Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 4

My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on ABC
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Lynette becomes concerned that her son Parker is in need of maternal attention when she learns he has an imaginary friend who happens to be a Brittish nanny. Gabrielle hires an attorney named David Bradley (guest star Adrian Pasdar) to get Carlos out of jail sooner. Susan decides to help Mike in his quest to find Zach, and Bree desperately tries to get George and Andrew to get along, but none of them make it easy for her.moreless

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  • An alright one.

    I thought it was a bit cute all the prisoners coming to defend her honour ha. And no offence to the lawyer but you do work for her actually. She is paying you. And you were completely out of line and rude! So I'm glad he kind of got what he deserved.

    So yeah Andrew, your plan on being the perfect child until you can tear your mum down is pretty crap. You haven't done anything worthy of 'perfect'. George's push back was out of line, but at the same time that was quite a light shove, whereas Andrew was being quite forceful. Not to justify George. But the audience may know he's a bad guy, but they don't actually. And I thought Bree is being quite good about wanting to move on from someone whom it was rocky with towards the end but not wanting to move too fast. She is very classy.

    But god, I do not get how Andrew gets forgiven and actually comes to defend his mother in the future astounds me.

    I actually find it hard to really trust Julie if everything Susan shares with her is going to end up being told to chatty Carl and chattier Edie. Like they have quite a special bond, but everything she shares with her daughter gets told to them and they probably have a nice laugh about it all.

    Ok so I'm really hung up on George putting salt on his watermelon... Is this an American thing? It's freaking weird.

    Definitely saw why Susan changed her mind about Zach. I mean her child should come first above all else and Zach is not safe to have around, he held her hostage and blew up her kitchen after freaking out and shoving furniture. I forgive the gravel because that was an accident. But I thought she was being helpful and nice to this kid though that affected her quite badly.moreless
  • Selfish Housewives...

    Gabrielle causes a riot over a conjugal visit. Lynette tries to get rid of Mrs. Warlbury. Susan finds Zack, and Bree stands in between Bree and George.

    A fine line was established between selfless and selfish within this episode. Lynette, Gabrielle, and Susan being selfish speaks volumes about how complex their characters are, even though they were protecting their children and relationships by their actions. I dislike Geroge very much. I can't wait to watch his exit again.

    My favorite character of the episode: LYNETTE SCAVO! Her love for her kids is so convincing thanks to Felecity Huffman's acting chops.moreless
  • not bad

    this was another ok episode of desperate housewives nothing spectactular but ok, i liked the lynette stuff with her sons imagniary friend thaat was pretty funny, the gaby stuff was ok but pretty much just filler, the susan stuff was pretty funny i thought her sending zach away was quite suprising when mike finds out he isnt gonna be very happy, overall an ok episode but still not up there with the standard the first season setmoreless
  • Lynette falls over herself yet again trying to impress her misbehaving children

    Lynette’s actions in this episode are making we want to stop watching this show. I find it appalling that she can be such a terrible parent as to reward her child with boundless attention for smacking his teacher with an umbrella. What happened to the strong, powerful maternal character this show used to emphasize? Watching Lynette show her children that they’re in charge and refusing to punish their misbehavior appropriately makes her seem pathetic and a terrible example of a female role-model. I know this season has made it seem like her superiors are terribly misguided for suggesting that she make work a priority but I think that watching this show’s only working woman go to the extent of pouring coffee on her boss to appease her son’s attention seeking performances provides a disgusting image of women in the workplace. I don’t believe a woman’s place is in the home, but I do think Lynette’s place is on the wrong end of a pink slipmoreless
  • A good episode, but once again, it wasn't up to the usual standard.

    A good episode, but once again, it wasn't up to the usual standard. Nothing really major happened. Okay, so George returned and started seeing Bree, and Andrew got sent back to the centre for bad teenagers, Gabrielle started a prison riot, Lynette worried about her son's imaginary friend, Susan found Zach and paid him to disappear and Zach seemed to think he somehow still had a shot with Julie. I have started to dislike the character of Zach, he’s annoying, I wish he would get written out of the show. This season isn't nearly as good as season one. I found myself starting to get bored while watching this episode. So stuff did happen, but it wasn't dark, comedic and interesting like the first season which was a bit of a let down. The show seems to have taken a new tone already. I was also disappointed that we only saw Edie for a few minutes, and no Betty Applewhite. Hopefully Desperate Housewives will pick itself up again next week.moreless
Adrian Pasdar

Adrian Pasdar

David Bradley

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Kevin Will

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Aaliyah Franks


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: The position of Mrs. Mulberry's umbrella, after being run over by the garbage truck, changes between shots.

    • Goof: When George is talking to Andrew at the dinner table, he tells a story about taking a picture of the sunset off the Golden Gate Bridge. The problem is that the west side of the bridge is generally prohibited to pedestrians. The pedestrian side of the bridge faces east. So George leaning over the railing to take a picture would not be really accurate.

    • Goof: When we see Danielle standing with her mother in the kitchen there is clearly a long wall behind Danielle without a passageway. But when the shot changes to Andrew and George, we can see Danielle in the background.

    • In the scene where Susan is telling the ladies about Zach, Gabrielle's wine glass only has a sliver of wine at the bottom, and then in the next shot, it is almost half full.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Mary Alice: The residents of the Fairview County Jail looked forward to every Tuesday. That was the day that Gabrielle Solis came to visit her husband. The inmates went out of their way to give her compliments whether she wanted them to or not. With each visit, these accolades became increasingly inventive. Still Gabrielle was not flattered. In fact, Gabrielle started to dread this special attention.

    • Lynette: I couldn't find Mrs. Mulberry's umbrella, so I brought her her sun hat instead, all right? And, here we go.
      Parker: It's in the shower.
      Lynette: What?
      Parker: Mrs. Mulberry said she left it in the shower.
      Lynette: Well, why didn't Mrs. Mulberry volunteer that information before I turned your room upside down looking for it, hmm?
      Parker: (Pauses) So are you gonna go get it?
      Lynette: No, I'm not going to get the damn umbrella!

    • Bree: Honey, the feelings that you're having are perfectly normal, but George isn't trying to take your father's place. He's, well, he's just a friend.
      Andrew: Really? Just a friend? So you're not planning on getting more serious with this guy in the future?
      Bree: You know, I haven't even thought about it.
      Andrew: You're so transparent, it's pathetic. You're worried about a ripped T-shirt humiliating this family? Wait 'till people see that you're dating the town nerd less than a month after your husband's funeral.

    • Bree: Andrew, don't you have a meet at the swim club?
      Andrew: Yeah. So?
      Bree: Doesn't it require a large entrance fee? One that you can't afford by yourself?
      Andrew: Are you blackmailing me into coming into dinner?
      Bree: Oh, you don't know the lengths I'd go to for even seating.

    • Guard: Conjugal visit rules are you got forty-five minutes. We call every fifteen minutes to make sure you're still here. You understand?
      Gabrielle: Yes, we got it. Uh, we interrupt our lovemaking to answer the phone or you call out the dogs.

    • Andrew: Have you ever actually been with a woman?
      George: Excuse me?
      Andrew: Well, let's be honest. I think it's obvious by the way that you talk and act that you're not a player. So, I was just curious to find out if you had ever actually gotten in the game.
      George: My experience with women is none of your business.
      Andrew: I think it is. I mean, you're dating my mom. And we both know that at your age, dating's a little more than just holding hands.
      George: We're not dating, exactly.
      Andrew: Well, sure you are. And you know what? I think it's great, but I want to make sure my mom's happy, you know and it would really set my mind at ease to know she's with a guy who knows how to please a lady.
      George: This is inappropriate.
      Andrew: You know, my parents had a great sex life. Yeah, I heard 'em through the wall in my bedroom once.
      George: Please shut up.
      Andrew: You should have heard my mom, too. She had this, this weird moan. It was kinda like "ummm, uh!" Isn't that bizarre? That's the sound my mom makes when she climaxes.

    • Edie: I don't think Mike would do that to his own son.
      Susan: You know?
      Edie: That Mike's Zach's real father? Yes. Julie told Karl, Karl told me and I sent out a few e-mails.
      Susan: Well, thanks for your discretion.
      Edie: Boy. You would do anything to get Mike Delfino to love you. So what's gonna happen to little creepy when he gets here? Are you gonna be tucking him in at night? Making him breakfast in the morning? Careful to bob and weave as he tries to blow your head off?
      Susan: You know, Edie, could you just back off? I mean the truth is we're probably never gonna find Zach, anyway. It's a needle in a haystack.
      Edie: Oh, I see, and then you'll still come off as little Miss Perfect self-sacrificing girlfriend. Putting his needs ahead of yours. Oh, why you conniving little shrew. I don't know why we're not closer.

    • Mary Alice:(narrating) The world is filled with good fathers. How do we recongnize them? They are the ones who are missed so terribly, everything falls apart in their absence. (Shot of Andrew and Bree packing his suitcase, placing a photo of Rex inside last.) They are the ones who love us, long before we even arrive. (Shot of Carlos smiling as he rubs Gabrielle's stomach.) They are the ones who come looking for us, when we can't find our way home. (Shot of Mike walking Bongo as he looks at a flyer of Zach's) Yes, the world is filled with good fathers. And the best are the ones who make the women in their lives feel like good mothers (Shot of Tom comforting Lynette as she cries)

    • Tom: Hey, what's wrong?
      Lynette: (Crying) Because of me, my son's imaginary friend got crushed by a garbage truck. I am the worst person in the world.
      Tom: Honey, he is gonna get over this in no time. Trust me. And one day, when he is all grown up, you and Parker are gonna laugh hysterically about this.
      Lynette: You really think so? Really?
      Tom: I promise.

    • Tom: What have you done to Mrs. Mulburry?
      Lynette: Until there's a body, there's no evidence of a crime.

    • Parker: Daddy! I can't find Mrs. Mulberry's umbrella! Where is it?
      Tom: Well, I don't know, sport. Honey, have you seen the umbrella?
      Lynette: No... can't say that I have...
      Tom: OK, listen, don't worry about it. I'm sure Mrs. Mulberry's here somewhere.
      Lynette: Or... huh... Maybe she's not. She could have... left. You know... maybe she had some other little boy she needed to help.
      Parker: Like who?
      Lynette: I don't know. It could be.... huh... a little boy in... England. Named Spencer.
      Tom: Lynette...?
      Lynette: I mean... it is possible that someone like little Spencer needed Mrs. Mulberry more, 'cause... he doesn't have a daddy and a mommy, who love him. Yeah, that's it. He's an orphan!... with no hands!

    • Lynette: Tom, he attacked a teacher with an umbrella!
      Tom: It was a poke, he poked her.

    • Susan: …So I threw the ice cream at him and ran. (Pauses) Somebody say something.
      Gabrielle: Thank God you were wearing flats.

    • Gabrielle: Are you hitting on me?
      David: What would you say if I was?
      Gabrielle: I'd say I'm pregnant.

    • Edie: (To Susan about Zach) So what's going to happen to little creepy when he gets here?

    • Gabrielle: (to another inmate) Don't judge me, you're not in here because you were caught helping the poor.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Although credited, Alfre Woodard (Betty Applewhite), Mark Moses (Paul Young), Andrea Bowen (Julie Mayer), Richard Burgi (Karl Mayer), Mehcad Brooks (Matthew Applewhite) and Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo) are absent from this episode.


    • Episode Title: The episode title, "My Heart Belongs To Daddy", refers to the Cole Porter song of the same name.

    • Parker's imaginary friend Mrs. Mulberry is a British nanny with an umbrella, just like Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins is an imaginary character from the homonym musical film starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dike. It is based on the Mary Poppins books from P. L. Travers.