Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 11

No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

To understand the journey of Alma Hodge we first need to know how it started. She tricked Orson into marriage by getting pregnant and she hoped as they baby grew his feelings for her would grow as well. But then she had a miscarriage and the baby she had planned on didn't arrive. She stayed with him until one day she discovered that he is having an affair and she decided to leave him. We flashback to the day when Alma was preparing to leave Orson. Orson comes home because of a stain he found on his suit and he wants to change it. He asks Alma if she is leaving and she tells him that she will be late for the bus. He goes upstairs to his room to change his clothes. Alma tells him that she is leaving him because she knows that he is having an affair. He doesn't deny it and tells her that he deserves to be happy and so does she. He leaves for the work and Alma shouts after him: "Orson, no." So she realized he had to be punished. Back in the present, Alma knocks on Bree's door, introduces herself and tells her that they have someone in common and Bree collapses.

Susan, Gabrielle and Lynette are having a cup of coffee in front of Lynette's house. Susan tells them that Orson moved back into Bree's house and about her discovery about the mental institution he was in.

Alma tells Bree that she was in Winnipeg, Canada this whole time. She left Orson because he hurt her very badly and she wanted his mistress to think that Orson had killed her. She returned because she wants to come clean. Orson comes into the house and sees Alma.

Gabrielle is having a picnic with Bill on her lawn and Carlos calls her and mocks her. She figures out that he moved in across the street.

Tom is brigning Kayla home and Lynette tells the boys to behave. They give Kayla presents and Lynette gives her her grandmother's doll Nelly. Kayla goes into her room.

Bree, Orson and Alma are eating together and Alma asks him about her bird. Orson tells her that he set it free. He also explains to her what she put him through and she tells him that she forgave him and asks him if they can put this behind them.

Susan borrows Julie's lipstick. She wants to go down to the jail to tell Mike about the new lawyer. Julie asks her why is she putting all that make up if she is going to a prison.

Alma is about to leave and Bree invites her to dinner tonight because she wants her to meet some of her friends.

Susan tells Mike about the lawyer and now he regrets trusting Edie. He tells her that she is a good friend. Susan tells him that they can't see each other anymore. They say a final goodbye.

Lynette has prepared dinner. Everybody is sitting down but Kayla wants to watch TV. She tells Lynette that her mommy would let her watch TV during dinner. Lynette tells her just this once. The boys are now mad at Lynette.

Gabrielle and Bill are back from dinner. They come to Gaby's home and there are flowers waiting for her in front of her house. She tells Bill that he is so romantic and he tells her that he didn't sent them. There is no signature and she goes to Carlos and accuses him of trying to sabotage her new relationship. He mocks her again and she throws flowers at him and leaves.

Lynette finds Nelly in a trash can all broken and dirty. She tells Tom about it and he tells her to treat Kayla like all her other kids.

Julie and Austin are kissing and he wants to have sex but she is not ready yet and Austin says he understands. Julie tells Danielle that and she tells her that she is so lucky. Andrew walks in and tells them that guys need sex and throws in Austin is not gay...not even after three beers. He tells Julie that if he is not getting sex from her he will end up getting it from somebody else.

Gabrielle is donating all her old stuff to charity and Bill is very happy about that. She lies to him that today is her mother's birthday so they can stop by the flower shop.

Susan calls detective Ridley and tells him about Orson and his affair with Monique. Bree calls Susan and invites her to dinner.

Gabrielle is at the flower shop and asks the florist lady who sent the flowers to the name Solis. She tells her that sender wants to remain anonymous. Gabrielle locks her in the next room and starts going through the order slips to find the name. Bill comes in and asks her what she is doing. When he finds out he breaks up with her and she tells him that she wasn't even ready for dating anyway...The florist, however, is.

Lynette is at the restaurant with the kids and they are preparing to leave but Kayla didn't finish her ice cream. Lynette tells her to hurry up but she eats it very slowly. When Lynette grabs her Kayla starts screaming and tells her that she is not her mommy. She goes to the car with the boys and tells them to get Kayla in the car. They get her out of the restaurant by force and Lynette will award them with one week dinner in front of TV.

Austin and Julie are kissing and she tells him that she is ready for sex.

Mike is eating lunch in jail and he is talking with his inmates. He tells them that he doesn't know what he had done and Paul Young is behind him and tells him that he for one believes him.

Kayla is going to bed and Tom tells her that he heard about the restaurant thing. He asks her why is she so hard on Lynette. She tells him that it is Lynette's fault that Nora died. Tom tells her that that is not true. He tells her that he knows that Nora loved her but Lynette loves her too. Kayla tells him that she will be good but she will never love Lynette, and Lynette overhears her.

Gabrielle tells Carlos that he won, she and Bill broke up and now she would like Carlos to admit that he had sent the flowers. He tells her that he really didn't. He would have sent her white orchids because he knows that they are her favorite, for cheering her up - sunflowers and for the flu - blue irises. She tells him that it sucks to starts over with someone new and she thinks that she will never find that passion with anyone else again.

Alma is preparing herself for the dinner and Bree tells her that she doesn't have to say all those details about Orson and Monique. Bree goes downstairs to open the door for Susan and Alma injects something into her thigh. Everyone is gathered around the dining table and Bree introduces her surprise guest - Alma. Alma tells them her story. Later, they are all preparing for desert. Susan is still suspicious about Monique and Gabrielle tells her to let it go. Detective Ridley is on at door and he wants to speak with Orson. Bree finds out that Susan called him and told him about Monique and Orson's affair and Bree tells Susan that their friendship is over. Susan believes that Mike is innocent and tells her that if she just saw the look on his face the other day...Ian hears that and he leaves mad at Susan that she disobeyed him and went to see Mike. Bree points out to Susan that when it comes to Mike there isn't anyone she wouldn't betray.

Ian is mad at Susan and she tells him that she had to go to tell him about the lawyer. She blurts out that she loves Ian. Ian is happy because Susan said that she loves him for the first time. Ian starts kissing her.

Austin is in bed and tells his partner that they should stop doing this...having sex. It turns out that his partner is Danielle. She tells him that Julie doesn't have to know.

Edie is showing the Applewhite house to the customer. The customer is Alma and she decides to buy the house. Edie asks her why she asked for this particular thing. Alma tells her that she wants a place where where children know how to behave, where people still have some sense of moral value and where friendships are good and strong. Edie tells her that Wisteria Lane is the place for her. Alma says that more than anything, she just wants to fit in. Mary Alice narrates: "Oh, you will, Alma. You absolutely will."

Written by vukcevic