Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 18

Moments in the Woods

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2011 on ABC

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  • help me

    how can i see this video, it won't play :( i can only clikc advertising, and i can't watch it :(
  • Finally a great episode.

    This is a really nice improvement from the previous 5 episodes which did not really work for me. I think a lot of stuff happened in this episode and it makes it memorable because Carlos finally found out about Andrew driving over his mother in season 1. The scenes in the cabin were very well made, but it seemed a little weird how Gaby & Bree spilled the beans to Carlos when they feared he has killed Andrew.

    Felicia is finally back on Wisteria Lane and she pretends to be OK now. And Paul is really starting to trust her motives. She has something up her sleeves. And she is creepier than ever.

    Susan and her luck in gambling was just a filler, but it was nicely done and mostly for a good reason. It was very natural. She has survived some pretty rough things and other people did not and now she questions God how is it even possible.

    Lynette and Renee went on a shopping spree and she is planning a dinner with Tom. She is surprised to find out that he has no time for her. Boring.
  • An old friend that i am growing tired of....

    I've been with desperate housewives since it's first episode and fell off when Gabby married that Victor guy and during the crazy Dave storylines and Edie's death but i've been back full force and I realize, I don't enjoy DH as much as I used to but it's like an old friendship. You've outgrown it but you don't want to let it go.


    I am so glad that kidney thing has been tied up. That has really annoyed me. I used to hate susan but i've loved the fact that she has always been the source of comedy. She rarely ever gets a dramatic storyline(aside from this one). Her plot tonight would have been good but i didn't like the gambling mixed in with it. But at the same time, it kind of showed that she was repressing her grief over Beth and her friend Dick's deaths and I guess I can kind of understand it. In my opinion, the best plot of the night. And I hardly ever like susan.

    Lynette in Season 1 was great and over the years I've grown tired of her. This episode and last episode saw her and Tom being introduced into the corporate life. The very same thing she pushed Tom into....Now she is quickly seeing that all that glitters is not gold. For once, she has pushed Tom too much and now she is starting to deal with the consequences. But i just can't get into this storyline.

    3)Bree, Gabby, Andrew, and Carlos---It took seven seasons for this to FINALLY come to play about him killing his mother. 8 seasons...which is what like 11 or so years in desperate housewives time? Gabby is my favorite character but this storyline just seems....flat. It took Andrew's alcoholism to finally get him to tell the truth. So if he had not became a drunk, they would not have EVER told Carlos?

    4)Felicia and Paul--I miss this storyline about when he went to jail for her sisters murder but Felicia is just way too creepy. Not even in a cool villain way, the woman who plays her is just creepy to me. i do like to see Paul squirm but seriously, let's this storyline, paul and Felicia please die this season.

    What is her purpose of being on this show? She is like a black verison of gabrielle....Notice at the poker game.
    All in all, a decent episode I just miss DH in it's glory days
  • 4/17

    Carlos puts his foot down. Finally, he is not just a doormat for all these female characters. Obviously, he is going to forgive Bree, probably sooner rather than later as this show refuses to go dark for very long, but I look forward to more vitriol behavior next week.

    This was one of the best episodes in awhile for D House. The Lynette and Tom plot was a little disappointing in my mind, but I think that was just the start of an issue that will trouble their marriage until the season finale. I am sure that will get better over time.

    Susan's storyline was disappointing as usual. They just don't know what to do with her anymore.

    But the Bree, Andrew and Carlos stuff was good. I am hoping that Paul can just kill Felicia already though, as she irks me to no end.
  • Moments in the Woods

    Moments in the Woods was a perfect episode of Desperate Housewives because so many different things were going on with all of the characters which kept the episode interesting. I enjoyed watching this episode as Felicia began the next stage of her revenge on Paul who has fallen into a state of disrepair. It was also fun to see Andrew want to do the right thing by telling Carlos the truth about who killed his Mother and Bree desperately trying to protect him. Lynette starts seeing the perks and costs of Tom's new job. Susan was really touched by her friend from the hospital who tells her she is on a winning streak which seems to be true. I look forward to watching the next episode of Desperate Housewives!!!!!!!
  • Now that's a genuine Desperate Housewives ending...

    Six years, six years we've been waiting for this episode. The show have had its ups and downs over the years, specially when and after the writer's strike. But following every episodes of it makes fans feel like a resident of westeria lane. We know all of our neighbors in here. We'vve seen them struggle, and kept their secrets. The great thing about this season is they are about to tie those loose ends. The original residents of the Westeria Lane. Their conflicts and their own discretion. Although the great revelation scene in the woods was kinda cliched and a little off the typical DH league, the ending was perfect. It's as we (or at least I) have expected it to be six years ago (or in the Lane's period, just about 10 or 11 years ago). It really was Bree's biggest mistake. Carlos' reactions are just perfect. I've always thought this will eventually caught up on them and bring a huge conflict on the tuesday poker gang. Another thing, Tillman and Paul is just the best mystery there is. With all the creeps that has come and gone on this road, this two has brought by far the best conflict and has felt the judging eyes of the residents of the street. (Am a li'l disappointed on how Zach has returned though, he was the crazy neighbor kid. Perfect for Westeria Lane)
  • A memorable episode

    Moments in the woods was a big episode of Desperate Hosuewives as carlous finally discovers that it was andrew that killed his mother and that bree covered up his crime, Im glad the way the writers handled this storyline and i liked that carlos didnt forgive bree, Lynettes storyline was pretty average this week, it kinda reminds me of carlos and gabys storyline in season 1 now that tom is always away on business, maybe lynette will start and affiar(haha) Susan's storyline was nice this week i liked her scenes with roy in the casino it was very emotinal
    Paul and felicia had a good stoyline this week both of theses characters are so creepy and they played of each other great.
    Overall a good episod, looking forward to next week
  • Enjoyable Revelations

    An enjoyable episode with lots happening.

    Susan is cured! she is feeling much better but seems to be suffering from survivors guilt. Im a bit sad her hospital friend died.
    Felicity Huffman dresses quite sexy in this episode and nice to see Vanessa Williams interacting with her. But her marriage with Tom is on the rocks.
    The chemistry between Paul and Felicia (and Mark and Harriett) is excellent. Her friendly attitude was quite strange. Again she seems to be faking it....

    But the stars of the show are Bree, Gabrielle, Andrew and Carlos. the big secret of the series is revealed in a big way. Excellent acting from both Shawn Pyfrom and Ricardo Chavira. The ending where he shuts the door on Bree was very well done.
  • Very, very good episode, and certainly much better than last week's!

    Tonight's Desperate Housewives was full of great excitement, so I'm gonna evaluate it based on each storyline!

    First up, and most notably, the storyline with Bree, Andrew, Gaby and Carlos was great, and it was suspenseful and intriguing from start until end! There were a few really funny moments in the cabin in the woods, and I really enjoyed the scene!

    Additionally, Susan's storyline was a little moving, as her dialysis friend passes away, leaving her a key to fortunes that she desperately needed! It was nice to see her reflecting on her friends life, and I thought there was a lot to like about that scene with Roy!

    As for Paul Young and Felicia (I think that's her name), it was full of intensity, from start until finish! I loved all of it, mostly the part with the gun, and that was a terrific scene! Her comment regarding the fact that they liet a psychopath (Paul) on the street once before was hilarious, and this whole stroyline was awesome!

    The only letdown was Lynette's storyline, which has been lacklustre for two weeks now. While I didnt have any problems with the spending splurge with Renee, I thought the thing with Tom working too mcuh as a hiuge cliche, and not very original.

    All up, a great wpepisode thoug! I am really enjoying Desperate Housewives, and I must highly recommned it, in the hope that this standard is absolutely maintained or improved!