Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 3

Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2008 on ABC
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Bree's estranged daughter, Danielle, returns to Wisteria Lane and is met with a deluge of criticism. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Susan find themselves embroiled in a catfight brought on by an altercation between their kids. To her chagrin, Lynette comes home to find Tom and Dave have formed a garage band after she told him to get rid of his old things. Finally, Katherine and Mrs. McCluskey invite Edie to lunch to press her for more information on Dave.moreless

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  • Bullies....

    This was actually a really great episode of desperate housewives with some really enjoyable storylines..

    I thought the susan and gaby storyline was really funny with some really great one liners it i thought the scene were they were fighting on the ground was really funny..

    I also really enjoyed brees storlyine this week aswell it was nice to see her daughter danielle agian.

    Lynette also had a good story this week i like that she got involved with the mystery abit that dave guy is really creepy

    I also really enjoyed katherine and karen trying to find information on dave Overall this was a really enjoyable episode of desperate housewivesmoreless
  • Best episode so far this season and one that can certainly hold its own amongst the big guns of years past.

    Okay everyone, I know this is gonna come as a bit of a shock so I'm just forewarning you before I actually type it. Are you ready? Okay. Here goes. Shawn Pyfrom was actually in Desperate Housewives this week. A lot. There. Feels good, doesn't it? Shame he spent most of it in a suit and not out of a suit, or out of most of his clothes for that matter, but hell, I'll take whatever morsels I can get. There were no hot, juicy snogs with hot, juicy boys either, which is obviously depressing, but his storyline held its own and was fairly innocuous... and a whole hell of a lot more interesting than last week's Solis pity party. Granted, we're still on the same 'oh woe is me, look how far from grace I've fallen! Waaaaah!' motif but at least the whole thing was handled with a lot more reserve and panache in 'Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else' than it has previously been. And now that I've mentioned that thematically leading title... 503 was very much the children's episode, from Danielle returning with a simply fabulous new look darling, and a vegetarian, Jewish six year old to boot, to Juanita bullying poor little MJ. What can sometimes be something of an off-putter for television drama actually turned into the best thing about the episode, thanks to some skilful writing from show stalwart Joe Keenan. The effects on the respective families were the interesting part and allowed for some superbly pitched moments, such as Orson's scolding of Bree over allowing Benjamin to be lost to his real parents or, indeed, the hilarious front-lawn fight between Susan and Gabrielle, leading into a lovely reconciliatory scene, with booze, in Gaby's house. It's worth mentioning that Dave's story picked up the pace somewhat here too, and was delightfully intertwined with a smirk-inducing nugget of a C-storyline involving Tom's longing to form a garage band to boot. I concede, Housewives writers, I am now dying to know exactly what this guy's history is and what his plans are for Wysteria Lane. Well done all, you've intrigued again. Best episode so far this season and one that can certainly hold its own amongst the big guns of years past.moreless
  • Danielle returns home

    In this episode of Desperate Housewives, the following happens. Danielle returns home with her husband Leo and her son Benjamin. Tom decides to start a garage band with Dave. Bree discovers that Danielle Benjamin and Leo are all vegetarians. Gabby and Carlos sell their car and buy a much older one off of Andrew. We learn that one of Gabby's girls is picking on Susan's son M.J. Bree takes Benjamin out for the day and ends up giving him 2 hotdogs, which later make him sick. Tom's bass guitar gets broken and so Dave buys him a new one. We learn that Dave never went to college.moreless
  • Funny funny funny! DH Season Five is great so far!

    this episode sees a return to DH Standards. We have lots of emotion and laught out loud moments.

    TO begin with lets discuss Susan and Gabby's catfight. brilliant and funny. Susan pushing over Gabby's daughter as punishment for bullying her son was laught out loud. and then gabby attacking susan made me laugh more. and then their subsequent making up was funny and emotional with one of the best lines

    "Nothing you can say will make things better!"

    "I have booze!" Replies Susan. Well written stuff.

    On a sidenote MJ is a sweetie.

    The return of Danielle was a highlight. Joy Lauren and Marcia Cross have great chemistry and Benjy is a sweetie too. Orson and Bree's hatred for one another seems to be growing and i hope they make up soon. Another hightlight was the dinner party.

    Dave, the new mystery, is a smarmy psychopath. Katherine and Karen's teaming up and questioning were also funny but it appears Dave has set he's sights on ruining Karen. What is he up to?

    Overall great stuff. Keep up the good work!!!moreless
  • Brilliant episode of DH here, does this show ever disappoint?

    Danielle's return was a highlight and it was great to see how Bree and Orson dealt with her raising of young Benjamin. The whole vegetarian thing was hilarious and Bree's comment about suicidal loins was so amusing. But she ruins things by persuading Ben to have sweets and that's not on for Danielle and she leaves. Orson's reaction was pathetic, how was it Bree's fault that Danielle took the child away?

    He was in prison for running someone over, I'm glad Bree didn't take that crap. Now Dave gets more creepy and that scene with Lynette was strangely chilling. Tom starts a garage band with Dave and Lynette thinks its a bad idea. Typical Lynette as she hatches a plan and breaks the guitar. Weirdly Dave turns up with a new one and makes a comment about the Scavo's marriage. Who is this guy?

    Susan and Gabby were hilarious in this episode, there children fighting was brilliant and I loved how Susan handled by pushing Gabby's daughter. Susan's line 'No she's too fat for your age' was hilarious. But they ended things nicely withy the pair drinking there blues away. I liked Andrew here though he was an ass it was good to see him with a bigger part to play.

    Katherine and Mckluskey were excellent here and I loved how they tried to find out more about Dave's past but I do fear for the latters safety now after Edie reveals all not knowing what's actually going down. So yeah I'm loving this season as always!moreless
Lakshmi Manchu

Lakshmi Manchu


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Ronobir Lahiri

Ronobir Lahiri

Nabila's Husband

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Leslie Karpman


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Joy Lauren

Joy Lauren

Danielle Katz

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Gale Harold

Gale Harold

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Mason Vale Cotton

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Susan and Gabrielle fight for a second time, but unlike the season 3 episode "What Would We Do Without You?", this time they engage in a catfight, the first catfight ever to happen between the four ladies. And just like last time, by the end of the day Susan goes to Gabrielle bringing booze and Gabrielle invites her in her house and they make up eventually. In regard to catfights, this is actually the third one for Gabrielle. She previously engaged in catfights with Sister Mary, and Ellie.

    • Continuity: Lynette says that Tom is 45 years old. However in the season 1 episode "Impossible" (2005), which takes place eight years before this episode's time (if we count the five-year jump), Tom says he's 41.

    • Danielle: (referring to Bree) She's made it impossible for us to stay…

      This same line was said by Phyllis, Bree's former mother-in-law, when she last visited for Bree's surprise baby shower. She says that to Andrew after Bree made her feel unwanted in her house and in her life.

    • Danielle hinted that Benjamin is Jewish. This comes full circle to Bree having him participate in a briss when he was an infant.

    • Penny's full name is Penny Lynne Scavo.

    • In this episode the men of Wisteria Lane form a garage band, in real life James Denton plays in Band From TV with other television stars.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Gabrielle comes to Andrew and complain about the car)
      Gabrielle: I took a tour at the mechanics who told me the radiator shot.
      Andrew: Oh, that, yeah. It's been giving me trouble for years. Just use the jar.
      Gabrielle: What jar?
      Andrew: It's in the truck. You just keep it full of water and when the radiator reheats you fill it up. Oh, and try not going uphills and stay in the shade as much as possible.
      Gabrielle: I can't drive around avoiding gravity and the sun!

    • Katherine: Now remember, we can't just start grilling Edie or she'll get suspicious. We have to be subtle.
      Karen: I'll just follow your lead.
      Katherine: Okay.
      (Edie walks in)
      Edie: Sorry I'm late. What a great idea. We haven't done this in ages, a lunch with the girls!
      Karen: Yes, well. Where was Dave born?
      (Katherine spits her wine)
      Edie: What?
      Katherine: We were just wondering where he got his great... manners.

    • (Edie Britt drives by and notices Susan and Gabrielle cat-fighting about their children.)
      Edie: (in disbelief) And they call me white trash.

    • Susan: It's not the first time. Juanita's been bullying him.
      Gabrielle: Wow, I'm sorry. I'll talk to her.
      Susan: Thank you.
      Gabrielle: And don't worry, no one will hear about this from me.
      Susan: Hear what?
      Gabrielle: That MJ's getting beaten up by a little girl.
      Susan: Well, a "girl".
      Gabrielle: Are you suggesting that Juanita is fat for her age?
      Susan: Gaby, Juanita is fat for your age.
      Gabrielle: Yeah, well, let's face it, MJ can get beaten up by a kitten!

    • Gabrielle: Look at my life, Susan. I've been beaten down.
      Susan: Well, I thought I had you beaten today and the next thing I knew, I was eating grass.
      Gabrielle: Today doesn't count. Today I was mad.
      Susan: Well, maybe you need to get mad more often.
      Gabrielle: Maybe you're right.

    • Dave: You know what a mid-life crisis is?
      Lynette: I'm married to a 45-year-old man who has a red convertible. Yeah, I think I know.
      Dave: But you know how it happens? (She nods no) A man gets to a certain age, and he realizes he's gonna die someday, really die. And what's worse is that he's everything he's ever gonna be. He's never gonna be rich, he's never gonna climb a mountain. Some guys do bad things when they get those thoughts in their heads, by comparison, playing in a garage band, well, seems pretty harmless.
      Lynette: Aah. So now my marriage is in trouble and you're gonna save it by giving Tom a bass?
      Dave: No, no. I'm not. (hands her the bass) You are.

    • (Jackson teases Mike by slapping him over the head.)
      Jackson: Oops! Didn't see that coming.
      Mike: Just for that, I'm breaking my rule about not hitting girls!

    • (Danielle is allowing her son to call her by her own name.)
      Bree: Let me be clear. I do not want him calling me Bree.
      Danielle: Oh, don't worry. I told him to call you Granny.

    • Mary Alice: Benjamin Katz was six years old. And there were a lot of things he didn't understand. He wasn't sure why the woman you call mommy isn't always your mother (Shot of Bree feeding him. Danielle walks in, clearly uncomfortable with the situation). Or how the man who was always there for him could suddenly be taken away (Shot of Orson being arrested by the police). Or why you could go for a ride and never come back home (Shot of Benjamin in a leaving car as Bree watches him and waves goodbye). Yes, there were a lot of things Benjamin Katz couldn't understand, and no one seemed in a hurry to explain them.

    • Gabrielle: You attacked my child and then me. Why should I even listen to you?
      Susan: I brought booze.
      Gabrielle: Come on in.

    • Susan: I was trying to teach her not to be a bully, something she should've learned from her mother.
      Gabrielle: Well, I'm sorry, I was too busy trying to explain to her why MJ doesn't wear a dress like all the other little girls.

    • Tom: We figured out, we got bass, we got drums, Mike plays guitar, I think Orson plays keyboard. Do you see where I am going with this?
      Lynette: I do, but I'm hoping I'm wrong.
      Tom: We're going to start a garage band!
      Lynette: And I wasn't.

    • Leo: Actually, that won't be an issue, Danielle is home-schooling him.
      Bree: Excuse me? You're teaching him?
      Danielle: Yes, I take it you have an opinion...
      Bree: So, instead of sending him to a proper school, you're going to give him the benefit of your straight C average?
      Danielle: Hey, he's only six and he's already reading at a 3rd grade level.
      Bree: Well, what happens next year when he overtakes you?

    • (Talking about their new car)
      Carlos: How does it look?
      Gabby: Be glad you're blind.

    • Bree: So, Danielle, what would you like me to make as a side dish for your welcome home party. I can make anything so long it complements beef tenderloins.
      Danielle: Actually we don't eat meat, we're vegetarians.
      Bree: Excuse me?
      Danielle: So is Benjamin.
      Bree: Oh... Well... Since when?
      Danielle: Since I realized that meat was a by-product of murder.
      Bree: Would it be more acceptable if I shop for suicidal pork loin?

  • NOTES (2)