Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 16

My Husband, The Pig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on ABC

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  • The deceased Rex Van De Kamp returns to narrate this episode.

    This episode was so good, in my opinion. I enjoyed watching every minute of this episode. There were so many storylines in this episode. Bree's absence is explained as she will be visiting her parents, and then will go on her honeymoon with Orson. Mike and Ian become even more of enemies. Austin finally gets back together with Julie, just after he gets Danielle pregnant, and Austin leaves Wisteria Lane. That moment between Susan and Mike in the jewelers was so romantic. The Lynette storyline in this episode was hilarious. It was so funny when she was waiting outside in the cold. Gabrielle met another love interest, a man about twenty years older than her, who is running for mayor. This episode was another great installment. It is perfect, just like every other episode.
  • Great

    Great episode! Edie gets an unexpected visit from her son. An unexpected pregnancy causes complications. Victor Lang (guest star John Slattery), a man in his 40s running for mayor of Fairview, introduces himself for Gabrielle. The deceased Rex Van De Kamp (special guest star Steven Culp) narrates. Danielle is pregnany was just a shock and such a surprise!! Very good writing it this episode.
  • this was a above average eppisode

    My Husband, The Pig
    Edie gets an unexpected visit from her son. An unexpected pregnancy causes complications. Victor Lang (guest star John Slattery), a man in his 40s running for mayor of Fairview, introduces himself for Gabrielle. The deceased Rex Van De Kamp (special guest star Steven Culp)narrates. Julie is at the car wash and Austen gets into car. He is sad because she didn’t return any one of his phone calls. He gives her a letter and he just wants her to read it and if she doesn’t forgive him he won’t bother her anymore. She tells him that she will read if he gets out of the car right now. It is waxing time but he gets out anyway.

    Andrew wants to go to the bathroom but Danielle is still there. He tells her that he needs to be at work in ten minutes and he needs to brush his teeth. She opens the door and she is crying because she is pregnant. Danielle and Austen talk about the baby. Austen freaks out and tells Danielle about the clinic but she wants him to marry her. He tells her that he can’t stand her and Danielle needs to throw up again and goes to the bathroom. At that moment Julie walks in and tells Austen that she forgives him. She hears someone puking at the bathroom and he tells her that Edie had too much of alcohol. Orson is about to join Bree and Andrew tells him about Danielle. Orson, Andrew, Danielle and Austen all got together to discuss the problem. They will not marry each other, Danielle will join Orson and Bree on their honeymoon and she will tell her friends that she decided to study abroad and once the baby is born, the baby will be adopted by a suitable family and she will come home and return to everything the way it was. Orson then tells Austen to leave and not to tell anybody why, not even her aunt. Austen doesn’t want to leave because of Julie but Andrew tells him that he will hurt her even more. He tells him to leave and forget about everything. Austen comes and tells Julie that he is going to leave a town for a while and he doesn’t know when he is gonna be back. He tells her that he has some family problems and that she is the only girl who gave him a second chance and that means so much to him. Julie kisses him and he tells her one last good bye.
  • Although there were constant mistakes made about Ian's "Britishisms" (Being British I wanted to scream) this episode had some good moments as always, and Rex narrating for a change was interesting.

    First of all, Ian's accent has always annoyed me, seeing as how not even many Londoners speak like that and the majority of the country are not London anyway. Also I wanted to shout at the TV when they had him calling Jacks "Naves" and all the Americans being all "We call them Jacks!" because around 98% of Britain also call them Jacks. And I'm not even mentioning the fact he has a butler!

    Apart from that (And I hope to God, Ian goes soon) this episode made me smile a few times. It also made me sad, as Rex was describing the men's misfortunes, e.g. "I'll never hold her in my arms again" etc... A good episode all round, Britishisms aside, but I hope that before long, the series is back to a more funny and upbeat storyline. I expect though, that this is because of the end to the Monique storyline.
  • Rex Van De Kamp narrates a solid post-February sweeps episode.

    Rex Van De Kamp narrated this episode, and it was a solid, good episode, considering the February sweeps episode two weeks before with the conclusion of the mystery. In any case, the Mike and Ian poker game was exciting, but it reminded me too much of the Bree and Betty Applewhite poker game last season. I did like the symbolism though. I know that I had thought in the past that the show needs to return to simple, everyday housewife hilarities, but I don't think the show's turning in that direction. Plus, it just isn't the same without Marcia Cross. Despite all of this, I still did enjoy this week's episode and am excited to see what's to come.
  • Men Are Doomed In A Way Written by Brian Alexander Directed by Larry Shaw

    For the past season and a half I have to admit I have often found the opening narration we get from Mary Alice a tad stagnant and were kind of hoping for a bit of a shake up in things. Nothing too altering but something that would feel fresh.

    Clearly someone was paying some kind of attention because that’s exactly what we get this week when a former member of Wisteria Lane takes a time out from the afterlife to put in his few cents on the antics of the family and neighbours he left behind. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr Rex Van De Kamp.

    However I have to admit before I go anywhere else in this review that are some drawbacks in putting Rex in the commentary and while they don’t bring the episode down, I’m afraid they are too noticeable to not talk about them.

    First off with Rex as this episode’s narrator, it’s kind of a shame that we don’t get some form of a flashback pre-Season One with the entire Van De Kamp clan and the usual array of dysfunction that is with them because in fairness while Rex talks about a family portrait that more straining to take than you would think showing us this onscreen would be a good source of comedy and drama in less than five minutes?

    Also there’s the fact that this is the first of many episodes in the remainder of this season that doesn’t feature Marcia Cross due the actress’ maternity leave, so I kind of wish that we had either gotten this before or after Cross’ time out because the lack of Bree in an episode narrated by Rex does feel odd to say the least.

    On his family, Rex is quick to dispense his thoughts and like everything else, they are pretty consistent ones to boot as he’s still convinced he helped spawned the most scandalous and repressed family in America and judging by their antics since his death, he’s not exactly off the mark with that assessment.

    His thoughts on Orson are very interesting too. He’s not particular enamoured with the guy who would eventually hold a place in Bree’s affection (he’s an improvement on the man who did kill you Rex) and like many of the audience members out there, even Rex can spot the creepy veneer behind the Orthodontist.

    Which makes him especially pleased that unlike everyone else on the neighbourhood, Mike is also far off from befriending Orson anytime soon and Mike even goes as far as to make his hatred for Orson pretty public as well? Not that Mike is in wrong here because as much as I like Orson, he is in a way responsible for Mike having the police on his back and six months of his life taken away from. If someone did that to me, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to forgive them either.

    Except that while Mike may exonerated from the Monique thing, there is still the nagging problem of not knowing the SOB who put him in a coma in the first place and with Orson shirking everytime Mike mentions this, how long will it be until he finds out. This should remind the writers to come up with a good incentive to explain why Orson would deliberately kill/injure Mike and they should do it sooner than later as well.

    Anyways getting back to Rex, it’s strange that although Bree is currently at her parents place and then destined for her overdue honeymoon after she recuperates, Rex still really doesn’t talk that extensively about his wife’s choices in the past two years. It’s a shame but at least his lack of comments on Bree is made up with more scandal within his family.

    Fresh from dating raping ex-wives and psychotic mothers, the latest piece of scandal in the Van De Kamp/Hodge household is dimwit Danielle paying the price of her tryst with Austin when she tells Andrew that she’s pregnant. Hey, they waited until their third season to do a teenage pregnancy storyline; I’d say that’s a good thing.

    Although it’s a little jarring having the most immature teenage on the suburbs pregnant and seeing as Danielle isn’t the brightest of girls, she’s deluded enough into thinking a child will have Austin marry her so his blunt rejection makes me wonder why he even bothered getting his leg over Danielle in the first place.

    Given that network televisions isn’t really allowed to explore or give any indications of condoning abortion, this option to Danielle’s dilemma is briefly touched and rejected by Danielle herself and it’s Orson who on Bree’s orders comes up with a solution. It’s a lame one really – just take Danielle to her Grandparents long enough for her to give birth and put the kid up for adoption and then for Austin to leave town even more quickly than he arrived.

    Danielle’s pregnancy really came at a significantly bad time for Austin as in spite of herself, Julie was willing to put the fact that he cheated on her with one of her close friends and take him back. Not that Austin really deserved and more disappointingly it’s a letter that persuades Julie to give her relationship with the laughable bad boy another go. Maybe she’s like her mother at all, although she won’t grow up to be as needy as her because one Susan Mayer is more than enough for this show.

    Austin is one of those people who when told what they are and that they’ll never anything else use this as an incentive to not change their ways. Despite claiming to be madly in love with Julie, all Andrew has to do is remind Austin about his roving eye and what does Austin do? He bails and this is after Julie gives him incentive to stay and change. Yeah, good one, Austin – do what everyone assumes you do!

    In this episode alone the writers try their hardest to evoke sympathy for a vapid character most of us really couldn’t care less about anyway. Josh Henderson isn’t the worst actor to grace this season but he wouldn’t be a huge loss to the series and the writing is being laid on a bit too thick that you don’t feel as much for Austin as the writers would like you to.

    Meanwhile when Julie isn’t suffering her own romantic woes, then her mother Susan is enjoying the prospect of being Ian’s second wife and while being engaged seems to be ideal for Susan, even she isn’t as anxious to marry Ian as his attempts of booking the reception in such a short space of time doesn’t fly with Susan.

    Then she has a trip to the jewellers where she spots Mike pawning some of his stuff including the engagement ring he had intended for her and there’s this lingering moment between the two of them that while it’s frustrating, it makes you understand why the writers are biding their time until hooking these two up.

    However if Orson is loathed by Mike, then Ian is vehemently hated because when Mike discovered what Ian done with the engagement ring, a dull game of poker with Tom, Carlos, and Orson soon turns nasty between Mike and Ian with the former displaying a pretty vindictive side. So it comes as a blow to Mike that by losing to Ian, he’s been given a gagging order and can’t Susan what a lousy soon to be husband she’s landed herself.

    Power games however aren’t entirely vicious because this week there’s a reasonably that occurs between the happily single Gabrielle and upcoming political figure, Victor Lang who proves in less than three minutes on screen that when he sets his sights on something, nothing or no-one will get in his way and the thing is in sights now is Gabby. Word of advice, bring a cheque book.

    Victor ensures that his chauffeur crashes into Gabby so that he can give her an unsigned cheque, all as part of a clever ruse to get Gabby to confront him and for Victor to apply the charming sleaze and get a meal with her before promising her that he will chase her down and get her to be his wife, which is weird given that he’s only just met her. It’s partly romantic, partly funny and partly stalker like but after the four episodes of Zach tedium, it’s less repellent to watch. At least Victor is older than Gabby this time, which means Gabby, can only, be accused of being a gold digger instead of a paedophile. For Gabby that has to be an improvement and it’s clear that she’s attracted to him as well.

    With the absence of Bree this season, it seems the writers have decided to give Edie a bigger storyline and although we’ve had ones involving both Austin and Mike in earlier episodes, the arrival of her son Travers who was briefly mentioned in “Pilot” and never since has come to shake up Edie’s life and it’s a mixed bag for her.

    Edie’s not necessarily keen on being a stay at home mother entirely and when pawning Travers off to Carlos fails, she leaves the lad so she can get a date and by Travers being left on his own, the broody Carlos nixes his own date in order to take care of the boy and when Edie shows up to get him, Carlos is quick to give her a justified tongue lashing.

    The weird thing is as much as I like Edie, Nicolette Sheridan is better at comedy than she is at the dramatics but this may be her first showcase of dramatics on the series that impressed me. Although Edie deserved the comments bestowed on her by Carlos, I like that her and Travers actually get on because she was pretty determined to make amends the next day. In spite of her shaky mothering abilities, she clearly loves the kid and her revelation of Travers being raised by his father is nice and in line with this series’ ongoing theme of imperfection everywhere, plus did I spot a bit of flirtation between her and Carlos as well? If the writers want to run with this, they have my complete support because Carlos needs an interesting girlfriend and Edie is certainly not boring by any stretch of the imagination and it would be nice to see her have a boyfriend who gives a crap about her and I think Carlos would.

    Sadly with all the other plots working so well, the one that doesn’t gel as much as the work stressed Lynette and Tom having conflicting ideas of celebrating their ninth anniversary. It’s not a bad plot but feels too much like familiar ground with only Tom being right for once.

    Lynette may have been tired but she was talking like she was the only one who actually works in that pizzeria and although the earlier comments about anniversary sex was childish, Tom’s later motives were more selfless and it took a hilarious story from Karen to get Lynette to appreciate Tom’s efforts but even then she had to endure being stranded before a conversation in a late night café with Tom yielded results for the both of them. No wonder Rex thinks Tom is enviable at the moment.

    Also in “My Husband The Pig”

    Husband Of The Week: Obviously Rex but was it me or did Steven Culp have less narration than Brenda Strong usually gets per episode? Rex: “I always hated cemeteries when I was alive and now that I’m dead, I hate them even more”.

    Rex’s tombstone was 1962-2005, which made him 43 when he died. It’s nice that Bree gave him a decent burial after her anger subsided.

    Mike: “I’ll stay in my room, you won’t hear me”
    Carlos: “But you’ll hear me”.

    I wonder how long Carlos has been doing the online dating thing. Also wasn’t a bit weird that he went for the girl with Daddy issues willingly?

    Tom: “Are you as tired as I am?”
    Lynette: “More but I’m tougher and I complain less”.

    Edie (to Carlos): “You love kids; didn’t you rent out that Chinese chick’s womb so you could have one?”

    Travers’ father is Charles, though it’s unspecified where on the ex-husband line he falls into. He also does Doctor Without Borders which justifies him leaving Travers with Edie for a month.

    Austin: “Marry you? I can’t stand you”
    Danielle: “Nice way to talk to the mother of your child”.

    Victor: Have you noticed I’m a catch?”
    Gabrielle: “I am and I’m throwing you back in”.

    John Slattery (Victor) played a politician/love interest for Carrie in Season Three of Sex And The City? Who next can Desperate Housewives get from that show – Chris Noth, John Corbett, maybe Jason Lewis if he leaves Brothers And Sisters?

    Travers: “I’m sorry I ruined your date”
    Carlos: “That’s okay. She was a very bad lady who wanted to do very, very bad things to me”.

    Karen (re Gilbert): “He died two weeks later, I didn’t cry”
    Lynette: “Wow”.

    Why wasn’t Austin supervising Travers as well seeing as he lives with Edie?

    Tom (re Ian): “We’re gonna give him a very expensive lesson”
    Mike: “Be careful, he already knows how to bluff”.

    Tom got called a “silly bastard” by Rex and “Foldilocks” by Carlos.

    Ian: “Do you think I’m afraid of you”
    Mike: “Maybe you should be”.

    Aside from the lack of Bree, everyone else was present and accounted for.

    Lynette: “Nine years and I have loved every minute of it”
    Tom: “Me too”.

    Chronology: About a week or so since “The Little Things You Do Together”.

    “My Husband The Pig” is certainly different and I did like the more male perspective of a heavily female oriented show, although in fairness the upcoming arc revolving Edie could be the best thing out of this entire episode.
  • rex does the story telling.bree is away, orson is on his way to meet bre, mike finds the ring he was going to give to susan

    i loved how Rex was telling this story, it was a nice swing to things, different i guess. Thats what shows like this need, something so small can make such a big difference! keep up the great work and i will keep watching. I guess people like me that sit at home on a sunday night at 7:45 waiting for it to come out, is what keeps them making the show, and as long as they keep on the path that they have been i will keep watching it! love it love it love it!!!!!! :):):)running outta this to say! made it 100 words
  • This is the story of the lives of housewives and husbands as seen through the eyes of a dead friend. No, not that one; the other one!

    Ach! this episode had me at sixes and sevens!

    I really liked the Rex Van deKamp voiceover as well as the focus on the men this week; it was a nice change as he tries to contrast the differences between the boys and the girls in this episode.

    And then I ran into a few problem areas.

    I'd hoped to see a greater focus on the Carlos/Edie's son/Edie segment; OK, really? I hoped to see more Edie. She's been such a teeny part of this ensemble and I hate to see her turned back into a one-dimensional harlot. I'm not looking for her and Carlos to become a couple (although this could be interesting…), but if they're gonna focus on her son in the same way they did Austin, then this just leaves her out of the picture…again.

    And speaking of Austin: I get that he wanted to do 'the right thing' by Julie, but unfortunately, the thing he does is lie. A gentle lie, but a lie nevertheless. And where was his Aunt Edie in that family pow-wow chaired by Orson that gets Austin run out of town? Oh, yeah, getting ready for her 'date' and leaving her child untended…

    The Poker Game: I've seen a lot of positive press about this game, and in truth, I like the concept. What didn't I like? Mike and Ian using the game as a tool to see who 'wins' their chance with Susan. Is this how guys work out something for the love of their lives? Dummies! and more's the dummy is Mike, 'cause he *loses* the bet. Well, I guess it not like swearing on the bible or anything…
    But, if I were Susan, and I found out that both of the men I love made a wager over me, and one of them actually made a decision to *not act* 'cause he made a bet? Well, I'd definitely be a little…peeved. Anyway, this bugs me because I like Mike and Susan; I like Susan and Ian, too, but there's something hinky there. And since Susan is notorious for her (bad) choice of men, I see darkness ahead…

    …Which brings me to Julie, my bright star. Julie seems destined to travel the same road of horrible/sad/bad choices in men as Susan. Well, we tend to do what we have modeled for us...And her best friend, the repugnant Danielle (why? are there no other teenaged girls in this town?) finds herself pregnant…maybe by Julie's one and only heartthrob. Don't get me wrong: I am firmly entrenched in the Outlaws Need Love, Too camp, but Julie has such promise…and outlaws seem much better paired with other outlaws. But, as mentioned earlier, Austin's out of town forever. So maybe Julie dodges the bullet this time. But knowing this show: maybe not.

    Tom & Lynnette: this marks only the nine millionth time I've wanted to slap the selfish out of that woman. But she's Tom's dream woman, so I guess that makes it all worthwhile. They are a unique pairing, those two.

    Love the scene in the jewelry shop with the rings: I thought the fact that Mike's ring was a perfect fit spoke volumes!

    New guy in town: Victor Lang! I like this character already, and in this man-focused episode, I thought his active, exuberant, pursuit of Gabrielle was fitting. It was like Zach's, with less Eewww! factor and with a person who's all grown up. I think that he and Gaby may be a good fit: they're all about the conquest.
  • DH is just about the best show on TV at present , it continues to hold my interest.

    I dont know about the rest of you out there but reality tv is getting old and overdone so I look forward to watching these kind of "escape into fantasy world" viewing programs , we never miss Desperate Housewives. The writers are terrific, the Actors are a perfect fit with one another( please Bree dont stay on maternity leave too long) I enjoyed the husbands taking a turn with expressing their emotions with this episode.
  • A brand new start!

    Well, well, finally a great episode for this season!

    A brand new narrator (oh Rex's got a very good voice anyway) gives this serie fresh blood which is exactly what it needs. And the episode is well written and what happened to Lynette and Tom is really touching.

    The only less brilliant part of the episode, if I may say so, must be the stories about Gaby. See, they are always the same, a secret admirer, a so called "chasing" game, and they will all end in the same way! Well maybe her personality doesn't leave much room for the writers to think of something new.
  • The focus of this episode was more on the guys this time. An original and welcome change!

    A well written episode, nicely done! I liked the way Rex was narrating this episode and was pleased to see more development around the guys this time. I especially liked the pokergame in the pizzaplace. Also, the last talk between Lynette and Tom was great. I had some good laughs with Carlos and his steamy internetdate, and offcourse with Gabrielle and her miljonair. There wasn't any Bree in this episode and I noticed I didn't care much.. :|

    But where did the main storyline go? To me it's like there isn't much mystery to solve anymore. I felt season 3 was sort of completed by the end of episode 15, but i'll guess there are some surprises waiting to be reveiled. The more curious I am where the end of this seasong will lead up to.
  • Mike vs IAN

    Previously On Desperate Housewives … Rex Van De Kamp Is Baaaack !! .. He’s The Narrator For This Episode, And What An Episode It Was! Mike Found Out About His Engagement Ring To Susan, The Engraving On The Ring Was: “Susan, Be Mine Forever, Mike.” Isn’t That Sweeet! Gosh! I Love Mike =) .. And I Want Him Back With Susan! It Isn’t Fair, The Only Reason Ian Proposed To Susan Was Because He Found Out About Mike’s Ring! Grrr.. Bad Ian Bad! Seriously, I Truly Hate Him Now ! .. But What Other Choice Does He Have, He Loves Susan And Wants Her For Himself, He Did What He Had To Do. I Just Wish That Mike Would Do What He Has To Do To Get Susan Back! Okay, I Think Im Going In Circles Here. Aaaanywaaays .. Danielle Pregnant !? Omg !! Did Not Expect That! Poor Austin Has To Leave, After Julie Gave Him Another Chance :( .. I Think He’s Going To Be Back, I Mean He Has To Right? He’s Just Soo Juicy ;) .. Overall, This Has Been A Good Episode, Hope The Next One Is Even Better ;D
  • A new "start"

    Well, things are getting renewed on Wisteria Lane. With Bree and Orson finally (?) out of trouble, it's time for fresh adventures for our favourite housewives.
    Seems that Carlos and Edie will have more space in these new storylines, and I think that's good, they are two good characters, Carlos above all, and I'm thinking of his battle against Victor to win back Gaby.
    It was a nice surprise hearing Rex (a nice character that's gone too soon in my opinion) narrating the usual start and finish lines for the episode: it's nothing special, but I kinda liked it, I don't know why, it's a good idea, period :D
    About Danielle, Julie and Austin triangle it could be good for a couple of episodes, but sending Danielle away may kill it even before it started, we'll see in the future...
    About other stuff, I liked Lynette and Tom's ninth anniversary "celebration", I didn't expect that ending, it was very tragicomic and original.
    I'm interested in seeing the rivalry between Mike against Orson and Ian, mainly the latter, I think Ian and Susan won't last long as a couple...
    It was a good restarting episode, but I think that the best things are gone with the death of Alma, I hope I'm wrong...
  • Better than I expected, but not as good as I hoped.

    Desperate Househusbands. In this episode, the narrating was done by Rex Van De Kamp. What was expected, that the episode would focus on the husbands of Wisteria Lane. What we expected as well would be lack of the mysterious mystery thingies that Desperate Housewives give us, because unfortunately, the season 3 mystery was resolved last week. Who knows, it might as well make a place for a new one ..

    Tom planned an unforgettable anniversary evening for her darling wife Lynette. Lucky for our enjoyment, it went terribly wrong. Tom had it all planned out .. and eventually it all ended up with Lynette, in a little dress waiting for several hours in a cold night alone. Talking about marital spats. A new guest star appeared. A go-getter eccentric applying for the spot of the mayor of Fairview, or whatever that town is called. He was trying to seduce Gabrielle. Unfortunately for him, it ended in vain. But unfortunately for Gabrielle, he's not planning on giving up his passion for Gabrielle. I myself hate that guy. Seriously if I'd be a gorgeous ex-model I wouldn't go out with an old yap like that. I mean come on! Isn't he impotent?

    And we were introduced to Edie's son. An unfortunate boy whose father is some low-life and whose mother is a suburban slut.
  • Better than most of season three, but not as good as I expect it to be.

    After a nearly flawless debut season Desperate Housewives has proved to disappoint me in its second and third seasons. They have not necessarily been bad seasons, its just that they are not living up to my high expectations set by the brilliant first season. This episode however is one of the better recent installments. I really enjoy the new angle they are going with regarding Carlos and Edie. Some sparks between them was very unexpected, but is also welcomed. I an anxious to see where this leads. Narration by Rex brings sort of a fresh perspective on the show which was much needed. Also worth nothing is the friction between Mike and Susan’s fiancé. I am presuming this will lead to some intriguing events. I am disappointed that they are not properly using Gabrielle, though. She has always been one of my favorite characters, but has been getting boring and predictable storylines. Overall, a pretty good episode of an ever better series.
  • An interesting episode. I thought it would have been better if Rex had narrorated for a recap episode.

    At first, I was very skeptic about having Rex narrorate. I liked his charactor, and I think Steven Culp is a good actor, but after he died in season one, this didn't seem like the most tactfull way of bringing him back. It was very left feild, but after seeing it in motion, it was actually decent.

    Kayla returned. It was a very, very small segment of the show, it was good to learn that she wasn't one of the infamous scrapped storylines of season three. The Scavo storyline was mediocre, but is still much better than last season.

    I think Gabrielle has great potential with her newest storyline. It wasn't introduced that well, but the mayor part of it could be really interesting.

    Susan/Ian/Mike triangle is getting better. It was pretty interesting last night.

    No Bree sadly. But I hope Marcia is doing well with her babies. I look foward to seeing her soon.

    The thing about this season that has bothered me, is that it's no longer about the main four charactors. Julie has her own storyline now, and it's very basic soap opera material. I hope the love triangle is solved so they can move on
  • A new voice gives a fresh perspective for the show.

    Having Rex be narrator is an idea so brilliant I'm amazed they haven't done it before now. It fits for this ep as the focus is more on the men and that actually helps it work. I was curious what could happen with the Orson story now but he works well, still hiding his running down Mike and Danielle's problems. I do wish Marcia had been available for this episode as reacting to Danielle would have been brilliant and would have loved Rex's words on her. And I do like how Orson is already fitting in to the "keep appearances up" attitude of the Van De Kamp family. The Danielle/Austin/Julie stuff was well done and Austin shows a bit of a heart by not telling Julie the real reason he has to go. Still, not sorry to see him leave as he was pretty much a dog. It's surprising to see Gabby's plot be the smallest of the bunch. I'm a bit annoyed they're already going for a "rich guy wanting to marry her" thing so soon after Zach. But the mayoral canidate thing could be a good touch for it. As for Carlos, his plot was a bit silly at first but I like how he tells Edie point blank about her problems. This led to a long-overdue moment as Edie shows she's more self-aware than people think talking about how she's not right to be a mother and scared of how she'll rub off on a kid. Great stuff, hope this means a friendship between them. The Ian/Mike stuff was very intriguing but surely Susan would have figured it out herself what Mike was doing? Then again, being ultra-aware of what's right in front of her has never been Susan's strong point. The poker game scene was very well done and I can't help but think Ian has a more sinister edge to him that will develop as the season goes on.

    While the Lynette/Tom plot was a bit goofy, it led to the great payoff, Lynette once more letting Tom take more control and the great final narration by Rex talking about how Tom's the one guy on Wisteria Lane who's truly happy. "Don't you just hate guys like that?" Maybe so...but I did love this episode.
  • The deceased Rex Van De Kamp returns to narrate this episode.

    This episode was so good, in my opinion. I enjoyed watching every minute of this episode. There were so many storylines in this episode. Bree's abscence is explained as she will be visiting her parents, and then will go on her honeymoon with Orson. Mike and Ian become even more of enemies. Austin finally gets back together with Julie, just after he gets Danielle pregnant, and Austin leaves Wisteria Lane. That moment between Susan and Mike in the jewelers was so romantic. The Lynette storyline in this episode was hilarious. It was so funny when she was waiting outside in the cold. Gabrielle met another love interest, a man about twenty years older than her, who is running for mayor. This episode was another great installment. It is perfect, just like every other episode.
  • Nothing out of the ordinary - just the regular mixed up residents of Wisteria Lane!

    Once again we see how self-centered Edie Britt is, but I have to say that it takes a lot of courage for a woman to admit that she knows this about herself with the realization she would make a bad mother, thereby giving custody to the ex. Too many women would rather hold onto their child, screwing them up forever, instead of admitting such a thing. Kudos!

    I think Lynette needs a holiday - she's been a bit snarkier than usual. Usually it's Tom who's not making an effort - nice to see the turn around here... She should jump at the chance to be pampered for a change. Too bad how it turned out, but it almost serves her right!

    Did you ever notice that kids always seem to be the opposite of their parents? Flighty, spinny Susan has mature, clear-headed Julie for a child while the straight-and-narrow, got-it-together Bree has trampy, irresponsible Danielle as her lot in life (and let's not mention Andrew of the past). I guess the premonition that Rex had in a flashback about the harder you try to control, the more out of control they become really came true. And what does it say about Danielle that she is having sex with a boy that, when it comes down to it, says "Marry you? I can't even stand you!" Sex with someone you can't stand? At such an early age? Isn't that usually reserved for the truly screwed up? Generally years from now? Guess not.

    I was sad to see Carlos stepping up to look after Edie's kid. He would have made such an awesome dad! I guess there is still time if he stopped looking for the internet hook-up and found a new love to try for kids with.

    And it looks like Ian won. Yay Ian! Poor Mike! But after everything he hardly should think he's have a shot anyway. Not that Edie's mindgames in the hospital were his fault but he did treat Susan pretty bad... not that the two of them were ever solid to start with. What happens when Susan finds out?

    This is such a great show!
  • Entertaining...

    This episode was good. I loved the part when Mike and Ian are fighting about Susan and the ring. It was really funny.

    As for Austin and Julie, things are getting better. Julie accepts to give Austin a second chance. Yet, Danielle happens to be pregnant with Austin's child which is going to be a huge problem. Austin may be compelled to leave town. "We're gonna have to take things slow because it will be a while before I can trust you again." This quote from Julie was kind of fun because she is far from knowing about the pregnancy.

    Gabrielle is chased by a rich old man but if she accepted to have dinner with him, yet she said it was their last date. However, the man is willing to marry her. We will learn more in the next episode. Tom and Lynette disagree on what to do for their ninth marriage anniversary. Couple problems coming up...

    Carlos has a hot woman coming to his place but he cannot have sex with her because he has to take care of Eddie's son. It seems that he would be a good father...

    So as a whole, it was a cool episode. 8.5/10
  • Men are even more desperate

    The first episode narrated by Rex Van De Kamp and not by Mary Alice Young. We take a look at the men of Wisteria Lane each desperate in their own way. Mike still loves Susan and he is going against Ian who has proposed to her. Orson and Mike are now oficially friends because they made an agreement. Mike will keep his mouth shout about the night Monique died and Orson will keep his mouth shut that Mike pushed him from the hospital roof.
    Carlos tries to have a hot date with a Edie's son Travers is in town and she is a really bad mother and she tries to explain that thing to Carlos after a few unfortunate events.
    Tom has a perfect plan for Lynette and his anniversary but it goes hideously wrong.
    The ending is just stupid because it didn't have any narration as an epilogue and that is what ruined this episode !
  • Not bad, not that good either.

    The whole Edie being a bad mother and Carlos looking out for her son was very expected and so far I don't think it's a story worth chasing at all.
    The Austin/Julie/Danielle triangle is back again, this time with a little twist. I just couldn't understand how dumb Julie was in this episode, she's usually the smart one, but when she decides to give Austin a 2nd chance, I must admit I was susprised, thankfully Andrew seems to have stopped that relationship from ever taking off again.
    Gaby has a new guy chasing after her and I must admit, she too surprised me. She wasn't interested in his money, she could see right through him and that's what probably got his attention and now that he's told the waiter that he will marry her, it's probably going to happen...!
    Tom and Lynette had a silly storyline this week that ended quickly.
    Then there was that whole Susan/Mike/Ian thing. So Mike has now discovered the truth about Ian's agenda with proposing to Susan. I'm hoping he does do something about it, but then again there are a few episodes remaining before the season finale. This was a dull episode, nothing much of interest, Bree goes on a vacation and Orson is left behind to deal with the Danielle problem.