Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 22

Marry Me a Little

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 10, 2009 on ABC
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Susan and Jackson (guest star Gale Harold) try to put on a show for the authorities as they fake an engagement, which leads Mike to propose to Katherine. In the meantime, Bree and Karl stage a robbery at the Hodge home and Lynette learns that Tom wants to have a surgery in order to look younger so he can do better at job interviews. Gabrielle tries to get her daughter Juanita to understand how hard life is for some by getting her to volunteer at the local soup kitchen, and there she meets a past neighbor (guest star Wendy Makkena as Fran). Meanwhile, Dave tries to get the witness of his misdeeds to go away.moreless

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  • Standard desperatation

    Some may call this a filler, some may not. Whatever people think its entertaining - isn't that all that counts? Bree and Karl's breaking was hilarious and Orson's cry of It wasn't me! was rather funny, though the ending was quite revealing.

    Lynette putting Tom off surgery was also funny - The Joker indeed! Meanwhile we learn that Gabby isn't quite so selfish and that she still has some fears.

    Katherine and Mike are getting married - hooray! But why did she delete Susan's email and fake Mike's text? Was she afraid that Mike would back out?

    Susan is never going to live happily is she? Even though the marriage was a sham, i felt sorry for her desperate cries at the end as Jackson was whisked away. At first i thought Mike or Kathy had grassed him up, then realised Psycho Dave was behind it...moreless
  • season 5 episode 22

    this was an ok episode with a few good stories

    I was glad that jackson is being deported because i really dislike his character because he is so annoying

    bree continues with her divorce i could certainly feel some sexual tension between karl and her i have a feeling that there may be an affair on the way

    lynette had a filler storyline this week with her whiney husband wanting a face lift god that man gets on my nevers

    katherine was a little sneaky this week but hey thats what we like

    overall a ok episode but not very exciting considering that the season only has two episodes leftmoreless
  • starting to get better again

    i have to admit that it took me the whole summer till i finally decided to watch the last three episodes of season 5 that were left for me. in my opnion throughout the season with all the ridiculous orson stuff going on i kind of lost interest. the beginning of the season was so good, but then it didnt make fun anymore...

    now that ive watched the episodes i have to say: its getting better! bree robbing her own house was hilarious! her "oh my god, orson we got robbed" was one of the best dh moments in a long time. mike marrying catherine?? please... i kind of dont like her... but we all know how that will work out.

    im just hoping that desperate housewives will be up to its old strengths and that it will keep me hooked next season.moreless
  • Or Not Written by Jason Ganzel Directed by Larry Shaw

    Susan (re Jackson): "Can't this wait? We're about to get married."

    Immigration Officer: "Not today, you're not."

    You can tell we're around season finale time because some episodes feel a little light weight and this is certainly one that could've used a bit more oomph to a degree. Only Bree's plot was the one that spelled impending danger.

    She's desperate for Orson to get out of her life that she's only too willing to listen to every bit of advice that Karl throws her way. One of those sound pieces of advice also included staging a break in at her own home. Sometimes logic really does get scattered in this show.

    If this show didn't have its element of predictability, Bree would've instantly refused Karl's idea on the spot. At first she made some valid arguments against the idea but Karl was able to goad her into accepting such a risky proposal. Robbing your own house, what could possibly go wrong with that?

    Just about everything when you think about it. Bree and Karl didn't exactly wear balaclavas, neither of them looked too careful with making sure they didn't leave DNA evidence that could be traced back to them and Bree spent too much time fussing over her house.

    Karl's repugnancy aside, he raised a point. If it was up to Bree, Orson would've sussed a lot quicker than he did that the home invasion was a little too suspect. Orson's first reaction of 'I didn't do it' when him and Bree walked into the mess made me chuckle. What gave Bree away in the end was the matter of her putting the stolen items into storage and Orson having access to her cell phone when the woman in charge over storage called Bree. Last year Bree forced Orson to go to prison and I have a feeling that Orson might have no problem in repaying the favour to Bree. The previews for the finale more or less indicate that as well. With Bree's illegal activities set to backfire on her ass, it's Dave who still seems to be getting away with things even if Jackson's presence does pose a lingering threat to him. How do you deal with someone that could potentially get in the way of you having your revenge?

    We've already seen Dave kill Dr Heller in cold blood and he was prepared to strangle Edie to death as well (prior to her getting frazzled). With those events being recent, there was the nasty feeling that Jackson was going to end up dead by the end of the episode. Luckily for him, Dave used the legal system to get Jackson out of the way.

    Blowing Susan's hopes for another wedding by calling immigration was a pretty smart move on Dave's part. Jackson gets deported, which means he can't put Dave in the firing line but at the same time, Dave solves a problem without having to resort to murder. Which is exactly what he's going to do to Susan and MJ however.

    Susan and Jackson's marriage plot didn't kill the episode but it was really hard to feel for Jackson getting deported as well. Whatever love that might have been there between him and Susan earlier on in the season, doesn't really seem to be there now. Susan herself even wanted to tell her friends that their wedding was a sham. Jackson however wasn't keen on spilling the beans.

    Then there was how this affected everyone else. MJ's reaction was surprisingly uncovered by the whole thing, even though Mike tried to raise the issue and if it had been up to Katherine, Susan and Jackson would have had a shot gun wedding with her aiming the barrel at Susan.

    Katherine's need to get close to Mike was covered in Season Three when Edie used similar tactics to stay with Carlos. It didn't work back then and it still doesn't work now. Mike proposing to Katherine felt false. He did it because of Susan and Jackson, not because he actually felt it was the right thing to do.

    Katherine even knew that but still accepted the proposal. Heck when Susan had to ask Mike to keep paying alimony, Katherine decided to pretend that Mike would agree by presumably paying it herself. Is Mike really worth that kind of an effort? Not to be nasty but no. Also this is so gonna blow up in Katherine's face by finale time.

    When it comes to cautionary tales, the rest of the women got some interesting ones as well. Gabby in particular who's never been shy of her love for spending Carlos's cash came to a horrid realisation when she saw one of her former friends Fran eating from a soup kitchen.

    Gabby made some pretty natural assumptions about how Fran might have come to lose her wealth but either way, it was hard not to feel sorry for the woman. Gabby's been poor before, so brushing off Fran's warning wasn't her smartest of ideas though by the end I got the feeling that things were sinking in a little.

    Speaking of warnings, how many more does Tom need before he learns to get a grip? I know the job market is competitive but even he can't be dumb enough to actually think that getting a nip and tuck is going to make him stand out?

    All season we've had to deal with his various forms of mid-life crisis but like so many viewers I've gotten past the point of caring. Lynette tried several times to emphasis how ridiculous the idea was and Tom blew her off. Even if you don't end up like Bruce, Tom should consider that financially, surgery might not be that beneficial after all.

    Also in "Marry Me A Little"

    Karl's earlier (but more obvious suggestions) for Bree to avoid paying Orson included a second accounts book and a secret bank account. Maybe she should be talking to Carlos on that one.

    Bree (re Orson): "Wouldn't it be easier to have him killed?"

    Karl: "As your lawyer, I can't condone that."

    When Karl was describing a possible younger woman that Orson could end up dating, I couldn't help but think about him and Brandi.

    Susan: "Can I at least tell the girls?"

    Jackson: "No way. They don't call her Gabby for a reason."

    Carlos: "I thought we were trying out the vase?"

    Gabrielle (to Ellen): "I'll explain it to him later."

    Gabby finally realised that while Juanita might be a brat, Celia doesn't speak at all. The bobble head nickname was funny if kinda cruel.

    Karl: "This place has to look like it was ransacked by robbers, not someone's personal shopper."

    Bree: "Well, do you have to do it with such relish?"

    Bree: "Orson, we've been robbed."

    Orson: "It wasn't me, I swear."

    Tom is another TV character that hasn't grasped the art of Twitter. I always find it weird when this show references current trends (it can be so detached from reality at times).

    Mike: "I know, not the most romantic proposal in the world. I shouldn't have lead in with the teeth cleaning."

    Katherine: "I'm gonna overlook that."

    Bruce: "Now, you might not be able to tell I've had work done."

    Tom: "Really? Have they finished?"

    Chronology: A few days since "Bargaining".

    Not the greatest of set up episodes, though to be fair, "Marry Me A Little" doesn't really set up all that much apart from Bree and Susan's arc. Can't imagine that Gabrielle and Lynette are going to get anything as taxing.moreless
  • An okay, filler episode.

    This was an okay, filler episode - I just can;t wait for the season to finally kick in high speed. I thought that the Lynette/Tom storyline was COMPLETELY arbitrary and ridiculous, Bree was somewhat entertaining, though I'm getting tired with her, Gabby was WHATEVER... Seriously, the only somewhat interesting part of the episode was the Susan/Jackson part, and I do NOT want to see Gale Harold go! It was so sad when the feds came to pick him up - and seriously, how STUPID are the people on the street to not figure out something is wrong with Dave? Seriously.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Jackson tells Susan that she can't tell anyone about their marriage being fake, Susan should already know this as she married Karl in season two in order to get health insurance.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Immigration agent: Jackson Braddock?
      Jackson: Yes?
      Immigration agent: We're with immigration. You're in the country on an expired visa. You're gonna have to come with us.
      Susan: Oh, no, no, no. Y-you can't take him now!
      Immigration agent: Ma'am, not now. I need you to step back.
      Jackson: Susan, there's a business card on the dresser with an attorney's number. Could you call him for me, please?
      Susan: Please, can't this wait? We're about to get married!
      Immigration agent: Not today, you're not.
      Mike: What's goin' on? Who are these guys?
      Katherine: Um, immigration agents, and I think they're sending Jackson back to Canada!

    • Susan: Can't this wait? We're about to get married!
      Immigration agent: Not today, you're not.

    • Father Crowley: What brings you to our soup kitchen?
      Gabrielle: Well, I want Juanita to work with the poor. I want to teach her to be grateful for how good she has it.
      Father Crowley: Oh, well, we can always use a hand. And four hands? Well, that's a blessing.
      Gabrielle: Oh, me? No, no. Not me. I'm not really dressed for ladling, but, um, I could stand by the condiment bar and spritz people with my Chanel.
      Father Crowley: And you say Juanita is a little ungrateful? Hmmm...

    • Bree: I'm up for a little creative accounting and some secret bank accounts, but hiring some thug to stage a break-in?
      Karl: It's a community property state, babe. Orson's going to get half of everything, including your jewelry, your artwork, your antiques.
      Bree: Wouldn't it be easier to just have him killed?
      Karl: As your lawyer, I can't condone that. That said, I have a cousin--
      Bree: (offended) I was kidding!
      Karl: So was I. Loosen up, freckles!

    • Bree: Orson, we've been robbed!
      Orson: It wasn't me, I swear!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Episode Title: The episode title comes from a song written for the 1970 musical Company, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Though the song was not in the original Broadway score, it has been added to all subsequent productions. "Marry Me a Little" is also the title of a two person Sondheim musical review.

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