Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on ABC
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Susan considers moving from Wisteria Lane to London. Later, an accident causes Ian, Susan, and their car to find themselves stranded in a lake. Tom feels threatened by the interest a new Scavo's Pizzeria employee Rick (guest star Jason Gedrick) shows in Lynette. While debating his opponent in the mayoral election, Victor Lang (John Slattery) witnesses something disturbing.moreless

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  • Good Sex Bad Sex Written by Alexandria Cunningham And Jenna Bans Directed by David Grossman

    Susan: “Ian, can you believe it? Mike saved our cheese”

    Ian: “Yes, he’s quite the hero”.

    If ever there was a plot that makes all parties both flawed and sympathetic, then this week it would be the now more interesting love triangle between Mike, Susan and Ian, which is not only beginning to get a bit more depth but also spells out the imminent departure of one character and by that, I mean Ian of course.

    As characters go, Ian basically started off being reasonably inoffensive and a tad dolt like from the moment Susan met him at the hospital but over the course of this season, Ian has quickly become somewhat annoying, needy and possessive and this week, the writers explored this even further.

    Growing ever more annoyed with the way Mike seems to be turning up in his and Susan’s lives all the time, Ian reasons that not only will a proposal deter Mike but moving himself and Susan back to England will be the ultimate break way from the plumber he now loathes.

    It’s really funny because once again there is a very vocal and annoying pissing contest between Ian and Mike over them meeting in the orange section and even though Mike’s constant popping up might be coincidental, it’s understandable that Ian would find it on the irritating. That being said, Ian’s actions also prove how insecure he really is about Susan anyway.

    Speaking of Susan, I found it funny that for someone who had reservations about getting wed so quickly to a bloke she hasn’t even know for a year and then fighting her way out of signing a prenuptial agreement that she wouldn’t have questioned Ian’s motives for wanting to move to the Mother Country. It’s also not like she’s in the dark about how Ian feels about Mike’s presence in her life as well either.

    Then again while Susan may never win prizes for self-awareness, it doesn’t mean she can’t eventually catch and having herself and Ian be rescued by Mike when their car crashes into a lake after avoiding a deer, you’d have to be blind not to spot Ian’s jealousy intensify just that bit more when Mike proved to be the hero that Ian couldn’t be in that situation.

    Ian made some semblance of an effort to contain his jealousy when during one bout of foreplay Susan revealed that she bought her ex a thank you gift but when he finally lets slip his more deeper fears of Mike, Susan’s moment of clarity is a great moment.

    Getting her first real Emmy worthy scene of the season, Teri Hatcher pulls in a wonderfully sympathetic performance as Susan lets rip into Ian for not only trying to control her but also for his unjustified mistrust. Dislike Susan all you want and quibble about the fact that she’s clearly settling for Ian until you’re blue in the face but so far, Susan has done her best to avoid Mike and has been faithful to Ian.

    It’s really great that not only have Susan’s storylines been more consistent and focused this season but that they’ve also made her into a more sympathetic character than she was for the most of Season Two, so as a viewer you do feel for her without being forced to feel like you have to feel for her if you catch my drift.

    The reason why I mention this is when Mike kisses Susan, the temptation for me to now want to chastise Susan is there because while now Ian is justified in his mistrust, it has to be pointed out that Mike kissed Susan and while she enjoyed it, she didn’t necessarily reciprocate. Instead she went home to Ian who then ended up apologising to her and the fact this plot is being handled with care for the audience’s intelligence is refreshing considering most soaps abhorrence for credits their viewers with that kind of respect. That being said, Ian’s time is getting shorter and shorter on Wisteria Lane.

    When it comes to endings, one thing that needed to cease in a big way this week is Tom’s incessant whining which really managed to piss me off in a big way and for once, full and total sympathy is rewards to Lynette as she has to deal with her immature bedridden husband and his list of tedious demands.

    I know Tom might be in a lot of pain and being catered for might suck royally but seriously dude, shut the **** up, okay? Not only does he drive Lynette bat **** crazy with the way he’s asking for oral sex and laying demands about how Lynette should hire a new manager but when she finally manages to snag someone who knows what they’re doing, Tom still behaves like an ass about things.

    Okay so hiring a former coke fiend like Rick is a major risk no matter how nice a guy he is and how by saving Lynette from a total **** of a customer managed to get him his job but you feel like getting Lynette to shake Tom and show him how much help she needs because while Lynette is capable even she has her limits.

    As for Rick, I liked him. Not a bad piece of eye candy and if Tom doesn’t cop on to himself, I could see Lynette’s already rapport with Rick getting deeper. That coupled with the fact that for two years we’ve had the threat of Tom straying but never Lynette and if she did, it would be slightly shocking. Then again one couple actually not going through the affair/divorce thing would also be at this rate.

    Tom also did himself no favours as well by angering Karen McClusky. If Lynette was slow in reigning Tom’s behaviour in, then Karen was a lot speedier by dumping the kids on Lynette as a ruse to get Tom to say sorry. I laughed when Karen expressed joy at Tom’s pain because in all honesty, I couldn’t find myself sympathising with him at all this week.

    One thing I’ve noticed this season is how Karen McClusky has been in nearly every episode this season (bar two or three) and also in recent episodes (particularly instalments like “Nice She Ain’t” and “My Husband The Pig”) how she has been mentioning her deceased husband Gilbert quite frequently.

    Neither of these bother me because as recurring characters go, Karen is great and her scenes with Lynette are fantastic, so it’s a pretty shocking moment that by the episode’s end we see her talking to Gilbert who is in the freezer of her own basement, which may or may not be better than her talking to no-one present.

    Whether this plot is something that is supposed to fuel the remainder of this season or is being started for the next one doesn’t really matter because not only is Karen established enough as a character for you to care but Kathryn Joosten is very likely to excel in this plot as her character takes centre stage.

    Also taking centre stage is Carlos and Edie, whose relationship is still going through leaps and bounds. You’d think after Edie’s total moment of honesty in “Dress Big” that her and Carlos would suddenly become a couple with substance and that sex wise, the two of them would be electric.

    Sadly for the both of them their first time together proves to be a disaster and Edie is rightly pissed off when Travers relays to her that he heard Carlos slate her sexual prowess and because Carlos wasn’t quite the stud he’d like to think he was, Edie figured she’s have it out with her new fling.

    It probably didn’t help Edie to hear from Gabby during a poker game with her and Susan that the sex between Gabby and Carlos was explosive during their marriage so it’s quite funny that when they try to have another crack at it they end up doing themselves enough damage that their doctor made the mistake of comparing their bad fornicating as a car crash. The look on his face when he learned the real reason was a treat though.

    However it then seems that after a day out with Travers and much cheesy family photos later, they finally do click in the bedroom department and while I really want to get behind Carlos and Edie as a couple because essentially they are fun to watch and I’ve never been that heavy a Gabby/Carlos fan, their hook up still lacks the sufficient depth it needs to really feel organic.

    Still though, I’ll take Carlos/Edie over Gabrielle and her petulance annoying the hell out of me yet again. This week after teasing Victor for long enough, she gives in to the smarmy would be Mayor and bonks him in his limo and while some people might find that nasty, I would opt for Gabby then using her plumber Toby to gatecrash Victor’s speech and embarrass him all because he didn’t call her straightaway after screwing her.

    It’s funny because in a recent interview, Eva Longoria recently came out with the bold statement that Gabby separating from Carlos has matured her but on evidence of 90% of the episodes, that claim is preposterous to put it mildly. I admit that maybe every once in a while Gabby’s antics can be funny and that Eva’s acting has certainly gotten better since the first season but there are times when Gabby should feel the consequences of her actions a bit more.

    Instead of dumping her, Victor proceeded to bombard her with flowers and an apology that would prove enough to convince Gabby that he loves. Personally I think Gabby is suited to a character like Victor and because I don’t want her and Carlos to get back together just yet, I say keep him around for a bit more.

    Also in “Liaisons”

    Couple of the week: Carlos and Edie’s bad sex that we didn’t quite see in “Dress Big” is heavily emphasised in the opener.

    Lynette (to Karen, re the phone): “At some point, Tom is gonna ask you for this, you are not gonna find it”.

    Susan: “How could you not know how to swim? Didn’t you go to summer camp?”

    Ian: “I stayed in the canoe”.

    Nickname of the week: Ian calling Susan “cheddar breath tease”. Okay, not as good as “Mr Virgin Plus 1” but could be much lamer.

    Tom: “Surely you can control five little kids”

    Karen: “Can I beat them?”

    Tom: “No”

    Karen: “Then my hands are tied”.

    Scavo Pizzeria employees get $8.15 an hour and Andrew is happy because he’s doing the beer delivery guy. Guess him and Justin really are over then!

    Edie (to Carlos): “I’m hot, you’re hot on paper we should be having great sex”.

    Gabrielle (to Victor): “You laid out all your positions; couldn’t you get acquainted with mine?”

    Is it me or does Edie not seem that actively concerned that her nephew is gone?

    Karen (re Tom): “I hate to admit it Lynette but everytime that man is in pain, I do a little jiggle”.

    Edie (to Gabrielle): “I make my conquests wait” Susan: “Oh yeah, she has a little room with magazines and goldfish”

    Edie: “I miss our friendship”.

    Given that exchange between the girls, why don’t Susan and Edie try and bury the hatchet.

    Andrew: “You work here now?”

    Rick: “I guess I do”.

    All of the multiple sex scenes in this episode reminded me of the Buffy episode “Touched” or Six Feet Under’s “Coming And Going”. Except in both of those cases there was some brilliant music involved as well.

    Ian (re Mike): “I don’t trust the man”

    Susan: “You don’t have to trust him you have to trust me which you clearly don’t”.

    No Bree, Orson or Danielle yet again. Though I do know they will be back towards the end of the season.

    Edie: “Oh wow and this time I mean it”

    Carlos: “Me too”.

    Chronology: The day after “Dress Big”.

    Much better than last week, “Liaisons” firmly goes through main relationships with some interesting results but it’s really the sudden dark storyline involving Karen McClusky that was the highlight of the hour. Also I’m beginning to suffer from some Bree/Orson withdrawal symptoms myself.moreless
  • A episode that show us why the show is called that way. So intense, so special and dramatic. One of my favorites in the season.

    A great episode, that had a great stories in it! Perfect copilation

    Eddie and Carlos part was great! At last Eddie has become a "normal" character in the show. The final with them both acting as a posible couple in the future was so exciting. They do a good couple together and now the character of Eddie seems a women with feeling. The scene of the brutal sex was so funny (specialy when the table broke and they were in the hospital)

    The scene with the kiss in Susan was weird but had the feeling. Choose between them both is gonna be difficult. It's horrible have the one you love near you, and know that you can't do nothing about it!

    Lynette was like always my favorite, when she started crying was so a limit scene! WOnderful! Anyway, I hope that she doesn't do anything with the new boy. She was always my exemple of the perfect couple, that really transmits love so I cannot believe the whole infaithful theme. I hope nothing will happen

    Gabi story was too much to handle! It just seems that she is a little girl and I don't like the idea of the "I want him because I'm alone"

    Anyway was a perfect episodemoreless
  • Somewhat interesting.

    Edie and Carlos are continuing their sex-a-thon, trying to one-up each other in the making love department (ha, now THERE is a competition). Although I hate that it only happened because of Marcia Cross's maternity leave, I am loving Edie (my favorite character) getting more screentime and an actual story to boot. I especially like that Nicollette is getting a chance to prove that she can do more than just comic relief. Remember last week's scene where she stripped down in front of Carlos? Wow.

    Speaking of Marcia Cross, it's a good thing her absence is only temporary because you can really tell how much DH needs her. Ever since she's been gone, something has just been...missing from the show. Here's to hoping she'll be back in time for the season finale.

    Tom and Lynette arguing over the pizzeria, Round 319. Is anyone else getting really bored with this? During last night's episode, I was beginning to hope Mrs. McCluskey would smother Tom with a pillow to shut him up. Oh, and did anyone else see the twist at the end of the show involving Mrs. McCluskey coming? Because I didn't! That definitely surprised me, in a pleasantly twisted way that only Desperate Housewives could.

    I make it no secret that I hate Susan, and that's putting it nicely. Frankly, I wish Ian had drowned in that lake and pulled Susan down with him. The whole Ian/Susan/Mike triangle seriously drags the show down for me, and I really hope next week's episode is a step to putting an end to it.

    So Gaby's screwing the politician guy now, huh? Yawn...Move Gaby away from this grandpa and let her find out about Carlos and Edie's new "friendship". Then, let the sparks and fur fly! That would be interesting.moreless
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  • A new mystery on Wisteria Lane...

    ...and I don't think that's a good one...

    making viewers discover that Mrs. McCluskey has a frozen corpse in her tavern seems ridicolous to me...I mean, she's always been part of the cast, since the first season, she never had an important role and what do they do? they come out with this sillyness, the perfectly conserved corpse of her husband? No, no, no, wrong turn, it's decidedly a bad choice from the authors. Nothing comparable to Orson's secrets, he was a new character, it was reasonable that he carried some mystery but this new one about Mrs McCluskey is...stupid...

    Things are getting better about Carlos and Edie together, even if it didn't start like something romantic it seems that it develops to something more credible, not my favourite storyline but well, I have to take it, at least it makes me laugh...

    I bet that the new chef at the pizzeria will cause problems to Lynette and Tom, maybe she'll fall in love, he'll steal all of their money because he's a drug addict etc. etc...meh.

    Susan will fall in Mike's arms again, I'm sorry for Ian because I liked him but his love story is pretty screwed now.

    Nothing's left I think...Gaby and Victor, yes...he'll come out being a man from the city who came to Fairview because he had financial problems, or similar, I can bet about least Victor seems an interesting character.

    I miss Bree and Orson, their storyline was a good one...I'm losing hope about the third season remaining as good as it was in the first part...moreless
Wayne Lopez

Wayne Lopez


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Kenneth Kimmins

Kenneth Kimmins

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John Harnagel

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Mr. McCluskey

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Kenneth Kimmins and Teri Hatcher previously worked together on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, where Hatcher played Superman's love interest Lois Lane and Kimmins had a recurring role as Dr. Klein, Superman's physician.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Edie: No man respects an easy conquest. I make all my men wait.
      Susan: It's true, she has a little room with magazines and an aquarium.
      Edie: I have so missed our friendship.

    • Gabrielle: Sorry. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Sorry. I'm afraid Mr. Lang has to take an important meeting in his
      (She grabs his arm and drags him off to the limo. He gets inside with Gabrielle close behind. He loosens his tie as she begins taking off her clothing.)
      Victor: To the radio station, Clyde. So what's this all about?
      Gabrielle: Your speech--I liked it.
      Victor: Seriously, here? Now?
      Gabrielle: Well, you laid out all your positions. Don't you want to get acquainted with mine?
      Victor: Clyde, could you put up the partition, please?
      Clyde: Yes, sir. Anything else?
      Gabrielle: Music. Loud music.

    • Mary Alice: Passion. It's a force so potent we still remember it long after it's faded away. A drive so alluring it can push us into the arms of unexpected lovers. A sensation so overwhelming, it can knock down walls we've built to protect our hearts. A feeling so intense, it resurfaces even though we tried so hard to keep it buried. Yes, of all emotions, passion is the one that gives us a reason to live, and an excuse to commit all sorts of crimes.

    • Andrew: So he is a fat loser, who do you expect to get for $8.50 an hour?
      Lynette: Well, that's what we pay you and you seem happy enough.
      Andrew: That's because I'm doing the beer delivery guy.
      Lynette: Oh... okay... my fault for asking...

    • Susan: Mike, you saved our lives. (Mike pulls Susan's cheese out of his back pocket) And our cheese! Ian, can you believe it? Mike saved our cheese!
      Ian: Yes, yes, he's quite the hero.
      Mike: (smirking) Good thing I was following ya.

    • (Victor wants to go to bed with Gabrielle.)
      Victor: As far as I'm concerned, the chase is half the fun.
      Gabrielle: Half the fun? Oh honey, if I ever do say yes... (gives him a long kiss) You're going to adjust that percentage way down.

    • Tom: (sweating) I need another pill and please tell the kids to turn down the TV.
      Mrs. McCluskey: I yell, they turn it down. I walk away, they turn it up. Vicious circle.
      Tom: Surely you can control five little kids.
      Mrs. McCluskey: Can I beat them?
      Tom: No!
      Mrs. McCluskey: Then my hands are tied.

    • Tom: Make sure you have your cell phone with you. When you're interviewing, I'll call, you can conference me in.
      Lynette: (being ironic) That is a great idea!
      (secretly taking the phone and letting Mrs. McCluskey in)
      Lynette: (whispering) Hi, at some point Tom's going to ask you to look for this. You will not find it!

    • Mary Alice: (narrating) It was natural for Edie and Carlos to assume that if they ever had sex, it would be amazing. And in fact, it was... Amazingly bad.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Vztahy (Liaisons)
      Slovakia: Vášne a spojenia (Passion and Connection)

    • Brent and Shane Kinsman submitted this episode for consideration on their behalves in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series" at the 2007 Emmy Awards.

    • Since Marcia Cross (Bree Hodge) had left the show due to her pregnancy, the mystery her character was related to had to be solved earlier, and a filler mystery involving Mrs. McCluskey's dead husband was introduced in this episode.

    • On its original airing, this episode scored 16.1 million viewers.

    • Although credited, Marcia Cross (Bree Hodge), Kyle MacLachlan (Orson Hodge), Andrea Bowen (Julie Mayer) and Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp) do not appear in this episode.