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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on ABC

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  • And we have liftoff...

    I hate critics. They always suck the fun out of everything, and yet, here I am reviewing the episodes just like a critic would. Why? Because there's so much out there in the world of television, that it's necessary to discuss the making of a successful tv show, and wether it deserves the attention it's getting. Critics stated that the Desperate Housewives declined in it's quality of writing with season 2, but I won't trust the critics with this one. I'm going to see for myself. Critics hate Lost and The Fringe aswell, but I adore those shows.

    In the season 2 premiere of DH, Rex's funeral creates problems between Bree and her mother in law, while Zack involuntarily destroys Mike and Susan's relationship. Gabrielle to recieve Carlos' forgiveness with little luck, while Lynette is put under the test of effeciancy.

    The season opener is fast paced and concludes many of season one's storylines. The show still excels in creating suspense, but the Apple Whites made a very weak impression in the crammed pile of characters and storylines.

    Favorite character of the episode : Bree. That funeral scene deserves a standing ovation.
  • 2.01 'Next'

    As much as I love this unique and wonderful television show even I have to admit that this was not the strongest episode and it kind of let me down after that juicy season finale. But I loved the addition of Alfre Woodard. 8/10
  • The 2nd Season Begins With Lynette's Return To The Businees World. Rex' Mother Helps Bree Prepare Rex' Funeral And A Neighbor Arrives.

    The only word that can be used to describe this season opener is excellent. The last episode ended with a cliffhanger and we pick up from there. The opening scene at Mike's house could have been better but on the other hand I'm glad that it was not too long. I like the fact that Lynette returns to the business world because the show becomes more entertaining. Her first episode in the office was marvellous. I'm sad about Rex' death but the show must go on. It was also a good move since the plot becomes juicier by every episode. The dialogues between Bree and Phyllis is another high point. Their firey exchanges about the funeral are just terrific. I hate the plot involving Carlos in jail but it is not a big flaw. The episode's suspense never let up and I'm looking forward to the next episode. Amazing premiere!
  • abit of a letdown


    suprisingly so this episode was abit of a disopointment, after waiting so long to see what would come of susan in the hostage situation and bree after rex's death but i was suprised to see it wsnt all that eciting there were some good moments like the tie thingy that was pretty classic but overall this episode was abit of a leetdown hopefully this isnt a sign of things to come

  • Recap

    I wasn't really that excited to start season 2 that i left it for a week before i put it in my dvd player. Im not saying end of season 1 wasn't a success. I just had better shows to get back too and i wanted the enjoyment of DHW to last longer :). I was surprised how much older Teri looked in season 2. She clearly looked atleast 5 to 8 years older. However, she's still my favourite:) along with Eva. I hope season 2 would be just as exciting as season 1 and it always keeps me on the edge to know whats gonna happen next.
  • PAra ser el inicio de la segunda temporada éste capítulo es bastante aburrido.

    Es cierto, en Wisteria Lane están pasando otras cosas, pero en este episodio se debería haber centrado la trama en el duelo por la muerte de Rex que fué un personaje muy importante en la primera temporada. Aparecen unos personajes como la mama de Rex que es bastante llamativa por llamarla de alguna manera, y los Applewhite son una familia muy curiosa e intrigante, tendremos que esperar que pasa durante los próximos episodios. Y además creo que se pierde una oportunidad para explorar un poco más la forma de lidiar con la tristeza de cada uno de los Van de Kamp, ya vimos que pasaba con Bree, pero Danielle y Andrew?
  • What happened over the summer? Hopefully Desperate Housewives will be much better than this, as this episode was a sad, sad way to begin a season. Bree's storyline was terribly written.

    Where do I begin? Well, first off, this episode was a terrible way to begin a Season. Rex is dead, and we are positive of that (It would have been terrible if he wasn't dead) and apperently, so are the good storylines. The dialouge was dreadful for the most part. Most of Bree's lines were totally innacurate. I have to say the thing that bothered me most was that she didn't mourn Rex's death whatsoever. In episode 123, "One Wonderful Day" she displayed an amazing heart wrenching breakdown, however it seems in this episode that she didn't care at all. Her attitude was basically "My husband is dead... oh well." Phyllis Van de Kamp (Rexs' mother) played by Shirley McKnight was perhaps one of the most annoying charactors on television. I haven't seen any of McKnights acting before, so I can't say whether or not she's a bad actress, but it certainly seemed that way in this episode. Her sobbing was way too fake, and the whole time she acted like a little girl whose mother just told her she couldn't buy Ice Cream. The only reason I wouldn't give this episode a 7.5, which is honesly how I felt, is because of the Applewhite's. Alfre beautifully displayed that Betty is up to no good, and she is not going to let anyone know what she's up to. The last scene was amazing, we now know that Betty has someone in her basement.. but who is it? An Ex-Husband? A disturbed child? A nosey neighbor? My guess is that is is a disturbed child. Mainly because I know her secret involves her son, and that she's running from the law for doing something "gothic, spooky, awful, and real". I can't wait to see what she brings to the table, and I hope this season improves, because it looks like they have an amazing new mystery in store for us. Hopefully it will measure up with Season One's Mary Alice's story.
  • A perfect return for the Desperate Housewives.

    After seeing this episode for the first time, it made me realise exactly why I watch this show. It was full of drama, suspence, laughter, tearjearking moments and a whole lot of emotion put all into one episode. This episode also proved once again why Marcia Cross (Bree Van de Kamp) is my favourite character on the show. She was perfect and managed to keep up appearances in her own obsessive way which was fantasticly performed. I loved the comments between Bree and Rex's Mother, it really made the episode. I was a bit disappointed with the quick resoulution to the Zack, Susan, Mike gun/ hostage incident, but I'm glad the housewives all found out the truth about Mary Alice, finally. Now all we have to wonder is what is what is Betty Applewhite keeping in her basement?
  • Good Grief Written by Jenna Bans And Kevin Murphy Directed by Larry Shaw

    Bree (to Lynette): “Of course you can borrow that scarf. I’ll even press it for you. So I have some news … Rex died”.

    Indeed he did and here is the start of the fallout of our S&M loving doctor’s death. The opening scene with Bree taking her time in taking in her husband’s demise was heartfelt and having the ladies onside for her was needed but I had a few peeves about the biggest thread of the season opener.

    The biggest one being Phyllis of course. Horribly miscast, Shirley Knight was atrocious as the grief stricken mother in law from hell (although she was only equally annoying as Lesley Ann Warren, not more and certainly not less), whose scenes annoyed me to no end. I felt terrible for Bree all the way through as Phyllis deliberately undermined her at every available opportunity. There were the snide remark about her physical prowess, the hysterical shouting in the cab and the bare-face nerve of trying to exclude Bree from the eulogy.

    While Rex and Bree may have had their problems, he did love her and the latter half of the season did emphasise that sentiment a fair amount. Then to have Phyllis to try and make a mockery out of their marriage was band out of order. How I totally enjoyed Bree’s threat of having security at the funeral that would beat Phyllis if she set foot in the church. I know the woman has lost her son and we as an audience are supposed to sympathise with her but the writers made that a difficult task. However Andrew had to be the spoilsport by getting Bree to re-invite her to the funeral, giving the old chrome another chance to get one up on Bree.

    For me, this isn’t “Let’s Hate Andrew” week (though I’m sure we’ll have opportunity to do that later on in the year) as for once the guy was actually trying to be helpful. He admitted to Bree he thought Phyllis was a bitch but just like them, she had the right to grieve for Rex as well. It’s just a pity Shirley Knight is so incredibly bad in this role to remotely care how Phyllis feels.

    The funeral in itself was a little hokum. With some rather snipped eulogy reading from Reverend Sykes, this part lacked poignancy and how come no-one from the family gave a speech about their dead son/father/husband? Thankfully, things did pick when an infuriated Bree had the genius stroke of changing Rex’s tie by literally forcing Tom to hand over his (hey even I wouldn’t have dared to say no to her). Weirdly enough it felt like a classic scenario from first year Six Feet Under and it only went to prove how great Marcia Cross is getting as an actress.

    The mourners may have looked at Bree as if she was possessed but I could understand and for once validate what she did. It’s really going to be interesting to see how she cracks up because we all know it’s on the horizon and having Phyllis around is definitely going to be a challenge for Bree as well as audiences.

    Funerals aside, one of the less dramatic plots was Lynette as her and Tom begin to take on their new roles with the as expected bout of confusion and chaos. As a stay at home parent, Tom is going to have his work cut out for him, something which Lynette will need to cotton onto pretty quick but as a business lady, Miss Scavo is out to impress and hot damn, she does. While her new boss Nina Fletcher (played by former Ellen star Joely Fisher) is a bit of a cow, her point of telling Lynette not to use her kids as an excuse to drop the slack was right on. However when Tom bombards her with Penny, Lynette’s method of acquiring a position in Nina’s firm and changing Penny is nothing short of impressive. Eschewing the dowdy attire for a more glamorous clothing Felicity Huffman not only acts brilliantly but looks quite radiant too.

    Keeping with developments, one of the more surprising aspects about “Next” is the start of some character growth for Gabrielle when instead of renewing her relationship with John now that Carlos is in jail, she kicks him out and even though faking a paternity test is more Gabrielle, we saw a rather decent side to her. As for whom the father of her baby is, I hope it’s Carlos’. Throughout Season One both she and Carlos have been shallow and manipulative people and while I seriously can’t see that changing over night, it was wonderful to finally have them both assess this fact about themselves. I’m still not sure if Gabrielle is genuinely sorry for cheating on her husband, it will be nice to see a more different side to what potentially is a one note character and union.

    The joy of Gaby’s plot made up for a not as interesting resolution of the Susan/Mike/Zach cliff-hanger of last season. The hostage scenario was solved a little too quickly with Bongo causing hospital worthy damage to Susan but at least we got some mildly interesting exposition as Mike revealed to Susan in the morgue during a fake out where the police think they’ve found Zach’s body (wasn’t him) about Mary Alice killing Deirdre and Zach possibly his son. This sets up a wedge that can be seen from outer space with Susan and Mike as her hostility has only heightened and in a surprise moment, she declines moving in with him because of Zach’s attraction to Julie and generally crazy behaviour. Her relaying of all this information to the girls was a little anticlimactic and nihilistically dismissed by Bree but at least Edie’s inquisition of Zach to Susan was amusing.

    Last year we had the Mary Alice mystery, which is now over or on hiatus but this year the emphasis is on new neighbours the Applewhites who are destined to be the enigma of Season Two. Betty has already gotten herself into good graces by playing the music for Rex’s funeral, although Alfre Woodard retains that certain creepy factor. She is a delightful addition and although he’s cute Mehcad Brooks works equally as well as her selfless son Matthew. Their mystery involves a captive in the basement, begging the question who the hell could it be? Given that Matthew lied about his father being dead, the captive could be him and if it is, then why on earth is he being restrained in a basement?

    Also in “Next”

    Housewife of the week: Ida Greenberg’s various drinking habits were duly noted but watching her latest bottle of liquor destroyed by a stray bullet from Zach’s gun was hilarious.

    Gabrielle (to John): “Up until the point you told my husband that we were having an affair I was fond of you. Since then, not a fan!”

    Andrew: “Looks like Dad was into big breasts”
    Phyllis: “That’s why I was surprised when he married your mother”.

    New Regulars: Doug Savant, Alfre Woodard, Mehcad Brooks, Richard Burgi, Shawn Pyfrom and Joy Lauren while Jesse Metcalfe is relegated to guest star this season.

    Phyllis (re being uninvited): “You can’t do that”
    Bree: “Oh yes I can. I will hire security and those security men will have sticks and if you so much as set foot in the sanctuary, they will be instructed to beat you with those sticks”.

    The Stephen Sondheim titles continue this year with “Next” being a song from Pacific Overtures.

    Nurse (to Gabrielle): “Just because I choose to express myself, doesn’t mean I condone adultery”.

    Susan: “It wasn’t like that”
    Edie: “Not even a little kicking?”

    Character bits: Edie finally has her home, Rex liked Soy milk (uh, yuck!), Zach held Susan hostage for six hours and while prior to being a mom, the companies Lynette worked for were Donahue’s and Senne And Simons.

    Lynette (to Tom): “Being a mom is like being an ER doctor, they are no days off. So get up!”

    John did a parody of American Beauty when he tried to seduce Gabrielle with the rose arrangement.

    Nina: “You brought your baby to the interview?”
    Lynette: “It won’t be an ongoing thing”.

    Missing people in this episode were Paul and Karl, even though the latter was now made a regular.

    Gabrielle: “Look on the bright side. At least we’re still rich”
    Carlos: “Thank God for that”.

    Was it me or did Rex look like he was played by a different actor? Also did anyone notice Danielle eyeing up Matthew?

    Bree (to herself/the ladies): “We don’t really care about what happens behind closed doors”.

    Chronology – A year since the “Pilot”. Mary Alice stated it more than once.

    With both Six Feet Under and Nip/Tuck keeping me more than busy over the past seven months, I survived overly anticipating this premiere. As openers go, “Next” is pretty standard stuff but it’s an appealing debut and another reason why even for blokes, there’s nothing wrong with watching this show in it’s make or break second year. There were definite noticeable character shifts and if these along with the Applewhite mystery can be maintained, then this show stands a fighting chance of silencing detractors.

  • Glad it's back :)

    Well I really missed this series when it finished last year so I’m glad it back, there something about this series that I really like but I just can’t put my finger on it, anyway back to first episode of this season, it’s rex funeral-I swear that wasn’t Rex in the coffin but it was a good-look alike. I will start with Bree, as per usual she was brilliant in this episode, propping a body up and borrowing a tie from guest was cool. I laughed really hard at that. That mother-in-law how long is she going stay?

    Lynette, well it’s her interview and she seem to do fine until next day when Tom pulls his back and has to multi-task and she got the job, but I’m a little bit confused because I remember in last episode of season 1 that Lynette was offered a job, right so why would she have to go for inter-view?

    Susan who has to either stupid or insane, I’m going with stupid, I mean any normal person wouldn’t try to jump a person with a gun, but not Susan she does it, Mike can handle himself. In the hospital Mike dropped the charges. Given zack his son he has no choice.
  • Returning to Wisteria.

    When we last saw the human pantomine that is Susan Mayer at the end of Season 1, she was in something of a problematic situation, being held at gunpoint by everyone's favourite teenager, lovable Zach Young. Thankfully the opening scene of this episode picks up exactly where we left off instead of fast forwarding three months, immediately providing us with a sense of recognition and familiarity towards the show.

    Following on from the events of 1.23 though isn't without it's advantages as this episode we have to say goodbye to previous character, Rex. Having been wasted pretty much most of last season, it's not worth hoping for much concerning his funeral, and the whole thing is turned into a dark humour spectacle than a saddening and unhappy event. His death however isn't in vein as we're introduced to mother Phyllis. Played superbly by Shirley Knight she quickly establishes herself as "mother-in-law from hell". Her sparring with Bree is nice to watch and is instantly a great addition to Wisteria Lane.

    Also following on from last season, "Next" sees Lynette turn into a working mum, leaving Tom at home to look after the kids. Easily my favourite housewife from the previous season, Felicity Huffman is great to watch in her new scenarios and situations that the writers have placed her in. She heads off for a job interview, and via some fast talking and multi-tasking with baby daughter in hand, she easily gets it. The scenes are high in the entertainment stakes, and also sets up what could be her season plot. A role reversal well conceived.

    It's with great dissapointment then that both Susan and Gabrielle are, as usual, dull as dishwater. Susan is still her crazy "wacky" self, and Gabrielle still the "hot one". James Denton as Mike Delfino, the other half of Susan is thankfully a lot better than she is, and despite only having the one line, Carlos is still full of promise.

    "Next" is a great follow on from the past season, succesfully managing to continue some of the plot changes forward and into the new episodes, while still managing to introduce some fresh characters and situations. It of course lets us down in several areas (keeping Susan!??) and making a semi-shambles of the funeral. Like others have suggested there's definately not enough greiving, and more scenes featuring the Van de Kamp kids would've be fantastic. Regardless, it's a great episode, and we can only look forward to more.
  • I might almost say this was 'under average', especially as the much awaited season premiere.

    I've got to admit, I was not stunned by this episode. There was a distinct lack of both humour and drama, and not much witty dialogue in site. As a premiere of season 2, I was just expecting the season to start with a louder bang than Next managed.

    There are many unanswered questions, as always. But amid all the other story-lines of the episode, they just don't seem to offer too much suspense right now.

    There was a definite and noticeable absense of Edie, though Lynette's part was fantastic this episose. I don't think they dealt with Rex's death all that well; a bit of sadness from the kids at least????

    But I've even forgotten what happened in the episode now, so I'll have to leave the review here. Clearly it just wasn't that stimulating if only a few days later my memory has already erased it from my mind.
  • Desperate Housewives is definitly the best Primetime Show there is.

    Its a very good start for the season premiere. In this episode we begin with Susan being held at gunpoint by Zach. Susan jumps him and takes his gun while her man Mike tries to control Zach. During the show we once again meet up with Edie, Bree, Gabrielle, and Lynette. But now theres a new housewife named Betty.
  • it could have been better IMO

    it was a nice start, the whole ending of Mike entering the house was a bit brushed off and it ended pretty soon and lame.

    There were funny moments when it concerned Bree and her grandmother. Lynette's parts in the episode weren't that interesting.
    Gabrielle was nice but not that interesting either, how far is she now?! She's pregnant for a few episodes now, how slowly does time pass by at Wisteria Lane?

    One thing i do find interesting is that new family on Wisteria Lane... So that's the only part that intrigued me.
  • Not the best I saw

    Season 1 stated a high profile for this show... because of that this first episode to my opinion lacked something... I cant quite put the finger to it.... but something wasn't there. The storyline for Bree was very good, Lynette and Gabrielle good... but with Mike and Susan I felt like "Oh no... not again! Do we need to go out that road again!?".
  • The Second Season Premiere That Wraps The First Season Up.

    This is the start of a whole new season of America's favorite show Desperate Housewives. In this episode we begin with Susan being held at gunpoint by Zach the typical white teenager with problems. Susan jumps him and takes his gun while her man Mike tries to control Zach. Eventually you'll get to see the entire scene later on if you haven't seen the episode but simply put its a very good start for the season premiere. During the show we once again meet up with Edie, Bree, Gabrielle, and Lynette. But now we meet a new housewife named Betty played by Alfre Woodard. Woodard's presence in the show is a nicely welcomed one since she brings a whole lot more to the show which most likely will go through a downfall. The episode features our usual favorite plotlines that Desperate Housewives offers but instead of focusing on one single matter IE the suicide of Mary Alice it stretches itself out over several different scenarios. The season premiere isn't the best Desperate Housewives but it still remains the best Primetime Soap Opera/Comedy there is.
  • a very good and funny episode witch should be watched by all!

    This episode was very entertaining and very funny. It evolves rex’s funeral and the climax of what happened in the house where Zach had a gun at Susan. This episode starts off with Bree waiting to call here friends till the very right moment. as the episode progresses Bree and her mother in law have a feud about what tie rex will be wearing at the time of his burial. It turns out that the tie Bree wanted her mother in law hated so she put that one on rex. At the part of the lat viewing of the casket Bree notices that it’s the wrong tie so she takes it off rex’s body and takes Lynette’s husbands tie and puts it on him. This is a great episode witch will really catch your attention.
  • Perfect start to Season 2!

    What a perfect beginning to a new season of this show. I was a little worried that this might not live up to the first. However, this first episode proved me wrong right from the beginning.

    Shirley Knight was wonderfully cast as Rex's mother, Phyllis. She is a perfect fodder for Marcia Cross's Bree. The highlight of the episode had to be Rex's funeral. When Bree walked in and saw what Phyllis had done to Rex's tie, I thought I'd die. It got even better when she went up to Tom and asked for his tie then immediately went and put it on Rex in the coffin. The looks on the faces of all of the attendees was a classic. Then when Bree walked out of the funeral everyone just sat there stunned and Phyllis looked like she could die herself.

    I actually felt bad for Susan when she finally found out why Zach had acted the way that he did when he took her hostage. Frankly, I knew that he wouldn't kill her or Mike but it made for a good cliffhanger last season. Who didn't know that Mike would reveal to Susan that Zach was most likely his son with Deirdre?

    I loved the ending when the girls were talking after the funeral about Mary Alice and what happened with Deirdre and the truth about Zach's parentage. It was so reminicent of last year's ending part of the pilot.

    The best part of the who entire episode had to be the new creepy happening on Wisteria Lane. Who could be locked in the basement? I cannot wait to see how this turns out.

    MVP's: Marcia Cross and Shirley Knight
  • An episode which leaves a pivotal plot possibilities for further episodes!

    This was a great start for the second season, the plot was very well managed with lots of laughs and sentimental moments, also great mistery to be unveil that's why these show was created and it stills has the strength of the beginning season. I'm pretty sure this will be as original as the first season with tons of memorable moments and events to entretain with intelligent stories.
    I Hope Bree will make a painful but funny revenge to George when she finds out who really he is. Lynette will develope the character i was waiting for as a business executive! Same as Gabriel (during her pregnancy), Susan (And her relation with Karl & Mike) and Edie who sure will make her hilarious moments once again. Good Luck Wisteria Lane but most of all SUCCESS!!!
  • It's Called "Bree"-ving Written by Jenna Bans and Kevin Murphy Directed by Larry Shaw

    "It's true, Rex and I did not have the perfect marriage. But for eighteen years, I tried my very best, and for that I'm entitled to your respect."--Bree

    After 24 episodes of watching and listening to the very creative and often times amusing plots, the writers and producers create a very entertaining and somewhat morbid season opener. As you can see by the 30 fabulous reviews for the episode people surely have a lot to say. Some of it overwhelmingly positive and the rest... negative. Now I think we all have to remember that this is the first episode of the new season and not everything can be revealed or shown in a 44 minute + commercial episode. It's just impossible. I think the writers did the best job they could in order to make a very satisfying in my opinion premiere. The episode can definitely not compare to last season's killer finale but I'm very happy the housewives are back on the tube and still kickin'.

    We leave off minutes after the finale where Mike is pulling up to his driveway and Susan being held at gunpoint. We then get a very entertaining narration by Mary Alice on one of Wisteria Lane's many characters: Ida Greenberg known for being the drunk of the street who often exposed her intoxication in public and happened to go out on her porch for a drink when she thought she had been challenged by God. Mike walks in where he is confronted by Zach, Susan then thinks fast and tackles Zach to the ground grabbing the gun, causing Bongo to go crazy and the trigger go off. Luckily no one is hurt except for Ida's wine bottle and Ida soon leaves the scene.

    After the credits, Mary Alice discusses how the neighborhood has changed since her suicide that last September. New games had been played, houses built and futures beginning for better or for worse. Now what I don't understand is how Edie's house could be built in such a short time? The events take place the day after Rex's death. Oh, well.

    Anyway, Gabrielle gets a rude awakening from John who visits her and offers her a virgin drink. Gabby sees the gesture as a kind one but then shoos him out due to his revelation the previous "day". Gabby then goes to see Carlos in jail who asks grimly for a paternity test. Seeing that Gabby doesn't want to hurt anyone she visits a lab where she asks the clerk for a fake one. Knowing she is going to get nowhere she befriends a red haired woman who just received devastating news herself. Gabby being "desperate" quietly puts the results in her bag and presents them to Carlos who buys it but is still upset over her cheating. Gabby yells that at least nobody died. Wait, I thought Mama died after discovering the affair. I guess she can't tell him that. She then brings up the fact that they're still rich and she soon leaves.

    Bree stares at a clock in her home when the right time to tell her friends that her husband has died. Lynette soon calls after to borrow a scarf where she reveals to Lynette that Rex has died. Soon after, Bree's mother-in-law Phyllis arrives on the scene where she begins to discuss the funeral arrangements and how Rex was the most happiest when he was a child. Bree automatically takes offense to her words and uninvites her from the funeral. She is later persuaded by both Danielle and Andrew to reinvite her which she does with disasterous results. At the funeral, Bree discovers the clothes she had picked out for Rex were not the ones he was being laid out in which include a hideous Prep school tie. During the remainder of the service, Bree focuses in on the tie and when it finally comes time to close the casket Bree delivers her objection and snoops around the church with someone with a similar tie. She gets Tom to take off his tie which she then hilariously puts on Rex's body by readjusting it and tieing it shocking the entire congregation. Thus the title of my review: "Breeving" when you grieve and want everything to be absolutely perfect.

    Lynette goes for a job interview at a top ad agency where a cold woman named Nina, who is soon to be her boss makes it clear to her that she hates children--and the mothers who raise them. Lynette tries to make a good impression on the boss but has to take baby Penny on a job interview (when Tom fakes having an injury). Lynette then multitasks by giving a business proposition and a diaper change at the same time. The male boss is amazed by this and immediately hires her. Nina looks on with a cold look.

    Susan recovers in the hospital where she is interrogated by a police officer over the events that happened the following day. Susan automatically wants to press charges however Mike decides that they should not press charges since prison is like hell on earth. Susan later finds out Mike is really concerned about Zach and that Mike is Zach's father. Susan then takes on herself to tell Mike that she can't move in with him since he will probably be spending more time with Zach and she does not want to be around him. Plus he is not a good influence for Julie. The two tearly depart although they will remain boyfriend and girlfriend.

    I think the biggest question on everyone's mind is Betty Applewhite. The woman seems to be a very happy lady with a kind, handsome son who plays the piano flawlessly yet she has her secrets. As Matthew prepares to make a dinner tray as he does every night the two bring it down to the basement of all places and put it on a table. They leave and a person in restraints slowly takes the tray and eats. The person remains unknown but rest assured we will all probably know who the mystery person is by season's end.

    Other important events in "Next"...
    *As I sat watching this episode I began to think what happened to Felicia Tillman? She seemed to be a very important character in Season 1 and finding out what officially happened seems important. At least Edie remembered her, and we all thought Edie was a selfish woman.
    *So far, four important characters have died during the first 24 episodes: Mary Alice, Mrs. Huber, Mama Solis and Rex. Who will they kill of next? And there is the episode title... Next.
    *I was surprised to see Edie of all people at church. Edie is supposed to be beneath but she is slowly emerging as a likeable character.
    *Zach appears in one scene of the episode and then disappears for the rest. We then are thought to believe that he has died and when Susan and Mike go to identify his body they see someone that looks more like Justin. Probably not.

    "Next" continues to deliver the wonderful mysteries that occur on what we refer to as Wisteria Lane. The writing is still sharp and Larry Shaw's direction is still very well done. It won't be very long until the "next" episode rolls along.
  • Just an okay start....

    The premiere was not as good as I dreamed it would be, but it was average. I hope Desperate Housewives has a great season and I hope it gets better fast! I love this show, and everything that happens... it is an awesome show! Hopefully, this is just a slow start, not a slow season!
  • A clever start, and definitely contained some funny moments, but not at the show's best quality.

    The episode began well with the story about the drunk old woman, and the gun incident played well. Once the episode began, though, the laughs were fewer and in between. The clock sequence was rather pointless, I thought.

    Bree's storyline with her mother-in-law was decent, but not hilarious, with the exception of the tie changing at the end. It is without a doubt that the actress can pull off emotion and humor perfectly.

    Lynette's new bitter female boss has potential to be fun to watch. I found the first job interview funnier than the second one with the baby, so again, the episode faltered as it went along.

    Gabrielle had a good moment at the paternity testing centre which was humorous, but I don't like how she wants Carlos back again. After all he has done to her, the question is why? I don't feel anything between them, and it is one of the weaker couplings on the show to begin with.

    Susan's story was the worst, as it was neither funny nor dramatic. The spark for Susan and Mike has been lost since mid-way through Season 1, since they are only featured when apart, and hardly ever shown TOGETHER. Again, in this episode, Mike leaves Susan in the cold, and again, it is she who must go to him. Did he not care that Susan out or what?

    The new neighbours don't have the panache of Martha Huber and Felicia Tillman yet. Betty is menacing but still lacks humor.

    So overall, an average (not bad, but not great) episode.

  • We're back at Wisteria Lane and right where we left off.

    This show was one of my favorite shows last season and the season opener does not disappoint! We get resolve from last season and we get a fun, new mystery for our new season. Funny, sad, intriguing this episode was all that and more. I cannot wait for what's promising to be another great season on Wisteria Lane.
  • Great start to the new season, ABC is excellent.

    The first season of "Desperate Housewives" was probably the finest set of 23 hours you could find on a primetime soap opera. I didn't actually see the last half of the season until July, and it was really great. The season finale left me dying for more, and finally, the show is back.

    The season premiere was excellent, I give a A-. The character development was good, we get immediately introduced to a new mystery now that last season's has been solved, and the end sets up the rest of the season very, very nicely. The only reason I don't give it a perfect score is because one or two scenes were dragged out too long and, while it was humorous, it wasn't as funny as the average episode. However, that's completely understandable seeing as how it dealt a lot with Rex's death and other more serious topics.

    My favorite scene overall was probably the funeral where Bree takes Rex's tie and changes him in front of the whole chapel. My least favorite scene was when Susan told Mike that they couldn't live together because of Zach. As much as I love Susan, she has so many issues it's ridiculous, and every few episodes she gets cold feet about her relationship with Mike.

    I'm very intrigued with the person locked in the basement of the new neighbor's house, and what will happen to Bree now that Rex is dead. Will Gabi and her lover kiss and make up? Or will she find someone else? Will Andrew get any closer to his mother or will he continue to try to destroy her life? I can't wait to find out.
  • A great season premiere.

    What I really liked about the season premiere was how the episode was both suspenseful and funny, like when Susan was being held hostage by Zach and then was rescued by Mike, or when Gabrelle was throwing John out of the house after she got out of the bath. It was great to see that the writers were still able to keep the plots as superbly written so far as the first season was. It was also great to see that the characters hadn't changed one bit between the season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere. I'm looking forward to another great episode and season of Desperate Housewives.
  • The best episode yet!

    Is it just me or was this the greatest episode to come out of Desperate Housewives yet? It is beautifully plotted, acted, and written. All in all, a great start to the show\'s new season. I especially loved Gabrielle demanding a copy of a paternity test to doctor, Bree changing Rex\'s tie at the funeral, and Lynette changing her baby\'s diaper during the interview. Kudos to the writers. What a great episode! Plus, it wrapped up the Mary Alice mystery as the women all learned the truth, and set up the new one involving Alfre Woodard\'s character. My only complaint? Not enough of Nicollette Sheridan!
  • Eh.... This really didn\'t live up to my expectations.

    I am a dedicated \"Desperate Housewives\" watcher, and I reallllllly expected more. The best part of the WHOLE episode was when Bree lifted Rex\'s dead body to change his tie. Priceless!
    Susan\'s antics were typical. She\'s normally my favorite, but her constant \"running\" away from Mike is just annoying now.
    Gabrielle shouldn\'t be begging Carlos to take her back. She ontained that money from the settlement with the hospital and will be okay. It\'d be better if he were stalking her from jail or something.
    And Lynette\'s scene was okay. Nothing bad, nothing good. I myself am a working mother and don\'t get as stressed out as she does, so sometimes I can\'t relate to her.
  • Three words:surprises,surprises,surprises!!!!!!!

    This espisode was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! There were so many entertaining twists and turns in this one. Everything from Bree and Rex's mother pissing each other off( as well as Bree changing Rex's tie at the funeral; can you say control freak???) to the discovery of Zach being Mike's son to Gabrielle scamming her test to Lynnette "multitasking" with career and family had made me want to see what's going to happen next week!!!!
  • This was the best example of why desperate housewives is so entertaining to watch...

    ok if im honest i wasnt impressed with how the mike and zach beginning was kind of an anti-climax but even then it wasnt that bad, i just thought it could have been more exciting... Then as i continued to watch it you realise how it was necessary to continue the storyline even more... The full episode was entertaining throughout (espicially with bree and rex's mother) But i would say only desperate housewives can add such mystery to the end of an episode... Before that ending i would have given it 7.5 but after the ending it has to go to an 8.5
  • uhm.. ok, was *this* the premiere...?

    ..uhm.. ok.. i don't get it... where are my housewives?????? ..don't get me wrong, i simply adore the show, but this episode kind of didn't match my standards.. it's like they really tried to get rid of all the first season's storylines and get on with the new family secrets..
    1. they way Mike told the news of his son.. so cold!
    2. they were all so cold to each other. i mean, when mary-alice died everyone was crying.. and here "oh, you know, Rex died.. oh yeah, i got the milk..." whatever..
    i have to say, Bree rocks.. i totally loved Marcia Cross.. i think she was amazing.. i want more of this cold b#tch from hell! to me, the Emmy was hers...
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