Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 11

Move On

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2005 on ABC
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Edie organizes a neighborhood search for the missing Mrs. Huber (guest star Christine Estabrook), just as the absent busybody's sister Felicia Tilman (guest star Harriet Sansom Harris) arrives on Wisteria Lane. Meanwhile, Bree resigns herself to her marital state and asks an attractive pharmacist (guest star Roger Bart Roger Bart) on a date; Susan's ex, Karl (guest star Richard Burgi), suddenly reappears in her life; Lynette fears that Tom is attracted to the new nanny (guest star Marla Sokoloff); and Gabrielle sinks to new depths - she gets a job.moreless

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  • good

    this was a great episode of desperate with some really great moments the best was with out a doubt teri hatcher singing newyork it was such a great scene and made me laugh out loud great comedy timing by teri hatcher another great part of this episode was seeing martha huburs sister melicia tillman she seems like a really funny character that im looking forward to getting to know
  • Seguir adelante puede que no sea tán fácil como parece.

    Entre todas las cosas que pasan en este episodio, sale a relucir la pequeña relación que comienza Bree con el farmaceuta, ingenuamente ella para provocar celos, e ingenuamente (cómo veremos más adelante) él para salir de la soledad de su existencia. Mientras tanto Susan actua en una forma maravillosamente ridícula, justo en la manera en que actua su personaje, por lo cual Teri Hatcher se gana la nominación a un Emmy. Edie sigue buscando a Martha Huber y aún no la encuentra, pero tenemos la posibilidad de conocer a su hermana, la cual desde el momento mismo que entra al episodio nos confirma que muchas veces el remedio puede ser peor que la enfermedad.moreless
  • Searching...

    Lynette finds out that Tom is attracted to Claire and he wants him to admit that and once he does she fires Claire becasue she is too dangerous for having her around.

    Gabrielle sinks to new depths and she looks for a job but she gives the lawyer the passport because she can't live without Carlos.

    Bree goes out on a date with George and she bursts out the information to Andrew about Rex's adultery.

    Susan's ex Karl pops up in her life again and Edie who is with him causes so much trouble as she tells the shocking secret that Karl cheated on Susan with Edie before his secretary and that makes Susan to realize how much she loves Mike.

    Edie made everything ready and the search for Martha begins but one person finds the body by accident. One of the best episodes in the season.moreless
  • Overall, one of season 1's best episodes (in my opinion). it was well written and had a good story. and i just love the scene where susan sings new york, new york.moreless

    The episode starts with edie, thinking about her past with the women of wisteria lane, and how martha huber, evil woman that she is, was the only real friend she ever had. And, Edie was not embarassed to admit that she needed her back. So, she goes to felicia tillman, martha's sister. And, after 2 minutes within knowing her, she truly sees the family resemblence.

    Edie then organises a search party, although no one on wisteria lane truly cares. Bree, now fully out of the dark in rex's affair with super mom maisy gibbons, refuses to care for him. But, andrew manipulates her into providing a home. Bree, then asks pharmisist george out on a date. And she decides to throw every aspect of it in Rex's face. But, when andrew spots them in his car on a date, he gets furious. Then Bree lets it pop that rex had an affair, and andrew accuses her of lying. But, after checking with his dad he realises the truth and is on his mothers side for once. Bree then gives this whole speech about how rex is and always will be the love of her life. Rex, then sees that bree is still in love with him.

    Lynette, is in seventh heaven with her new nanny. Until she finds out that tom may be attracted to claire. she then makes a scene when going home about how he won't admit that he has 'lust in his heart' she stops the car in the middle of the road and says that she won't drive until he admits the truth. Tom says that lynette is the one, and always will be. however, the next day, tom decides to let claire go, since he had a small 'fantasy' involving her.

    Gabrielle is determined to prove that she can live without carlos, especially since he lied to her. in the previous episode we see that she burned his passport, his only way out of jail. she then gets some modelling job, but all they can offer is 300 dollars a day at a buick thing. Gabi relucantly agrees but does not have a very fun time. When the light goes out she decides that she needs carlos and calls the lawyer. She found his passport! Why its so burnt is a question they don't care about.

    Karl, of course, is back. He broke up with Brandi and seeks sympathy from Susan. She, feels sorry for him and invites him to Julies birthday party. When mike tells her he loves her, she still is not ready to repeat it, he suspects that she still loves karl. At julies party, all was going well until edie lets it slip that karl felt her up a few years ago, when he and susie were still married. Mike then comes saying that the pianist is ready. As she sings new york, new york she breaks off in a tantrum directed at karl. karl then has the nerve to ask for her back, and she says this is great, because she realises she has no feelings for him! she then runs and happily tells mike that she loves him,

    The episode ends with a runner finding martha huber, in the ground. Overall, one of my personal favorites.moreless
  • Letting Go Written by David Schulner Directed by John David Coles

    With LB Edie deducing that Martha is actually missing and contacting the police, the residents of Wisteria Lane pitch in to help locate the troublesome busybody. Unsurprisingly enough, no one seems really that eager to find her. Just like with Edie, most of the neighbours had no real time for the woman. Not that I blame them in the slightest – Edie may a vacuous, over the top sexual predator but that's always going be seen less as a character flaw than being a vindictive, misery guts like Martha.

    Even her own sister, Felicia (nicely played by Harriet Samson Harris, despite the awful wig) openly expresses her dislike for Huber within seconds of meeting Edie. Out of the subplots, this was probably the second best of the episode. It was just to finally see Edie's origins on Wisteria Lane and her co-dependent friendship with Martha explored. The flashbacks sequences looked great although what was up with Edie constantly wearing pink?

    Then there was Felicia, who while I think is better than her sister she also freaked me out a bit. Her calm resolve of Martha being dead was eerie as well as her open dislike for her. Wonder what it was the two fought over? We also had her interactions with Paul, who she managed to out creep (that has to be an accomplishment of some sort, right?). Still, Felicia's arrival and the search for Martha was a hilarious catalyst for Edie to try and be a martyr for a change.

    Edie's plots also wonderfully interconnected with the Susan arc of the episode, when Karl reappears and snags an invite to Julie's birthday party. However the birthday girl is quickly dispatched so the unresolved tension between Susan and Karl can get a full work out. Bottom line it ends up Karl is still in love with Susan, despite all his previous indiscretions and the surprise one of them include old LB, won't shock many but it is great to see Susan go for the jugular when she berates her ex-husband during a show stopping rendition of "New York, New York". If it hadn't been for this Edie may have been made more sympathetic and Karl's attempts of trying to mend his ways would have been more sincere. I immensely enjoyed the scenes between the feuding former spouses and Susan's emphatically telling Mike she loves him but is really only with him because he appears to be the nice guy? Karl may be a prat but he raises a good point. Just how safe is Susan with Mike and vice versa?

    It doesn't look that Mike's a complete bet when Grade A asshole Paul decides to frame him for Martha's murder by planting her jewellery in his garage. When the police showed up to question Mike, I did think he was going to be caught but just like other plots on the show, I guess we are going to have to wait it out. Although I wanted to punch him, it just goes to show that like any of the housewives, Paul too will take extreme measures and if there was a male version of Lady Mac Beth, Paul would playing the role a little too well. No one suspects him, although Felicia gave him a look of suspicion.

    Like with last week, Lynette's plot is the least cohesive of "Move On". If her trying to sabotage Claire's abilities as a nanny weren't bad enough, not she's all huffy because Tom is slightly attracted to her. I'm glad the writers didn't decide to take "husband/nanny love affair", I wished writer David Schulner had come up with a better way of writing out Claire than the half baked idea we got here. For a reasonable likeable and inoffensive character like Claire and a show that has proven to be surprisingly despite its concept, Marla Karloff's exit was incredibly unsatisfying. This thread's only interesting point is that it sets up the necessary cracks in the Scavo marriage, which will hopefully lead to meatier storylines.

    Even at this point Gabrielle's arc are more watchable. Maybe I'm being harsh but I'm still not completely sold on the character just about yet, though Eva Longoria is getting a bit better in her portrayal, especially as her alter ego tries but fails to assert her independence by using her former modelling skills to sell a car at the mall (the cover up when she meets Lynette and Tom was funny) but the Gabby we know then caves in and retrieves Carlos' passport. A fun plot but further evidence that unlike her friends, Gabrielle likes to be waited on. Even Yao Lin gets to jest that.

    As per usual the Bree part of the episode turned out to be the strongest. After promising to destroy Rex, she is forced to put him up post surgery but her resolve to get even sees her going on a date with mild mannered but creepy pharmacist George. Bree's efforts of goading Rex throughout the hour (only once did he actually get to retaliate) are hilarious but heartbreaking at the same time. Normally someone like George probably would be on her radar, so I feel sorry for him used in her campaign to disgrace Rex. He genuinely likes her and seems to be in denial that she most definitely doesn't feel the same way, leading to a surprising character shift in Andrew. Two eps ago, I so wanted to punch but here I totally liked him. Even when he was being nasty to his mother, it was only down to concern for Rex and when he learns about his father's cheating, it's great to see him stick up for Bree. Their scenes in the garden were sweet and I'm glad Rex admitted his affair to Andrew and this actually worked better because we didn't actually see what exchange they had. It's not so surprising to learn that Bree still loves Rex though, even if she's struggling to forgive him.

    Also in "Move On"

    Felicia: "I hated Martha. She was a wretched pig of a woman and the day she died the world became a better place". Glad she's not my sister.

    Karl: "Hey, is this a bad time?"

    Susan: "For you, always".

    Susan definitely failed to keep a straight face when she found out Brandi cheated on Karl. And what about that hug? Teri Hatcher's facial expression were priceless, followed by that "try ripping up photos, it helps" speech.

    Bree: "Do me a favour Rex. Please don't mistake my anal retentiveness for actual affection".

    Rex: "Look at you … going out?"

    Bree: "Not that it's any of your business but I have a date"

    Rex: "A date … what kind of date?"

    Bree: "Rex, I don't want to say anything that might upset you. The doctor said any more stress could cause another heart attack (pause). It's a romantic date with a single, attractive male and I intend to french the hell out of him".

    Lynette talks in her sleep, Bree plans to die of an embolism and someone in the music department has been taking naps again with the lack of stand out songs (bar certain cast members).

    Did anyone notice Sarah checking out Gabrielle? No seriously she did.

    Susan (to Karl): "Of all the people you bring that tired piece of – Edie".

    Nicollette Sheridan's singing was a bit hazy. Teri Hatcher had a stronger voice though she didn't sound as good as she did back in her Lois & Clark days.

    A cute jogger and his dog finally found Martha's body. She's been missing since December 14th 2004, so I guess it's not been a month since her death given that her body hasn't rotted just yet. Makes you wonder when Juanita's condition will be addressed, Andrew's hit and run and other ongoing plots that have taken a back seat recently.

    I found this episode to be a surprisingly quiet affair, especially towards the end where all the scenes with the housewives making progresses a little slow and rather anti-climatic. It's stronger than last week, but something felt a little off though but at least things are continuing to move so I can't complain too much.


Marla Sokoloff

Marla Sokoloff


Guest Star

Tara Karsian

Tara Karsian


Guest Star

Ashley Rose Orr

Ashley Rose Orr

Julie's Friend #2

Guest Star

Harriet Sansom Harris

Harriet Sansom Harris

Felicia Tilman

Recurring Role

Richard Burgi

Richard Burgi

Karl Mayer

Recurring Role

Roger Bart

Roger Bart

George Williams

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When the residents of Wisteria Lane are gathered and the flyers are being passed around, several of the actors are wearing yellow ribbons. These ribbons are usually associated with missing persons. Fitting, since they are hoping Mrs. Huber is alive.

    • When Bree is going out with George, he give her flowers. When she is going to put in water the flowers you can see how she enters the dinner room but instead of that we see a corridor after that door.

    • It's very unlikely that when Gabrielle threw Calos' passport into the open flame, like she did, it would still be salvageable.

    • Originally Paul was going to bury Martha Huber alive, so she could come back in a future episode. Later they changed it to having her hit by a blender and strangled by the electrical cord, but the writers told Christine Estabrook that it would be too unbelivable that she could still live. They then decided to have her cremated, leaving no room for doubt about her fate.

    • At the beginning through flashbacks with Edie moving in, Mary Alice isn't there. Wouldn't she be alive then?
      Besides, in the fifth season episode "Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know", when Susan and Edie first meet, it becomes apparent that Susan had never seen Edie before, yet in this episode she waves at Edie along with the other housewives.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Bree:(to Lynette and Susan) I'm keeping my eyes on the horizon, please tell me if I'm about to step on a body part.

    • Mike: Susan.
      Susan: Mike, guess what? I love you!
      Mike: Are you sure?
      Susan: Yes!

    • Mary Alice: Edie Britt could never understand why she didn't have any female friends. Of course, she always tried to tell people she didn't need any, but the truth was, it bothered Edie that other women didn't seem to like her. Even after moving to Wisteria Lane, Edie couldn't understand why her neighbors kept their distance. And then she met Martha Huber. Within five minutes, Mrs. Huber managed to disparage what Edie was wearing. In fact, whenever they got together, Mrs. Huber insulted her. She made fun of everything from Edie's makeup to her taste in men. Yes, Martha Huber could be cruel, offensive, and downright mean. But Edie didn't care, because she was the first real friend Edie Britt had ever had. But now Martha Huber was missing. She had vanished without a trace, and Edie was not embarrassed to admit, she needed her back.

    • Mike: You know, I retract my earlier statement. I no longer love you. In fact, I just think of you as a really good buddy.
      Susan: No. No, no, no. You obviously think you have some insight into my soul, so please, go ahead, dazzle me.
      Mike: Your divorce left you hurt and vulnerable.
      Susan: Big insight. The postman knows that.

    • Andrew: (to Bree) You want to see how long I can hold a grudge? Go ahead and abandon my father, because I promise you, you'll be sorry.

    • Rex: So you didn't tell them about...
      Bree: Your adultery? No. I decided to keep that little gem all to myself.

    • Mary Alice: We are all searching for someone. That special person who will provide us what's missing in our lives. Someone who can offer companionship (shot of Bree talking to George over the phone.) Or assistance (shot of Lynette looking for an unattractive nanny.) Or security (shot of Gabrielle telling Carlos she found his passport.) And sometimes, if we search very hard, we find someone who provides us with all three (shot of Susan and Mike talking on the phone to each other.) Yes, we are all searching for someone, and if we can't find them, we can only pray they find us (shot of a jogger finding Martha's body.)

    • Andrew: Knew what? Well come on, tell me! Because I'd love to know what my father did that was so awful!
      Bree: Fine. I will see him through this, but after that, your father can rot in hell for all I care!
      Danielle: We're not like other families, are we?
      Andrew: No. We're not.

    • George: It was nice talking with you, Dr. Van de Kamp.
      Rex: Please, you're dating my wife! Call me Rex!

    • Paul: I just wanted you to know that everyone on Wisteria Lane is praying for your sister's safe return.
      Felicia: Oh, I seriously doubt that.

    • Edie: You know, I can only imagine how worried you must be.
      Felicia: I'm not worried, Edie. Martha and I had a very intense bond. We were connected at the most primal level, and a few days ago, I felt this sensation in my soul. That's when it first dawned on me that something had happened to my sister. And when she didn't arrive at my home as scheduled, well, that's when I knew she was dead.
      Edie: Oh, honey, no! You mustn't think like that! Martha's only missing!
      Felicia: No, Edie, she's dead. But she's my sister, and I'm going to find out exactly what happened to her.
      Edie: Look, Felicia, it's natural to freak out when a loved one is missing.
      Felicia: Loved one? Oh, Edie, let me be clear about this. I hated Martha. She was a wretched pig of a woman and the day she died, this world became a better place.

    • Rex: Look at you... going out?
      Bree: Not that it's any of your business, but I have a date.
      Rex: A date... what kind of date?
      Bree: Rex, I don't want to say anything that might upset you. The doctor said any more stress could cause another heart attack. (pause)
      Bree: It's a romantic date with a single, attractive man and I intend to French the hell out of him.

    • Bree: (to Andrew) I'm getting divorced, and I might marry someone else, but your father is, and always will be, the love of my life!

    • Bree: Do me a favor, Rex. Please don't mistake my anal-retentiveness for actual affection.

    • Woman: (to Lynette) We'd all like to get outta here. Is there a problem?
      Lynette: My husband won't admit that he has lust in his heart! Can you give us a minute?

  • NOTES (7)

    • At the karaoke club, Susan sings "New York, New York", by Frank Sinatra, with slightly varied lyrics about her ex-husband. Edie sings "I've Never Been to Me" by Charlene.

    • For her performance in this episode Teri Hatcher received a 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

    • Harriet Sansom Harris previously played Christine Estabrook's sister in an episode of "The Crew" titled "The Worst Noel." Both "The Crew" and Harris's prior series, "The 5 Mrs. Buchanans", were co-created by "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry.

    • Harriet Sansom Harris (Felicia Tilman) and Felicity Huffman (Lynette Scavo) both had recurring roles on NBC's Frasier, although they never appeared together.

    • This episode reunites Andrea Bowen (Julie Mayer) with her castmate from Broadway's "The Sound of Music", Ashley Rose Orr.

    • Although credited, Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos Solis), Jesse Metcalfe (John Rowland) and Cody Kasch (Zach Young) are absent from this episode.

    • The Missing Persons flier for Mrs. Huber indicates the Fairview Police Department is located on 157 N. Main St., Fairview, Eagle State, 29102, in area code 456. ZIP code 29102 is Manning, SC, and area code 456 is not currently in use.


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode comes from a song of the same name in the Stephen Sondheim musical Sunday in the Park with George.

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