Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 2

Making the Connection

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on ABC

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  • Making the Connection

    Not as strong as the season premiere, but Gaby still delivering some laughs in her role after all of these years. The Susan story was a bit too ridiculous here though.
  • good episode

    Pretty good episode susan and carlous storyline was abit weird but im glad the show never actually had these two have an affair gabby storyline with the whole stripper stuff was fun
  • 8.02 "Making the Connection"

    Written by: Matt Berry

    Directed by: Tara Nicole Weyr


    This was a rather enjoyable episode, but I felt a little frustrated watching it back in October 2011 because I kinda felt this was not a season finale material. Hmm, did hate Susan's storyline - it was dull. Bree & Gaby kept my attention during this ep, they were funny. Renee was boring and Lynette was ... blah. 7/10 come on DH, you can do so much better than that!
  • Relactionships

    (Sorry for the bad english, I'm italian) Mmm... ok. This is what i thought after this episode. It is good, ok, but not as the last episode and there are some points that don't convince me... let's see all:

    Renee: I continue to think that her character is a waste, because it's bad used, but her storyline now with the new neighbor it's less bad than the others; this storyline gives us some funny gags of Renee and it let us see Ben closely. We find out that he was poor when he was young, like Renee, but I suspect that he is another psycopatic, expecially when he talks with Mike about Mike's past and how the people kill for protect their family;

    Lynette: she and Tom, now, are officially divorced. And she keep being the housewives that less care about the murder, because she's too involved in her personally affairs. In fact, the inhability of Tom to say NO to his children was noticed by Lynette, that wants to solve it because she won't be the bad, the mother that won't set her children free.

    At the end they solved it thanks to the bad luck of Preston, Parker, Peter oh i don't remember his name.

    Bree: uh-oh. Yeah, her storyline now is a big "Uh-oh", because she is in giant problems related to the murder of Alejandro; in fact, a psycopatic knows it and send to her the same letter that, seven years ago, Mary Alice had received. She suddently think about Paul, but obviusly he can't know the BIG secret so him and her try to think about who knows the story of Mary Alice and Bree cosider to break up with Chuck, a big risk.

    Gaby: her relactionship with Carlos it's all about sex. Unfortunatly, he continue to feel in blame for the murder, so his "little thing" doesn't work, and Gabrielle tries to turn on the sexual tension, without succeed. This was a very egoistic act from Gabi, but it was also a try because Carlos it's in pieces.

    Carlos and Susan: they feel very in blame for the murder. Susan wants to be punished for several comic little crimes (i thought "My god she's totally crazy -.-" ") and Carlos doesn't feel the sexual tension between him and his wife anymore.

    At the end they decide to support eachother, because a secret like that it's not easy to bring.

    At the end a good episode, I feel something strange in Ben and I wanna know who send the letter to Bree, but for find out all we gotta stay tuned :)
  • Some great parts, and some really random parts.

    A great episode in some ways, but a little weird in other ways. Definitely not as great as the premiere, but I didn't expect it to be, anyway.

    The whole Susan storyline was sooooo random. I ws like - 'what is the point of this'? How insane do you have to be go out looking to be arrested., However, it had its funny moments, particularly with the motorcycle cop.

    Meanwhile, I thought the Gabby storyline was funny. Hiring a stripper for Carlos was just random, but totally something she would do! It was quite hilarious, particularly when she fell off the pole!

    Also, Lynette and Tom's storyline was quite interesting, although a little unrealistsic. I don't think anybody would have let Parker go to the party, but neither Lynette or Tom wanted to play the good guy or the bad guy here.

    Also, Bree's not e is really interesting! I can't wait to see how that will unfold!

    Great episode! Can't wait for more! Also wanted to mention Renee's sotryline, which was quite good too!
  • Not as good as the 1st one...

    First: Bree & the letter. I like her storyline and I'm curious, how that'll end. I think it was good, that she talked with Gaby about the letter, otherwise she'll end like Mary-Alice. And Gaby requires very much. Bree's happy with Chuck, and I like them together. Sure, I understand the worries of Gaby, but she doesn't have the right to tell Bree, what to do. She has to decide it on her own.

    Second: Gaby & Carlos. Okay, this story wasn't that necessary. It was good to show, how guilty Carlos feels. It was nice to watch Gaby's tries to dance on that pole.

    Third: Susan & guilty conscience. There were a few funny scenes, but the whole story with guilt was annoying in this episode but a good "bridge" to the other one, who's feeling very guilty: Carlos. There's coming something up, I guess.

    Fourth: Lynette & Tom. Okay the whole story is interesting, but I think it was a bit childish with the party. I had to laugh, when Lynette drank the beer and Tom came. But they're as childish as they were, when they were together. I like Lynette, but she has her bad moments.

    Fifth and last: Rene & Ben/Karen. Rene with and Karen were great. Karen acted great. And the whole story with Ben was okay. I'd like to see them together. But not just a one night stand. A whole relationship, but they have to know each other better first. :)

    This episode wasn't as good as the first one, but it was good, though.
  • Who wrote that mysterious note...



    ...that is what Bree is asking herself in this episode.

    Carlos still feels guilty, and it hurts his and Gabby's sex life. She hires a stripper to kink up her sex life, but it doesn't help, as Carlos tells her, there is nothing she can do to help him.Susan's guilt storyline was probably supposed to be funny, but I didn't really find it funny, but her conversation with Carlos finally revealed how she really felt and seeing that he feels as guilty as she does, they have a connection, cause they can talk to each other about it. Let's see where this is going.Lynette and Tom are fighting to win the children's affection, which ends up sending Parker to a party, where he gets drunk. Wasn't the best storyline of the episode, but they had a rather sweet conversation in the end, but it still feels very strange to see those two separated.Renee still tries to win the affection of the new neighbor Ben. She finds out from Mike that he likes the elderly, so she pretends to like them too. They have a 'date' in a senior home, but turns out he was just mocking her. We find out that Renee herself had to rely to charity as a child, and so did Ben, so they connect.Ben also asks Mike to help him with real estate, but Ben finds out about his ex-con past. He tells him, that there was nothing wrong with what Mike did, and that he can ''use him''. Knew there was something up with him, so let's wait and see.Bree tries to find out he send her the note, and she goes to see Paul, to ask if he did it, or knew someone who knew about Mary Alice's note. He tells her not to keep it a secret. She tells Gabby, who tells her not to tell the other girls or Carlos, cause they are too fragile. She tells her to quit seeing Chuck. Paul calls her and tells her that Chuck was one of the policemen who he confessed the murder of Martha Huber to, thus telling him about the note. So Chuck knows about Mary Alice's note, but is behind the note send to Bree?

    All in all, this was another great episode, but the pacing felt a little slower. I didn't really like Susan's storyline, but I really like Bree's storyline with the note, what will she do? What about Chuck? Also what is Ben hiding?
    I do think the acting is top-notch, especially from Marcia & Eva, those two are great, especially together.

  • It was okay.


    Not a bad episode, but I don't like the whole story line about the murder. It brings the show down and makes it sad, I don't think it makes the show more interesting.
    And oh God, am I sick of Renée! She's too much, she doesn't fit at all. Seriously, making her a regular in the show was a huge mistake.

    I love the story line about Tom and Lynette. I mean, I hate that they're breaking up, but we all know they're going to find each other again.

    Anyway, the episode was okay, but I don't think that I will be following the show through the entire season.

  • Making the Connection


    Making the Connection was a superb episode of Desperate Housewives and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to see the various characters sort of pair off into story lines. I liked the flow and how every thing unraveled. There are still many questions and mysteries to be revealed. I look forward to finding out what happens next and how this season will unfold!!!!!!!