Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 14

Mama Spent Money When She Had None

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2009 on ABC
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Bree reaps the success of her new book by treating herself to a new car, while Lynette and Tom resolve to sell his Mustang for some extra cash. Susan is determined to send MJ to the best school, even though she and Mike can't afford it. Meanwhile, Gabrielle joins Edie's no nonsense boot camp to get herself back into shape, and Lee is conflicted over whether to tell Lynette and Tom some disturbing facts about Dave.moreless

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  • Bree's New Cook Books Becomes A Succees While Mike And Susan Clash Over MJ's Education. Gaby Is Happy About Carlos's Big Bonus.

    This episode was fantastic! The 5th season's second half began on the right note and if the rest of the season will deliver such amazing episodes like this, it's going to be an awesome season. This episode had lots character and plot development for each of the characters. Bree Van de Kamp certainly has a memorable opening scene. It was also a very good scene since all the main characters are there. Bree's storyline was fantastic. Susan's and Mike's storyline concerning MJ's episode was very entertaining. The funniest scene was when MJ and Susan clapped each others knees at the school. The best scene was when Susan infiltrated Katherine's home. I laughed so hard! Lynette's plot was good but Gaby's was the weakest. Overall, a very good and entertaining episode with memorable moments.moreless
  • It all comes down to money......

    i actually really liked this episode i thought it was entetaing and im sure the theme of this episode would be relatable to alot of other people out there..

    I thought gabys storyline this week was pretty funny with her joining a keep fit class a filler storlyine but entertaining non the less

    Susan had a pretty funny episode aswell however it was a bit daft breaking into katherines house to steal her pearls

    Lynette and bree shared a storlyine this week which was also nice, i liked the tension bretween these two characters Overall a good episode nothing special or game changing but still fun and entertainingmoreless
  • The Credit Crunch

    another fine episode of season five, this time showcasing how the credit crunch is affecting the women and men of wisteria lane. First of all its nice to see 'more' of Dana Delany. She has recently been underused this season but now her role is becoming more jucier and firmer. Susan's new job could open up new prospects for the character. She was quite funny in this episode from her stealing Katherine's necklace to her "look at my sorry face!" At the end. Quite a touching speech too.

    I'm surprised that Lynette didn't kill Bree when they clashed. I have noticed that Mrs Hodge is slowly moving away from her circle of friends - perhaps something will happen? But the best thing was seeing glamour Gabby back. Eva Longeria is a beautiful woman and I'm glad to see her back in shape. And Dave is becoming more freaky each time...

    Overall another fine episode of our ladies.moreless
  • Good solid episode with plot and character development.

    Lynette and her family are having money problems; the pizzeria is not busy. They had to sell Tom's Classic Mustang to bring in some money. Later in the episode Bree offers Lynette $20,000 to help out and Lynette says no, but decides to take it for a 15% stake in their pizzeria.

    Susan is trying to get MJ into a private school but can't afford it. Mike gives Katherine a pearl necklace and Susan thinks that Mike is spending money on his girlfriend that he should be spending his son's education. The necklace turns out to be fake and cost only $129. Susan ends up offering her services as an art teacher at the school she wants MJ to go to because employees get a 50% discount. She gets the job.

    Carlos is going to take Gaby to the Palm Restaurant for their anniversary and she wants to wear a certain dress that is still to tight. She joins a boot camp workout and learns the meaning hard work, dedication, and friendship. In the end she is able to get into the dress she wants to.

    Things could not be going better for Bree Hodge. Her book is selling and she is being offered a 3 book deal. She bought a new car and is showing it off to the rest of the neighborhood. The only problem is with the loan to the Scavo's, the money has driven a wedge between her friendship with Lynette

    Tom finds out that his best friend Dave is the one who gave the information to the police about his son. Tom confronts Dave an punches him out. On his second attempt to punch Dave, Dave manhandles him and basically tells him to let it go.

    This was a great episode with plot development and character development.moreless
  • Money and friendship can be a dangerous combination

    This episode was well-constructed in its exploration of different tensions and dynamics running through the friendships. Relationships are scrutinized and go through changes. Gabrielle and Edie bond over boot camp - Tom finds out Dave is not his true friend - Bree tries to help Lynette with her money problems and only succeeds in alienating her with blindingly narcisstic self-congratulation and insensitivity - Susan and Katherine and Mike have an interesting interaction around money issues as they relate to MJ's tuition at an expensive private school.... It was interesting the many different ways in which money played out in the relationships, which are themselves dynamic and changing to begin with. The most impressive storyline was the Bree and Lynette one - and both actresses did a great job.moreless
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Patrika Darbo


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T. J. Ramini


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Bree just got herself a new car and she shows it to her friends. But in fact, we see this car four episodes back in 5x10 "A Vision's Just a Vision" aired 12/7/08 when she drives home with it and sees Andrew entering the test kitchen (before following him to discuss his new boyfriend Alex.) So she had it for more than two months.

    • When Susan takes out the trash, she puts it in Bob and Lee's trash can.

    • This episode either points out a new downturn in the economy or that the economy is still in bad shape after 5 years, since the current year on Desperate Housewives would now be 2014.

    • The zip code for Wisteria Lane in Fairview is established as 00057, as per Lynette's check ($1500) to Bree.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • (Susan swipes Katherine's pearls to pay MJ's tuition. Katherine chases her into the street wearing only a towel)
      Katherine: Susan Mayer for God sake, give me back my pearls.
      Susan: (Susan grabs hold of the towel) Pearls or towel, you decide.
      Katherine: You wouldn't dare!
      Susan: I have been naked on this street, it would be nice to take the heat off that story.

    • Gabrielle: I know some of these women in your exercise class. The most exercise they ever get is cut a piece of cake!
      Yaniv: That's a lap!
      Gabrielle: Excuse me?
      Yaniv: In the contract, there are words I do not tolerate: cake, tired, can't, doughnut. If I hear them, you owe a lap.
      Gabrielle: (she chuckles) It's an exercise class. Why would anyone say doughnut?
      Yaniv: That's another lap!
      Gabrielle: (she takes the contract back) You know, maybe I should give this a little gander.

    • Mr. Hobson: Congratulations on your new job.
      Susan: Congratulations on getting me out of your office.

    • Susan: (to Principal Hobson) Look I know I said that MJ was a star student but the truth is: he's one of those kids that needs extra attention. The classes at his school are way too big and I see him getting lost in the shuffle. And if he gets lost now... My ex-husband is doing everything that he can and I need to know I am too. I will serve lunches, I will be a janitor... anything!... But I'm not walking out on my son's future.

    • Mary Alice: Susan Mayer knew she couldn't always give her son everything she would have liked, but when she saw her child tuition around Katherine Mayfair's neck she felt something had been stolen from him... And it didn't take her long to decide how she was going to get it back.

    • (Bree gives Lynette an envelope)
      Lynette: What's this?
      Bree: A cheque. I understand you and Tom are going through some rough times.
      Lynette: (Giving back the envelope) No, thank you but we can't accept this.. (taking back the envelope) However I would like to know how much we're not accepting. (Lynette opens it) $20000?! How many cookbooks are you selling woman?

    • (Susan and Mike talking about MJ's expensive school)
      Susan: We may have to give up a few luxuries.
      Mike: Yeah, like food and heat.

    • (Bob, Lee and Tom in Tom's garage. They are talking about Tom's sport car who has just been sold)
      Tom: I called her "Foxy". You wanna know why?
      Lee: No.

    • (Carlos tells Gabrielle they are now rich again)
      Gabrielle: Oh honey! We're gonna be us again. The old Carlos and Gabby. You know what? I'm gonna wear my dress from the night you proposed.
      Carlos: (Laughing) You can still fit in that? (Gabrielle glares at him) We're gonna be rich again! Alleluiah!

    • Mary Alice: (closing voiceover) There's a lot you can do with money in the suburbs. You can pay for a night on the town. You can provide a private school education. You can purchase a token of affection. But the one thing you must never do with money is use it as a weapon. Because someone always gets hurt.

    • Dave: Our marriage is more real.
      Edie: Really? In what way?
      Dave: Well, with her, it was like a fairytale. I thought it would last forever. It didn't. What you and I have is more real because I know it's not forever.

    • Edie: (to Gabrielle) You wanted the old Gaby back? Well congratulations, you got her. A self-centered obnoxious jerk. Personally, I liked poor, paunchy Gaby better. At least she had some humility.

    • Gabrielle: Not tough enough? Let me tell you something Mr. Iraqui army guy-
      Trainer: Israeli.
      Gabrielle: Whatever. I used to be a model and you don't know what war is until you've been in a dressing room with a bunch of size zero models reaching for the last rice cake.

    • Gabrielle: Mrs. McCluskey said something about you losing five pounds in one day. How'd you do that?
      Edie: I got drunk on bourbon and threw up all over her lawn.

    • Gabrielle: Have you not noticed me working my butt off? I'm almost back to the weight I was when we got married.
      Carlos: All I meant was, you don't have to wear an old dress. I will buy you a new one.
      Gabrielle: No, no. This will be way more romantic. I'm one good colonic away from being the old me.
      Carlos: I'll call the restaurant. They can write that on the cake.

    • Susan: (to Mr. Hobson) I've been too pushy. Oh please don't take it out on MJ. He is such a bright kid. (to MJ) Say something in Spanish.
      MJ: I'm bored.
      Susan: Be bored in Spanish.

    • Susan: So I heard through the grapevine that there might be an opening for another student.
      Principal Hobson: I assume you're referring to the Henderson boy's expulsion.
      Susan: Yeah. He bit his teacher, huh? They had that problem with their older boy, Toby. It's a family of biters.

    • Katherine: (talking about Lynette) Apparently, she and Tom are having financial problems. They just had to sell Tom's car.
      Edie: And you know, I saw her at the recycling center. She was turning her cans into money.
      Gabrielle: Yikes! That's like half a step away from selling your eggs on the Internet.

    • Mary Alice: (voiceover) Whenever someone on Wisteria Lane buys a new car, a simple ritual is performed. But on this day, one of the owner's friends refused to participate in the ritual. And even more surprisingly, the owner of the car in question, didn't seem to notice.

    • Katherine: Bought a new car?
      Bree: My book just made the Times bestseller list. Now they're talking three-book deals so I got the urge to splurge!

    • Katherine: Tom loves that car. Why would you sell it?
      Lynette: Sadly, we can no longer afford Tom's mid-life crisis.

    • Mary Alice: (opening voiceover) People don't talk about money in the suburbs. Mostly because thay don't need to. The ones that have it let you know with their brand new clothes, their expensive appliances, and their manicured lawns. The ones who don't have it let you know with their barbecues that need replacing, walls that need painting, and classic cars that need to be sold. Yes, people don't talk about money in the suburbs. Because when they do, other people get angry.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode comes from a line in the song "Children and Art", from Stephen Sondheim's musical Sunday in the Park with George.