just because Juanita said she didn't care if someone pushed her, doesn't mean she wanted you to challenge on that.

    Needless to say, Susan felt a little stupid for doing it and tried to apologise but instead she ended up incurring the wrath of Gabby. After more childish insults, the two of them had a good old fashioned scrap that any self-respecting soap would be proud of. It's just a pity that it didn't last a little bit longer really.

    However instead of doing everlasting damage, Susan immediately decided to apologise to Gabrielle properly with the aid of alcohol – and they say booze is bad for you. While Susan and Gabrielle are unlikely to win Mother Of The Year, it is nice to see the both of them admit that they feel out of their depth.

    Susan being unable to relate to a boy given that her and Mike are separated and Jackson is a mere fling is a good enough explanation as to why MJ doesn't connect with her so much. Heck, even Gabrielle's not so secret delight in Juanita not being a victim is plausible. Now I could just be a little over generous here because for once, I'm actively enjoying Gabrielle's plot this season.

    Another thing I'm also enjoying is that Andrew is still capable of being less than chivalrous too. It's interesting that despite Gabrielle and Carlos being dear friends of Bree that Andrew has no problem in selling them his crappy car with a busted radiator and not showing an ounce of remorse for scamming them.

    Unfortunately for Andrew because of Susan's advice, Gabrielle has no problem in using her own methods of getting Andrew to pay up for the crappy motor. Then again, threatening to do maximum damage to his new car is as great incentive as any to get Andrew to co-operate. As for the Susan, Mike and Jackson thing, it is kind of strange and relieving to see that Mike and Jackson's buddy routine has diminished in the space of one episode, though weirdly enough, Mike and Jackson seem to have more chemistry than Jackson and Susan and no, I'm not trying to egg on some form of slash between the two of them.

    Speaking of male bonding, Dave is now sticking his nose into the Scavo marriage by befriending Tom and getting him to defy Lynette. Oh Dave, don't you realise that Lynette has mostly emasculated the man baby Tom? Well, apparently not as Dave tries to get Tom to pursue his love of bass guitar.

    Now when it comes to this story, I'm on the fence. On one hand playing in a band is probably a decent way of keeping Tom out of mischief and could serve as a purpose of getting all the other men in the show to interact with each other more freely, which wouldn't be a bad thing.

    However, the problem is that Tom is actually bad at playing bass so Lynette's justified in her smart arsed comments. Also Lynette takes it upon herself to crush Tom's little hobby by placing his bass in the worst position in the garage with Penny also available to take the blame. The Penny thing aside, Lynette was probably doing us a favour despite her selfish motives.

    Of course the one thing that Lynette didn't really count on was that Dave would buy Tom a new bass guitar. Lynette was also adamant to give it back to Dave before the motivational speaker turned on the mid-life crisis speech to maximum effect. That being said, I do wonder who Dave is after. It could be anyone on the street but one person who's definitely gotten on his bad side is Karen.

    Last week Karen knew that Dave stole her cat in a bizarre way of getting her to apologise to Edie and decided to rope in Katherine to dig some dirt on him. This week, they still know sod all about Dave. First off all, there's Katherine's inability to effectively to do net research as well as the sneaking suspicious that she has a crush on Dave as well.

    Then there's grilling Edie. Now Karen and even Katherine should know that Edie isn't all that interested in knowing the ins and outs of her husband but the former eggs her on to such an extent. If Dave wasn't a sociopath of some form, it still would be a little strange that Edie doesn't know some basic stuff on her new husband.

    This gets mercifully highlighted at a party for Danielle when Edie actually grills Dave on his past and ends up making him embarrassed. I had to admit when they later got home that I thought that Dave was going to get violent with Edie but when he found out that Karen put her up to it, that's when things got a little bit interesting.

    It's hard to know how Edie really feels about Karen but even she looked a little surprised when Dave hinted that Karen could possibly be going senile. The only thing that is certain is that Karen might have acted a little too soon against Dave. After all, she should know how clever the guy is given how easily he's charmed everyone so far.

    Last but not least, there's the return of Danielle and Benjamin, which raises problems for Bree and Orson. In the space of five years, Danielle decided to take her son after marrying a lawyer and now she's become something of an interesting character by comparison. For one thing, her dress sense has certainly improved.

    The other things of course would be the fact that Benjamin is Jewish and a vegetarian now, her husband Leo is a lawyer and Danielle is home schooling her son. Aside from the last bit, Bree really doesn't have any reasons to criticise Danielle but despite Orson's advice, Bree still can't help putting her foot in it.

    The comment about Benjamin overtaking Danielle however made me laugh but the thing is, Danielle does seem to have changed or Joy Lauren at least has improved as an actress. In this episode I found myself siding with Danielle, Orson, Leo and basically anyone else over Bree.

    While Benjamin should have the choice of whether or not he should eat meat, it was Bree's place to give him a hotdog and undermining Danielle's authority was reckless of her. It's no wonder then when Benjamin ends up being sick and Danielle finds out that her son's been eating meat that she chooses to leave. Bree really ought to think before acting.

    However as much as Bree did annoy me here, it wasn't Orson's place to blame Bree for Benjamin being taken away in the first place. Yes, Orson was attached to the boy but at the end of the day, Danielle is his mother and did have the right to take back her son. Bree and Orson are just going to have to learn to cope with that. Also in "Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else"

    The episode opened with flashbacks surrounding Benjamin. We saw Bree and Danielle feeding him, Orson being arrested and Danielle reclaiming him.

    Bree (re Benjamin): "I do not want him calling me Bree".
    Danielle: "Oh, don't worry, I told him to call you granny".

    I have to admit that it's a bit surprising that Danielle is allowing Benjamin to call her by her first name but if she's comfortable with it, I don't see the problem.

    Susan: "There's nothing you can't tell me. I'm your Mommy".
    MJ: "I want to talk to Daddy".

    Katherine (re Dave): "He just seems so nice".
    Karen: "Is that supposed to comfort me with your track record with men?"

    Aside from one psycho (Wayne) and a cheat (Adam), what other questionable choices in men has Katherine made?

    Gabrielle (re car): "Will you at least have it washed?"
    Andrew: "I'll empty out the ashtray, final offer".
    Gabrielle: "Damn you"

    Danielle (re Benjamin): "He can read at a sixth grade level".
    Bree: "Well what happens next year when he overtakes you?"

    Benjamin being Jewish is a nice shout back to Bree getting him circumcised in "You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover". Leo does seem too nice a guy for Danielle or has she tired of bad boys and losers? Jackson (re Juanita): "I'm with Mike. You can't hit a girl".
    Susan: "Couple of wusses, I'll handle this myself".

    Gabrielle: "Are you suggesting Juanita is fat for her age?"
    Susan: "Gabby, Juanita is fat for you age".
    Gabrielle: "Yeah, well let's face it; MJ can get beaten up by a kitten".

    Susan is starting to use MJ in a similar way to Julie by asking him to yank out a grey rib from her hair.

    Susan: "How would you feel if someone did that to you?"
    Juanita: "I wouldn't care".

    Gabrielle: "You attacked my child and me. Why should I listen to you?"
    Susan: "I brought booze".

    How come it was Katherine, Karen, Edie and Dave at Danielle's dinner? Why weren't Susan/Jackson, Lynette/Tom or Gabrielle/Carlos invited?

    Orson: "No, Danielle, please".
    Danielle (re Bree): "I'm sorry, Orson but she's made it impossible for us to stay here".

    Katherine: "We can still drink, right?"
    Karen: "Oh yeah".

    Chronology: Two days since "We're So Happy, You're So Happy".

    So "Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else" had an important commentary in regards to bullying. Sure it wasn't the most original thing this show has ever done but it was still effective and Dave keeps shaping up to being a good villain.
  • Juanitta picking on MJ was great, and seeing Susan get all worked up over it was so funny. I also loved seeing Danielle come visit.

    I loved the arguement between Gabby and Susan. It was so funny that it turned out MJ was getting picked on by Juanitta. I loved seeing how angry Susan got about this and it was really cool to see Gabby get her fire back. I loved the part where she almost ruined Andrew's car. Having Danielle come to visit was interesting. Bree acted just like we knew she would but it was very interesting to see how Danielle changed. It is great how this show can make something so trival as giving a kid a hotdog so interesting. The one storyline I didn't like was to garage band. I just don't see the point of it, but maybe Dave is using it as part of an elaborate plan to get what he wants.
  • Karen tries to find out more about Dave, Dave and Tom play music together, Susan's son gets bullied

    Okay, will anybody argue that Dave Williams is not absolutely awesome? We have only seen him in three episodes but he is a breath of fresh air to Housewives and is one of the most captivating characters on TV right now. Neal McDonough is just hitting it out of the park every week and I cannot wait until his secret is finally revealed.

    Eva Longoria was great here as well from the catfight with Susan, to threatening to run into Andrew's car. I think we all want to see Gabrielle get her money back, but if poor Gaby does more things like this than it's worth the wait.

    Bree was great again as well with her fundamental differences in child rearing with Danielle. Sneaking Benjamin a hot dog was great and the tension brewing between Orson and her is something to keep an eye on. Lynette was also on fire here with her witty remarks about Tom's belongings to his idea about creating a garage band. We need her to be more like this on a weekly basis, not the struggling mother upset over her teenager's actions. Just another good installment from the Desperate Housewives crew. Not much else can be said about it.
  • I liked it... but I still feel like something's missing...

    I have mostly enjoyed this season so far, I think most of the changes have worked for the best but definitely not all of them. I think Gabby's storyline seemed more promising at first and quite frankly, I'm not very fond of Bree this season.

    So anyway, speaking of today's episode:

    Susan: Her son MJ is being bullied in the playground but MJ won't tell her who and asks to talk to his dad instead. Mike decides to teach MJ how to fight and Jackson suggests an idea (very fun scene) and that's when Susan sees MJ being bullied by Gabrielle's daughter Juanita through the window. Susan tells Gabby about this but Gabby isn't much help and they end on bad terms. Juanita bullies MJ once again and this time Susan pushes her to teach her how it isn't very nice, Gabby sees this from a distance and quickly comes. Susan & Gabby get in a cat fight in probably the episode's funniest scene. In the end, they make peace in a very nice scene as well. Quite frankly I love Susan so much this season, I think she is now the face of the show once again just like she was in season one.

    Gabrielle: Carlos & Gabby are poor now, so they sell Gabby's car and they buy a new stinking car from Andrew. The car breaks down shortly after and Andrew won't pay for the repairment which makes Gabby very angry. She also clashes with Susan as mentioned above, and during the scene when they make up Gabby realizes she needs to step it up and become strong again. She punishes Andrew by threatening to crash into his car and so he finally agrees to pay the needed money.

    Lynette: She wasn't seen a lot this episode, Tom & Dave begin a garage band but Lynette isn't very fond of the idea as it's really noisy and she'd rather see Tom do something more useful. Lynette ends up destroying Tom's guitar and framing her own daughter Penny with it, it was whicked but delicious none-the-less. Lynette is later visited by Dave who has bought a new guitar for Tom and gaves her a creepy and really well-acted speech about mid-life crisis and how this makes Tom happy. During the episode's final moments, Lynette is shown giving Tom the guitar as Dave smiles from a distance revealing that this was a part of his plan.

    Bree: Danielle, her husband Leo and her son Benjamin come to visit Bree and Orson after years of convincing. Orson tells Bree not to criticise which Bree does successfully, at first. Bree realizes that Danielle & Leo are vegeteranians and are raising Benjamin as one too. She also discovers that Danielle is homeschooling him and that he's Jewish. This really annoys Bree so she takes Benjamin one day and feeds him hotdogs and asks him to keep it a secret from Danielle. Later on, during a dinner party Benjamin throws up and Danielle realizes that he's eaten meat and the whole truth is revealed, and of course Danielle and Leo are very mad at Bree. Orson blames Bree for losing Benjamin in the first place (I don't agree with this actually) and Danielle & Leo leave the next day as Bree watches tearfully.

    The mystery: Since last episode Mrs.McLusky asked for Katherine's help last episode, they team up this episode to figure out more information about him so that Katherine can find everything they need about him. They question Edie during a funny lunch-scene but they realize that Edie knows nothing about her husband. Later on, during Bree's dinner party they continue their investigations and Edie asks Dave herself about where he studied but he changes the subject until she confronts him about it, he then reveals some personal tidbits about his life... like his father drinking or him not going to college. A bit later, Dave tells Edie that he was uncomfortable with what happened and Edie tells him that it was McLusky that made her all suspecious, Dave simply tells Edie that she may be losing it.

    I really enjoyed all the storylines (Gabrielle's being the least, the whole car thing was pretty boring) but I think something's missing... it could be the weak mystery. I mean I do want to know why Dave obviously wants McLusky and why he was in prison or whatever, but it's not really all that interesting and no hints were given so far. On the positive side, I really like how everyone's getting involved in the mystery this season... first Edie, then McLusky, then Katherine and now Tom & Lynette... let's hope the mystery picks up in future episodes.
  • Awesome

    Another great episode in this season. Welcome back Danielle!
    Let's see:
    Bree and Orson: Danielle, now married to a lawyer, decided to bring Benjamin to visit their grandparents. With big surprise for Bree Danielle decided to raise Benji as a vegetarian and she also decided that homeschooling is a great solution for Benjamin! Come on Danielle! How long do you think this situation will last?
    Katherine and Karen: this is an intresting duo! oh my! I never would expected this duo to be so great and fun!
    Susy and Gaby: LOL the fight scene was awesome! Seems like that Susy always has to fight with neighbour in grass! lololol Not sure about Mike and Jackson being so friendly but the scene in the kitchen was also ilarious!
    Tom and Lynette: nothing new here.. Lynette is being controlling on Tom and Tom is acting like a baby.. Apparently that's the perfect recipe for one strong marriage!
    Dave again is being weird and evil.. I like that!
    Again an awesome episode!
  • Great episode... once again! :D

    It was a great episode, not better then the previous one though, but it was awesome!
    Susan and Gabrielle had a fight and it was really funny. Juanita, Gabrielle's daughter, is getting on my nerves. She's a real bully! :)
    Bree did some awful things. She just wants everything to be just how she likes it. It's kinda reasonable Danielle doesn't like her. Although, Bree is really funny! :)
    Edie's husband is really strange. He's getting weirder every episode. I want his mystery to be unwrapped soon! :P I can't wait to see more about his history.
    Can't wait for another episode! I love DH! :)
  • Susan and Gabrielle clash when Juanita bullies M.J.

    Let me just start of by saying that all things considered, I think that this episode was absolutely amazing! Every housewife, plus Karen had some great moments in this episode. My favorite storyline in this episode was definitely the Katherine and Karen storyline. They were absolutely hilarious, especially Katherine. They really make a great duo. I loved their scene with Edie at the restaurant, especially when Katherine kept yelling for the waitress while Karen kept grilling Edie about Dave. They were also great together in the dinner party scene. I also loved the Susan and Gabrielle storyline. I especially enjoyed the whole thing with Jackson's dance karate thing. I love having Gale Harold on Desperate Housewives as Susan's new boyfriend. Bree and Lynette were great in this episode too. All in all, this was an extremely well written, well acted and well made episode of Desperate Housewives from everyone involved that had me in stitches pretty much the entire time that I was watching it. After seeing this episode, I can't wait to see the next episode of Desperate Housewives.
  • Perfect episode that provides new and interesting paths to be taken.

    MJ being pushed around by Juanita was hilarious, same as the fight in front of Bob and Lee's house. It's nice to see that Mike's being consulted for MJ's problems and I was glad to see that Jackson didn't have a big role this time. I don't know what it is, but I just don't like the guy.

    Gabby's story started great and had an even better ending with the very last scene. Andrew was a real jackass, but it's great to see that he's getting some more air time. Now a new love for the guy and he's back in business...

    Bree's story was a sad one, once again (I think she's going to be emo or something by the end of season) but I don't get what McCluskey, Edie and Katherine (good to see her again, btw) were doing at their family dinner.

    Lynette wasn't seen a lot this time, but I think that did her storyline justice. It wasn't very interesting, but it's going to have some big consequenses and that's what I like about this show: everything has consequenses.

    Dave's really infiltrating in everybody's houses. First McCluskey, now Lynette... and every time, he sort of threatens the wife. I think we even might have had a glimpse of the season's mystery.
    I'm starting to feel bad for Edie: she has no clue what's going on and Dave never seems to answer her questions.
    And Mrs. McCluskey... If I was here, I would be running by now. Because Dave is up to no good...

    Terrific episode, much better than the previous one, mainly because of the presence of good storylines, Andrew and the children, and the absence of Jackson.
  • Nothing like fighting to bring out the best in people on Wisteria Lane.

    The whole "bullying" theme wasn't as hard-handed as some themes of the series but still good to roll with. I enjoy how Mike and Susan's new beau are getting along in a way and funny how Susan wanted to recruit them both to help out her son. Seeing Gabby's daughter as a bully was interesting and it led to a great Susan/Gabby confrontation. But even better was them coming together at the end with Susan bringing back some of the good old Gabby who'd take crap from no one. That led to her great showdown with Andrew that nicely put him in his place.

    The Bree/Danielle stuff was fun as you can see Bree hurting over what Danielle did and wanting to avoid those mistakes again. Yet she does so and it was good of Orson to point out that Bree just has to let it go and accept her time to be a mother has passed and try to live her life, good advice. As for Lynette and Tom, it was mostly filler but nice of Dave to explain the mid-life crisis in ways Lynette can understand, giving her some perspective. Of course, that was followed by him laying suspicions of Mrs McNaulty being mentally unfit that seem to play into his arc. So we get some fun, some growth and some mystery, which is what this show continues to do well no matter what the time.
  • Season 5, Episode 3.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I liked the beginning with Bree and how Ben called Danielle by her first name. Danielle says, "That's my name, isn't it?" Bree says, "Yes, I'm aware. I picked it." Haha. MJ is getting picked on by a bully, but he wants to talk to Mike about it. I love Mrs. McKlusky. Haha. Dave said that an engineering degree is needed to fix sprinklers, and Mrs. McKlusky says, "Great. You have one?" Haha, it was so Katherine would have more info to research him. Danielle, her husband, and Benjamin are vegetarians! Benjamin is being home-schooled! They're Jewish too! Danielle: He's six and he's already reading at a third grade level!
    Bree: What's going to happen next year when he overtakes you?!
    Perfect episode.
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