Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 20

Lost My Power

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2012 on ABC

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  • Susan And MJ Try To Build A Car For His School's Soapbox Derby While Bree's Dark Past Is Revealed In Court. Lynette Goes Out With Tom's Boss.

    I loved this episode!! The best episode of this season after 8.16 and 8.17. That's why I can't understand all the negative reviews about it. There are three things why I loved this episode. There were lots humor (this is propably the funniest episode they have ever made!), drama and emotional moments. Susan and MJ still grief over Mike's loss. It's very good to mention him even when he is dead. This time Susan Helps MJ to build a racing car for school's soapbox derby as it is a father-son competition. I found the scenes of this storyline to be the highlights of the episode. For example, the scene where MJ tells Susan that he has been called as a weirdo since he is the only boy in his class who has to grow up without a dad was just way too powerful. I gotta admit, it saddened me very much and I almost cried at this moment. However, the scene where Ben, Tom, Bob and Lee decide to help MJ with the car and anything (<- Ben said this) was just amazing. It made me happier. It shows how close the people are on the Lane. DH really knows how to deliver these emotional scenes.

    Lynette's storyline was great and it was nice to see Tom and Penny. We shall see where that goes. Bree's storyline was amazing. Scott Bakula delivers a very good perormance. But still lots of questions are unanswered but everything will be explained in the next episode and in the finale. Renee's and Ben's storyline was funny as hell! Laughed so hard!! The best episode of the season up to this point.
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