Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 5

Let Me Entertain You

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2010 on ABC
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Susan's days as a sexy internet sensation may be coming to an end after she angers an important client and incurs the wrath of her boss, Maxine (guest star Lainie Kazan). Meanwhile, Renee and Gabrielle are headed for a smackdown after each of them reveals an intimate secret about the other to the wrong people, and Bree finds herself exhausted by younger lover Keith's (guest star Brian Austin Green) sexual stamina. Lynette is angry with Tom after he asks his mother (guest star Lois Smith as Allison Scavo) to become the baby's nanny without talking it over with her first, and housewife Emma Graham (guest star Dana Glover) puts on a cabaret show - with the aid of saxophonist Dave Koz - with surprising results.moreless

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  • Lynette wants a Nanny, so Tom hires his mother. Divas Gabby and Renee trade dirt, but Renee blabs so Gabby retaliates. Bree struggles to keep up with Keith. Susan is fired and rehired for one last show. That's Entertainment.moreless

    Lynette was leaning too much on Penny to take care of her baby, so she wants to hire a nanny. She can't find anyone she likes, or that Tom might not like too much, so Tom hires his mother, Allison. She turns back the clock on Woman's Lib to the 50's, and Lynette and Allison clash. They fight, and Allison leaves, but Tom brings her back. Will it all work out? Doubt it, as Allison is showing signs of the onset of Alzheimer's. We actually did see all three of the boys, Parker, Porter, and Preston. I wondered about that for a long time, because Preston just seemed to disappear. Now you see him, now you don't. The twins, Porter and Parker, were always picking on him in the first season. They were horrible bullies. Will Preston ever get his revenge? Susan is doing a soft core show, but the rude customer just wants her to flash her hooters. She pulls down the curtain and exits, stage left. This gets her fired. Also, Mike goes to the bank and finds about 9 grand missing. He confronts her while she is talking to Lynette, who covers for her saying it was a loan and she will pay it back. Now Lynette knows Susan's secret. Hope she can keep it better than Renee. Lee also asks Mike if he wants to sell the house on Wisteria Lane he is leasing to Paul, at above market value. Mike says they want to keep the house and as soon as the lease runs out they'll be back. Maxine, who has fired Susan, says that there is one client who keeps asking for her, and he is willing to pay a lot. How much? Enough to get Susan back in her lingerie and in front of her web cam. When she hears his voice, she is shocked to learn that it is Paul Young. Bree is exited to be with her handyman, Keith Watson, but it gets hard to keep up. She loads him down with a ton of work, hoping to wear him out. It is fun to watch Marcia Cross in this desperate situation. She is really beautiful, and has great comic timing. Brian Austin Green is married to Megan Fox, and he is quite a bit older than her, I would imagine. Wonder if his real life is a topsy turvy version of his TV life? He has a lot of tattoos. He was paired with Tori Spelling on 90210. Keith is also stuggling to keep up with Bree, intellectually. He is trying to make up for this lack in other areas. OK, then. Chillax. They are both trying too hard to keep up. But if all is well for Bree on Wisteria Lane, then how can she be a Desperate Housewife? The title of the show isn't Satisfied Housewives. I think perhaps Keith's Ex should come back, or something else to stir things up. What if Keith's Ex is played by Megan Fox? Talk about stunt casting!

    Gabrielle and Renee Perry would seem to be perfect for each other, two divas in a pod--but there's the rub. Wisteria Lane is not big enough for two divas! They are bound to clash. They are starting to bond over champagne as they discuss the burden of being beautiful, and celebrate Renee's divorce settlement. Renee wants to tell a secret, but she needs some collateral from Gabby. She tells her that she hasn't had any work done, except for one little nose job. Renee tells her that she screwed the divorce lawyer, and that allowed her to raise the settlement to 8 million, in spite of the prenuptial agreement. Later on Renee comes over and is showing off her bling to the gals. Doug has come back and wants her back. Gabby is less than enthusiastic, so Renee blurts out her secret. Very stupid, as that was her collateral. Can you spell collateral damage? All the desperate housewives meet at the night club for Emma Graham's cabaret show. I must have missed something, because where did this character come from all of a sudden? Dave Koz is in her band. That is a big deal, so you think that they would let her at least do a song, but it is interupted by the screaming divas, as Gabby tells Doug that Renee screwed his lawyer. Gabby's nose gets broken. After all that work.

    We didn't see much of Carlos or Juanita, or their biological daughter, Grace, but they are saving that story arc for the Haloween ep. Trick or Treat!moreless
  • let me entertain you

    Gaby and Renee clashing was inevitable on this show and I loved the crack with Gaby saying being married to an athlete must be hard, as Eva Longoria is of course married to Spurs player Tony Parker in real life. These two have made a reputation for playing diva characters on numerous TV shows and their scenes were highly enjoyable tonight.

    While I think Bree is at her funniest when she is playing into the WASP stereotype, her performance here was good as an older woman trying to keep up with the "stamina" of a younger woman in bed. I am still not sold on Brian Austin Green on this show yet.moreless
  • Great stuff! Definitely much more enjoyable than the last two episodes.

    This Desperate HOusewives episode was purely brilliant! The storyline was great, and there were a lot of very interesting developments in this episode. Gabby and Renee become very close friends, then become very bad enemies, then become very close friends. It was pretty funny between those two today!

    Adise from that, some interesting developments took place for Lynette and Bree, although the Bree storyline is gettin old and fast. They need to spice that one up, somehow.

    All up, I don't really have any criticisms. The Susan's storyline is getting better by the minute, and we had a little bit of a cliffhanger today with that one. Can't wait to ssee what happens next. Keep it up, Desperate Housewives! A great episode!moreless
  • Brilliant episode.....

    This was a brilliant episode of desperate housewives with some really great storylines

    Bree had a great story this week i thought the scenes with bree and keith was really funny.

    Susan and lynette shared a few scenes togther this week which was nice as lynette discovers that susan has been doing porn on the internet

    Gaby and renee shared a storyline this week it was nice to see theses characters togther, there fighting was really funny, im still not totally sold on the chracter of renee she just seems like another edie,

    overall this was a really good episode that left me wanting moremoreless
  • A fun diva smackdown, a sinister turn and a nice Lynette story make this a fine episode.

    It's nice the series still keeps the theme of how the arrival of a parent explains so much of their kid's behavior. Being raised by a mom with a 1950's mindset explains a lot about Tom and liked Lynette not happy with her sons following his example of treating their grandmotehr like the help. Loved how Grandma told Penny to get the sodas and the girl gave a "you kidding me?" reaction. The showdown was tough with Huffman's face showing sadness that she just can't get through to her mother-in-law to why she enjoys working. Lois Smith was well cast as the twist of her mental problems hints this won't end well.

    The Renee/Gabrielle smackdown was very well done with them bonding before things turned ugly. I do think it fitting how everyone makes fun of Gabby after her boasting of her natural beauty so long. The fight was wild but like how they end up making up at the end, realizing how much they have in common. Williams has been a brilliant addition to the show and this is a key reason why.

    The Bree plot was interesting as it's great to be reminded of how sexy Marcia Cross is. The denounement was good as she snaps of being overwhelmed and he firest back that he feels out of his league with her and making up for it. These two have a great dynamic that deserves to continue.

    We all saw it coming it was Paul who stole the poster last week and knew he was the one calling Susan at the end. But we get hints to his overall plot of revenge and that final shot at the end promises a dark ride to come.moreless
Dave Koz

Dave Koz


Guest Star

Dana Glover

Dana Glover

Emma Graham

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Lois Smith

Lois Smith

Allison Scavo

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Lainie Kazan

Lainie Kazan

Maxine Rosen

Recurring Role

Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green

Keith Watson

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Max Carver

Max Carver

Preston Scavo

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Gabrielle: Being married to a pro-athlete. It must be a nightmare.

      This is funny considering that about two weeks after this aired Eva Longoria announced she was divorcing her pro-athlete husband Tony Parker.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Renee>: Oh. You know, I feel like you get me, Gaby. And you know why? Because... we're both extremely beautiful.
      Gabrielle: God bless you for having the courage to say that.
      Renee: Only someone who looks like us can understand what a burden that can be.
      Gabrielle: (pauses) Actually, it's pretty awesome.
      (they both laugh)

    • Gabrielle: I'm sick of Lynette making those Cyrano de Bergerac jokes, whoever she was.
      Carlos: He, and baby they are just teasing you. (laughs)
      Gabrielle: Well, it's not funny. Beauty was my thing. Like Susan's an artist, Lynette's a great businesswoman, Bree's the perfect homemaker. I was the beautiful one. Now, I'm just the plastic one. (sees Renee walk in) And there's the woman who's to blame. Man, I'd love to smack that smile right off her face. Which, by the way, has been pulled so tight it'd probably smack me back.

    • Gabrielle: Are you insane? The man dumped you for another woman!
      Renee: Well, he apologized. Can't I forgive him?
      Gabrielle: Why? Because he gave you a stupid ring? He's buying you off again. Open your eyes!
      Renee: Hey! It's my marriage anyway. Why don't you just keep your fake nose out of it?
      Lynette: What does she mean, "fake"?
      Bree: Gabrielle Solis, did you have a nose job?
      Gabrielle: Hello! We're talkin' about Trampy McTrinket.
      Bree: After all these years with you bragging about your natural beauty!
      Gabrielle: Oh, I never bragged.
      Lynette: You once called your face "proof of God's existence".
      Bree: You said I was a fraud for wearing a padded swimsuit!
      Lynette: And now we find out that you've had plastic surgery. Oooh! That changes everything.

    • Renee: Doug! What are you doing here?
      Doug: I had to see you.
      Renee: Well, I'd invite you in, but it's late and I hate you.

    • (Susan is giving a private show)
      Susan: Hi, I'm Tanya. Thank you for choosing to spend time with me. I'm all yours for the next hour. How 'bout we start by getting to know each other a little better?
      Man: (shown on the computer screen) Show me your jugs.
      Susan: Ah, oh. Aren't you... a frisky little... ooh! I see some dirt under the coffee table. Would you like me to vacuum?
      Man: Sure. Right after you take off your tats and shake them.
      Susan: Ok... slow down. We've got... 59 more minutes together. And, huh... isn't it sexier to warm each other up with some naughty talk first?
      Man: I have to listen to my old lady's "blah-blah-blah" all day long. Lose the top so I can see those money makers.
      Susan: What are you, reading from a boob thesaurus? Come on... isn't there some romantic fantasy you'd like to share with me?
      Man: Ok. Are you lactating?
      Susan: Oh, pig!
      (she turns off the computer, thus ending the session)

    • (Renee has just poured champagne into Bree's glass)
      Bree: That was iced tea.
      Renee: Well, I just made it fun.

    • Gabrielle: (about Renee) Oh God, you invited her?
      Lynette: What, now you don't like Renee?
      Gabrielle: I know she's your friend, but don't you think she's kind of a self-absorbed, narcissistic diva?
      Lynette: Good point! (patting Gabrielle's arm) We already have one of those.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode comes from a song (also known as "Gypsy Strip Routine") by Jule Styne, taken from the Stephen Sondheim musical Gypsy.