Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 20

Lost My Power

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2012 on ABC

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  • 8.20 "Lost My Power"

    Or the title for these writers - WE LOST OUR CREATIVITY.

    Directed by - DAVID GROSSMAN

    Written by - WENDY MERICLE


    I didn't like it. It felt totally off. There was not a single time I'd laugh ... only giggled about 2 or 3 times (!!!) and once was when Carlos danced and then when Doris Roberts said cumbaja and the third/well actually first time was when Gaby said to the other customer that she looked like a batman in that coat. But other than that ... meh, I couldn't care less.

    Oh, I forgot .... Lynette's storyline - that was a joke, right??? Plus Renee & Ben's 'storyline' in this episode (well, it's a crime to actually call it a storyline, was it 2 or 3 short scenes???) was a joke for sure. There's no way in hell she'd just buzz off so quickly. She used to be way more persuasive. What happened to you Renee? The ladies over at Wisteria Lane destroyed your fierce personality??? Those aging slutsTongue out I only liked Susan in this episode, she was the only one I didn't wanna slap hard (or wallop for that matter, am I right Mr. Cherry? ) and don't even get me started on Mason Vale Cotton's acting. I think he's got some connections in the business over at the old HollyWeird little blonde bitch and his robotic acting. Even Doris Roberts and her stroke-y voice didn't save the episode for me. What a disappointment to return with such a weak episode and have only 3 after this disaster. Wendy Mericle, shame on you I know they "gang write" everything, but I guess somebody had to take the blaming credit on screen for this hot mess. Promo for 8.21 got me strangely emotional, but I am more than sure I wouldn't watch season 9 in it's premiere, I'd buy a DVD after that. Marc Cherry and his creative team better have something good up their sleeves other than promises. As a hardcore fan I feel kinda cheated.

    And this review will probably get a lot of negative votes, but I don't care anymore for these ''voters''. So, suit yourselves. Most of them only like the review when it's positive and almost heavenly good, oh fools. Man up. If you cannot take criticism of your favorite shows very well (same goes for Mr. Cherry and his writers) you shouldn't even consider coming here. 6,0/10 and I feel like I'm even being generous here but what the heck.