Desperate Housewives

Season 5 Episode 5

Mirror, Mirror

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC
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Flashbacks show us key moments that transpired in the women's lives during the five-year jump. Driven by a hidden agenda, Dave convinces Susan to throw Mrs. McCluskey a surprise party for her 70th birthday. Jackson wants to take his relationship with Susan to the next level. Meanwhile, Gabrielle's concerned she might be pregnant. Tom tells Lynette he's sold the pizzeria. A startling reason for the bond between Bree and Katherine is revealed, and an outraged Mrs. McCluskey has the entire neighborhood questioning her sanity.moreless

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  • flashback

    this episode actually made me sad the flashbacks of all the women was pretty good and enjoyable but it just reminded me of how much we have missed and that we have missed out on so mnay great storylines because of that stupid 5 year jump, i mean it would have been so entertaining to see gaby pregnant and look after a baby and to see bree turn to alchol agian and to see benjamen taken from her it alos would of been great to see susan and mikes marriage to fall apart but we are never going to get that now instead we are stuck with stupid white haired men out for revenge and susans painfully annoying new boyfriend and lynettes whiney husband..... oh dear housewives it starting to get on my nervesmoreless
  • Here's to Mrs McCluskey getting straight up out of her hospital bed, marching back down Wysteria Lane and clonking Dave over the head with that great big baseball bat pronto.

    Here's to Mrs McCluskey getting straight up out of her hospital bed, marching back down Wysteria Lane and clonking Dave over the head with that great big baseball bat pronto. What a SOB, eh? Rearranging the items in Karen's home after having decided to throw her a birthday party, just so that she can appear to have dementia and be going a wee bit senile. Evil, evil, evil. While I was initially sceptical about my potential investment in this season's 'mystery' narrative, I have to hand it to the writers for having turned this old stick in the mud around, yet again, by cooking up some deliciously twisted developments. It certainly helps that the brilliant Kathryn Joosten is getting a substantial slice of the action; she's gone from being an amusing aside to one of the most loved characters in Desperate Housewives history in the space of a few short seasons and, I have to confess, I was more than a little irked at her departure from our screens at the end of the superb 'Mirror, Mirror'. I'm sure she'll be back as soon as she can make a quick escape, but the fact that I spent the last few moments of the episode screaming "no!" at the screen (albeit in my head) certainly says a lot about the quality of both her character and her performance. It made the episode for me and that's actually saying something: Jeff Greenstein's script is a wonderful piece of narratalogical craftsmanship, weaving together a series of seemingly disparate plot strands around the collective attendance at a specific locale, and the decision to preview the ultimate outcome in the teaser, and then slowly reveal the build up to it by character, works wonders as a piece of original, and highly entertaining, storytelling. Plus, of course, we are given insight into the events that have led our core housewives to the current situations they find themselves in which, in some cases (notably Bree), is actually quite startling. Excellent stuff then, and certainly the best episode of the season so far.moreless
  • classic! a time for reflection

    a genuinely superb episode from this fifth season and so far in my top 10 episodes of this show, it is a classic in every sense of the word..the previous three were perfect but Mirro just excells so very much and it even happens without the cast trying.

    all 4 lead actresses are fabulous in this as secrets are finally revealed about them from the past 5 year jump and some twists lie in wait for each of them by the end of the episode.

    also Kathryn Jootsen shines yet again as the fab Karen Mucklusky as she from now on will become a significant part of the Dave mystery for season 5...and it's the greatest mystery we have had for a while.

    season 5 has been perfect so far and long may it be.moreless
  • Another great episode

    In this episode of Desperate Housewives, the following happens. We learn how Gabby found out that she was pregnant with her first child. We also see her learning that she is pregnant with her second child. After which Gabby tells Carlos that he has to have the snip. We then see her as she learns that she may be pregnant again. We then learn as does Gabby that Carlos never had the snip, he lied. During some flash backs we learn some interesting things such as: - Tom died, but was brought back to life, Susan wanted to give her marriage to Mike another go, but he said no. After Tom's near death experience he bought himself a red convertible car. We learn from Tom that he has sold the restaurant and wants the family to go around the country in an RV. Bree began drinking again after Orson was sent to prison for 3 years. We learn that to save her from herself Katherine moved in with her. At the party Orson tells Bree that he wants a divorce. At her own party, Karen goes a little bit mad and accuses Eddies Husband of moving things in her house, after she attacks him with a baseball bat. We then learn from Gabby that she has had her period and therefore is not pregnant. We see Karen being taken away by ambulance, after her little mad tap.moreless
  • Poor Mrs. McCluskey!

    A brilliant concept to inform (and entertain) us about events five years ago by using mirrors as a reflection of the past. Dave convinces Susan to throw Mrs. McCluskey a surprise party for her 70th birthday and uses the opportunity to look good in front of everyone else while messing with her which she humourosly reprimands him for. So now he has her out the way he can focus on his actual plan which I think involves Orson because he said a man killed his brother inside!

    A really funny way of showing how Gaby got knocked up twice in 5 years lol and Lynette belittling Tom's spirit again. Although I expected the revelation between Bree and Katherine to be bigger, I applaud Orson for compromising with Bree over his unemployment.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: We learn that Gabrielle thinks Carlos has had a vasectomy, but in the episode prior to this one she had "condoms" on her shopping list which Katherine read out. Why would she need them if she thought Carlos underwent a vasectomy?

    • The note that Tom shows to Lynette clearly shows the date of Tom's hospital admission, it's February 9th, 2012, which confirms that the year is now 2013. It also reveals that his full name is Thomas Scavo.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Tom: I'm about to blow your mind, Lynette.
      Lynette: Oh, don't. I like my mind the way it is.

    • (After Gabrielle finds out she's pregnant with a second child.)
      Carlos: You are looking at this all wrong. This is one in a million. We should... we should celebrate, and embrace...
      Gabrielle: Oh cram it you fertile freak! You're getting a vasectomy.

    • Gabrielle: Put the baby down, Carlos.
      Carlos: I don't want to.
      Gabrielle: Do it. I need to hit something and it needs to be you!

    • (Orson comes to thank Katherine for what she did for Bree and proposes a deal)
      Orson: I'd consider it an honor working for somebody that wise.
      Katherine: Work for? Last I heard it was partner.
      Orson: How's this? I'll become a partner but only after you decide I earned it. I'm a patient man. I don't care if it takes two years.
      Katherine: (chuckles) Honey... (she taps his cheek) Working for Bree, you're not gonna last two months.

    • Gabrielle: (comes rushing down the stairs) Hallelujah! I got my period! (sees a stunned crowd of people and the restrained Mrs McCluskey) Oh, was she surprised?

  • NOTES (2)


    • When Bree says that Orson's time in jail wasn't that bad, she says that it wasn't like Attica.

      In 1971, 1000 inmates rioted and took control of the Attica Correctional Facility. After it ended, at least 39 people were dead, including 10 correction officers and civilian employees.

    • Episode Title: "Mirror, Mirror" is a recurring line in the song "Who's That Woman?" from Stephen Sondheim's 1971 musical Follies.