Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 9

Me and My Town

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2008 on ABC
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For Gabrielle and Carlos, injuries sustained in the fire lead to a fortunate discovery, but for most, the consequences are less benign. Lynette and Tom vow to protect son Porter at any cost, though they too worry that he may have been the culprit behind the arson. Susan must learn to let go of the man she loves, whereas Orson's attempt at a good night's sleep puts Bree in a most precarious, though amusing, position on the day of her big cooking demonstration. In the meantime, Dave Williams dodges an imminent bullet by telling the detectives working on the arson case about something he "witnessed" before the fire...moreless

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  • improvement

    this was a much improved episode of that in recent weeks, i like the fact that susan didnt stay mad at katherine for starting a relationship with mike,

    I also thought that bree storyline was quite funny even though it was a daft filler storyline it was still prettyy funny to watch

    lynettes storlyine continues to be pretty serious and not very entertaining

    gaby had a much better storyline this week now that crazy old women is finally gone howver i think the fact that carlous is going to get his sight back agian is jumping yhr dhsrk abit, but overall a pretty good episode this weekmoreless
  • It just never stops!

    As usual, bad things just keep happening on Wisteria Lane in Fairview.

    After the fire, people die or get blamed.

    I have to say that Dave really is a creepy guy. He lives in two different world. One minute he is really nice, and then the next, "the face of a devil." However, it keeps you waiting on exactly what he has in mind. I am very curious on the past he had with Mike. After all, the hero is not easy to be. I really don't like how people blamed this fire on Porter. Afterall, his motive didn't happen. Where did he get that gun?

    I can see how Dave can make things much worse than it is already.moreless
  • Oh God. They're going to do it, aren't they?

    Oh God. They're going to do it, aren't they? They're actually going to do it. I knew that whole 'five years in the future' thing was going to prove to be a little too convenient sooner rather than later. Please, please, please, Marc Cherry... don't have it happen. Don't ruin the chance to spend at least the next season or so exploring what was an incredibly brave decision on the part of your writing staff. Don't have Carlos regain his sight. It'll be a complete 'jump the shark' moment, truly. At least we don't know for certain yet... he's just going for the operation. And thus far, it has thrown up some wonderful acting from Eva Longoria and Ricardo Chavira. But I'm still not happy. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, the episode. Pretty good stuff, nicely, and creatively, structured (again) around the hospital. Felicity Huffman proves she's the best damn thing to have ever happened to this show for the millionth time. Dave goes a bit loopy, which is nice. And Andrew gets a boyfriend! Wah-hey! And he's a hottie! Double wah-hey! Now if only we can spend next week watching them doing the ugly, I'll be happy. Wah-hey!moreless
  • Carlos may be getting his sight back

    In this episode of Desperate Housewives, the following happens. Carlos is told that there may be a way for him to get his sight back. At first Gabby is happy about this until she realises that she now looks nothing like the woman who Carlos married and he last saw her 5 years ago. Gabby soon realises that she needs to get her body back to its forma glory. So she puts herself and her daughters onto a healthy eating diet. After the accident, Orson starts to snore, which really annoys Bree. Susan discovers that Katherine is the one who has been dating Mike. Lynette gives the woman who is pregnant with Porters baby, an envelope filled with money and she leaves town. S she leaves she confesses to Lynette that there is no baby and there never was. Since Bree can't sleep due to his snoring Orson gives Bree a sleep tablet, which she accidently takes too many of. We see at the end of the episode that Orson's doctor for the snoring surgery is Andrew's new boyfriend.moreless
  • The Aftermath

    Another entertaining episode of Desperate Housewives.

    Bree&Orson: Their prediciment was rather amusing. Bree being dosed to high heaven on sleeping pills and making a fool of herself is a certain highlight.

    Susan,Mike&Katherine: Susan found out about Mike and Kathering in this episode. She had a small fit but not as bad as previous seasons. In fact I felt quite sorry for Susan in the scene where she denied to have coffee with Katherine. Well done Teri.

    Lynette&Tom: Lynette will do anything to protect her son. But she is playing with fire - sending Anne away and then lying to the cops and her own family.

    Gabby&Carlos: the best one out the lot. Gabby upset that her husband will regain he's sight and her subsequent moves to get back in shape were funny. But it's Carlos' speech about how he met Gabby that wins this episode. Oh and Edie's Psycho husband is taking further steps to blame someone else!moreless
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Gail O'Grady

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David M. Fabrizio

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Billy Mayo

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Todd Grinnell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: In the scene where Gabrielle is in the table talking with her daughters about her new diet. You can see that Celia's bottle appears when the camera focuses on her and suddenly it disappears when the camera angle changes.

    • In a previous episode, Orson who was angry at Bree for not hiring him slept in the guest room. How come, in this episode, Bree sleeps on the couch (and complains about the bad sleep) to avoid Orson's snorings while there is a nice bed in the guest room?

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Lynette: Anne, when the baby comes you don't contact Porter. You can contact Tom or me and we'll do what we can for you from a distance. Understood?
      Anne: There's no baby. Never was.

    • Mary Alice: If you walk through Fairview Memorial Hospital, you will encounter all sorts of people doing their best to recover. It might be a husband licking his wounds after a marital battle, or two parents rallying from an attack of doubt; it might be a wife who has been cured of low self esteem, or a pair of lovers who find honesty to be the best medicine. Sadly you will also find some poor souls afflicted with a condition they would never recover from.

    • Bree: You want honesty? Fine. You didn't wanna divorce Mike; you hit a really bad patch after the accident, but you never stop loving him. And why would you? Your relationship didn't have a natural end. So face that you're not mad at me or Mike or Katherine, you're mad at yourself for letting your marriage fall apart!
      Susan: (Realizing that what Bree said is the truth) What am I suppose to do?
      Bree: Either tell Mike how you feel or move on, because that's what he's trying to do and it's not fair to stop him. You need to make a decision Susan.

    • Lynette: I hear you are getting discharged today. Are you going back home?
      Anne: Home? Mmh.. let's see: two cracked ribs, black eye.. no. I got everything I need from there.

    • Mike: Seriously, there gotta be something to thank you.
      Dave: Well, ever since my brother died I've never had a really good friend. Do you think you can handle that job?
      Mike: I think I could.

    • Mary Alice: There was a fire in the town of Fairview and those who had been injured came to recover at Fairview Memorial Hospital. By morning their burns had been bandaged, their broken bones had been set and their wounds had begun healing. Yes, everyone was well on their way to recovering except for the man who had started the fire. You see, his suffering was just beginning.

    • Bree: My husband has agreed to the procedure you suggested.
      Dr. Cominis: The one to alleviate his snoring?
      Bree: Yes, that's the one. So any time you want to get in there and start hacking away, he's ready for you.

    • (Gabrielle is talking to her children over dinner)
      Gabrielle: OK, look. Mommy needs to lose a few pounds and its not easy eating healthy with you two in front of me scarfing down all the good stuff. So what do you say? Do you want to help Mommy be beautiful again?
      Juanita: No.

    • Tom: What are we gonna do?
      Lynette: We are going to protect our son.
      Tom: Even if he killed six people?
      Lynette: We are going to protect our son.

    • Mary Alice: Something awful happened to Gabrielle Solis and she was reminded of this every time she looked in a mirror, every time she glanced an old photo and every time she walked past a men. Yes, Gabrielle knew she had lost her looks, but she try her best to look on the bright side. After all, what woman needs to be beautiful when her husband is blind?

    • Bree: Orson, dear, because of the way your nose was broken during the fire, you now snore.
      Orson: Didn't I snore before?
      Bree: Good point. Snoring is too mild a word for what you're doing. Imagine a terrified elephant summoning his herd.

    • (Gabrielle is talking to Susan, crying):
      Susan: I don't understand. Carlos might get his sight back. You should be thrilled.
      Gabrielle: Oh, I know. It's just... He's been through so much these past five years, and he's never complained. I just think he deserves to open his eyes to a wife who doesn't tuck her boobs into her pants.

    • Bree: Hello, Dr. Cominis. How's my husband doing?
      Doctor: Well, the x-rays indicate there was no concussion, so I think we're gonna release him today.
      Bree: Wonderful. The house was too quiet without him.
      Doctor: You'll have to wait to talk to him. He's been in a lot of pain, so we gave him something to help him sleep.
      Bree: Oh, that's all right. I can wait. Mmm, he looks so peaceful. (Orson snores, scaring Bree) Goodness! I'm sure if Orson were awake, he'd apologize for that.
      (He snores again)
      Doctor: Has he always snored?
      Bree: Occasionally, but never quite this... (Orson snores louder) Robustly.
      Doctor: Well, the injury to his septum might've made it worse. But it can be corrected with a simple surgical procedure.
      (Orson snores again, even louder)
      Bree: Well, if it's so simple, what are we waiting for?
      Doctor: It'll take a few weeks to schedule. So... Soon as he wakes up, you can take him home.
      (Orson snores really loud)
      Bree: Well... At least the house won't be quiet anymore.

    • Dr. Bach: (about a tomography made in Carlos) The scan revealed a tiny bone fragment that may be putting pressure on the optic nerves.
      Gabrielle: And, what, you're afraid it's gonna impair his vision? (Gabrielle laughs)

    • Gabrielle: You know when I decided I wanted to be with you forever?
      Carlos: No, when?
      Gabrielle: About 2 seconds ago. Up until then it was pretty touch and go.

    • Bree: Orson, if we can't share a bed, it's going to hurt the intimacy of our marriage.
      Orson: My death will have the same effect.

    • Edie: Hey, there. I just heard the great news about Carlos! (she notices Gabrielle's sadness) What's wrong?
      Susan: Gaby thinks that Carlos is not gonna find her attractive after he gets his sight back.
      Edie: Yeah, that was my first thought too.
      Susan: Edie!
      Gabrielle: It's okay. Let her talk. At least she's being honest. It's the kind of support and friendship I need right now.
      Susan: Fine, you're a pig!
      Gabrielle: Thank you. God, what am I gonna do?
      Edie: Well, you can stop whining for one. You have a month, right? That's plenty of time to go on a diet, start exercising... By the time Carlos gets his eyesight back you're gonna look hot or... hottish.

    • (Katherine leaves Mike's room)
      Katherine: (surprised and uncomfortable) Susan!
      Susan: Hey.
      Katherine: Hi. How's Jackson?
      Susan: He's fine, just getting some stitches. How's... wait, who are you here to see?
      Katherine: You know... (pauses) everybody. So many people in the neighborhood were hurt in the fire. I thought it would be nice to bring them gifts.
      Susan: Oh, crap. I didn't get anyone gifts. But I did give blood. I'll just remind everybody that I did that.

    • Orson: I had an uncle who died during an outpatient procedure. He went in for a broken wrist, they put him under, he never woke up.
      Bree: You don't have an uncle!
      Orson: Fine, he was more of a family friend, but the point is he's still dead...and I am not having unnecessary surgery.

    • Susan: (to Mike) I hate Macadamian nuts. You think they're white chocolate chips until it's too late. Stupid Hawaii.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Due to Gale Harold's motorcycle accident, and his lack of relevance to Susan's storyline for the episode, his character Jackson was conveniently written out of the episode. This is the second time that an actor's personal reasons caused a character to be written out of multiple episodes, the first being Marcia Cross' maternity leave in the third season.

    • International Episode Titles:
      France: Petits Arrangements Avec La Mort (Small Arrangements with Death)
      Germany: Arme Seelen (Poor Souls)
      Hungary: Hamu És Vér (Ash and Blood)
      Spain: Mi Ciudad Y Yo (My City and Me)
      Czech Republic: Po požáru (After Fire)

    • Although credited, Max Carver (Preston Scavo), Joshua Logan Moore (Parker Scavo) and Kendall Applegate (Penny Scavo) are absent from this episode.


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode is the title of a song from the Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical Anyone Can Whistle.

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