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Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 1

Nice is Different Than Good

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2009 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Mike Delfino's bride is finally revealed, and whereas one woman of Wisteria Lane is struck by happiness (yet again), another woman's world falls appart. In the meantime, Lynette tries to cope with her new pregnancy, and develops some unexpected and horrifying feelings towards her unborn babies. Bree begins a reluctant affair with Karl Mayer, and Gabrielle has to deal with raising a rebellious teenage girl. Meanwhile, a new family with a dark past, headed by new housewife Angie Bolen (new castmember Drea de Matteo), moves to the street.moreless

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  • The 6th Season Begins With Mike's And Susan's Wedding. Bree Has Second Thoughts About Karl And A New Family Moves To Wisteria Lane.

    "Desperate Housewives" has started the season on the right note. This premiere was a lot better than the previous season's. There is still one reason why I'm not giving it a "10". But there were many things that happened here. Susan and Mike finally tie the knot - for a second time. They are ment for each for each other. I'm glad that they are back together. Bree's relationship with Karl is very funny. I'd like to see where that story goes. Marcia Cross is the most beautiful woman in the world (Blushing!)! Gaby's and Carlos's story with Ana is interesting. Lynette's pregnancy is a recycled plot device and I'm really getting sick of it. The writers could have come up with a better idea. But then again, I'm not judging because I am not a writer in this series. The new neighbors are so mysterious. This episode ends with a dramatic cliffhanger. I'm looking forward to the next episode! Bullseye!!moreless
  • not bad

    a ok start to season 6 with some funny gags and nice moments, Mikes bride is revealed as susan pretty ovivous really, im glad katherine didnt forive susan at the end, susan it abit horried to marry the man her best friend loved

    Bree,s affiar storyline is pretty weak, the bree of the earlier years would never sleep with a man like karl.

    Lynette had a pretty weak storyline i cant believe she is pregnant agian think the writers are running low on ideas

    Gaby storyline with ana was ok, it is quite fun to see gaby dealing with a teenager

    The new family seem intriging, hope there storyline is better then the awful dave one last yearmoreless
  • When we left Desperate Housewives at the end of last season, the show was in dire straits.

    When we left Desperate Housewives at the end of last season, the show was in dire straits. Cherry's narrative going into the sixth year looked to be one of the worst ever - a selection of half-baked regurgitations and ludicrous character swerves. It didn't seem like there was much hope for the show; it was burning out, lacking the spark that once made it must see TV. Now, as it returns to our screens, fresh faced after a cool Summer break, the jury's still very much out but thankfully, there are shafts of light shining through.

    Bree's much lamented affair with Susan's smarmy ex-husband seemed like an act of desperation at the end of last year, an attempt to breathe fresh air into a character that had become a little stale. While it is still difficult to believe that she would ever contemplate bonking the man, at least Cherry acknowledges this here, giving her more of a road towards the man. Her cleanliness obsession is completely in character and is a very good way of demonstrating, and reiterating, her morality. Gabrielle and Carlos's intake of Ana, their upstart niece, actually works rather well to begin with. The dialogue in the kitchen is completely believable, feeling just like the sort of scene you'd see in your own house at seven in the morning. Unfortunately, it descends into utter farce once Gaby infiltrates the club and the audience start lifting the girl over their heads... but we'll forgive Cherry his excesses just this once.

    Lynette's narrative looked to be a complete eye-roller when it began in the season five finale - do we need to see her pop a sprog or two again?? Ack! - but at least Felicity Huffman gets some interesting beats to play; the moment when she confesses that she is unable to love her new babies is just heartbreaking and is played to absolute perfection. There's even some good stuff for Mrs McLuskey (a new beau that she's hanging out with? Yummy!) and the new family adds a suitable level of intrigue, as well as some HAWT eye candy to replace Shawn Pyfrom with in the form of Danny, uber-sexy brooder extraordinaire. Shame he seems to be a dirty straight... maybe Cherry could mix things up a bit and get him snogging Preston? No? Okay, just get his top off then. Ahem. It seems fairly obvious that he isn't the one responsible for strangling Julie, although this is the same show that had Mike Delfino be the subject f yet another mystery last year so... who knows?

    Speaking of Mike, this is where the episode really falls down. While the other narratives manage to salvage something enjoyable out of their crappy conceits, the Susan/Mike/Katherine triangle is just so tired that nothing even remotely enjoyable can ever come out of it. It really doesn't matter who the guy ends up with, because the story is always going to be the same. The other party will over-react, have an attack of the green eyed monsters and there'll be friction and tension for a while. Then, when all of that settles down, the writers will feel like they have to 'spice things up', so they'll split the couple up again before spending another year getting them back together. It's an endless bleeding cycle and it's utterly infuriating. Get this cack off my screen now, please. It's bloody insulting. At least Katherine has a fairly human reaction to the whole debacle. I think I'd be a bit ticked off if my lover said something along the lines of, "hey, I was going to marry you but actually, I've changed my mind and I'm gonna marry my ex instead. Have a nice day!" How rude! Sadly, her anger cannot rescue what is ultimately a horrorshow of a storyline. Honestly, cull these characters and Housewives would be ten times better. As it is now, every six or seven minutes, I just want to throw things at the TV.moreless
  • A fantastic start to season six

    This episode first aired in the UK on January 27th 2010 and i was immediately impressed by it.

    First of all, Susan as the bride was obvious yet surprising at the same time. The niceness of her wedding was rather emotional and sweet.

    Its nice to see Marcia Cross being naughty for a change. Its funny how uptight Bree has developed into a real desperate housewive (with Richard Burgi!)

    Lynette's blind panic was fun to watch, but her emotions were getting the better of her and i wonder whether she can really love these ne children or not.

    Gabrielle and her niece go to war - but its nice to see a role reversal of sorts (Ana is a mini Season one Gabby) and its nice to see Eva Longoria take charge and be a grown up for a change.

    The Bolens are weird. Full stop. But the episode belongs to the beautiful Dana Delany. She plays the game of emotional swingball throughout - when she steals susan's wedding dress and when she's locked in the closet is funny, yet when susan apologises to her its sad and emotional.

    Oh and Julie's back, which is nice. Except the ending. That wasn't so nice....moreless
  • Great

    Another great episode of DH. There is always emotions, drama, homour, love and etc. I'm laughing every time I'm watching this show. A very great episode, great first episode of the 6th season or is it 7th? Anyway, a very good episode. I just love Gabrielle on this show. So funny. The new family seems to be scary so I don't think I like them, but it can be intressing with some "action". I was happy to see that Susan and Mike got married for the second time, cause I don't like Kathrine. DH is one of my TV-shows drugs ;)moreless
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