Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 20

Lost My Power

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2012 on ABC

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  • Lost My Power

    It was good to see Doris Roberts pop up on TV again. She's probably a fan of the show and it was good to see her get a guest spot in a role perfect for her.

    The MJ storyline was intriguing as well. I like his outbursts, they seem believable with how a young kid would react. A good moment with all the men stepping up and playing the dad role for him in the end.
  • Setting up for an interesting ending!

    Well it might not have been the best episode on its own, but this episode definitely tees things up for an interesting ending! The storylines got very interesting in ways that will have interesting outcomes as the show reaches its ending!

    Lynette's storyline was not too bad today, although I just want that to be over. It's boring almost every week. I've had enough.

    Susan & MJ's storyline was good. Definitely very sad to watch, though.

    I liked the Ben & Renee's storyline, and it is not a bad one, even though it was only breifly featured.

    Gaby's storyline was just borderlien sociopathic, lol! hShe is just strange, that woman! That was just insane!!! :P

    Bree's storline is getting cvery interesting and I can't wait to see how it plays out!

    Keep it up, DH! Probably not the best episode on it s own, but it set s up for an interesting last few eps! :)
  • 8.20 "Lost My Power"

    Or the title for these writers - WE LOST OUR CREATIVITY.

    Directed by - DAVID GROSSMAN

    Written by - WENDY MERICLE


    I didn't like it. It felt totally off. There was not a single time I'd laugh ... only giggled about 2 or 3 times (!!!) and once was when Carlos danced and then when Doris Roberts said cumbaja and the third/well actually first time was when Gaby said to the other customer that she looked like a batman in that coat. But other than that ... meh, I couldn't care less.

    Oh, I forgot .... Lynette's storyline - that was a joke, right??? Plus Renee & Ben's 'storyline' in this episode (well, it's a crime to actually call it a storyline, was it 2 or 3 short scenes???) was a joke for sure. There's no way in hell she'd just buzz off so quickly. She used to be way more persuasive. What happened to you Renee? The ladies over at Wisteria Lane destroyed your fierce personality??? Those aging slutsTongue out I only liked Susan in this episode, she was the only one I didn't wanna slap hard (or wallop for that matter, am I right Mr. Cherry? ) and don't even get me started on Mason Vale Cotton's acting. I think he's got some connections in the business over at the old HollyWeird little blonde bitch and his robotic acting. Even Doris Roberts and her stroke-y voice didn't save the episode for me. What a disappointment to return with such a weak episode and have only 3 after this disaster. Wendy Mericle, shame on you I know they "gang write" everything, but I guess somebody had to take the blaming credit on screen for this hot mess. Promo for 8.21 got me strangely emotional, but I am more than sure I wouldn't watch season 9 in it's premiere, I'd buy a DVD after that. Marc Cherry and his creative team better have something good up their sleeves other than promises. As a hardcore fan I feel kinda cheated.

    And this review will probably get a lot of negative votes, but I don't care anymore for these ''voters''. So, suit yourselves. Most of them only like the review when it's positive and almost heavenly good, oh fools. Man up. If you cannot take criticism of your favorite shows very well (same goes for Mr. Cherry and his writers) you shouldn't even consider coming here. 6,0/10 and I feel like I'm even being generous here but what the heck.
  • Susan And MJ Try To Build A Car For His School's Soapbox Derby While Bree's Dark Past Is Revealed In Court. Lynette Goes Out With Tom's Boss.

    I loved this episode!! The best episode of this season after 8.16 and 8.17. That's why I can't understand all the negative reviews about it. There are three things why I loved this episode. There were lots humor (this is propably the funniest episode they have ever made!), drama and emotional moments. Susan and MJ still grief over Mike's loss. It's very good to mention him even when he is dead. This time Susan Helps MJ to build a racing car for school's soapbox derby as it is a father-son competition. I found the scenes of this storyline to be the highlights of the episode. For example, the scene where MJ tells Susan that he has been called as a weirdo since he is the only boy in his class who has to grow up without a dad was just way too powerful. I gotta admit, it saddened me very much and I almost cried at this moment. However, the scene where Ben, Tom, Bob and Lee decide to help MJ with the car and anything (<- Ben said this) was just amazing. It made me happier. It shows how close the people are on the Lane. DH really knows how to deliver these emotional scenes.

    Lynette's storyline was great and it was nice to see Tom and Penny. We shall see where that goes. Bree's storyline was amazing. Scott Bakula delivers a very good perormance. But still lots of questions are unanswered but everything will be explained in the next episode and in the finale. Renee's and Ben's storyline was funny as hell! Laughed so hard!! The best episode of the season up to this point.
  • Reminded me of what I'll miss most about Desperate Housewives.

    It's heart.

    This is a show about crime, conspiracies, murder, sex, lies and betrayal, but it has taught us so many important lessons. One of the many things I learnt from this show is to cherich the people I love and not take them for granted, for one day they could very much be gone. Like Mike for example. It's heartbreaking watching Susan trying to keep MJ content.

    It has taught me that I could change, and it's never too late, like Carlos. Like all our heroines. They have come so far. Bree's transformation from perfect, suburban housewife, to drunk mother who can't accept her son's sexuality, to asset in a crime, is phenomenal. It has taught me to always take the high road, like with Lynette in this installment. Her actions only got Tom deported.

    The most important lesson I've learnt from Desperate Housewives is living thruthfully. Be truthful to the world, and to yourself. All the issues and scandals this show covered were based on lies, and seeing the consequences on Desperate Housewives is a constant remainder of how I should deal with my problems and work through my issues.

    Now as the near ends, I look back on the previous seasons and I think WOW, time flies, and you need to hold on to the things you love and enjoy them, because just like Desperate Housewives, theres an end to everything.

    It might have it's final episode in a week, but It'll never stop for me. Desperate Housewives is way too precious to my heart for me to say that it's gone. It'll never be gone. It'll have a place in my heart forever. It's not just a show, it's an era. It's immortal.
  • Lost My Power

    Lost My Power was an absolutely amazing and extremely entertaining and touching episode of Desperate Housewives. I really enjoyed watching because the story lines explored were fun, engaging, and full of drama and character development. Gaby and Carlos and compete and in the end Gaby tells Carlos how things really are and it seems he may contemplate her words. I liked Bree's scenes with her lawyer. Some of the best scenes were with Susan and MJ and it was emotionally stirring to watch them interact and relate to Mike's death. I loved how Susan got the neighborhood guys together and I almost cried, yes, I may have shed a few tears. Seriously though this was some deep stuff. Bree's story line was even kind of emotionally disturbing as was Lynnette's and Gaby's. I just this moment thought " wow the women of Wisteria Lane REALLY ARE THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and I'm thrilled because this means that the writers may have something spectacular planned for the series finale, and they sure as heaven better because it IS EXPECTED of them! I can't wait to watch the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Not the strongest comeback...

    Well, it's not been on for a while, and it felt like a bit of a deflation after Mike's death/funeral episode that were really powerful.

    Lynette's storyline was good, HOPEFULLY building up towards Tom and Lynette getting back together.

    I'm just a bit bothered about Susan. I mean, they are still addressing Mike's absence but I'm surprised as to how together she is. When rex died, Bree was in black most of the time and slowly became an alcoholic, yet with Susan who's always been the most emotional of them, she seems to be smiling a lot and it doesn't seem that realistic considering Mike was THE one.

    I don't know - I wasn't blown away by tonight's episode, but I really hope the final three are something to remember, for the good.