Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 11

No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on ABC

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  • Back from the dead, with a hair full of red - Its ALMA HODGE!

    Great stuff - DH at its dramatic no doubt. Season Three is shaping up to be a rather great season.

    Alma Hodge is back from the dead... but she didn't really die in the first place. She and Gloria tricked Orson into marrying because she was having a baby, but loses the baby, so Orson falls out of love. She decides to leave him and pretend she's dead. She comes back and says to Bree "Bree Hodge? I'm Alma Hodge, we both have something in common!" Bree then passes out - the funniest scene perhaps?

    This is a great episode. You could cut the tension with a knife at the dinner party. Susan and Bree's friendship collapses in this episode. It is the or does anyone else like it when the Wives argue?
  • Gabrielle learns she has a secret admirer; Alma pays Bree a visit; Susan calls the cops on Orson; Lynette and Tom try to make Kayla feel like a part of the family.

    This was a great episode. It was a perfect episode to air after such a long hiatus of a month and twelve days. It was so amazing. It was very funny too. I loved this episode so much. It was very dramatic. Alma returned; Susan called the cops on Orson, and Bree ended her friendship with her; Lynette tries to make Kayla feel like a part of the family; Austin is sleeping with both Julie and Danielle... It is very dramatic. I cannot believe Austin had an affair. Marc Cherry is very creative and talented with his storylines. This episode is a series classic. It is another perfect installment to the third season of this hit series.
  • Peacemakers Need Not Apply Written by Josh Senter And Alexandria Cunningham Directed by Sanaa Hamri

    When Christmas on Fairview ends with the shocks of Art being an actual paedophile and Alma Hodge being more than alive, then it should be demanded that the first episode based in 2007 of the series should run with this excellent reveal as oppose to a low key offering.

    Luckily for us viewers any signs of treading water for the series are eschewed in favour of opening scene from “Listen To The Roof On The Roof” being retold in an interesting light. Instead of Alma leaving Orson because she lived in fear of him and his controlling ways, it turns out that she discovered his affair with Monique and wanted to leave him in a ruse to get him to want her. However it turns out that not only does Orson not care about Alma learning of his adultery but he point blank tells her that he loves Monique and not her within the slightest.

    There are always those kind of people who think that if love isn’t there organically then manipulating certain circumstances such as a forced marriage and a convenient pregnancy will ultimately make the other person love them. Alma is one of those people and boy, didn’t she get quite the reality check when Orson told her where to effectively go.

    However in the present day Alma shows up on Bree’s doorstep and while the latter’s reaction upon learning who Alma was is to more or less, you have to admit that Bree knowing that Alma is alive and well does help with her trusting her new hubby all the more.

    Bree even goes to the extent of deciding that Alma’s presence in the neighbourhood is enough ammunition to heal that big old fight between her and Susan in “The Miracle Song” but like everyone else, Orson is suspicious as to why his former wife has chosen to resurface and despite her insistence, Alma isn’t as over Orson as she makes out to be as well.

    This is made abundantly clear with her body language and mannerisms when she is reunited with her former husband in Bree’s living room and even more so by the episode’s ending when she buys a house of Edie in Wisteria Lane. This is the only thing Edie does in this episode as well, so that’s more or less noteworthy in it’s self.

    With Alma taking up residency in Wisteria Lane it’s doubtful that she’ll have to do much to put the wind up Bree’s skirt and annoy Orson in the process. If she was over him, she would’ve gone after the dinner party fiasco but seeing as she’s in cahoots with Gloria, we’re gonna have to deal with her.

    If you had hoped that Alma’s return would be the tonic to get Susan and Bree to put their differences aside, then it comes as a pleasant surprise that the writers decide to up the ante with their feud and after Susan’s theories on Orson are dismissed by Lynette and Gabrielle, she decides to take a more drastic course of action in order to be taken more seriously.

    Yeah she decides to become a squealer and blabs to Detective Ridley about Orson’s affair with Monique which subsequently gets him arrested at Bree’s dinner party for the girls to meet Alma and it doesn’t take Bree any length of time to learn who ratted Orson to the cops, thus resulting in Susan being shunned by one of her closest friends.

    Ian isn’t best pleased with Susan’s course of action as well as he did specifically point out that he would help Mike if she stayed from him, which Susan couldn’t as she had to tell him face to face that she couldn’t see him anymore after she told Mike that he was sorted for legal aid.

    However even that little visit and piece of disclosure was enough to rattle Ian’s cage but Susan managed to get herself out of hot water when midway through their pretty dull argument she told the possessive Englishman that she loved him much to Ian’s delight, although I bet it will take significantly more than that for Susan to get back into Bree’s good books.

    Speaking of Mike, seeing as he is the guy that has put two of Susan’s relationships through the ringer, all the stuff involving him this week as pretty peripheral. In other words, it’s the things that are happening to Mike rather than Mike himself that pushes the storyline along.

    Mike can’t actually remember anything so he can’t confirm or deny whether or not he is responsible for Monique’s death and the only thing that is really interesting about his prison drama is the fact that Paul Young is subtlety reintroduced and is aware of Mike’s current plight.

    From serious plights to teenage ones, we’ve all noticed that Julie and Austin have more or less been inseparable since being held hostage in a supermarket by Carolyn in “Bang” and while Susan is too distracted to further chastise Julie about her questionable taste in men, sex has become a dividing factor for the young lovers.

    It’s a dividing factor because Julie isn’t exactly keen to lose her virginity to a guy who has had more slam pieces than his aunt has bonked random blokes in the last twenty years and while it’s nice that Austin doesn’t behave like a total dick when she says no, it’s clear that he’s not entirely pleased about not getting any from his new girlfriend either way.

    A really cool thing about Julie’s dilemma and because it’s such a surprising rarity in this series is that when she needs advice on sex the only two people her age she can talk to are Andrew and Danielle and honestly, would you want sex advice from these two teenagers?

    There’s Andrew who will sacrifice a relationship with a hottie like Justin to sleep with one of his mother’s boyfriends merely out of revenge and Danielle, who will basically sleep with anything that looks at her as her relationship with her history teacher earlier on in the series has taught us.

    Either way these two misfits give Julie advice that is reasonably sensible. Although hypocritical, it was nice that Danielle told Julie to call the shots and not sleep with Austin because he demands it but at the same time, Andrew was perceptive to point out that if Austin isn’t getting it from her, he will get it somewhere else.

    Unfortunately for Julie and even after she caves in and sleeps with Austin, Andrew’s little warning is more than true when it’s revealed that Austin is screwing around with Danielle and while you could expect both of them to disregard Julie’s feelings like that, it’s still a nasty shock after Danielle spent most of this episode acting like a decent human being. Here’s hoping Julie sucker punches the **** when she finds out.

    When it comes to ****es they all come in different shapes, sizes and ages and Lynette quickly if she thought Nora was an antichrist out to ruin her marriage, then Kayla might be Satan herself as the little is determined to wreck Lynette’s head at every given opportunity as she sets to divide the Scavo household.

    Kayla goes about her nastiness by destroying a doll Lynette gave to her in a botched attempt to make her feel welcome and even caused Lynette’s authority to be challenged with the Scavo spawn when she managed to get her meal and to watch TV at the same time.

    However Kayla gets a lot more ambitious after Lynette tells Tom about the first two incidents and absolutely humiliates Lynette in an ice-cream restaurant so bad that Lynette has to bribe her not as demonic as they use to be sons into manhandling Kayla into the car in order to regain control.

    The thing is though, this is one battle that is destined to not get quickly resolved because while Kayla could do without having her stepbrothers as enemies, she openly admits when confronted by Tom that she will never accept Lynette and Lynette’s reaction to hearing this confession is pretty heartbreaking to say the least but that’s kids for you – angels one minute, terrors the next!

    In a lot of ways Kayla isn’t the worst in existence and her anger at losing her mother in such a horrible way is understandable and given that Kayla is aware of how Lynette felt about Nora, it’s hardly unrealistic that Kayla would choose her stepmother as a means of venting out her rage. I think in her circumstances most kids would too but that doesn’t mean for one second I think Lynette deserves to be punished for Nora’s death by Kayla because she doesn’t.

    Although Tom is somewhat on Lynette’s side, Lynette is mainly going to have to grit her teeth and hope to sweet Jesus that Kayla gets over her anger sooner rather than later, otherwise I can predict that they will be much worse incidents that the ice cream parlour one in which Lynette’s quick thinking really will be stretched to breaking point.

    Elsewhere Gabrielle and her love life continues to be the least interesting plot of the week but surprisingly enough, it isn’t an unbearable plot to really watch even if it doesn’t compete with Bree/Orson/Alma, Susan/Ian/Mike or Tom/Lynette/Kayla stories.

    This week Gabby is kind of forced to accept that it’s probably a bit too early for her to go back onto the dating scene when her relationship with Bill grinds to a halt thanks to Carlos’ presence and a mystery bouquet of flowers which prove too much for both Bill and Gabby to handle.

    Surprisingly Carlos and the mystery flowers are unconnected but it drives Gabrielle so mad that she has a mystery admirer that when the florist is unsympathetic (seeing as it’s Gabby, that’s pretty easy to do), Gabby just locks her up to find out and when Bill realises that she’s not really ready for dating again he dumps her.

    It’s not as if Gabby is really heartbroken or anything because Bill’s more down to earth nature not only gives Carlos a source of amusement, because God knows he has nothing else to do but it also clashes with Gabby and her materialism and Gabby is never someone you could describe as down to earth and selfless but this episode did make me respect Bill more before he subsequently disappeared.

    Anyways getting back to the mystery when Carlos is ruled out as a suspect, there’s a really great scene between him and Gabrielle where the both of them admit that they won’t be able to meet anyone who will match the other and for these two it’s a really effective and sweet moment between. That being said if Carlos really didn’t send Gabby the flowers, then who else did? John perhaps!

    Also in “No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds”

    Housewife of the week: I think the rewrite in the way Orson’s relationship with Alma is indicative to the way Kyle McLachlan’s performance and chemistry with Marcia Cross has affected the series.

    Alma (re Monique affair): “Are you gonna deny it?”
    Orson: “On the contrary, I feel like shouting it from the rooftops”.

    We learned that Alma stayed in Canada with her Aunt Agnes. I have an Aunt called Agnes too.

    Gabrielle: “Are you kidding? What could be more romantic? Back off you little ****”
    Bill: “More wine?”

    Parker (re Kayla): “I’m giving up my room. How much more nicer do I have to be?”
    Lynette: “Nicer than that”.

    What was Alma injecting herself with before dinner?

    Mike: “You mean an ex I don’t even remember?”
    Susan (re Ian): “I remember and that’s all for him”. Lynette (re Kayla): “She’s sad”
    Parker: “I’m sad I can’t watch TV”.

    I had to laugh at Andrew’s 3 beers/not gay remarks about Austin. Seriously Andrew you did better when you had Justin, remember?

    Julie (re “Van De Tramp”): “I thought you made that up”
    Danielle: “Only because it was nicer than the other names they were calling me”.

    So Gabby is a fan of Orchids, Sunflowers or Blue Irises. At least she’s got some taste after all.

    Gabrielle: “I’ll give you this; you’ll be a tough act to follow”
    Carlos: “Back at you babe”.

    Has anyone noticed the amount of Nissan sponsorships with most of the episodes this season? Talk about serious car plugging.

    Alma: “I needed to find myself”
    Gabrielle: “Would’ve been nice had someone found you first”.

    Bree (to Susan): “Boy when it comes to Mike there’s no one you won’t betray”.

    I think this is the second episode this season that actually featured the entire regular cast for the season.

    Alma (to Edie): “I just want a place where I can fit in”
    Mary Alice: “Oh you will Alma, you absolutely will”.

    Chronology: January 2007 I assume.

    “No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds” is a brilliant way to open up the 2007 era of the series and its also nice that the show doesn’t want to offer easy answers but unlike stable mate series Lost the mysteries aren’t testing viewers patience.
  • Bree invites susan round to show that alma is still alive. Kayla moves in with Tom and lynette.

    Kayla is really evil, like her mother. Lynette was funny trying to deal with her. Bree and Susans phone conversation - brill. Susan and ian still together. Cabbrielle has an admirer i'm gussing john roland.
    great! can't wait for the rest of the season. I wonder what the finale will be like!?
  • Worth the 3 week wait.

    Well, we've been waiting for three weeks, and it's finally here! From the introduction, you can tell its going to be a good episode. Alma shows up on Wisteria Lane, but the mystery over who really killed Monique Polier is still up in the air, which drives a wedge between Susan and Bree at Bree's "Shame on you for thinking my husband killed someone" dinner. Gabby has a romantic date with Bill, but quickly ruins it by locking the florist in the walk in freezer, and Kayla wont behave for Lynette, and it doesnt help that Tom is always at the resteraunt.
  • Gabrielle learns she has a secret admirer; Alma pays Bree a visit; Susan calls the cops on Orson; Lynette and Tom try to make Kayla feel like a part of the family.

    This was a great episode. It was a perfect episode to air after such a long hiatus of a month and twelve days. It was so amazing. It was very funny too. I loved this episode so much. It was very dramatic. Alma returned; Susan called the cops on Orson, and Bree ended her friendship with her; Lynette tries to make Kayla feel like a part of the family; Austin is sleeping with both Julie and Danielle... It is very dramatic. I cannot believe Austin had an affair. Marc Cherry is very creative and talented with his storylines. This episode is a series classic. It is another perfect installment to the third season of this hit series.
  • Just when you thought that you had it all figured out, the writers turn it around and prove you wrong...

    I had it in my mind that Orson had killed his wife and made away with it... I was SURE that he was a bad guy, but that seems not to be the case... It's his ex-wife who's the villian... She tricked him into marriage by getting pregnant?! Not that it never happens in real life.. Seems like something Fed-Ex would do... Then when Alma somehow lost the baby, she also lost her husband... The season opener made it look like she was abused, that Orson was a control freak, and that she was trapped... That was SOO NOT the case... She discovered that Orson was having an affair and so she thought that leaving him would open his eyes and lead him to realise that he can't live without her... However, as how the season pilot cut it out, it turns out that Orson didn't care if she left! He even told her that he was in love with another woman and that he was glad that she was gone... This proves that Orson is not a killer... He is one of the good guys... I think... But then who killed Monique?!
  • It's getting rough again in Wisteria Lane...

    Great start after the stupid hiatus, I missed those ladies. But it's getting so dramatic, I'm not sure I can stand it.
    I totally understand Susan and I think Bree is way out of line with what she said. Also, Mike seems to realize how stupid he was listening to Edie. Too late, buddy. And what do you think!? Could he have done it? I vote for Orson, he's way too strange...
    Who would have thought. Danielle really is a huge slut. Big time. Someone elses review said "It seems that the real drama has turned from the housewives to their teenaged kids!" and it's true :D
  • It's finially back.

    Alma is back on Wisteria Lane and she's staying. Bree so happy that she is alive throws a dinner party. The party is interrupted when a cop comes to question Orson thanks to Susan. Bree and Susan's friendship is really over. Gabby became obsessive over Carlose and these mystery flowers. Kayla treated Lynette badly because she thought Lynette was the reason her mom died. Tom talked to Kayla and sorta made it better. Julie and Austin finally slept together but what she didn;'t know was he was sleeping with Miss VanDetramp. Overall: Good episode to get back to after a long break. 9.5
  • It seems that the real drama has turned from the housewives to their teenaged kids! Check out the triangle love relationship here among three teenagers....

    What happens to the housewives is starting to get a little bit boring to me. The drama among Julie, Austin, and Danielle is a lot more interesting. I am totally tuned in for this! What is going on with Mike is very interesting, too. I love how Paul Young has finally shown his face. I think he is going to make a drastic change in Mike's prison life. We'll find out if Mike is finally going to get his entire memory back, and then Ian will be in danger! Maybe Orsan didn't kill Monique (in fact, I have a feeling it is either Alma or his mother that killed Monique!), but he definitely tried to kill Mike. It is just a matter of whether he will remember that and have ways to prove it. I look forward to the future episodes!
  • Alma's come back AND buys the old Applewhite house. Bree throws a dinner party. Susan calls Detective Ridley. Kayla mistreats Lynette. And Gabby and Bill break up.

    Great episode! Great twists! Danielle and Austin! Did not see that coming, but not shocked. Alma buys the Applewhite's old home to watch Orson!I want to know badly what she injected in to her leg! It was fun to watch the end of the flashback of Alma and Orson. That definitely filled in some blanks. I think the fued between Susan ans Bree would be an interesting storyline. The show has never had a feud last this long! I'm on Susan's side. I hate Kayla! She is so bratty! At least Nora was funny! She is just boring and annoying! And I really hope Carlos and Gabby get back together....
  • Alma meets Bree. Austin and Julie have sex. Gabby gets an admirer. Lynette and Kayla face off. Mike sees someone interesting in prison. Susan talks to the police about Orson. There is a fight and a betrayl!

    Once again, I go back to how much I adore this season thus far. It\'s so nice to see DH at the top of it\'s game. In this episode, Alma Hodge makes her prescence known. Bree invites her to dinner to throw a \"shame on you for thinking Orson was a killer\" party for her friends. Things go awry with both 2 fights and a visit from the police. Julie gives herself to Austin after a hilarious discussion with Andrew and Danielle. It was nice to see the kids interacting again. Kayla and Lynette are at odds this episode- two emotionally fragile people at their wits end. I was glad to see a certain character\'s very brief cameo this episode. I am excited about Gabby\'s admirer and was quite touched by her porch conversation with Carlos! All in all, this episode delivered surprise (from Austin), humor (from nearly everyone) drama (all over) and so much more! As always, I can\'t wait until next episode!
  • Welcome back ladies!

    A very good return for the ladies of Wisteria Lane.
    Alma is still alive and enters in Bree's and Orson's relationship, and I'm pretty sure she will cause lots of problems with the help of Orson's mother. I liked the dialogues, above all Orson's reaction when he sees for the first time Alma right after coming back from work and the whole flashback moment in which we see that he didn't kill her.
    Another great moment was seeing Gaby and Carlos together under the porch speaking about their marriage and the fact that it will be hard for them to find better partners...maybe they'll be back as a couple someday...
    I really appreciated the dinner scene, it was brilliant and funny, and it was useful to develop Bree and Susan's friendhsip, that seem to come to an end; I was afraid that Ian could have dumped Susan, but her saying "I love you" made him change his mind.
    It was hilarious seeing Lynette's children together against Kayla: she's an annoying character, who is a very good substitute now that her mother is (fortunately) gone. The scene with Andrew, Danielle and Julie was unusual: I don't remember seeing them together in the past seasons...well, it's a good occasion to create some new situations, involving Austin too.
    Overall it was a very good episode, funny and useful to develop DH future.
  • The friendship between Susan and Bree is "over" and Alma explains her whereabouts and we start to figure out her new motives.

    Disagree with me if you want, but Bree this episode was clearly in the wrong. Not only tricking Susan to come to a dinner party after pretending to apologise and then to get all annoyed at the fact that Susan told the cops about Orson. If Bree believes that Orson is so innocent, then why does it matter if the cops question him or not.

    Last episode we found out that Alma was alive and the story that was told this episode about her disappearance couldn't be clear. Her motives for moving into the old Applewhite house are not yet known, but it appears as if she is trying to win back Orson.

    Kayla moves into the Scavo house after her mum died and we find out that she wasn't as sweet as when we first met her. She takes after her evil mother, you had to feel really sorry for Lynette, trying to welcome a new family member into her household and to here that Kayla say that she would never love her.
  • Another great episode.

    Because the show took a break over the holidays, I'd forgotten what had happened! I was sort of disappointed to find out how Alma stayed alive all these years. Sort of like it was building up and then the storyline just fell short. I can't wait to find out what really happened to Monique and how Orson and Mike are connected. Also, it was strange to see Kayla being like her mother. I don't blame her, but in earlier episodes, she seemed like the opposite of her, but now she's just a miniature version of her mom. I hope she turns around. I also felt the storyline with Julie and her "boyfriend" is stupid. He looks like the kind of guy that just wants sex. I hope he gets dumped by both girls. Lastly, it will be interesting to see what Alma will do to Orson and Bree when she moves in. Also, will we hear from the pedophile neighbor again? I thought he moved away, but the story seemed to end too fast.
  • Good Storylines!

    This show had good storylines for the 1st episode of 2007! Bree and Susan are no longer friends! Susan is trying to charge Orsen for Moniques murder! Mike discovers that Paul Young is in the same prison he is in! Gaby thinks Carlos is following around her realtionship which in the long run it ends! Lynette is trying to be a good parent for Kayla after her moms death but is having a tough time! And finally Julie loses her goods to Austin in return is having a secret realtionship with Danelle! And finally Alma is alive and well and decides to move into Wisteria Lane I can\'t wait until the season progresses!
  • We learned what Alma has been up to, but how dull of a \'voyage\' was that?

    Alma returned, and for the most part, everything that happened between her and Orson was a completely bland voyage. Hopefully she has been doing more than \'dissapearing\' for a year. I was dissapointed not to see Gloria or Monique (they were both credited as guest stars) and that Paul had barely any screen time as well. Lynette was the highlight of the night. I\'m glad to see Kayla again, and it was a pleasent surprise to see she really wasn\'t \"little miss perfect\". I hope she\'s scheming things, this storyline has great potential. I found it really sad how she ruined Lynette\'s doll, she obviously is related to Nora.

    Gabrielle\'s arc was a little unrealistic. I still don\'t see how she didn\'t get in any trouble at the flourist. The secret admirer mystery is very interesting though. My spies say it will be solved next episode. Susan had a good arc. I really liked her interaction with Bree and Mike. Personally, I hope Orson didn\'t kill Monique, and I don\'t think that Mike did either. I think the mystery is deeper than that. Or atleast, I hope. Bree has been dissapointing this season. I know that Marcia is pregnant, but please give her something to do! Not that I want absolte safety for Mrs. Cross and her babies, but lately she hasn\'t been doing anything pivotal. Writing in her pregnancy wouldn\'t have been a bad idea, (possible spoilers) if she is leaving for a few episodes in February she could have lost the babies then. Atleast all of this cloaking wouldn\'t be nessacary.

    Overall, it was an Ok episode. I was dissapointed with Mary ALice\'s lack of prescence. I know she\'s dead, but she\'s still a vital part of the show. Other than that, I think season three has great potential, and I hope the next episode redeems itself.
  • The history of Alma Hodge.

    We finally find out what happened to Alma Hodge and so it turns out that it was Orson who was tortured by the marriage not Alma. But since he had cheated on her she find it appropriate to fire back and so she wants to ruin his life. Bree is all happy about Alma but all angry at Susan. Susan went to jail to say goodbye with Mike but she also called the police and told them about Orson and Monique. Lynette is having hard time with Keyla as she just won't listen to her. Gabrielle is with her hot date but he does everything that she doesn't like, and she is totally obsessed with flower sender and admirerer from afar.
    Julie had her first sex with Austen and we just so finds out that he is cheating on her with Danielle.
    And just to finish everything Edie sold the Young house to Alma. Welcome to the neighbourhood.
  • Eh, not anything special

    I think the person that writes for Lynette must be a schizo because they cannot keep a uniform approach to her personality. She's always been a shrew that emasculates and belittles her husband yet in this episode she cannot discipline a unruly child. She can ruin a guy's life by accusing him of being a child predator yet she cannot control a little girl in public. Very very inconsistent writing for her character. She should have just beaten the little girl until she adhered to the rules of the house and then she should have put some makeup on because WOW was she a plain Jane in 90% of her scenes. Bree must have gotten a boob job or they are letting her show them things off because for the first time since the show began I realize that she has breasts. The Teri Hatcher storyline is progressing as one of the more interesting ones. Her very weird looking daughter is banging some scumbag that is also pounding Bree's slut daughter on the side. Her own character is about to embark on a new love strand with Mike while her Ian storyline is getting more intense before the big "Shocker" when Ian's wife awakens from her coma and Ian has to go back to her. Gabrielle's storyline is predictable and boring, she should forget her former husband and find a new person so she can ruin his life as well. I don't really care about the Alma twist, I'm sure it will be just as boring as all previous attempts to shock the audience. The show is still funny and fun to watch although quite predictable. Now I want you loons to disagree, I was quite disappointed with my last review only getting 7 disagrees because I do not give the opinion that every show is the greatest most original show ever and a perfect 10. To the few that agree, thank you for respecting other people's opinions and having a rational mind.
  • Lots of great moments, the best one with Bree and Susan.

    We get more info on what went on with Orson and Alma but the mystery is no where near to be solved. I like the fact that there is no simple way to solve this and it also keeps the plot exciting. I didn't care much for Gabrielle's storyline but it provided us with a very funny moment which made it worth watching. Bree and Susan still fight over who killed who and what should have been told and what kept secret. This showed the two characters in a different light and I'm curious to see where it goes. Lynette's part was partly sad and partly hilarious. Another great episode!
  • Decent episode with some funny moments.

    Finally we got a new episode, and there were some rather funny moments. Kayla moves into the house, but is giving Lynette a horrible time. She blames Lynette for her mothers death, and reveals she will never love Lynette. Either Kayla will have to be sent to another relative or I see some future marriage problems for Tom and Lynette. I laughed when Bree fainted after seeing Alma for the first time, and only Bree would throw a dinner party to show off the fact that Alma is not dead. But now we are left with more questions. If Orson did not kill Alma, what was he cleaning up and why? Bree is upset with Susan for calling the police on Orson, and wants nothing to do with Susan. Susan reveals she is in love with Ian, but I still suspect she harbors feelings for Mike, but she is trying her best to move on. The funniest story line had to be Gabbies obsession with thinking Carlos is her secret admirer and her realizing she is not ready to date. Carlos is looking really good, he looks like he slimmed down some. I loved the scene when Lynette sends her sons to get Kayla, and they drag her out of the restaurant kicking and screaming. What is up with the love triangle between Julie, Danielle and Andrew? I can’t wait to see the feathers hit the fan when that little bit of information comes out. Looking forward to seeing what will happen in the upcoming weeks.
  • It was quite funny!

    Finally Desperate Housewives came back after not having new episodes for so long. This episode was very nice to watch and very funny. The different storylines were all very good and entertaining. Alma and Bree face to face for the first time was a classic, and can't wait to see where this will go with Alma leaving right across the street from Bree and Orson. Gabrielle has a new admirerer who she thinks it's Carlos and her obsession about finding out about it leads her to realize that she's not ready to date just yet. Susan and Bree are no longer friends, this should be quite interesting to watch in the upcoming episodes. I have to admit though that I was a little disappointed by the fact that the writers has Julie sleep with that boy she's with now, I didn't see it coming. And What's up with Danielle?? That girl is crazy and out of control. Over all is was pretty good episode.
  • An amazing episode. This is why i watch Desperate Housewives.

    This episdoe was so good in so many ways. Alma arriving back and causing so many problems. Bree tries to use her to her advantage to prove Susan wrong that Orson had nothing to do with her supposed death. However this too late because Susan has already called the police, to which Bree reacts as you obviously would and tells Susan that there friendship is over. (So she should aswell)
    Julie has doubts about goimg all the way with Austin, so whilst confiding in Danielle and Andrew she decides she's not ready to lose him. What she doesn't know is that Danieele had her own motives for telling her to wait. I really can't help feeling sorry for Julie and wondering if this may cause a bigger rift between Bree and Susan??
    Kayla is obviously trying to come between Lynette and Tom, which at the moment isn't working, but Kayla is obviously getting to Lynette. Anyway the series can only get better!!
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